Best EMF Meter

Most of us go about our day using many modern electronic devices. But, we are unaware of the possible health hazards presented by those very same gadgets.

Things like power lines, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, computers, and many other appliances constantly emit invisible waves. EMFs (Electronic and Magnetic Fields) are present everywhere where electricity is used, especially at your home and workplace.

There are many scientists who believe EMFs are dangerous, especially when you get exposed to too many electromagnetic waves. Knowing this, the best tool you can equip yourself with is an EMF meter. We’ve compiled a list of the best EMF meters on the market. We’ve done our research and chosen the best quality meters that are accurate, easy to use, and measure all the types of EMF radiation.

We’ll be discussing what each meter’s capabilities are and why it might be the best choice for you.

Best EMF Meter

Best EMF Meters on the Market

Best EMF Meters on the Market Review

TriField TF2

Widely considered one of the best and most affordable EMF measuring devices, TriField’s TF2 can detect three types of radiation. It works as an AC gaussmeter, AC electric field meter, and radio power density meter in a single device. It combines all features you will need to be able to accurately, reliably, and quickly measure electromagnetic fields.

We liked the TriField TF2 EMF meter because it has a significant measurement range of 0.1 to 19999 micro-watts per meter squared. The TF2 also has a very broad frequency range of 20 MHz to 6 GHz, making the meter much more useful.

You can use this meter to measure all kinds of devices like cell phones, tablets, mobile towers, Bluetooth radiation, powerline radiation, TVs, computers, refrigerators, vehicles, washing machines, microwaves, and pretty much anything that emits EMF radiation.


  • It can measure the three major types of EMF radiation, magnetic, electric, and radiofrequency radiation.
  • Comes with a weighted and standard mode; the weighted is designed for measuring EMF radiation in the human body.
  • It uses a 3-axis sensor for magnetic measurements. This lets you perform accurate measurements regardless of how you position and point the meter.
  • An LCD screen displays all the information you need.
  • A digital display with a backlight allows you to get readings in low-light settings.
  • An audio output that helps you hear and recognize the EMF radiation around you. This is neat when you’re trying to locate where the radiation is coming from.

Pros and things we liked

  • It has a display. The display is great because it provides tons of information in a simple way that is easy to understand and find.
  • It’s user-friendly. What’s great about this meter is that it caters to the needs of both beginners and experts. If you’re new to the whole EMF radiation world, it is a great device to help you get started. The TF2 is easy to operate and has the functionality and precision that experts are looking for. Having a display and peak indicator is very convenient to use.
  • Measures all types of EMF radiation. If you genuinely care about EMF radiation protection, you need the ability to measure all three types of radiation, including magnetic, electric, and radiofrequency.
  • It has an audio output. Having audio is excellent for locating the sources of EMF radiation in your home. The TF2 is a tri-axis meter, meaning direction won’t matter for the audio output. You still need the field indicator to measure the actual radiation, but you won’t even need the display to locate possible sources.
  • It’s affordable. We also liked how inexpensive the TF2 is; when compared to other meters, it’s an absolute bargain for the quality you get.


  • The buttons for backlight and audio. One downside to this device is that to access the buttons for turning on the backlight and audio. You need to remove the battery cover. Having these buttons hidden works great for the visual design but lacks functionality.
  • The weighted mode. People who are familiar with EMF meters will appreciate the weighted mode, but for people who are using an EMF measuring device for the first time, this mode might be confusing.

Customer reviews

The TF2 is a very popular and well-liked meter. It is rated 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon from a total of 1850+ customer reviews. People liked how easy it is to use and that it has handy features like an audio output.

Customers are very satisfied with this product, and many people use it to check the electric wiring in the walls when apartment hunting, helping them find the perfect bedroom with minimal EMF radiation.

GQ EMF-390 Multifield

Next, up on our list, we’ve got GQ’s EMF390 meter. This meter has become one of this year’s best-selling EMF meters, thanks to its outstanding features.

