Best Key Fob Signal Blocker

Every 6.5 minutes in the United States, a car is robbed, with keyless entry automotive theft. Relay systems allow thieves to enter into cars and take them without the need for a key fob. In this circumstance, Faraday bags come in handy. By purchasing a new automobile with an intelligent key, you can avoid having to take the key out of your bag to access it.

Technology has made life easier, but it has also provided crooks with a new method of stealing automobiles. Consider purchasing a Faraday bag to shield yourself from electromagnetic radiation. Technology-savvy crooks can mimic the frequency used by an intelligent key to interact with the vehicle.

Robbers can easily place the relay device outside the vehicle to imply that the key is still present. When you unlock the door, you don’t have to worry about smashed glass, sophisticated ignition devices, or auto alarm systems.

You’re looking for something to improve the signal from your key fob? What a treat! This is a list of the signal blocker available. Based on our evaluation of ten various items, we’ll propose the one that provides the best value for your money.

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Best Key Fob Signal Blocker

Best Key Fob Signal Blocker

VONETTI Alpha Shield 3.4 Inch

You can’t get into your automobile because the signal is entirely obstructed by the pouch, even if you accidentally push the keys. There’s no need to keep the pouch in your pocket all the time. You can now secure your keyless mobile device with the 3.4-inch premium VONETTI Alpha Shield Security. 

This prevents crooks from disrupting the signal until you get out of your car and park. Your car won’t be accessible after you’ve walked a few hundred meters away from it. As a result, you require comprehensive theft protection to keep your belongings safe.

To protect the signals, fabric bags are not sufficient. Metal or aluminum boxes will be required to protect your wireless key. A noble box has been created to store your valuables in, as these boxes aren’t highly appealing.



The car won’t start or run if the Keyless Go key is in the metal tin. A layer of shielding is placed over the device to protect the crooks from reading the radio remote control’s signals.


In addition to its beautiful design, the aluminum VONETTI box has a long lifespan. Two-millimeter thick wall, won’t dent, works on all cars. It’s an excellent product for everyone and so is one of the best key fob signal blocker options today. A machined metal block makes the VONETTI box extremely durable. What you’ve got is an original.


The dimensions are 3.0*0.8*1.66 inches; on the inside, they measure 3.0 x 0.8 x 1.66 inches. Imitation suede is used to line the interior. Because of this, your key does not ding, and no fingerprints are left on the lifeless black.

Feel Secure

Do you need to believe that you’re entirely safe again? What would you need if you’re in that situation? Don’t make any compromises. The VONETTI Premium Aluminum Tin can be yours now! This VONETTI Premium Aluminum Tin has made you and your car entirely safe.

  • Effortless and safe
  • It is made from high-quality aluminum alloy metal
  • Infinite features in a simple-to-use package
  • Can’t perform in a wide range of situations

TICONN Faraday Car RFID Signal Blocking Anti-Theft Pouch

TICONN Faraday Vehicle RFID Signal Blocking Anti-Theft Pouch is our another pick for the best key fob signal blockers. To prevent the car key fob signal from being broadcast, TICONN created the Faraday Car RFID Signal Blocking Pouch. The pouch’s exterior shell consists of a carbon fiber-like material with a textured finish. Keeping the pouch in your pocket or bag is a cinch.

There are two pockets inside the pouch. Your automobile key fob will fit in the larger pocket. It is possible to store credit and ID cards in the front pocket. Most customers are pleased with the TICONN Faraday Car RFID Signal Blocking Anti-Theft Pouch for these reasons. 

To keep your automobile key fob safe, you must use the rear pocket, which has Faraday cage protection, for this purpose. If your car is stolen, the TICONN Anti-Theft Pouch could be the deciding factor.



It takes care of your vehicle. The TICONN faraday bag completely blocks your vehicle’s key fob’s signal. Thieves will not be able to pick up and transmit signals from your key, protecting you from break-ins and keyless ignition theft.

Premium Quality

Two layers of shielding materials bundled in a gift box make the TICONN faraday bag one of the best key fob signal blocker options on the market. It serves as both a signal-blocking device and a high-end fashion accessory.


