What Does a Smart Meter Look Like?

You’ve likely been offered a smart meter by your energy supplier, which is why you have probably researched the device and ended up here. In the past few years, several utility companies have started installing wireless smart meters and replacing regular analog ones. This is because they can provide more detailed information about energy usage … Read more

How to Reduce EMF Exposure

If you want to learn how to reduce EMF exposure daily, whether in your house, your office, or in your pocket, check this article, and you will discover! In our high-tech, always-connected, powered-up society, we believe this is an essential problem that is not receiving attention. Today’s topic is electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure. The world … Read more

How to Avoid Radiation From Cell Phones

The digital age is truly upon us. Even though we sleep a significant portion of the day, we are still available for contact 24/7. Anyone can call or send an email at any time. The time has come that if you miss a call or text, you are the one to blame. Things were never … Read more

How to Block Cell Tower Radiation

Thanks to the new development in technology, communication has become much more accessible. Many gadgets make instant communication possible, but the cell tower is one of the best players. Cell towers are sites for electronic communication equipment like transmitters, receivers, and power sources.  They are mounted in high areas to accomplish the most coverage possible … Read more

Best Negative Ion Generator

Do you wish to clean up the pollutants and viruses in your home’s air? Is pollen season causing you to have a nasty case of allergies? If you answered yes, you should get the finest negative ion generator. Negative ionizers purify the air and provide a variety of health benefits instead of inhaling impure, contaminated … Read more

Best Whole House EMF Protection

So, you’re here to find the best EMF shield so that you and your family can be protected from this invisible pollution. Since you probably read about 15 other articles, you surely sensed some companies’ wolf-in-a-sheep’s-clothing tactics. Basically, they hire writers to “review” their products as customers. So, the reviews depend on the company’s field … Read more

Are LED Lights Bad for Your Eyes?

It is raining LED lights. LED lights are everywhere around us. They have become the most popular option for lighting our homes, offices, streets, stores, even cars. The whole technology is made with LED lights, even our smartphones, laptops, and TVs.  We will go from all the benefits of LED lights to all possible harmful … Read more

Best Low EMF Heating Pad

Many people deal with chronic pain every day. This can seriously hinder their lives, as pain is incredibly challenging to deal with. When someone suffers from chronic pain, it is no surprise that they will try just about anything to find relief. People who suffer from this condition frequently choose painkillers over natural treatments. Even … Read more

Best Low EMF Portable Infrared Sauna

After a tiring day, everybody wants to switch off and transfer themselves into a state of relaxation and serenity. But can you do that? A spa session is a great option. Still, not everybody wants to go through the hassle of getting ready for the spa center after a hard day. So what’s the alternative? … Read more

How to Make a Faraday Cage Room

Can you imagine your life without smartphones, GPS, Bluetooth, or social media sites like Instagram and Twitter? Sounds weird, but that reality was just 20 years ago. Technology and the way we communicate are changing rapidly, with advanced gadgets making our lives easier than ever. But, there is a downside to these remarkable innovations. The … Read more

Best EMF Protection Jewelry

Not everyone is susceptible to exposure to EMF radiation, or at least is not sensitive enough to feel the symptoms and constant effects. Some people struggle with a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). These people can feel the whole spectrum effects of non-ionized waves. But no matter if you feel this radiation or not, the … Read more

How to Reduce Bluetooth Radiation

If you’re a frequent user of Bluetooth devices, you may have noticed that the radiation they generate is harmful to your health. Your concern may grow even more when you conduct a brief internet search. According to specific sources, Bluetooth devices might cause cancer, infertility, and neurological problems. Perhaps you’ve already begun to wonder if … Read more

Best Smart Meter Shield

EHS ( electromagnetic hypersensitivity) is becoming a real issue. What makes this condition extremely unpopular lies inside its nature: it’s a silent and invisible killer that can cause many other accompanying problems, such as headaches, pain in the limbs, ringing in the ears, unexpected mood swings, and even terminal illnesses. One of the primary sources … Read more