It’s popular because it’s able to display large amounts of data while taking readings. Moreover, it comes with a built-in flash memory used to store data that can be accessed when connected to a PC using free software.

You can use this meter to read magnetic, electric, and radiofrequency radiation, with all those readings being displayed at the same time. It is also one of the best EMF meters for beginners because it includes a safety suggestions feature telling you the danger of radiation based on your current readings.

You can use this to conduct readings around your house, locate the sources and track multiple RF radiation sources simultaneously. Use it to measure up to 10Ghz RF radiation from things like your TV or microwave or scan your 5G Wi-Fi router.


  • Use the GQ EMF meter to detect EMF, ELF, and RF radiation.
  • All-in-one display that lets you see reading from all sensors at the same time.
  • The safety suggestion lets you understand the danger of the current situation instantly.
  • A radiation source recognition provides a fast way to locate where the radiation is coming from.
  • A built-in RF Spectrum Analyzer for advanced users that helps you discover the RF signal power in a specific frequency.
  • The meter can help you quickly identify the common source from EMF/RF measured, such as power line, cell tower, microwave, etc.
  • Comes with a visual and audible alarm.
  • Has flash memory for data logging.

Pros and things we liked

  • The safety suggestion. We can’t stress enough how cool this feature is, especially for people who have never dabbled in the world of EMF. The safety suggestions will warn you of dangerous radiation based on current readings.
  • Flash memory and data logging. The meter logs real-time data every second with time stamps. The history can be downloaded when you connect the meter to a PC using a USB. You will need to download free software from the manufacturer’s website.
  • The GQ RF Browser. This feature visualizes RF radiation on the screen with great precision. It can detect 5G signals as fast as 25nanosecondsnd digital RF pulses. Many other devices can only detect partial RF pulses.
  • The display. The display lets you see readings from all three sensors at once. Moreover, you can use the classic display mode with traditional analog-style, making the detailed data even easier to interpret and understand.
  • It can be integrated. Using the open communication protocol, you can send commands to the unit to receive all the data remotely. Because of this, the meter is easily integrated with other systems.


  • It can be confusing for beginners. Because the GQ EMF meter is stacked with features and options, a new user might find it confusing and complicated to know what they are doing. Having all three types of readings on the screen can be confusing.
  • You must point to the device to get an accurate reading. The meter must be pointed in the direction of the EMF source to get a precise reading; the TF2 does not have this problem.

Customer reviews

The meter is very popular with both novices and experts on EMFs. It has around 1500 reviews on Amazon and is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars. People enjoyed the quality they got for the pricing, as well as the option to display all three types of radiation at once.

Customers are saying that the readings are accurate and reliable, and you get the three in one package for a very conservative price.

Cornet Microsystems ED88T

Cornet Microsystems ED88T

The Cornet ED88T is a quality meter manufactured by a great company that provides reliable and accurate readings.

The meter is designed for quickly measuring high-frequency Radio Frequency power density and low frequency Electric and Magnetic fields.

The ED88T has sound signature analysis and a frequency counter that ranges from 100MHz to 2.7 GHz for RF and can help you find things like audio bugs and hidden cameras depending on the frequency.

The meter is excellent for people who know what they are doing and is a preferred choice for many professionals because of features like showing the frequency range of Radio Frequency. It’s not very user-friendly for beginners, aside from the fact that it looks like a game boy.

You can use this amazing meter to measure anything like electric stoves, blenders, power lines, dishwashers, cell towers, baby monitors, phones, Bluetooth devices, alarm systems, hairdryers, light bulbs, solar panels, and much more.


