Best Whole House EMF Protection

So, you’re here to find the best EMF shield so that you and your family can be protected from this invisible pollution. Since you probably read about 15 other articles, you surely sensed some companies’ wolf-in-a-sheep’s-clothing tactics. Basically, they hire writers to “review” their products as customers. So, the reviews depend on the company’s field of work.

Ever since we found out about the harmful electricity our daily-used devices produce, our mission has been to find anything that may help reduce this invisible pollution. So, we decided to use the research we primarily did for our personal purposes in making this article on the best whole house EMF protection.

Both companies we’re going to review meet the most quality and strict standards for producing anti-radiation devices and offer excellent products. For this article’s purpose, we decided to pay more attention to particular products. However, both companies provide a pretty extensive range of EMF shields, so you’ll be able to equip against EMF radiation fully.

Best Whole House EMF Protection

Best Whole House EMF Protection

  1. Satic USA
  2. Satic USA
  3. Greenwave

Best Whole House EMF Protection: Reviews 

Satic Power Perfect Box – Coverage over 2500 sq ft

We chose this company for its reputation and numerous customers that already felt the difference in their life after using Satic USA products. Since we’re going to present you with two Satic USA power boxes, it’s only logical to introduce you to the company and its work.

Sinusoidal Wave Form Technology Incorporated is the source for the Satic acronym, meaning – engineered clean power. They created intelligent and powerful solutions through their long manufacturing history, eventually saving millions of people from dirty energy and high electric bills.

Brand Overview

Why Satic USA is the best solution for you? Products created by the Satic USA can provide you with ultimate EMF protection, shielding your entire home. Above that, your electric bill will be significantly reduced, so it’s safe to say that this modern technology will pay for itself over time. Of course, we don’t think money is the most important motivation since health has no price. Yet, a lower electric bill is something we all wish for.

The Satic USA is superior to the other companies because of its constant development and products’ scientific improvement. The brand’s goal is to design specific equipment that will protect households from dirty electricity. The Satic USA products offer full protection by dropping down the amperage and reducing the dangerous effects of electromagnetic interference, known as dirty electricity.

Satic USA’s product collection has everything you need to protect yourself and your beloved ones from the harmful waves surrounding us every day. Here’s what the brand is offering:

  • Pure Power Plug-In Products
  • Power Perfect Wire-In Products
  • Field Shield Products
  • Lighting Products
  • Testing Products ( EMI Line Monitor, EMF+RF Test Kit, EMF+ Test Kit)

You can find several mathematical and physics schemes where the Super Duty Power Box effectiveness is explained. But, we’re not scientists here to really understand those formulas, and we don’t have to be in order to find out if this product is good or not. Thousands of customers purchased this Power Box and have already experienced a significant change in their lives.

The Super Duty Power Box is a device that manages the whole energy system by conditioning and filtering dirty energy. As we’re sure that you have already searched online for what kind of protection is the best one, you’ll surely agree with us that the Super Duty Power Box’s features cover everyone’s needs. This powerful management system will easily provide clean energy to your home by protecting each outlet in your house.

The Super Duty Power Box has outstanding performances and has the ability to:

  • Provide voltage regulation and surge protection. What does it mean? You won’t experience any audio or video noises or distractions because the Power Box will provide your outlets with robust surge protection. Now, you can listen to music, charge your phone, vacuum, and wash your clothes simultaneously because this device provides high-standard voltage regulation. 
  • Provide less inductance. Meaning, your electronics will last longer since the Super Duty Power Box will reduce electrical consumption. This way, your electronics can work more efficiently without too many amps being converted into heat.
  • Reduce the EMF. The Power Box reduces the EMF by as much as 98%, meaning you’ll be protected from low and high- frequency sources of EMF.

The Super Duty Power Perfect Box can protect your whole house and cover over 2500 sq. ft. In the following section, we’ll introduce you to another Satic Power Perfect Box with the same features as Super Duty but more preferable for smaller houses.

Customer Service and Guarantee

For any question or issue you have with the Satic USA products, you can call, email, or fax its customer team, and you’ll be served immediately. You can also fill up a quick form with your question, found on the company website.