Anti-radiation material in the front pocket is ideal for ID cards, bank cards, etc. For signal-blocking purposes, the larger/back pocket is better suited for holding car key fobs.

Easy to Carry

The elastic closure flap accommodates three-and-a-half-by-five-inch multiple keychains and small device sizes. More options are available thanks to the integrated keychain hole.

  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • PU leather-like material was used in the construction of this product
  • Qualities deter robbery
  • Developed using cutting-edge techniques
  • Costs are slightly higher

TICONN Upgraded Faraday Car RFID Signal Blocking Anti-Theft Pouch

The radio signals put out by an automobile can be picked up by keyless fobs equipped with identifying chips. The doors open when the fob is within range of the vehicle. When a car’s key fob is identified in the vehicle’s cabin, the vehicle can be started. 

A wireless relay attack can be used by criminals to take advantage of this vulnerability. You can fool the automobile into thinking a key fob is there using a radio frequency relay booster that picks up and transmits a key fob signal. 

This allows access to the vehicle’s interior or trunk, as well as the vehicle itself, to be stolen. TICONN Faraday bag’s 100% signal jamming capacity means that your fob will be entirely isolated, making such attacks impossible—offering you great peace of mind as a data-protection tool.



In the United States, an automobile is stolen every 6.5 minutes. Using a faraday bag, you may safeguard your vehicle’s key fob from being stolen. To defend against break-ins and keyless ignition theft, this key fob protector blocks thieves from picking up and transmitting signals from your key.

Premium Quality

The GOODEN ATIM faraday cage is made of high-quality carbon fiber textured material and more robust shielding fabric. So our products are more long-lasting and durable. You can’t go wrong with this exquisite automobile key bag, which has a very chic appearance.

Light and Portable

Improved carbon fiber fabric and a keychain make the faraday bag lighter. It may be more convenient to store with a single layer exterior on all sides and dual paired seam construction. All wireless transmissions are blocked from crucial fobs, Wi-Fi cards, and other tiny devices.

Proper Size

Fits 5.5 x 3.5 inches key fobs and other tiny devices thanks to a secure closable flap with elastic. ID cards, bank cards, and the like can all be stored here. All of the brands mentioned above of automobiles are compatible with this key fob.

  • High-quality and long-lasting design
  • An easy-to-use product at an affordable price
  • Has the ability to perform well over a wide variety of distances
  • Features an outstanding combination of design and sizing
  • There aren’t a lot of problems to deal with

MONOJOY Faraday Key Fob Protector Signal Blocking PU Anti-Theft Pouch

With its PU leather shell and metal zipper, the MONOJOY key fob protection ensures that your jeans or belt will not be damaged when you wear this over top of them.

This product stands out from the competition because of its unique design, including a fob bag covering every inch of the goods. There’s no chance that anything that can transfer signals through streetwear will get an unintended alarm in the range of your car keys- let alone if you’re wearing it.


100% Signal Blocking 

It’s as simple as putting your car key in a faraday bag, and you’re protected from jk. Protect your property by preventing thieves from amplifying your car key signal and unlocking your vehicle, as well as preventing your keyless entry car key from being remotely accessed.

Improved Design

The zinc alloy hook has been upgraded. Attach your key to the vital chain’s interior. A thorough testing process ensures that the faraday pouch will continue to perform admirably even after extended use. This is a high-quality and made-to-order product that you can trust.

RFID Protection Function

With a thick RF shielding cloth inside, this signal blocker pouch can block calls, SMS, and NFC as well as wi-fi, 5g, and NFC signals. It can be used with any key fob. A signal-blocking pouch will shield your car.

Compact Size

9cm x 14cm, wrapped in a gift box, is the size of the signal-blocking pouch for car keys, which is light and portable. With the 2 pack, you can protect your extra key fob or many vehicles in your home.

Universal Fit

For any device that can fit inside the faraday pouch, all signals are obstructed by the bag. You may put it to the test on your own. When you put your car key in the bag, you won’t hear a peep from your vehicle.