  • Basic Radio Frequency detection (100MhZ – 8GHz), Magnetic Field detector (50Hz – 10KHz), Electric Field detector (50Hz – 50KHz).
  • Simple design with only a couple of buttons to browse through the features.
  • Comes with sound signature analysis and a frequency counter RF detector.
  • Automatic data logging and recording of 1000 measured data.
  • Sound output with programmable alarm for Radio Frequency radiation settings.
  • Digital display showing readings in multiple measurements like Tesla and gauss.
  • Has very sensitive RF reading, detecting even the small amounts of the lowest radio frequencies; this is because it has a very fast sampling rate of 10 000 samples/sec.
  • Exceptional directional sensitivity, allowing you to locate the source of the largest radiation sources easily.
  • LCD backlight enables you to measure in darker settings.

Pros and things we liked

  • Three meters in one. The meter has multiple modes to pick up various forms of EMF radiation, including RF, magnetic, and electric. Having a device that can pick up on all forms of radiation is very useful.
  • Displays the frequency of the signals. The Cornet ED88T shows you the actual frequency you are picking up in the range of 100 Mhz to 2.7GHz. You can use Google to find which device in your apartment operates on that frequency.
  • Sound feature with programmable alarm. Having audio is extremely helpful when measuring radiation in tight spaces like your home kitchen or office space. Plus, you can turn off the alarm settings and audio altogether. The reading history will display your last 30 readings so you can compare the changes in readings on appliances that have tendencies to pulsate, like smart meters. Having the histogram feature allows you to look back at the readings.
  • Cheap and affordable. Compared to other premium EMF meters, the Cornet ED88T offers incredible value for the money.


  • Measuring units. This is both a downside and a good thing, but the primary unit of measurements is Tesla, with a smaller number below the Tesla number showing the reading in milliGauss. We do not mind having multiple units of measurement, but these cannot be changed using the settings.
  • Single-axis measurement. Because it measures by a single axis only, the angle of the meter matters a lot. Other more expensive models give more detailed and accurate readings.

Customer reviews

This is a less popular meter compared to others on our list, but people who choose to buy it are pretty satisfied. It is rated 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon out of 20 customer reviews.

People were amazed at how accurately it reads radiation levels compared to more expensive models and competitors. Also, the histogram function and history of measurements were well appreciated by people who are trying to avoid the dangers of EMF radiation.


The LATNEX AF 5000 is a semi-professional but very useful device that could help you measure and identify multifield radiation in your home, so you can better protect yourself. The meter can measure high-frequency electromagnetic fields in a frequency range of 50MHz to 10GHz, and low frequency electric and magnetic fields at 50-60Hz.

What’s cool about this meter is that it has multiple measuring units for each type of radiation. It shows measurements in miliGauss, microTesla, Volt per meter, miliVolt per meter, magnetic field strength, electric field strength, and radiofrequency field strength, respectively.

It is also one of the few meters that comes in multiple languages, like English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Japanese. You can customize and calibrate the meter as you see fit, as it has a calibration certificate.

With the LATNEX AF5000, you can identify and protect yourself from all kinds of sources of radiation. It can measure things like cell towers, high power lines, electrical boxes, Wi-Fi modems, smart meters, and the usual home appliances.


  • Reliable and accurate meter for measuring all types of EMF radiation, including electric, magnetic, and radiofrequency.
  • 3-axis gaussmeter, meaning you can measure in any direction without the need to point at a particular appliance specifically.
  • An alarm function that notifies when you’re near high radiation levels, making it a great meter for both beginner and senior users.
  • Great design and straightforward use. Buttons that let you easily switch between the three types of readings, as well as a menu to adjust settings.
  • Has 2.4 inches color TFT LCD screen and a LED light.
  • Technical support is provided for every customer. You can contact the vendor through phone or email and download the user guide for free.

Pros and what we liked

  • Ease of use. The meter is designed for you to be able to easily switch between RF, electrical, and Gauss meter modes. With the addition of the user manual, this is one of the most simple meters in terms of operating it.
  • Alarm function. The alarm function can be turned on and off easily. It’s a great feature allowing you to notice dangerous levels of EMF radiation right away.
  • RF detection and measuring. You can accurately measure RF radiation with the RF Meter mode that detects frequencies from 50MHz to 3.5GHz.
  • 100% Money Guarantee. The meter comes with a two-year warranty, and a money-back guarantee, ensuring that this is a zero-risk purchase. This shows the company trusts in the quality of the product and is ready to compensate anyone who does not like it.