When it comes to secure buying, the Super Duty Power Perfect Box comes with a 10 years warranty, which means that Satic USA strongly guarantees the box functionality.


  • Covers more than 2500 sq. ft.
  • Protects from EMF
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Provides robust surge protection
  • Has a 10 years warranty  

Customer Experience

Customers’ reviews are the most crucial proof you’ll need. Thousands of people experienced an improvement in their lives. Even people that were skeptical at first and had doubts admit that Super Duty Power Perfect Box is the best investment in their whole life. Almost every customer is thrilled with the smaller electrical bill, and each of them said that they would definitely recommend the Super Duty Power Box to a friend. We may freely say that the Super Duty Power Perfect Box is what every American family needs.

Satic Power Perfect Box

Since the goal here is to help you to protect your whole house from EMF, we’ll talk a little more about the Satic company since we truly believe that it offers one of the best solutions on the market. Through the brand products, you can clearly see the creativity that Satic’s scientists use. Additionally, the team’s enthusiasm for a healthier life is the reason why this company is among the few on the top in the field of wave protection.

Brand Overview

Of course, we’re not going to copy-paste the previous brand overview. In this section, we’re going to talk about the features that we missed earlier.

All Satic USA products are built from the finest available components, making this company a proud owner of second-to-none clean-power devices. The company’s goal is to provide stable and powerful clean-power products to protect its customers from dirty electricity and its damaging ability.

Satic USA used state-of-the-art technology (Quantum Photon Technology) in 2007 when the brand made its breakthrough and invented its first CFL lamp. Since then, the company has developed many quality products that help thousands of people clean the dirty electricity around them and have a healthier life. Customers improved their sleep and health using one of the Satic USA products like a plug-in or wire-in Power Box, filters, LED bulbs, and heat shields.

On top of that, Satic USA is recognized for its work and has multiple certifications, including UL, FCC, and CE.

Just like the Super Duty, the Standard Power Perfect Box is a unique energy management system that has the ability to protect you from dirty electricity. Not only that, the Standard Power Box is a clean-power device, which means that you don’t have to worry anymore about your health, electronic equipment, or your money. Supported by the Satic USA potent formula, this clean-power shield device is everything you need to say goodbye to the EMF in your home.

If your home is 2500 sq. ft. or less, Standard Power Box is the right choice for you since it has the same outstanding performances as its bigger brother, the Super Duty Power Box. This means that you’ll get equal surge protection and voltage regulation, along with reduced electrical consumption. All these benefits will lead to energy savings as well as prolonged life for your equipment. 

The Standard Power Box also reduces the negative harmonics and protects from EMF. Speaking of benefits, the Power Box will also reduce the electric interference (EMI), which will stop that video and audio disturbance you get when more electronics are turned on.

Another feature that marks Satic USA product quality, it’s its ability to reduce energy consumption, hence more energy saving. This means that your electricity bill will be a lot smaller so that in a few years, the product will pay for itself.

Customer Service and Guarantee

As we mentioned earlier in our Super Duty Power Box review, the Satic USA customer support is ready to help you solve any problem and answer your questions. Even if your questions are about science or dirty electricity, the team will explain everything in detail to you. Additionally, the brand website has a lot of info for customers’ education on the harmful waves and technology around us.

As far as the products’ guarantee, the Satic USA team is highly confident in their manufacturing, so you’ll get the Standard Power Perfect Box with a 10 years warranty.


  • Excellent for smaller than 2500 sq. ft. houses
  • Reduces EMF and EMI
  • Clears dirty electricity
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Has a 10 years warranty

Customers Experience

Whether they purchased Standard or Super Duty Power Box, customers are thrilled with the results. They feel calmer, healthier, and more energized. Many of them calculate their electric bill and notice a lowering of around 10-15%. We are happy to report that customers are generally satisfied with each of the Satic USA products.

Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filter

You’ve noticed so far that we only selected two companies to review in our article on the best whole house EMF protection systems. That’s not a coincidence. We think that EMF protection is a serious issue that can be solved only by using second to none shielding technology.

