Best Laser Hair Growth Device

Let’s face it! If life were fair to everybody, we all would have hair like Pocahontas. All those shampoos, conditioners, and God-knows-what apparently-natural ingredients can’t stop your father’s genes from doing their job.

After a while, those 50-100 hairs that typically fall each day and are supposed to regrow again are lost forever. We understand if you’re skeptical of new treatments and the only logical thing to do now seems like having surgery. But what if we tell you that laser therapy can save you from that invasive and expensive surgery while securing your comfort and privacy? We have your attention, right?

Check out our article, and you’ll find the best laser hair growth device for you!

Best Laser Hair Growth Device

How We Found the Best Laser Devices

Before we begin with iRestore, Capillus, HairMax, and Illumiflow reviews, we want to share with you why we chose these companies and their laser devices. Prior to this article, we had to do thorough research that included multiple fields.

We started with medical research mainly related to genetic baldness and its symptoms. We tried to cover multiple studies in this area in order to understand Androgenetic alopecia and its patterns better. After that, we focused on the laser light, its strength, penetration, stimulation, and effects.

However, the real struggle began when we started to search for laser devices for at-home treatment. We had multiple requirements, and we thought that the search would be easy, given the fact that there are thousands of companies that manufacture these devices.

We couldn’t be more wrong! It took us days and weeks to finalize our article. But, we’re not sorry that we have spent all that time because we have finally found quality devices that meet all required criteria.

Reliable companies

While thousands of companies sell laser hair growth devices, not all of them can be considered reliable. To determine their reliability, we considered several factors, including years of experience, manufacturing methods, customer reviews, approvals, and certificates.

Of course, we don’t claim that some new firms lack quality just because they’re new on the market. However, we wanted to make a list of the best companies that base their work on science.

Furthermore, transparency was one of the major factors we took into account. We think that a significant percentage of a company’s reliability comes from its transparency. These companies don’t claim that their devices are magical. On the contrary, they honestly explain the working methods, give detailed instructions, and answer customers’ questions in a straightforward manner.

Types of Laser Hair Growth Devices

Product diversity

In our article, you’ll find various laser devices. We believe that you should have multiple options to make an informed decision. We reviewed the best laser caps, laser bands, and laser helmets for at-home hair treatment on the market.

Moreover, each of these companies offers at least two models of its devices. While their quality remains, the models differ from each other in their capacity, that is, their coverage due to the number of laser diodes in them.


To cope with thinning hair and hair loss is hard enough. You don’t need another discomfort that usually comes with medical treatments. Laser devices are a better option than surgery because they give painless and non-invasive treatments.

However, it can be uncomfortable to go to a laser clinic every other day and sit there during your treatment. Not to mention, those therapies cost too much money.

That said, we chose four top-notch laser devices that can bring laser therapy to your home. They’re rechargeable, portable, and durable. The caps we reviewed can be worn below a sports cap and secure your privacy.

Customer-friendly policies

Finally, we chose these companies because they have excellent customer policies. Laser devices are a bit costly. Therefore, it’s important to find a manufacturer that offers at least free shipping. We reviewed brands that have multiple affordable options, such as discounts, subscription deals, excellent refund policies, and product warranties.

Factors Considered Before Choosing Best Laser Hair Growth Device

Best Laser Device for Hair Growth

Laser Hair Growth Devices: Reviews


iRestore is an all-in-one hair care manufacturer that creates and sells hair growth and repair products. The company is known as Freedom Laser Therapy and was founded in 2003. Initially, Freedom Laser Therapy started to work as a clinic for smokers.

In the beginning, the company used its innovative and advanced laser technology to help people quit smoking and overcome their addiction. The laser therapy clinic marked a significant success thanks to its technology and non-invasive and natural process.

Later, the owners decided to use the research, knowledge, and laser approach to launch another technology known as iRestore. The device was meant to treat and help hair growth and so far has achieved excellent success.