  • One hundred percent of the intelligent key signal is blocked
  • PVC Leather
  • Two pouches
  • Inches in length, width, and depth
  • There is no crucial ring attachment
  • Cheap-sounding

MONOJOY Faraday Bag for Car Keys

When it comes to gifts for folks who are constantly on the road, you can’t go wrong with the MONOJOY Faraday Bag for Car Key Fob. Monojoy’s RFID Signal Blocker Large Case prevents auto thieves from employing “signal amplification” to steal your vehicle. 

If you’re concerned for the safety of your most prized items, this case offers a selection of high-quality protection in many sizes, allowing you to drive home without fear. Thieves won’t amplify the signal to open and grab your automobile once your keys are in this pouch. In addition to protecting credit cards, cell phones, and key fobs, it serves a dual purpose.



Nearly a million vehicles are stolen in the United States each year. As time goes on, criminals have improved their ability to take your car without ever entering your home. To steal your car, these thieves use “signal amplification” to get access to your vehicle. MONOJOY brand security pouches offer the protection you need.


Stop the car’s key fob from transmitting a signal. Your car’s security system should be protected from cyberattacks. RFID scanners are prevented from accessing your personal and financial information. Prevent RFID readers from picking up the signals on your cards. 

Make sure you don’t get hacked. Hackers covet these products, so be on the lookout for them! Modern people need this bag to keep up with the pace of life.


Key fobs with the faraday bag’s carbon fiber pattern can be used with any remote key fob. The key fob blocker has an inner layer of silver that blocks signals and an outer layer of carbon fiber that is waterproof. 

Protects RFID, Wi- Fi, thumb drives, and other tiny devices from wireless transmissions, such as auto key fobs and cards. They block electromagnetic radiation (EMR), electromagnetic pulse (EMP), and solar flare (Solar Flare) radiation with electromagnetic shielding (EMS), and RF shielding (RFS).

Universal Fit

All cars’ bright key entry for guard signals can be blocked universally. There are a few things to watch out for when inserting your fob. When the key fob is in the right pocket, the bag won’t open when you walk up to the car door with it. Regardless of the type of car you operate, this bag will work with it. all types of mobile phones.


When it comes to protecting your fob, “prevention is better than cure.” When you walk around, it will keep the buttons on the key fob from accidentally activating when the fob bumps into other keys in your pocket and scratches the plastic body of the fob.

  • Several automobile protection devices are available
  • To prevent any impulses, silver coatings are utilized
  • Waterproof Devices
  • It’s a good look
  • A crucial tether
  • You can only keep one key in your pocket

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Key Fob Signal Jammer


Make sure the signal jammer you purchase can block signals from a specific distance. Make sure that the label on the package states which key fobs it can block before you purchase it.


Before making a purchase, it’s essential to discover how many individuals have had success with this product. It’s possible to find items that claim a 95% success rate.

Ease of use

It’s essential to think about how easy it is to carry this item around and how easy it is to operate. Certain things come in a small pouch to fit in your pocket, while others may be too large to carry around in your pocket.


The bag’s ability to block key fob signals is dependent on the material it is constructed of. Wireless communication is possible through various fabric-based bags. All signals will be blocked by nylon ones, though.


Key fob signal blockers range in price from about $100 to $200. Before you buy one of these gadgets, think about what characteristics you need.

Choosing the right key fob signal blocker

Price isn’t one of the most crucial variables on the list of best key fob signal blocker above. Due to the wide variety of products on the market, it isn’t easy to compare their performance and features across brands and price points. As a result, it’s essential to shop around for the best deal possible, so look for high-quality items that won’t break the bank. Additionally, take into account the ease of transportation and operation of your equipment.

When purchasing a key fob signal blocker, there’s one thing to keep in mind: it won’t stop you from driving. Instead, it will merely block the signals of the gadgets that are used to steal cars.

Impressive Ways Criminals Use Wireless Signals to Steal Everything

How would you feel after a long day at the office? You’d be ready for bed by the time you got home. It’s not out of the ordinary at all. We’d say it’s a bit tedious.

Imagine waking up the following day, putting on your shoes, collecting your keys, and stepping outside only to discover that your automobile has been taken from you!