Greenwave has proven its quality over the years by providing products and tips for getting rid of unhealthy EMF pollution. Its mission is to help people to create a healthier environment around them. Greenwave research and manufacturing revolve around reducing EMF pollution and cleaning up the dirty electricity since 2009. 

Brand Overview

Greenwave broke the way toward its success by creating its high-standard meter that measures the level of EMF pollution in the buildings. Its journey didn’t stop there. After the contaminant detector, Greenwave invented plug-in filters that have the power to clean up dirty electricity in homes, schools, working places, and other buildings. 

As technology advances, Greenwave sticks to its mission to rise up to the challenge and add more quality features to its products. So far, this company has produced 6 generations of plug-in filters, each more advanced than the previous ones. Each added feature meets the people’s standards and needs to create healthier and dirty electricity-free space.

We’re so glad to report that Greenwave heard and recognized the need for devices able to measure and reduce wireless radiation. This means this company created meters for detecting and measuring the pollution we’re all exposed to from our wireless devices. It also made a solution to this problem, presented through a series of protective products. 

Greenwave has a wide range of products, those being:

  • Dirty electricity filters ( for each room separately, or a whole kit)
  • EMI meters
  • EMF meters
  • Dirty electricity test kit
  • Adapters for connecting to a wired internet
  • Protective glasses
  • EMF shield for cell phones
  • WaveCages

Greenwave’s mission isn’t limited to manufacturing only. The company aims to educate people and encourage them to take steps to be more energized, focused, and comfortable in their homes. That’s why the Greenwave website is educational (besides online store), where you can read all about dirty electricity, wireless radiation, and AC electric and magnetic fields.

If you want to reduce the dirty electricity present in the wiring in your home, the Greenwave filters are an excellent choice for you. These filters come with 3 or 2-prong plugs and are UL certificated.

What can the Greenwave filters do? These high-quality devices can:

  • Reduce electrical noise
  • Reduce line noise
  • Reduce EMI
  • Cleans dirty electricity
  • Prevents equipment heating

The company’s protective filters are easy to use since you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to install them. You only need to plug into an outlet and enjoy the outcome. In addition, each filter has a built-in outlet too. With this feature, the device compensates for the outlet slot that was taken in the first place. Also, Greenwave filters meet strict electrical safety standards, such as RoHS regulations that ban or limit hazardous substances, such as Mercury, Cadmium, or Lead. 

We know that almost every filter on the market promises the same features and abilities. Yet, all these years of experience put Greenwave on the top of the list for the best EMF shielding manufacturers.

Customer Service and Guarantee

Have a question or a problem with some Greenwave products? Don’t worry – the Greenwave customer support team is one of the most customer-friendly you can ever wish for. You can email, fax, or call them and get a helpful hand in no time. We’re a little surprised (positively) with the service provided by Greenwave because it’s so awesome and right on point that sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s real. The team can actually guide you step by step through the phone call.

Regarding the filters’ functionality, Greenwave offers a 1-year warranty on the products. Additionally, if you’re not satisfied with the filters, you can return them and ask for a refund or credit within 60 days from the time you made the purchase.


  • Protects from the EMF pollution
  • Reduces electrical noise
  • Reduces dirty electricity
  • A 1-year filters warranty
  • Affordable price

Customer Experience

Customers that bought Greenwave filters are already enjoying the benefits of these shielding devices. The reviews generally refer to the filter’s power to reduce EMF pollution in the customers’ homes since they regularly measure the levels. Customers are also very pleased with the Greenwave customer service. Regarding the pricing, customers mark the filters as affordable and especially love the discounts that Greenwave arranges.

Buying Guide for Whole House EMF Protection

Exploring the Unknown – Everything You Need to Know

So far in this article, we presented the best whole house EMF protection companies, assuming, of course, that you already know everything about EMF pollution. However, if you’re new in this field, we have created a special section filled with the most important details on EMF. If you’re interested in finding out more about this everyday contaminant that lurks above us, we encourage you to read the following text. That way, by the time you decide to purchase your EMF shield, you’ll be able to fully understand why we all need to protect ourselves from the dangerous electrical waves and radiation.