  • Quality. Because Latnex as a company is relatively new and has not been in the market as long as some other companies on our list, there are some doubts about the reliability of the device.
  • It does not cover the 5G millimeter wave bands. We found that you won’t get accurate results by measuring cellphone towers with this meter. There are currently no meters on the market that could detect 5G for this price point.

Customer reviews

The Latnex AF5000 is a great value meter for the price you pay. People generally liked the results they got from using it around the house, with the only complaint they had being that it lacked instructions.

Customers loved how easy it is to use and that it has a convenient color screen, providing them with accurate readings of radiation levels. With things like 100% money guarantees and two years of warranty, Latnex shows that it cares about its customers. The AF 5000 is rated 4.1 out of 5 on Amazon from 42 customer reviews.


Last but not least, we’ve got the Tenmars TM190 multi-field EMF meter. As with all the other EMF meters on our list, it offers three types of measurements.

The device is a three-axis magnetic field Gauss meter with three-channel internal measurement sensors X, Y, and Z. These sensors enhance and increase the accuracy of measurements when monitoring low-frequency Electromagnetic field strength.

The electric field meter is used to measure low-frequency electric fields. The RF field strength meter operates at frequencies ranging from 50MHz to 3.5GHz, making it suitable for measuring all kinds of home appliances.

It comes with a clear and easy-to-read TFT display that presents you with the information of the measurements, with all three types of readings being displayed at the same time. It also has a carrying pouch making it convenient for measuring outside of your home and around your city.


  • Data hold indication and battery status indication
  • Measures all three types of EMF radiation on 3 X, Y, Z-axis.
  • Sound alarm option that can be enabled and disabled and has multiple sound levels, great for indicating dangerous levels of radiation.
  • A TFT color display with multiple brightness options can simultaneously display all three readings and their parameters.
  • It can hold historical records for RF readings of up to 20 groups, making it a great option for comparing measurements on multiple occasions.
  • Support for multiple measurement units like Gauss, Tesla, and other RF strength units.
  • You can use 3 AAA alkaline batteries to power it or make use of the external USB power supply.

Pros and what we liked

  • Warning indicators. If this is your first EMF measuring device, this is one of the best EMF meters for you. This is because it displays color-coded warnings for all three types of EMF radiation. The green color indicates good levels, yellow is for normal levels, and the red color indicates a warning.
  • Simultaneous measuring and display. You can use this meter to measure and display electromagnetic field readings, electric field readings, and radiofrequency readings.
  • Data hold function. The data hold function is a neat little feature that lets you freeze the screen and save the measurement for later use, making it incredibly convenient for measuring pulsating fields.
  • User friendly. This is one of the most simple and effective EMF meters on the market because of the color-coded warnings, a well-designed user manual, battery life indicator, automatic ranging, an alarm sound, and audible key tones.
  • Language selection. This is not that important but having multiple language options besides English is pretty cool if you ask us.


  • The physical design. While we did like the big LCD screen and the software it uses, having just three unmarked buttons to browse through the meter can be confusing for people who are operating an EMF meter for the first time.
  • You can’t see the screen in the sun. This is a minor inconvenience, but despite setting the brightness to maximum, having the meter out in the sun makes everything on the screen hard to see.

Customer reviews

The Tenmars TM190 holds very solid reviews from Amazon customers, with 70% of the total votes being five stars. Its total rating is 4.3 out of 5, meaning people are generally satisfied.

Users liked that it was affordable and how eye-opening this device was to them. Many people were surprised at the levels of EMF radiation in their homes.

Things to Consider When Buying an EMF Meter

Types of radiation it is able to detect

You need to ask yourself the question, “What am I trying to measure?” If you want to measure radiation from power lines, appliances, and cars, go for an EMF meter that supports magnetic field reading.