Many people are seeing this happen regularly now. Technology is being used by criminals to take from us in some of the most irritating ways possible. Fortunately, there are a few basic steps you may take to prevent car theft.

Security holes can be exploited in various ways, and you can take matters into your own hands to prevent them.

Transmitting Car Key Fob Signals

Your car door can be opened without you having to go through your bag or pocket for your key fob. It’s a selling point for push-to-start vehicles, but it’s also making it absurdly easy for criminals. As with many technological developments, this norm has had unforeseen repercussions in modern cars.

2017 had an eight-year peak in vehicle theft, with 773,139 cases recorded by the FBI, up from an all-time low of 686,803 reported in 2014. With the rise of keyless ignition methods, this happened: According to Edmunds, 62 percent of new automobiles sold in 2018 feature keyless ignition as standard equipment, up from 11 percent in 2008.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Key Fob Signal Jammer

So, what gives rise to the possibility of such a heist? To unlock the doors and start the engine, you press a button on the dashboard or console, which transmits a unique low-frequency signal validated by the car’s computer system.

Copying Your Passport

Do you remember when you first received your passport? Waited patiently for the booklet to arrive in the mail after you had your fingerprints taken, signed several forms, and trimmed down your face to the tiny square size required.

Even if passports give up a world of travel possibilities, they also bring up a world of theft and fraud that can be avoided. That’s because the U.S. Department of State personalizes your passport booklet with an RFID (radio-frequency identification) chip, which keeps your personal information once it’s printed.

Stealing Electronics from Cars

A laptop can still be found and connected to other Bluetooth-enabled devices in the backseat or trunk of a car or truck. What exactly is the source of this dilemma? As a result of Bluetooth scanners, targeted break-ins have become an art form for criminals.

An inexpensive Bluetooth scanner is also easy to find, and there are even apps that use a phone’s Bluetooth sensors to locate local networks. Because of this, these apps and scanners reveal precisely what type of device is emitting a Bluetooth signal nearby.

How does a key fob signal blocker work

Benefits of RFID

Tracking assets and managing inventory

Asset and material tracking is a challenge for most organizations, whether components on a production line, finished products being shipped, industrial containers that need returning, or tools, laptops, and other high-value equipment that frequently goes missing. RFID technologies make it possible to track items without having to count each one manually.

To get an exact track of the number of items of a specific type and where they are located, RFID applications can be used. You can track items from when they are received in stores, issued to manufacturing, and used in a finished product. Thanks to this, inventory management, stock checks, and audits can be done quickly and easily. RFID can also be used to locate items that have been misplaced on the premises.

Saving time and money through automation

Automatically uploading data from RFID applications to ERP or financial management systems is possible. Because of this, they can replace old spreadsheets and eliminate the need for human form input. Even more, time can be saved if fixed readers are used at important places, such as on a production line where manual intervention is unnecessary.

Improving data accuracy and availability

RFID minimizes transcribing errors, duplication of data, and “missing items” when used to collect data on vast numbers of things simultaneously because data is captured and uploaded electronically. All employees can access real-time information regarding objects’ locations and statuses thanks to cloud-based solutions. Customers can also access their data.

Enhancing health and safety

If a company uses RFID technology, it can monitor the status of its equipment or cars. If specific circumstances are satisfied, they can restrict the use of that equipment or vehicle. For example, a system like CheckedOK provides an efficient means of managing inspection regimes and ensuring compliance with insurers or regulatory agencies.

Better control of production

Complex manufacturing processes can benefit from RFID’s ability to identify individual objects and components, such as ensuring that certain molds are filled with the exact volume of liquids and fired for the precise duration of time or that specific components end up on the relevant production line. This reduces waste and boosts productivity.

Enhanced quality and traceability

In addition, RFID systems can help ensure that items have passed all the correct checks and processes. For example, a boiler has been correctly assembled, inspected, and approved before being delivered to the customer, thus improving quality and reducing the number of returned items. With RFID tagging, an item can be traced back to the point of manufacture.