We’re not going to write down formulas and sound like some nerd scientists. We’ve read tons of expert articles to prepare for this one, and our final thought was – this is too much science crap to understand. Since we have good hearts, we’re not going to let you go through the same brain torture we’ve been through. So, here’re some explanations that will make you an EMF pro. 

EMF – what it is and what can cause it to your body?

EMF is short for electric and magnetic fields, which are invisible areas of energy often known as radiation. These fields are linked to the use of electrical power and are present everywhere around us. They are created by differences in voltage and the electric current flow. EMFs can be generated from human-made or natural sources. Electromagnetic radiation can include different kinds of waves depending on the frequency the fields have.

The EMFs spectrum ranges from low to high frequency. Everything you have in your home produces these fields, just like the sun or the earth.

Low-frequency EMF sources:

  • TV and radio
  • Microwaves
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Lights

Electromagnetic fields from low-frequency sources produce non-ionizing radiations, which so far have not been taken seriously as a harmful source for health issues. Thankfully, many scientific organizations and medical doctors try to raise awareness among people by conducting more research on the effects of EMF exposure.

High-frequency EMF sources:

  • Gamma rays
  • UV light
  • X-rays
  • Cosmic rays
  • Microwave rays

Electromagnetic fields from high-frequency sources produce ionizing radiation, which has proven to be dangerous to people long ago. Ionizing radiation can break molecular bonds and is already known as a carcinogen.

Many experts assure that EMF exposure can’t harm people. Yet, more and more people feel the consequences of using modern technology. There’re a lot of researchers, including doctors, that slowly (but effectively) prove the damage caused by EMF pollution.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing EMF Protection Device for Home

What is EMF pollution?

EMF pollution is harmful energy produced by all devices we use on a daily basis. As technology advances, we can’t imagine our lives without our smartphones connected to the internet. Also, almost every person owns a TV and a computer in their home. And the pollution doesn’t occur only in our homes – we’re exposed in our schools, workplaces, public buildings, etc. The list of EMF sources can go on and on, from different kinds of gadgets to digital baby monitors to light bulbs. Related:Best Low EMF Baby Monitors

Although all these devices have become an unbreakable part of our lives, they generate electromagnetic radiation that negatively impacts our health.

There are four primary types of pollution from electromagnetic fields, and all of them surround us regularly. We’re exposed to EMF pollution during the day (school, work, home) and during sleep since the electricity runs in the night hours too. The four main types of EMF pollution are:

  • Dirty electricity – Surges and spikes of electrical power which circulates through buildings via the wires and the power lines. As it spreads, radiates EMF into the building (your home)
  • Wireless radiation – All wireless devices that transmit and receive signals use radio and microwaves for communicating. This way, a radio frequency energy space is created in the air, which leads to high-frequency EMF.
  • AC Electric Fields (ELF) – Devices that use standard 60Hertz, 120V (or 50Hz, 220-240V) emit low-frequency ELF produced by voltage. The ELFs are present even when the electrical current is not flowing.
  • AC Magnetic Fields – The same description as the previous AC ELF. The difference is that Magnetic fields are produced by the flow of the electrical current, not the voltage, and they are present only when the current is flowing. 

How EMF harms our bodies

It’s only a matter of time before the truth of the low-frequency sources of EMF will be exposed. However, do you need to read hundreds of books to feel the difference in your body before and after you turn off the Wi-Fi? If you sensed an improvement in your life by only taking small steps, just imagine how your health will improve if you use a whole-house EMF protection system.

So far, recent studies show that EMFs affect our body’s communication system by activating the voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCC). This system is responsible for muscle contractions, gene expression, and other important biologic functions.

While Wi-Fi corporations, along with some big bosses, claim that low-level radiation emitted from our devices is safe, recent studies demand this carved-in-stone security. Not only do EMFs affect our sleep and make us dizzy, but they have a massive role in getting Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, or producing neuropsychiatric effects. Related study: Occupational exposure to electromagnetic fields and risk of Alzheimer’s disease

As the research on EMF pollution grows, researchers collected all the symptoms caused by the radiation under one unique term – electrosensitivity. We’ll discuss electrosensitivity symptoms in the following section.