Moreover, the company expanded its product range to include numerous hair care products. The devices combined with the all-natural products make iRestore the best place you can go if you want healthy hair.


iRestore is one of the best-rated devices for hair-loss treatment on the market. That’s because the system is designed to help people with various hair problems. The device is easy to use and comfortable. Moreover, it’s been tested multiple times for durability and quality.

iRestore is an FDA-cleared system that uses clinically proven technology to help your hair grow faster and stronger. The helmet is lightweight and includes medical-grade foam pads so that wearing it will be comfortable.

The system won’t clog your hair or make your head feel pushed. On the contrary, the device is constructed with a ventilated pattern so that airflow isn’t disrupted. The company collaborates and takes advice from experts, such as dermatologists, laser surgeons, specialists, and medical doctors. Thus, it ensures that the systems it creates are effective and, most importantly, safe to use.

iRestore Essential

iRestore comes in two variants, iRestore Essential and iRestore Professional. Both devices work on the same goal and with the same technology. The difference is in the coverage that the newer system, iRestore Professional, offers.

Even though iRestore Essential has a smaller coverage, the device has 51 medical-grade lasers and LEDs. The model is designed for women and men that suffer from hair loss. While lasers and LEDs have different approaches to addressing the problem, iRestore uses both of them to provide maximum effectiveness.

By using both methods, the company has created a device that can deliver photons to the scalp in order to reach the superficial tissue and the hair follicles. Moreover, the experts say that both methods are effective, but combining them can give better results.


The company advises its customers not to use the device every day. According to the official website, iRestore should be used every other day for 25 minutes. The system has a built-in LCD display that will show you the remaining time if you want to take a break.

This laser hair growth device is designed to promote hair repair and growth in males with Norwood-Hamilton Classifications from IIa to V and women with Ludwig-Savin Classifications I and II. It also promotes hair growth in both males and females who have Fitzpatrick Skin Phototypes from I to IV. This means that the device isn’t meant for bald people or those with progressive hair loss.

Company’s policies

iRestore has numerous customer-friendly policies. For starters, new customers can claim rewards of up to $400 off. The company also provides frequent discounts and promotions on all of its products. Of course, you can do bundle shopping and buy several products at a lower price.

Furthermore, we got good news for US customers. The company offers free shipping on all orders above $40 for customers from the continental US. Freedom Laser Therapy also ships around the globe. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t offer free international shipping yet.

You should also know that the company has three separate money-back guarantees. If you purchase a laser device, you can return it within one year of purchase and get a refund.

For consumable products, such as serums, shampoos, and others, the company provides a 6-month money-back guarantee. However, this refund policy applies only for orders of 3-month and 6-month supply. Additionally, you can also request a refund within 30 days of purchasing the iRestore battery pack.

  • An experienced company with high-reputation
  • Non-invasive and innovative treatment
  • Clinically-tested
  • FDA-cleared
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Suitable for females and males
  • Excellent customer policies
  • Free continental US shipping
  • Three separate refund policies
  • Some customers pointed out that treatment sessions of 25 minutes are a bit longer than using other laser devices


If you’re recently struggling with hair loss, Capillus can offer you multiple solutions. From hair repair products to laser caps, Capillus has one of the best hair growth products, especially when it comes to laser devices.

The company is one of the few that play by the book. Everything is clean and clear at Capillus, starting from the company’s manufacturing methods to quality controls to the end products. This does consultations only with well-respected doctors and experts, which is why its products use only advanced and safe technology.

Besides its superior laser caps, the company offers a comprehensive range of hair care products. You can buy shampoos, conditioners, activators, revitalizers, health supplements, and other products.


Capillus caps provide effective and safe treatment for overly-thinning hair, receding hairline, and pattern baldness. The devices are tested multiple times, and the company has a green light from the FDA. This means that the device was tested and that the company has run clinical trials that confirmed the devices’ efficiency.

This manufacturer uses advanced laser technology, which can help you regrow hair and reduce the progression of hair loss. If you’re suffering from androgenic alopecia, you’re already familiar that the condition is characterized by pattern baldness. The condition can be pretty progressive and causes the hair follicles to miniaturize. Thus, the hair becomes thinner over time.

The laser systems by Capillus are designed to stimulate your follicles. With stimulation, the devices may help you improve the blood flow in your hair, which leads to new thicker hair. The laser systems have undergone multiple examinations and tests and have been clinically proven to work.

