Best Dirty Electricity Filters

Electricity pollution is a significant problem today. No matter if your home uses solar power or LED bulbs, dirty electricity is almost always present. As energy-efficient appliances and devices become more popular, this is becoming even more true. As a result, it can be challenging to reduce your overall exposure to EMF radiation.

A dirty electricity filter should be installed in every room of your home. Using dirty electricity filters, EMF levels can be reduced by reducing the amount of dirty electricity in your home. Many of these units can be plugged directly into a wall outlet and serve as whole-circuit filters. Filtration for your entire home can be provided by filters that are installed directly into your circuit breakers. 

Regardless of which type you choose, these filters are a powerful weapon in the battle against contaminated power. Consider installing one or two in your workplace if you’re sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

Dirty electricity filters are readily available on the market. Selecting the right air filter for your house can be a daunting task, so it’s a good idea to do some research first. Step one is crucial because it can be pricey, and you may need to purchase multiples. 

With this in mind, we compiled our list of the best dirty electricity filters. Product descriptions and customer reviews have helped us compile this list of the best dirty-electricity filters on the market.

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Best Dirty Electricity Filters

Best Dirty Electricity Filters 

Satic Power Perfect Box

The Satic Power Perfect Box results from Satic’s long-term efforts to reduce the amount of dirty electricity in modern homes. The Power Perfect Box has built-in protection for your devices, including a guarantee of surge protection and the ability to regulate the voltage in your home.

As a single dirty electricity filter, the Satic Power Perfect Box is a central selling point. 

The Satic Power Perfect Box doesn’t work on an outlet-by-outlet basis. Instead, it filters out the dirty electricity in your entire home. For homes with only one circuit breaker to run their electrical wires from, a single D.E. filter in the form of a power board may be the best solution for saving money and space.

To install the Power Perfect Box, you may need the assistance of a professional electrician, as it is attached to the main power supply in your home. As a bonus, the Satic Power Perfect Box claims to reduce your monthly electricity bill by at least 10% over time. Keep in mind that each home has varying dirty electricity and electromagnetic radiation (EMF) levels that must be dealt with.

  • Convenient
  • A powerful surge protector
  • Use less electricity
  • Distortion is reduced
  • Reduces the electromagnetic fields around the user
  • A ten-year guarantee
  • Hard to set up
  • Expensive

Satic Power Perfect Box H.D.

The Satic’s Power Perfect Box H.D. plugin dirty electricity filters stand out from the rest. This gadget is capable of filtering dirty electricity throughout your existing house, rather than just one outlet. To install the Satic Power Perfect Box H.D., it may be necessary to have a qualified electrician help you out. 

There is a price to pay for Satic’s Power Perfect Box H.D., which costs more than $1000, but it promises to save you money over time. You can expect to save between 10% and 15% in energy costs with the device, according to Static.

Assume no risk when installing this on your home’s main circuit breaker panel because it has been certified by the Underwriters Laboratories (U.L.). As a result, the product has been independently tested by a non-profit organization and has passed specific safety tests. Satic’s products are also manufactured in the United States.

As a result, installing Satic Power Box H.D. is advantageous in many ways. This appliance provides surge protection for the entire house. With less electronic interference from dirty electricity, you’ll get a better picture and sound quality from your televisions. The EMF levels in your home are also reduced, which is especially beneficial for electromagnetically sensitive people.

With many circuits sharing one circuit breaker, the Power Box H.D. is an excellent choice. When the number of plugin filters required is prohibitive, a Power Perfect Box can make a lot of sense in those situations.

  • The process of setting up the system is quite simple
  • Neutralizes electromagnetic radiation
  • Radiating devices can be used with this device
  • Enhances sleep quality
  • A built-in outlet is not included

Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters

It has been Greenwave International’s mission to rid the United States of dirty electricity. It is safe to use their D.E. filters because they are UL-certified and RoHS-compliant. If you have a standard outlet, you can plug this filter in. Filtering out any harmful electrical pollution is one of my favorite features. It is possible to use this filter in your bedroom if you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation.

Filtering transient voltage and harmonic current in the wiring system is done using Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) technology. The filter prevents electric spikes and surges.

You can use less of the amount of dirty electricity flowing through your wiring system by using the EMI filtering technology And filtering electromagnetic and radio frequency signals. It also blocks magnetic fields, electric fields, and microwave radiation.

