Best Anti Radiation Phone Cases

In the past years, I have tried a lot of EMF protection mobile phone cases and anti-radiation cell phone stickers. All the companies that I have tried, protect from radiation up to 99 % and work in a similar way. I must say using a cell phone case is the best way to prevent radiation from our cell-phones.

Even though many of us use cell phone cases to protect our expensive phones from damage, the best thing that these cases do is protecting us from radiation exposure. So, when buying a case, always choose the anti-radiation one.

The first thing you should know is that cell phone cases help prevent radiation up to 99%. You can block 100 % of cell phone radiation, using an anti radiation faraday case, but you can’t use your cell phone at the same time.

In this article, I’m going to recommend you the best anti radiation phone cases, the ones that allow you to use your phone in its full functionality. I’m going to talk about all the details you should know and why it is important to use them.

Factors to Consider When Buying Anti Radiation Phone Cases


For you to buy a quality phone case that will protect you from EMF you should take a few things into consideration. First, make sure that the case you want to buy is of high quality. Since you use your cell phone constantly, it’s important to use good materials.

You need to make sure that the case can protect you from radiation at least 99%. Search for leather phone cases, they do a great job in protecting your phone from scratching.

Search for a trustworthy brand that will protect you from radiation. You need to make sure that the case you are using truly reduces your exposure to EMF radiation.

Reliable Company

The market for anti-radiation products grows each day, so there are more and more companies that produce poorly made and under-performing products. Cases that are poorly made and design can actually increase radiation exposure.

These companies don’t care about improving people’s health and lives, their only goal is to make money. Make sure you’re buying from a company that has been around for a while.

Anti radiation mobile phone cases are crucial if you are committed to reducing your exposure to radiofrequency waves. Ensure you buy a case made by a reputable manufacturer that can back up their claims with sound research.

Best Anti Radiation Phone Cases


The company needs to have research displaying how their product blocks or reduces EMF radiation from your mobile phone. Some of them are focusing on the blocking material more than just the full case.


Stay informed about the price of the anti-radiation cases, and be careful not to pay money for some low-quality cases, that will not reduce your radiation exposure. There are a lot of EMF phone cases that have extreme prices and are unaffordable.

So, choosing a quality phone case for an affordable price can be challenging. You can always get information about the product from customer service. Here you can find out about the quality of the product and its price.

Customer service

It’s always good to know that you have access to customer service where you can ask questions, get help and even return the product if it’s not working for you. So, try and buy from companies that can provide you with this type of service.

Best Anti Radiation Phone Cases

When it comes to the use of technology, the cell phone is the one that the majority of us use most of the time, so this to me is the most important aspect of EMF protection when I can’t put my phone on airplane mode. So, if you’re searching for the best anti radiation phone case, keep reading this article.

SafeSleeve EMF Protection Anti-Radiation iPhone Case

On the front flap, this cell phone case contains an EMF radiation blocking sheet. It has high impact resistance, for protecting the phone from falls. Military-grade shielding is integrated into the front flap. The material that is used in this case is proven to block 99% of RF radiation and 92% of ELF radiation from your cell phone. These findings are proven by FCC accredited labs.

Personally, I was very satisfied using this phone case. I must say that reducing EMF radiation will only work if you use the case correctly. It’s a simple rule, you must close the front flap whenever you make or receive a phone call.

The EMF radiation protection case can also be used as a wallet for your credit and business cards. SafeSleeve also includes RFID blocking so your credit cards can’t be hacked. It’s really an amazing product! It also has a phone stand so you can use your phone hands-free.

  • A wallet for your most important cards.
  • Impact-resistant
  • It has a phone stand
  • The leather is soft and it can scratch a little
  • Only for iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 6 Plus

DefenderShield Universal EMF Protection Pouch

The DefenderShield EMF radiation protection pouch is the best way to stay protected from EMF. It will keep your phone secure and accessible, using multiple layers of advanced shielding.

The DefenderShield pouch blocks up to 100% of radiofrequency radiation emitted by cellphones without affecting cellular service or connectivity when you’re not using your cell phone.

Just place your phone in the DefenderShield pouch to shield your body from wireless EMF. You can put additional small items in the convenient outer pocket. You can attach the pouch to a belt using the velcro strap on the back, carry it on its own or stash it in your purse bag or pocket.

This EMF protection case comes in three sizes (large, medium, small). This is the best anti radiation phone case, I truly recommend it.