Capillus Pro

The company has three caps with embedded laser systems. You can buy Capullus One, Capillus Plus, and Capillus Pro. The difference between these models is in the density of coverage and the energy they produce, measured in milliwatts. Capillus One has 112 laser diodes, while Plus and Pro have 202 and 272 laser diodes, respectively.

We chose Capillus Pro for our article on the best laser hair growth device because of its coverage. However, the device has the same features as the other two models. Capillus devices can provide discreet and comfortable treatment. The laser part of the hat is made from silicone liner with flexible size.

Furthermore, the whole interior surface of the cap holds laser diodes. Thus, you’ll get maximum coverage. Moreover, the cap contains patented sensors that disable the laser system until you place the cap on your head. This way, your eyes will be protected from accidental laser light exposure.


According to the company’s official website, Capillus laser caps should be used every day in sessions of six minutes. The manufacturer also says that customers shouldn’t use the cap for longer than recommended because that will not increase the effect.

Furthermore, Capillus laser caps are suitable for treating AGA ( androgenic alopecia). They promote healthy hair growth in men with Norwood-hamilton classifications of IIa-V hair loss and hair growth in women with Ludwig-Savin Scale Class from I to II. Moreover, it can promote hair growth in people from both genders who have Fitzpatrick Skin Types from I to IV.

In-door and third-party studies regarding Capillus showed no adverse side effects. However, the company recommends its customers consult a physician if they have sensitive skin or some medical issue.

Company’s policies

Capillus is a company with a long tradition and marked success in providing excellent customer care. The company’s customer policies are another evidence that proves Capillus’s user-friendly politics.

The manufacturer offers fast UPS second-day air and ground shipping. However, customers from the continental US can enjoy free shipping if they order some of the Capillus laser caps. Moreover, the company also provides free shipping on orders over $49.99.

Furthermore, the company offers a six-month money-back guarantee for those who are not satisfied with the results. However, the refund policy applies only to the laser caps purchased through the official website. If you buy Capillus through physicians or other retailers, you’ll have to request a refund (if applicable) from them.

Additionally, Capillus offers warranties for its laser caps with different durations depending on the model you’ll buy. For instance, Cappilus Pro comes with a three-year warranty that covers repair or parts replacement if a defect occurs from material or craftwork causes.

  • Company with a long tradition
  • Laser-only device
  • Made in the US
  • Clinically-tested
  • FDA-cleared
  • Discreet and easy to use
  • Free shipping on orders over $49.99
  • Some customers complained about the refund policy. The company says that the results may be most visible within two years of regular use, but the refund policy lasts only six months


HairMax is yet another innovator in the hair care industry. The company has operated for more than 20 years, pushing its limits to innovations and solutions. Since the company’s beginning in 2000, HairMax has been establishing and raising the standards on the market, pushing even its competition to do better in order to keep up.

The manufacturer has sold more than 1.8 million laser devices across the world. The reason why so many people trusted and purchased from HairMax is the company’s constant relation with science and advanced technology.

HairMax has invested in seven studies at prominent universities. Moreover, the results from those studies have been published in five medical journals. Besides its superior laser technology, the company also creates an excellent assortment of hair care products, including dietary supplements, conditioners, shampoos, boosters, hair therapy, infusions, etc.


HairMax offers multiple products that can be used for laser hair treatment. The company has invented laser caps, laser bands, and laser combs. Therefore, it is one of a few other companies with such device diversity, given the fact that most manufacturers offer only one type of laser system.

The manufacturer owns multiple approvals by FDA for its products, which later lead to gaining clearances. These clearances confirm HairMax’s laser systems as laser phototherapy devices for home treatment and hair care. Moreover, the company sticks to transparency, which is why customers are welcome to check these authorizations as well as the clinical trials and tests.

HairMax uses doctor-recommended high-advanced technology to obtain laser light for all of its products. Thanks to these technologies, the devices may help your body increase the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles. Also, the devices may help you energize weakened follicles and reverse thinning hair. Moreover, it stimulates your scalp and hair to grow stronger and thicker.