The bottom of this plug has a built-in outlet that you can use to plug in any of your devices. A Greenwave EMI meter can be purchased to check the filter’s efficiency.

Packs of Greenwave products are available for various purposes; for example, there is a three-bedroom kit. At the time of this list, it had 16 filters and cost $448.

Greenwave filters can be returned to Greenwave International for a refund or credit within 60 days of purchase if you’re not happy with them. Returns may be subject to a 5% restocking fee unless the return results from a manufacturer defect or a shipping error. In their terms and conditions, you can find Greenwave’s return policy and filter disclaimer.

  • It’s easy to use
  • It is perfectly safe to make use of
  • Friendly to the environment
  • It’s a good deal for what you get
  • Surge protectors are omitted
  • No protection from Wi-Fi radiation

Satic Pure Power Plug-In 120V Dirty Electricity Filter

Despite being new to the market, Satic Pure Power Plug-In still offers effective methods for cleaning up electrical pollution and fostering a healthy lifestyle. This filter is designed to protect you from electromagnetic radiation and power pollution for modern homes, ensuring a healthy working environment.

When plugged into a wall socket or a power strip, it is more effective. A standard 120V power outlet is all that is needed to plug in this D.E. filter. EMF, harmonic distortion from harmful and high-frequency transients, can all be reduced by the filter.

Surge protectors built into the pure power plug outlets help keep your devices cool and prevent them from overheating. It also reduces energy consumption, which lowers the cost of electricity.

The filter has built-in outlets that allow you to plug in additional devices. Satic pure power plugins are typically used in pairs, with one plug for phase A and the other for phase B of the home circuit. When using a single plugin, it will be less efficient than when used in tandem.

With strict manufacturing protocols, the Satic Pure Power Plug-In is designed to meet U.L. standards. Pure Power Plug-In is FCC and C.E. certified, ensuring both domestic and international quality and safety.

As a result of its unique circuit board design, the Satic Pure Power Plug-In is both more effective and more reliable than other power conditioners on the market.

  • Convenience
  • Intuitive and user-friendly
  • Retains longer battery life
  • It is safe
  • Consumes less power
  • 3 years of coverage
  • A little on the pricey side

Stetzerizer Filter – Power Line EM Filter

Dirty electricity is transformed into 50/60 hertz power by Stezerizer Filters, which your electronics can safely use. Your electrical wiring carries the most dangerous dirty electricity in the range of 4 to 150 kHz, which these filters eliminate.

To do this, Dr. Martin Graham developed the High-Frequency EM Pollution Reducer (HF EMPOR). EMF high-frequency suppressors can be plugged into electrical outlets in your home to reduce EMF exposure. Your home’s dirty electricity will be drastically reduced by using these filters.

Physically, you may notice a reduction in EMF exposure-related symptoms, especially if you are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation. You won’t have to be tense about your house electronics being disrupted by the Sterzerizer filters because they don’t use electricity.

Most homes are filled with electronic devices that generate dirty electricity, and this dirty electricity emits harmful EMF radiation. Consider a filter system if you live in an urban area, are near a cell tower, or have a lot of electronic devices in your home.

  • Installing and using the app is a breeze
  • Can alleviate headaches
  • EMF readings are reduced
  • A lack of power sockets

Choosing the Best Filter for Dirty Electricity

A dirty electricity filter, for example, can be purchased on Amazon. On the other hand, finding the exact dirty electricity filter you want can be difficult, especially if this is your first period using the platform in this way. On Amazon, there are many dirty electricity filters to choose from.


When purchasing a dirty electricity filter from Amazon, be sure to keep an eye on the price. All of us want to buy high-quality goods at a reasonable price. You can compare laptop prices from various sellers on Amazon and choose the most advantageous one.


When purchasing a dirty electricity filter from Amazon, you must also consider the brand. A different seller sells each brand, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before making a purchase decision. High-quality brands like Apple are usually more expensive than lesser-known ones.


Additionally, you must think about the filter’s performance before making a purchase. Specifications are vital to the performance of any dirty electricity filter. The more complex the specifications, the more valuable the device will be.

Safety standards

Regardless of where you live, the filter should be constructed by the safety standards recommended by your local government. You should check to see if the filter you’re considering has local safety measures before purchasing it. Also, verify the filter’s origin. 