How to Find the Best Whole House EMF Protection Device


Just because the evening news isn’t filled with info about electrosensitivity doesn’t mean people (we) aren’t negatively impacted by it. Spending hours near EMF changes our lives daily, from troubled sleep to irregular heart rhythm to depression. 

Some doctors or organizations don’t agree that EMF pollution is a huge threat to humankind. They strongly disagree with the recent studies, saying that electrosensitivity is not even real. However, the same organizations don’t have an answer to the symptoms people feel and try to avoid this sensitive issue.

Even though we are already familiar with these symptoms, their increasing presence is another evidence that our modern devices are radiating us. Along with the dirty electricity, wireless radiation is measurable and has enough power to seriously damage our health. Related:Best Dirty Electricity Filters

Depending on the level of sensitivity, electrosensitivity can present itself through the following symptoms:

  • Sleep disturbance or insomnia
  • Depression or depressive symptoms
  • Tiredness/fatigue
  • Memory changes
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Changes in heart rhythm
  • Muscle aches
  • Irritability
  • Skin burning
  • Changes in mood
  • Focus dysfunction

Unfortunately, this list can go on and on. Constant EMF exposure is more dangerous to children since their skin is thinner, and they have a higher percentage of water in their muscles and tissues. Recent research shows that EMF pollution increases the chances for a child to get cancer.

Another important piece of information you need to know is the effect EMF radiation has on fertility. You have undoubtedly heard so far that men are advised to avoid putting any device on their laps, like their laptops. This is because the temperature from the computer can harm the sperm. However, the horror doesn’t stop there – EMFs emitted from the device can reduce sperm viability and motility.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From EMF Pollution

We repeated maybe ten times earlier that EMF pollution is a result of modern life technology. Since it’s not likely that you’ll move to live in the mountains like a caveman and cut yourself from the civilization, the best option you have is to buy a system or devices specially made to reduce EMF exposure. It looks like we’re back at the top of our article. We shared with you our choice of the two most quality EMF shielding brands and their plug-in/wired-in filters.

If you want to protect yourself and your family, it’s time to think about buying a whole-house EMF protection – and choose wisely since these systems are crucial for your health. If a whole-house protection system is not something you can afford right now, you can go through the companies’ websites and search for single outlet filters. That way you can buy a few pieces, and go room by room.

Even though we firmly believe that only powerful dirty electricity cleaners and electric filters can protect people from EMF pollution, you still can do a few things to help these devices in this modern age battle. If you manage to apply these tips to your daily routine, you’ll help your new protection system and reduce the EMF radiation in your house faster.

  • Turn off the Wi-Fi router at night. Besides emitting radiation, your router is indeed at fault for your late-night staying. So, double benefit!
  • It’s good to turn off your devices when you’re not using them. Why leave your TV or tablet on when you’re not using it? This can be a money savior.
  • Leave your smart devices out of the bedroom before you go to sleep. This has the same benefit as turning off the router plus, without your phone, it’s more likely you’ll cuddle with your partner.
  • We suggest you increase the distance between your body and your device. This is a super opportunity to show your new purse, and at the same time leave the phone inside it. More distance – less exposure.

What are EMF Protection Devices, and How Do They Work

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing EMF Shielding Device for Home

As with anything offered in the market (online or in-person), you should always be careful before you decide to spend your money on some product for EMF protection. With the increase of people’s need to protect themselves from this new pollution, companies invented tons of devices and systems. You can find anything – from plug-in filters, wired-in systems, and lamps to amulets, clothes, cages, blankets, and wall paints. The market is full, and yet, having a choice will not guarantee the product’s effectiveness.

We recommend investigating if your chosen brand accomplishes the following criteria before you press that Buy Now button.

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Brand’s reputation and history

Now, the companies fight among themselves to attract as many customers as they can. Ironically in the money battle, many of them use hazardous materials in their devices. In order to be marked as high-reputable, the brand has to work under strict standards to provide quality products.