Laser Band 41 – ComfortFlex

HairMax offers two models of laser bands, 82 and 41. As you may notice, the difference in their names refers to their hair coverage. Both models are made with medical-grade lasers without LEDs.

The smaller model contains 246 total laser coverage over the scalp. The band is easy to use, and you won’t have any uncomfortable experience. The band delivers therapeutic light that can stimulate the hair follicles, restore hair’s natural growth, and reverse thinning.

The device has hair-parting teeth so that your scalp gets direct laser light. Moreover, the company also installed sensitivity sensors in the laser bands. Thus, the laser light won’t turn on until you put the band on your head.


According to the company’s website, you should use the HairMax laser band for three minutes per session. Also, the recommended number of sessions is thrice a week. HairMax states that customers shouldn’t exceed the recommended usage instructions.

Laser bands, as well as the other laser devices by HairMax, are suitable for treating thinning hair or pattern baldness caused by hereditary conditions. Also, they’re suitable for women and men with Fitzpatrick range from I to IV skin types.

Company’s policies

HairMax has several customer-friendly policies. The company offers three types of shipping, including Domestic Standard Ground, Expedite 2nd Day, and Overnight shipping. HairMax offers free shipping on all orders if the US customers choose the Domestic Standard Ground option. However, customers outside the US have to pay shipping charges.

Furthermore, the company offers a 1-year money-back guarantee for those customers that are not satisfied with the laser device they purchased. But, the refund policy applies only to the products purchased from the official website.

Moreover, you can also request a refund if you’re not satisfied with the hair products. The company has a money-back guarantee on hair care products that lasts 30 days.

Additionally, each laser device comes with a warranty. HairMax offers warranties of two years. If the devices don’t work correctly, the company may repair them or replace the damaged parts.

You should also know that HairMax is famous for its VIP Membership. The company has a comprehensive number of members that enjoy exclusive customer treatment, including VIP discounts on hair care products, 2-year warranties for accidental damage, device upgrades at a reduced price, and priority customer support, meaning the VIP members never wait for assistance. To become a member, you have to purchase a laser device.

  • Reputable manufacturer
  • Clinically-tested
  • FDA-clearance
  • Laser bands come with gentle hair-parting teeth
  • Wireless device
  • Good customer policies
  • Some customers reported mild itching and scalp irritation


The last laser hair growth device we’re going to review is the laser cap made by Illumiflow. This company has a bold goal to help people who battle with hair loss and prevent baldness. Illumiflow was created after the founder faced the hair loss condition first hand.

Peter, the founder and owner of Illumiflow has inherited the hair-loss condition from his father. According to the bio we found, he struggled for years to find suitable treatment so that he won’t face baldness when the time comes. However, even after many supplements, medication, and treatments, the process of losing hair has started.

Ultimately, he discovered that the science supports low-level laser therapy and that studies show that laser light can help prevent hair loss. He started laser treatments and saw results in the first four months. However, laser clinics are costly, and Peter tried to create cost-effective laser devices for home treatment.

He accomplished his mission, which is why Illumiflow is now one of the best laser devices for hair growth and repair.


Illumiflow uses clinically-proven technology that is enabled to fit in a comfortable cap. These laser devices are available over the counter. But, even though you won’t need a prescription, doctors and science approve these caps for stimulating hair follicles and solving the problem with hair thinning.

The laser light’s wavelengths penetrate the scalp and reinvigorate cellular production. The device may wake up your dormant follicles and promote healthy hair growth. Illumiflow is often considered the best laser hair growth device because it offers a safe, chemical-free, non-surgical solution for people suffering hair loss.

The company’s devices have clearance by the FDA. They’re also third-party tested and checked multiple times. Moreover, their advanced technology is tested and approved by experts.

Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap

Illumiflow has designed three laser cap models. We decided to review the 272 Pro model because it offers the most extensive coverage. However, the device’s specifics are equal to the other models.

The 272 Pro laser cap has 1.360mw power that’s placed across the entire device. It has 272 scientifically-approved laser diodes. The model is easy to use and won’t disrupt your comfort. It has safety sensors that prevent the cap from turning on until you put it on your head.