If you’re looking to measure things like lighting, monitors, extension cords, you need an EMF meter that can read electric fields. For things like cell towers, Wi-Fi modems, microwaves, etc., you need a meter that supports radiofrequency reading.

Sensitivity and accuracy of the sensor

If you want to pick up even the faintest signals and perform close measurements within just a few hertz, they usually cost a lot more. Most semi-professional EMF meters are capable of picking up only strong signals, but that is more than enough for doing readings around your home and office.

For instance, most of the meters on our list aren’t capable of accurately measuring 5G cell towers.

User interface and friendliness

Suppose you’re just becoming aware of the possible dangers of EMF radiation. In that case, you should opt-in for a meter that is simple to use and offers convenient features like danger alarms and color codings. Maybe you’re looking for a meter that can collect data that you can compare over multiple readings.

Is the display big enough and numbers clear enough? Do you need to hold the meter in a particular position or direction? How big of a distance does the meter cover? All of these questions are important and add to the overall performance of the meter.

Portability and quality

The quality and materials used in the manufacturing of the measuring instrument affect its sturdiness and overall portability.

You will most likely want to perform measurements outside of your home, so things like size, sturdiness, and battery life are essential. Moreover, if you accidentally drop the instrument and it breaks, then it’s not worth getting.

EMFs Explained

The best way to explain what an EMF is is by looking at nature. The sun and its rays are the perfect examples of an EMF. The sun sends out waves that create radiation(EMF). We can see this energy radiating in the form of visible light.

With the addition of electricity in our daily lives, indoor lightning and electric power lines became prevalent all around the world. Scientists realized that the power grid supplying the world with energy is giving off EMFs, just like the sun.

In fact, many of the newer electric home appliances like cell phones and microwaves also create EMFs. Medical devices and diagnostic equipment like CT scans and X-rays also radiate EMFs. Related: Best Cell Phone EMF Protection

At the time of writing this article, 90% of the world’s population has access to electricity and uses all kinds of electric-powered appliances. This means that many EMFs are created around the world, and everyday people are exposed to its dangers.

The following products on our list were selected based on a couple of criteria, namely:

  • The type of EMF radiation they can measure
  • Sensitivity and accuracy
  • Features
  • User interface
  • User-friendliness
  • Cost

Why should I buy an EMF meter

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of EMF exposure?

There is still more research to be done on the topic of health risks associated with EMF exposure, but quite a lot of data has already shown that it is, in fact, a health hazard.

There is a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity that has been attributed to EMF exposure. The most common symptoms as a result of EMF radiation are

  • insomnia and sleep disturbances
  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • depression and anxiety
  • dizziness
  • nausea
  • memory loss
  • loss of appetite
  • lack of concentration
  • anxiety

Why should I buy an EMF meter?

We’ve discussed the possible dangers of long-term EMF exposure in the previous question. Having a good quality EMF meter will let you understand the type of radiation in your home, as well as the amount.

You can use the EMF meter to detect the largest sources of magnetic, RG, or electric radiation in your home and act accordingly to protect yourself. Getting an EMF meter might prove to be one of the best decisions of your life.

Do I need a meter for dirty electricity?

Dirty electricity is an entirely different beast, and the instruments on our list do not measure dirty electricity levels. If you’re not familiar with dirty electricity, it’s the electricity that home appliances haven’t utilized because they alter the electricity they receive. As a result, electricity stays present in your home wiring, radiating large amounts of EMF. Read more: Best Dirty Electricity Filters


The dangers of EMF radiation are very real and keep increasing as we include more electronic appliances in our daily lives. We hope our list helps you choose the suitable meter for yourself, and if you haven’t decided yet, we recommend the TriField TF2.

Having a quality EMF meter is an essential tool for protecting yourself against EMF radiation, combined with educating yourself on the subject.

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