How do thieves get key fob signals

Increased revenues

Using RFID, companies may deliver a service that differentiates them from their competitors and boosts customer happiness while increasing sales and profitability.

More in-depth management information

An asset or product’s lifecycle can be better-managed thanks to RFID’s ability to collect real-time data at various points in the process. Using this information, businesses can continue to enhance their operational efficiency.

Shorter processes

Reduced delivery times can be achieved by integrating RFID with other production or supply chain technology, such as automated pallet handling and stock picking systems.

The Key Benefits of Using RFID in the Warehouse

The necessity for accurate, real-time data in the warehouse has grown as the supply chain has undergone rapid change and many operational issues. Facilities aiming to improve data collecting efficiency, speed, and accuracy can benefit from RFID technology.

Using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, warehouses can perform workflows more quickly, accurately, and efficiently. In addition to reducing operating costs, more efficient procedures allow facilities to increase throughput.

Here are the top 5 methods to use RFID in the warehouse!

Precise Inventory Management

The increasing demand for e-commerce and omnichannel techniques has led to an annual increase in the average warehouse square footage. It’s becoming increasingly challenging to locate pallets, let alone a single unit of a product.

Automated data collection with RFID provides your WMS with critical SKU numbers, locations, and quantities. You can use fixed and handheld readers to capture and transfer this data to your ERP or WMS, which provides critical inventory movement and location information.

It’s possible to track products as they move between multiple warehouse zones or facilities, depending on the intricacy of your RFID location system. As a result, you will have a precise inventory record and no longer have to spend time searching for pallets and SKUs.

What is a key fob signal blocker

Instant Verification of SKUs and Quantities at Dock Doors

Your loading and unloading operation will be much more efficient if dock doors are equipped with RFID gateways. Product and quantity can be checked at a checkpoint using a combination of fixed readers and passive tags.

If the products scanned don’t match what was intended to arrive, the RFID software would notify the user of this fact, as well. RFID checkpoints can be utilized during the outbound process to catch shipment problems and increase the accuracy of your facility’s fulfillment.

RFID can be used for both inbound and outward verification of objects to avoid costly mistakes and disruptions. Investment returns quickly since critical data is immediately accessible, and any errors may be eliminated.

Rapid Workflow Automation and Error Prevention

Many basic warehouse jobs may be easily automated thanks to the speed and precision of RFID tag reading. Companies can save time and money by integrating RFID in their warehouses for processes such as inventory receiving, shipping, cycle counts, put-away, handling returns, and many more workflows. 

Using RFID technology to automate warehouse processes frees up time and resources for other parts of your business and reduces human error.

Operations can become more efficient and leaner when they are no longer dependent on an unpredictable labor supply. An RFID system can also inform users if a human error occurs, such as putting goods in the wrong area, loading the wrong item onto a pallet, or sending an inaccurate shipment to a client. 

A quality assurance measure at a warehouse can be achieved by using RFID technology, which helps to streamline operations and reduces costly mistakes that might arise from manual processes.

Accurate Stock Management

RFID keeps track of your inventory and regulates your stock levels while your warehouse receives and sends out vast volumes of goods every day. RFID software can help maintain ideal stock levels by giving alarms when under- or over-stocking limitations are reached.

RFID for stock management can provide real-time information on product quantities, models, sizes, and other relevant information. Using advanced RFID tags, it is possible to manage product stock levels with expiration dates and environmental conditions like temperature.

For example, an RFID system can enforce product integrity requirements and ensure that products meet quality standards and specifications.

Easy Equipment & Parts Tracking

In the warehouse, RFID can be used for more than just inventory control. Forklifts, tools, IT equipment, and other essential warehouse assets can be tracked with RFID technology, which is a significant benefit.

An asset management software can help you keep a detailed chain of custody for your essential equipment, allowing you to control the use of the equipment better and better avoid loss.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a key fob signal blocker, and how does it work?

A key fob signal blocker device blocks signals between an RFID key fob and the car. Fleet cars are the most prevalent application for this technology. As a result, these devices have been demonstrated to reduce employee turnover by protecting against the danger of identity theft or unauthorized access to secure premises.