  • Pen loop and additional front pocket
  • Cell phone cases for nearly any smartphone
  • You can dial phone numbers accidentally

YUEKAI Anti-Radiation Cell Phone Case – iPhone 11 Pro Max

My pick for the best EMF protection case for 11 PRO Max is definitely YUEKAI. It’s been proven that eliminates 99% radiation. It does not affect the phone signal or wireless charging. The anti-radiation shield installed in this case can effectively reduce the harm of mobile phone radiation. It has superior protection, dual-layered with the shock-absorbent interior and rigid exterior.

This cell phone case is made from plastic material that gives you the best protection possible. When searching for a phone case I always choose the ones with plastic material. In my personal experience, this is the best way to protect your iPhone 11 Pro Max. Because of its material, it’s easier to use, it was easier for me to take it out from my pocket. While I was using it before switching to iPhone 12, I found it to be quite durable and long-lasting. So, you should definitely try it!

  • Camera protection
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Only for 11 Pro Max

DefenderShield Compatible iPhone XS Max EMF Protection Case

DefenderShield cell phone cases are made from faux leather material, they do a great job in protecting your phone, protecting you from EMF, and even provide RFID blocking. It offers you protection from scratches, fingerprints, abrasions, and dust. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) tested the material used in this phone case and it’s been proven that it blocks nearly 100% of EMF radiation.

In my personal experience, this defender shield case is one of the coolest things. It is of outstanding quality and does an extremely good job of blocking EMF radiation. It’s definitely one of the best cell phone radiation shields.

The interesting thing about using this case is that the side of the case where the back of your phone faces is magnetized. Now that the phone is completely protected on the front side, it would be permissible to put the phone on your head for a short period of time because there’s no radiation coming off the face of it. This case to me is just extraordinary and I would definitely recommend it!

  • An option for a fully enclosed case
  • Cell phone cases for nearly any smartphone
  • Provide RFID blocking
  • The magnet of the wallet cases can slide up overtime
  • The phone can occasionally dial people accidentally

Do anti-radiation phone cases provide a false sense of security?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do anti-radiation phone cases provide a false sense of security?

Some EMF protection companies claim that cell phone radiation protection cases give a false sense of security, and they shouldn’t be used. I don’t agree with this because even these companies on their website acknowledge that the materials that are used in these phone cases, block and reduce RF radiation. Read more: How to Block Radio Waves in Your House

These anti-radiation cases definitely reduce radiation, because I have tested them myself with my meters. I must say radiation will still come around the radiation shielding phone case, but it will definitely be reduced.

What kind of material is used in anti-radiation phone cases?

Typically, for radiation shielding cases to be made its used cloth fabric comes with tiny metallic fibers, woven in the material. There are materials woven with different metals. It’s a highly conductive metal that will protect you.

In these cases, sometimes the material is only used on one side of the case. Some manufacturers use a conductive metal screen that basically has the same effect. The others use a solid metal like aluminum foil. I recommend you not to use these kinds of cases because they tend to reflect the radiation instead of absorbing it.

Do EMF protection stickers actually work for cell phones?

Well, it’s difficult to give a straight answer about this. I didn’t come to a definitive conclusion because these stickers can’t be measured with something like an EMF meter. They are supposed to reduce and absorb the radiation from your cell phone.

The companies that provide them say their technology changes the waveform of the radiation and provides a protective field. They say they will make a measurable reduction in EMF radiation; you have to trust their own studies and research because there is no way to prove it.

I think that it’s possible that these products can have some effect on the EMF radiation but I highly recommend you to stick to a product we know that works like all the cases mentioned above.

Do some phone cases block 100% of EMF radiation?

None of the ones I mentioned in this article block 100% radiation and that is because of the following reason. If you block all of the EMF radiation you can’t use your cell phone at all. Your phone needs to be connected to something in order to have connectivity, this requires Radio Waves (a form of RF or EMF radiation).

All of the above-mentioned cases only block the radiation coming directly towards your brain, but leave the backside open to give your phone the ability to maintain a call. Keep in mind that if your phone has to work harder to keep a signal it will emit more radiation.


Anti-radiation cell phone cases are the perfect accessory for anyone that uses a cell phone and it’s concerned about the impact of RF and EMF radiation. Even though you use an anti-radiation cell phone case it doesn’t mean that it is okay to carry your cellphone in your shirt, pants, or close to your ear, except when having a call.

So, try and make a habit of keeping distance between you and your cell phone, even with a radiation protection case. Either way, it’s better for you to protect your phone with a case than not.

The best way to avoid radiation is to keep your distance from your cell phone, but that’s just really difficult nowadays. So, stay safe and keep your health by protecting yourself from harmful RF radiation. I really hope this article was helpful for you.

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