Try to buy filters made in the country where you live if possible. Filters made under your governing authority’s safety standards are guaranteed to fit in the wall outlets in your home if you purchase this product. You need to get the cheapest filter you can find. To get the best deal, you’ll need to shop around for dirty electricity filters at various retailers. 

Also, make sure the filter has enough features to make it worthwhile over time. For future reference, keep in mind the names of those mentioned above.

Old Customer Reviews

The vast majority of Amazon customers are happy to share their thoughts on the various dirty electricity filters they have purchased. On the same page as the product, reviews are displayed. By reading these reviews, you can determine if the dirty electricity filter you want to buy is good or bad.

Top Dirty Electricity Filters Features

Easy to Use 

The filters you buy should be simple to use and install in your own home. You’ll want a filter that you can simply plugin and turn on. Leave it alone after that, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it’s doing its job and keeping that room clean.

Safe to Use

If you live in a country with different safety regulations, your filter may need to be customized to meet those requirements. In most cases, this is done by continent, so make sure that a local safety guarantee backs any filter you obtain. 

It’s also an excellent idea to check that the filter you’re considering purchasing was manufactured in your area. Buy a filter made in the U.S. if you live in the United States, for example. Make sure it meets European safety standards and will fit any outlet in your home without a problem by purchasing this product.


Filters with built-in fusing are preferable. A product with an internal electric field screen may be preferable to one without.

Built-in Outlet

Using a dirty electricity filter will result in the loss of one of your home’s plug sockets. As a result, some people decide not to use D.E. filters at all. While some filters have built-in outlets, others don’t. Even after you’ve plugged them in, you’ll still have an empty plug socket available for your use.

Value for Money

You need to get the cheapest filter you can find. To get the best deal, you’ll need to shop around for dirty electricity filters at various retailers. Also, make sure the filter has enough features to make it worthwhile over time. For future reference, keep in mind the names of those mentioned above.

Five Ways to Clean Up the “Dirty Electricity” in Your Home

Your home’s electrical system will inevitably receive a flow of electricity that is different from what it “expects” at any given time.

You can expect a “clean” and “smooth” flow of electricity from your utility company unless it has faulty or malfunctioning equipment. In most cases, however, the power used by your home’s appliances and devices is polluted by customers whose residences are further away on the power grid or (more commonly) by the conveniences and comforts you enjoy in your house.

Power isn’t used in the same way as it comes into your home’s system from the utility company by appliances, electronic devices, and even some types of light bulbs.

Get it measured

A qualified electrician will be happy to assist you with this first step. Your electrician will use a dirty power meter to determine the extent of the problem in your home. This may not be as very bad as you think. Dirty electricity filters can be installed in your home to reduce the “noise” and minimize the risks and problems associated with dirty power, if necessary. Generally speaking, it’s reasonably priced. In the long run, the solution is almost always cheaper than the problem.

Ways to Clean Up the Dirty Electricity in Your Home

Choose appliances and devices wisely

Research shows that one appliance brand is superior to the other in terms of smooth electricity use, so consider that before deciding. Avoid using appliances that have been shown to pollute your home’s electrical supply if at all possible.

Video game consoles, microwave ovens, hairdryers, and battery chargers are all examples of common household appliances. Other examples include televisions and computers, printers, scanners, fluorescent lights, and fans with variable speeds.

These gadgets have the potential to be fantastic, but if you don’t need them all, see if you can reduce the number in your home.

Consider going “old school” on light bulbs

These days, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) are all the rage for good reason: they use less electricity than incandescent bulbs. However, it comes at a cost. They generate noxious energy. If your utility bill is more of a concern than your home’s dirty electricity, consider switching to incandescent or LED bulbs.

Maybe your “SMART” meter isn’t your most intelligent move

Again, SMART meters are a great way to reduce your home’s overall energy consumption. They can also be a significant source of pollution. Is it possible to use an analog meter instead of a SMART meter? Related: Smart Meter Dangers | A Potential Health Threat

Turning things off can be a turn-on

Some things hadn’t changed since the days before dirty power became so common in American homes. “Turn off what you don’t use,” no matter how many times you hear it.

Clean power isn’t something you have to put up with. In addition to these five options, you may want to consult with a qualified electrician for ideas specific to your family’s needs. While it’s great to “go green,” there are times when “going clean” is even more critical.

