Best Way for Man to Carry a Cell Phone

Cell phones have made our lives easier than ever. They keep us connected to our close ones as we can call or text anytime we want. It’s hard to imagine a world where people don’t use cell phones, right? Well, they emit electromagnetic radiation, which is a big issue.

Smartphones have become a vital part of our lives, so we can’t stop using them; however, we can take some steps to minimize health risks. In this article, we will talk about the best way for man to carry a cell phone. We will also discuss a few ways of using cell phones safely, which will help you in your daily life. But before we discuss these ways, let’s have a look at the health risks you need to worry about.

Cell Phones Emit Harmful EMF Radiation

We all know that cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation to work. Exposure to this type of radiation is linked to several health issues, which is something we can’t ignore. These include multiple types of cancer, infertility, DNA damage, and many other serious health problems.

This means exposure to cell phone radiation is harmful to us in many ways. Now that you are clear about the health risks, let’s have a look at the best way to carry a cell phone.

Best Way for Man to Carry Cell Phone - EMF Guard

Best Way for Man to Carry a Cell Phone

Keep it away from your body

A lot of people carry cell phones in their pockets, which is not safe at all. You should keep your phone away from your body as it can make a significant improvement. You can make use of a phone holder while driving, or you can also keep it on the dashboard. Moreover, you can keep it in a backpack or purse with the antenna pointed away from you.

Turn on the Airplane mode

If you have to keep your phone in your pocket, you should turn on the Airplane mode. Since cell phones don’t emit harmful radiations when they are in Airplane mode, you can carry them in your pocket without worrying about any health risks.

If you have to attend an important call and can’t turn on the Airplane mode, turn off the Bluetooth and WiFi before putting the phone in your pocket. Moreover, you should invest in an EMF shielding product if you usually carry your smartphone in your pocket. Such products need to be inserted between your body and phone in the pocket.

Tips to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure

Use speaker mode while calling

If you have to make a call, you should use the speaker mode instead of holding the phone against your head. You can also use a wired headset to make calls when you aren’t home. This way, you can keep the phone away from your body, which will be a lot more helpful.

Switch sides while making calls

When you are in a public place, you won’t be able to use speaker mode while making calls. In such a case, you should keep switching sides of the head, and talk as less as possible. Moreover, you should wait for the call to connect before placing it against your ears.

Text more, call less

You should make calls only when it’s urgent. If you want to talk to your close ones, you can text them. You will be holding the phone in your hands while texting, which will make it easier to keep it away from the head. Make sure to hold it away from the body.

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Turn on the Airplane mode before going to sleep - Best Way for Man to Carry Cell Phone - EMF Guard

Turn on the Airplane mode before going to sleep

You should turn on the Airplane mode every night before going to sleep. As mentioned above, your cell phone won’t emit harmful radiations when Airplane mode is turned on, which is a good thing. Moreover, you should keep your phone away from your bed and use a traditional alarm clock.

Use only when required

People often spend hours on their smartphones playing games and talking to their friends. This isn’t healthy at all, and you should use your phone only when required. Moreover, you should make your kids aware of these health risks, and limit their cell phone use.

Well, these are some things that you should do to reduce cell phone radiation exposure. These small changes in your lifestyle can make a big difference and help you avoid the above-mentioned health issues.


We hope you found this article helpful, and we were able to clear all your doubts about the health risks associated with cell phone use. Now that you know the best way for man to carry a cell phone, you should follow it in your daily life. We can’t stop using smartphones, but we can limit their use to avoid health risks. You can reduce the effects of cell phone radiations by following the tips we shared in this article.

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