Furthermore, the device has an audible timer that will alert you when the session is over, and the cap will automatically shut down. Additionally, the device uses only laser lights without a single LED, and it’s FDA-cleared for safety.


Before using the laser, you should charge the portable battery pack. The package contains a simple baseball cap so that you can put it above the laser cap. According to the instructions we found on the company’s website, you should use the laser cap for 30 minutes per session.

Illumiflow says that the customers should use the laser cap every other day or around three times a week. The company also says that customers should see results in six to twelve months. However, the representatives remind customers that each individual is different. Therefore, the results may come sooner for some people and later for others.

Illumiflow is created to help men with hair loss classifications from IIa to V and women with classification levels I to IV.

Company’s policies

Illumiflow started as a family business. That’s why it’s not surprising that the company nourishes customer-friendly policies and provides helpful customer services. The manufacturer often runs sales and promotions. At this moment, it has a limited offer of $150-off on laser caps. But, don’t worry if the offer is expired because the company regularly arranges new offers.

Furthermore, Illumiflow uses UPS for order shipping with fast processing times. The company has free shipping within the US. However, at this moment, Illumiflow doesn’t have international shipping because it’s unable to accept international orders.

If you’re not satisfied with the Illumiflow laser cap, you can return the device and request a refund. The company has a 180-day money-back guarantee and will refund your purchase. However, you have to use the product for six months and request a refund within 30 days after those six months of usage have passed.

Additionally, the laser caps come with a 5-year warranty. If by any chance your device is damaged or not working, the company can repair it or replace some parts.

  • Trusted manufacturer
  • FDA-cleared devices
  • Clinically-approved
  • Convenient and cordless
  • Multiple sensors and protections
  • Frequent discounts
  • No international shipping
  • Long treatment sessions of 30 minutes

How to Find the Best Laser Hair Growth Device

How to Find the Best Laser Hair Growth Device

So hear us out! Dealing with hair loss can be really difficult to manage. And we don’t think only about the process and the treatment. We’re talking about how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror or when you notice those curious (sometimes offending) looks from the passengers.

Yeah, we know that people can be mean. But, that doesn’t stop us from feeling crappy each time some person points out towards our hairlines and thinning hair. However, that torture can stop thanks to low-level laser technology only if you choose the right device.

These devices aren’t some chip stuff everyone can create and sell. But many companies go down that road because they want to take advantage of people’s misery and get rich. Their devices will neither help you nor boost your confidence. Besides not helping you at all, they can even cause you more problems, such as irritations, itchiness, and even more hair loss.

That being said, we decided to create this section that you may freely clarify as a buyer’s guide. When we looked for the best laser hair growth device, we had to do thorough research, and we learned a lot about these products. So, we’re going to share with you some tips on how to find the best laser device for hair loss treatments.

LLLT Devices

Before you decide to make a purchase, we recommend you investigate and find out more about this technology. We think that you should have more information on how this technology works and why laser devices are effective.

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) works to stimulate your scalp. It stimulates the blood flow and thus improves circulation. With improved blood flow, your scalp obtains more oxygen and nutrients, which eventually leads to healthier hair. 

The laser light acts as an enhanced light source that your hair needs. Hair follicles absorb light energy, and thus, the hair becomes thicker. Many studies over the years prove this treatment to be effective for both women and men with hair loss conditions. However, clinical studies also show that LLLT can reduce thinning hair, increase hair density, and strengthen the existing hair. Related study: Low-Level Laser Therapy for Treatment of Hair Loss

Experts particularly promote this therapy because it’s safe, painless, and non-invasive. Moreover, the technology can be embedded into an at-home device, and people won’t have to pay thousands of dollars on regular clinic visits.

Are laser hair growth devices available over the counter

Device types

We tried to explain a bit about the LLLT technology without bothering you with never-ending details. However, we think that you should really consider laser device types as a critical factor before buying one of them.

As you undoubtedly noticed, we included three types of laser devices in our review section. We talked about laser caps, laser bands, and laser helmets. They’re all used with the same purpose and ultimately give similar results.