Reduce Dirty Electricity in Your Home

“You should first have an EMF survey done by one of our qualified surveyors,” Tara, the brains behind Conscious Spaces, says as much. “If you suspect that your home’s dirty electricity is coming from a specific circuit or appliance, you can check to see if it comes from the outside. 

The surveyor will be able to check for R.F., E.F., and M.F. radiation, as well as geopathic stress, at the same time as identifying the source. The survey results will let you know what products or actions are needed to make your environment safe and healthy so that you can move forward with confidence.

Install a wire-in dirty electricity filter

Reduces the number of amps needed to run electrical appliances when wired directly into your home’s electric panel. It filters and purifies your electricity regularly. For more than just improving the picture and sound quality of televisions, stereo systems, and other electronic devices, a filter extends the life of these devices and their components, saving money in the long run in terms of repairs.

If you are trying to choose which one to buy. Satic Pure Power Wire-in is recommended. Third-party testing shows that the Pure Power Wire-in reduces EMFs significantly, protecting household appliances from electrical surges.

This modern energy management system uses NASA-developed technology to filter out potential damaging harmonics and provides phase correction, resulting in more efficient electricity use. In addition to being excellent for the environment, reduced energy consumption can save you money on your utility bills.

Businesses can also benefit from custom-built, wired-in solutions from us. Let us know if this sounds like something you’d like to learn more about by contacting our customer service team.

Install plugin dirty electricity filters 

A licensed electrician can install power conditioning devices at the electrical panel, but plugin models are available for any home outlet.

Clean power and reduced electromagnetic field radiation can be achieved with the Satic Pure Power Plug-In. This simple solution plugs into a standard electrical outlet and filters interference from your electrical circuit. All the devices connected to that circuit have better performance and longer lives, which reduces energy consumption and monthly bills.

When traveling, the Satic Pure Power Plug-In is an ideal solution for those who are particularly sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic radiation. If you can, do not participate in innovative meter programs if at all possible. Installing wire-in and plugin power filters can help alleviate any problems caused by your property’s smart meter.

Some Common Uses of R.F. Radiation

Microwave ovens

R.F. radiation of a specific frequency (in the microwave spectrum) is used to heat food in a microwave oven. The water molecules in food vibrate when they absorb microwaves, which produces heat. In contrast to x-rays and gamma radiation, microwaves do not cause food to become radioactive.

Unlike conventional ovens, microwave ovens are designed to keep the microwaves within the oven itself. When the door is closed, and the oven is on, the oven produces microwaves. There is no clue that microwave ovens are harmful to people’s health when used under the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Federal standards in the United States limit the amount of radiofrequency radiation (R.F.) that microwave ovens can emit. However, if the oven is damaged or modified, microwaves could leak out, posing a risk to people in the vicinity by causing burns.

Full-body security scanners

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screens passengers with full-body scanners in many U.S. airports. The TSA currently uses millimeter-wave imaging in its scanners. Radiation of millimeter-wave frequency (R.F.) is emitted by these scanners toward the person being scanned. The R.F. radiation passes through clothing. It is reflected off of the skin and any objects underneath. The radiation is picked up by the receivers, who form an outline of the person.

No high-energy x-rays are used in millimeter-wave scanners, nor is the amount of R.F. radiation used in millimeter-wave scanners is very high. These scanners are safe to use, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). On the other hand, TSA often allows people who object to being screened using these scanners to be screened differently.

Cell phones and cell phone towers

R.F. radiation transmits and receives signals by cell phones and cell phone towers (base stations). These signals may increase the risk of cancer, and further research is being done in this area. See Cellular Phones and Cellular Phone Towers for more information. By the way, do you know what is the safe distance from a cell tower?

Dirty Electricity Sources

The Case Against EMFs

Cancer and Electricity

Researchers have been stumped as to what causes a disease that has baffled scientists for decades. “Weak and inconsistent” data from the electric utility, cell phone, and Wi-Fi industries have frequently been cited by skeptics to discredit researchers’ findings. 

In recent years, however, several developments have highlighted the growing dangers of EMF pollution—and the critical need to address them—in addition to the stunning new investigations into dirty electricity.