Why is it important to buy from a company with a long history on the market? The answer to this question is an easy one. More years in the field means more time to investigate and improve. Companies that have operated for many years hire experts. The more experts and scientists are engaged in the company, the better their manufacturing will be.

Sales, promotions, and guarantees

Not every person can afford to purchase EMF protection for the whole home. These dirty electricity cleaner systems can be costly, especially if you own a big house. That’s why it is essential to find a company that arranges sales and discounts on their products.

Choosing a brand that offers kits containing a few products with smaller coverage may pay off. That way, you place the devices into some crucial point in your house where the EMF shielding is the most needed (living room, bedroom).

When it comes to a product’s guarantee, almost every reputable company offers a warranty on the devices. Even if there’s no warranty, pick a company that provides a money-back guarantee and will refund your order if you’re not satisfied.

Customers Support

EMF pollution isn’t an everyday topic of conversation that we have with our friends over coffee. And, even if you want to investigate and learn something about electromagnetic fields, you can be easily confused since this is a whole science and not something of general knowledge. That’s why we recommend you choose a brand that has a customer-friendly service that is ready to help you no matter what. If the company provides customer service that is helpful and knowledgeable, you’ll feel more confident to explore the field of EMF pollution and protect yourself better.

What other people say

All of the previous points in our buying guide can be checked through reading reviews from other customers. Of course, this is not a strict rule since you can find “innocent” reviews from people that are actually paid. We recommend you thoughtfully research the brand you selected (our article can be your guidance) and after that hear what people have to say.

Customer experiences can help you find out the shielding device’s effectiveness and power. However, keep in mind that each house has its own specifics, and some products may work for some homes and not others. When you read reviews, make sure that the customer giving the experience has the same or similar place as you and has at least a similar environment.

The Advantages of EMF Protection devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is EMF from my phone affecting my body?

It does! The problem is you can’t just throw your cell phone away. We’re not going to brag about the features phones have and why they are a part of our lives. Even though they are useful for many things, cell phones emit electromagnetic fields because they use radio frequencies to send or receive signals. These signals can negatively impact our bodies, especially if we can’t take our hands away from the devices or sleep near them. If you want to protect yourself, it’s best to buy an EMF shielding device. Additionally, stay away from your phone for as long as possible and avoid taking it with you when you want to sleep.

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I’m spending more time at home, and I’ve experienced multiple symptoms. Have I developed an electrosensitivity?

More time inside the house means more time exposed to wireless radiation since we’re sure that you have the internet. Going outside every day reduces the all-time exposure you get at your home or work. If you have spent more time at home recently (we all are due to COVID), there’s a possibility to develop electrosensitivity. The most common symptoms connected with EMF pollution are:

  • Body pain/ muscles pain
  • Arrhythmia
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Irritability
  • Difficulties with paying attention

However, we recommend you see a doctor since these symptoms can indicate other diseases or conditions too.

How can I reduce the electromagnetic radiation in my home?

Well, if this is your question, then you’ve found the right article for you. Our article on the best whole house EMF protection is based on thoughtful research that follows strict criteria. The companies we reviewed, Satic USA and Greenwave, provide the best shielding products for protection from EMF radiation. Each of these two brands created powerful and affordable devices that can prevent you from developing electrosensitivity and keep you safe and healthy.

Since EMF pollution is present everywhere, it’s also good to include some daily routines regarding EMF devices. You can try disabling the Wi-Fi router every night before you go to bed. Or, you can replace wireless with wired devices. Therefore, you can buy a detecting apparatus to measure the level of EMF radiation. Each of the companies we reviewed earlier in this article offers high-quality meters and tests so that you keep on track the pollution level in your home. Related: Should You Turn Off WiFi at Night


At the end of this article on the best EMF protection devices, we would like to point out that our goal was to help anyone out there searching for a solution. Even though this electro-pollution is not yet recognized as life-threatening, we’re counting the time till the truth comes out, and each person becomes aware that they need an EMF shield to protect their health. Unfortunately, these days, EMF products are widespread and pushed on us, and a lot of crucial details are not revealed. Luckily for us, there are reputable companies supported by visionary researchers that create the much-needed EMF protection for our homes.

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