However, choosing a model should depend solely on the hair loss problem you have and the area where you have the issue the most. Suppose you have a whole-head hair thinning issue. Then, it would be a real waste of time if you buy a laser comb and go through the procedure every other day.

In this case, you’ll probably be more comfortable if you use a laser cap or a helmet. And if the cap you want to buy is portable, even better. Thus, you won’t have to sit for 20 minutes and wait for your session to end.

On the other hand, if you’re dealing with bald patches or thinning hair in a particular area, we think that you don’t need a laser cap. In that case, we suggest you purchase a laser comb or a laser band and focus the laser light on that particular spot.

Avoid false advertisement

We’re so sorry to say, but if you’re bold for decades, you don’t need a laser device. You need a miracle. That’s why we think that you should immediately avoid companies that over-praise their products.

False advertising usually is noticeable at first glance. However, some companies are well-organized and pay thousands of dollars to marketing agencies to receive quality marketing material. So, even the smartest customers can fall into a trap once they see the companies’ “honest” and “oh-so-touching” ads.

However, the truth is laser devices are effective and can help you treat mild to medium pattern baldness that runs in your genes. The devices we reviewed earlier in this article are suitable for people with Androgenetic alopecia. To be more specific, the lasers are designed to promote hair growth in men with Norwood-Hamilton range IIa-V and women with Ludwig-Savin range I-II or frontal hair loss patterns.

Furthermore, please don’t fall for so-called magical laser devices. Some companies go too far when advertising their products. They claim that their lasers will help you grow new hair in as little as two weeks. While each individual is different, visible results in such a short period it’s almost impossible to see. Laser treatments require at least three months of usage before showing signs of recovery.

Will a laser hair growth device really help me treat alopecia baldness

Clinical tests

We’re all in love with low-level laser therapy because many scientific researchers and doctors approve and support laser devices. Of course, science still analyzes laser light and its impact on the human body. However, the studies conducted so far show that laser light can definitely slow down hair loss. At least, those systems that are tested!

If you decide to buy devices embedded with low-level laser light, it’s very important to check the company and its working practices first. You can search for the company’s experience to see whether it bases its technology on science, uses customer-centric principles and runs clinical tests and studies.

Furthermore, you should check if the company owns an FDA approval or clearance for the product it sells. Usually, manufacturers that create laser hair growth devices should have FDA clearances to sell their products.

Given that laser light is known for its benefits, is used in multiple fields, and is already approved by the FDA, hair devices with laser light are not new inventions that have to be evaluated separately and get approvals. Therefore, companies have to prove that their devices have the same features that already-approved products have in order to get an FDA clearance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a laser device really help me treat alopecia baldness?

If science says yes, then it will help you. According to the studies and customer reviews where people describe their experiences, laser devices can have an impact on your hair and help you treat hair loss.

The devices send photons into your scalp. Thus, they stimulate the hair follicles by sending them energy. Moreover, laser light therapy enhances blood circulation, which increases the supply of oxygen and healthy nutrition. These supplies can make your hair thicker, stronger, and healthier.

Are laser hair growth devices available over the counter?

Yes, they are! Laser devices, at least those we reviewed in this article, are available on the OTC market, and you won’t need a doctor’s prescription to buy them.

However, don’t worry about your health and safety. If you buy a laser device from a trustworthy manufacturer, your safety is secured. These companies have an FDA clearance meaning that treating your scalp with the devices won’t cause adverse side effects. The lasers provide safe, non-invasive, and gentle phototherapy and act as an energy source for your hair follicles.


In the end, all that’s left to say is that laser therapy has helped thousands of people stop the hair loss process. It’s absolutely normal if you have doubts about these devices, especially if you have tried multiple treatments to prevent hair loss. But, these devices use technology supported by science, and numerous clinical studies confirmed their effectiveness.

Low-level laser light can be an excellent therapy that feeds your scalp with energy and your hair follicles with gentle light. We hope that our reviews on iRestore, Capillus, HairMax, and Illumiflow will help you find the best laser hair growth device and begin the therapy right away.     

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