There are a variety of crucial fob signal blockers on the market, each with its method of operation. If you install one of these devices around your vehicle, you’ll make it more difficult for thieves to gain access and prohibit them from unlocking it without your knowledge or consent.

What is EMF?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible electrical forces to which we are constantly exposed. Everything that uses electricity, including TVs, radios, lights, and computers, emits electromagnetic waves. In some cases, these fields extend out into space for several feet or more, surrounding the wire carrying the current. 

You’ll notice a gradual decrease in intensity as you get further away from the source until you reach “background” EMF levels (from power lines near your house or appliances in your home). Read more: How to Block EMF From Power Lines

It is essential to distinguish between electromagnetic (EM) radiation (such as microwaves) and electric fields (EMF). Additionally, ionizing radiation, like x-rays and gamma rays, is known to cause cancer.

How does a key fob signal blocker work?

Using a key fob signal blocker, you can prevent wireless signals from getting to or from your car by emitting an electromagnetic field around the device. Any data connections between devices, including wireless networks, will be disrupted as soon as you enter the electromagnetic fields of the key fob signal blocker, even if you leave it at home.

What is power frequency EMF, and how does it compare to other types of fields?

In the electromagnetic spectrum, there is a wide variety of frequencies. Cycles per second (Hz=Hertz) are used to express these frequencies. Low-frequency electric power, which includes frequencies below 3000 Hz, is generated (60Hz in North America, 50Hz in most other places). 

More energy is available in a field with higher frequencies since there is less time between waves. Conductive materials can be heated by microwave frequency fields with wavelengths of many inches. Damage to genetic material occurs when molecular bonds are broken down by higher frequencies like X-rays (ionization). Low energy levels are not caused by power-frequency fields, with wavelengths greater than 3100 miles (5000 kilometers).

How do thieves get key fob signals?

Key fob signals can be copied and amplified by criminals. Law enforcement and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) in the United States have documented this. Imagine your key fob as a music player. 

According to the CEO of GuardKnox Cyber Technologies Ltd, Moshe Shlisel, a business that develops cybersecurity technologies and patents to secure critical systems and automobiles, “Once thieves know the exact tune, they may play it and steal your car,” he stated.

Carjackers replicate the owner’s parking lot signal and use it to steal their vehicle once the owner has entered their business or shop. Alternatively, they may wait until the next day and steal the vehicle.

The signal is amplified by a separate device when it is in a home or apartment. However, it is possible to take stuff from inside the vehicle even though it cannot be started using the gadget.

Will aluminum foil stop signals completely?

We discovered that when the foil is first applied, it completely blocks the signals. A second layer was required even with the heavy-duty foil. There was a tiny hole that eventually opened up, allowing the signal to pass through. The key fob must be completely encased in foil. Once we rolled it a few times and crimped it, we found that crafter’s/florist foil worked best. Foil unwrapping might be dangerous if it takes too long to unwrap the foil.

“You’ll use a lot of foil over time if you don’t wrap foil appropriately.” Foil is frequently mentioned in the media since it is easily accessible. Ryan Judy, CEO of MOS Equipment, the developer of Mission Darkness Faraday range of shielded equipment for law enforcement, believes a Faraday case is “more effective and built to accomplish the job.”

What do I do if I lose or break my crucial fob?

If you damage your key fob, locksmiths and electronic key fob services can help you get a less expensive replacement and can be programmed. According to Schlissel, a new smart key can set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars to as much as $2000 for some high-end automobiles.

If you buy a new car, you’ll most likely have to have the key fob and the vehicle programmed at the dealership, says Miles Johnson, Hyundai Motor America’s Senior Manager, Quality, Service, and Technology Public Relations.


Your automobile and home should both be protected by the best key fob signal blocker. It’s easy to see why people love keyless entry systems, but there’s a disadvantage. Assume you desire the ease of opening your door or starting up your motor without having to take out your keys from an inaccessible pocket. 

If this is the case, a security system with remote access features like our top option above may be worth considering. 

This may not be essential if you don’t plan to use these functionalities frequently since any other form of keychain would suffice in those situations where someone else would have access to them while they’re in use around town.

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