Evidence showing harm is overwhelming

An international group of scientists and public health policy experts from the US, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, and China released a 650-page report in 2007 that detailed the toxic effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from all sources, citing more than 2,000 studies. According to scientists, long-term exposure to even low levels of radiation can cause a variety of cancers, weaken the immune system, and contribute to Alzheimer’s and dementia. 

Bioinitiative co-author David Carpenter says that “we now have a critical mass, and it gets stronger every day.” He’s director of the University at Albany Institute for Health and the Environment and a co-author of the Bioinitiative report’s public health chapters.

Fears about the hazards of cell phones seem justified

Cindy Sage, MA, co-editor of the report, says, “every single study of brain tumors that looks at one decade or more years of use shows an increased risk.” For those who started using a cell phone as teenagers, the risk of developing brain cancer is five times greater than those who started later in life. 

People who only use their phones on one side of their heads are at an even greater risk. Phone-generated EMFs breach the blood-brain barrier, allowing fluid to enter the brain and inflict damage on neurons, despite assurances from proponents of cell phone safety that there is no evidence that mobile phone-generated EMFs are harmful to people. Although the goal was to find a way to deliver chemotherapy to brain tumors, that research began with that goal in mind. Read more: Best Way for Man to Carry a Cell Phone

Other countries are revising exposure standards

E.U. members, pioneers in EMF research, are moving quickly to safeguard their citizens, particularly children, and pregnant women. In the last two years, France, Germany, and England have removed wireless networks from schools and public libraries. Tel Aviv has made it illegal to install cellular antennas on private residences, and Moscow has warned parents against allowing their children under Eighteen to use cell phones.

Electrical pollution is increasing dramatically

It is for the first time in our evolutionary history that we have created an entire secondary, virtual, densely complex environment—an electromagnetic soup—that essentially overlaps the human nervous system,” says Laurentian University neuroscientist Michael Persinger, Ph.D. A century after Thomas Edison first turned on his lightbulb, the health consequences of this constant overlap are just beginning to be documented.

Frequently Asked Questions

What effect can dirty electricity have on health?

Despite the lack of a direct causal link, some scientific studies have linked environmental exposure to dirty electricity to increased cancer risk. According to one study, increased cumulative exposure to high-frequency voltage transients on classroom electrical wiring was “strongly associated” with a higher cancer incidence in teachers from a California school. A single year of employment at this school increased a teacher’s risk of cancer by 21%, based on the 64 percent attributable risk.

Clean electricity has been linked to “a variety of health improvements (tiredness and frustration and general health and irritation and sense of satisfaction) and behavior” by scientists.

Scientists and doctors who don’t work for the industry say that EMF exposure, in general, is harmful to health. Exposure to toxins damages DNA, cells, tissues, organs, systems, fertility, brain function, and memory.

What is ‘dirty electricity or ‘harmonic distortion’?

Electromagnetic pollution or radiation can be caused by dirty electricity. It’s also known as “electrical noise” or “electromagnetic interference.” The electrical energy that travels at a higher frequency than 60 Hz is called high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EMR). It is also known as harmonic distortion because it interferes with and distorts the fundamental 60 Hertz sine wave. Unusable energy, more commonly referred to as reactive energy, is also produced due to this distortion.

Why is EMF or EMR harmful to us?

Electromagnetism controls our bodily functions through the human nervous system, which is fundamentally an electrical system. A person’s nervous system and other systems can be influenced by external electrical and magnetic fields, which is why it is electrical.

It can cause neuroendocrine stress because it affects both the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. High blood pressure, melatonin deficiency-induced insomnia, anxiety, and other symptoms are expected. 

Many diseases have been linked to long-term exposure to electromagnetic fields. From cancer to neurological disease to infertility to immune system dysfunction to a heightened sensitivity to electromagnetic fields.

How does the Power Perfect Box Wire-In protect someone from the harmful effects of smart meters?

While smart meters have long been known for their ability to monitor and potentially control the usage of electronic devices and appliances, they are also well-known for introducing harmonics into the electrical system. As a result of these harmonics, EMI and EMF are generated, increasing electromagnetic radiation. As a result, smart meters may have an impact on and affect those with EHS. 

In addition, it appears that intelligent meters reduce the efficiency of electrical systems by increasing harmonics and dirty energy. After smart meters are installed, many people report a significant increase in their utility bills.

As a result of this, the Power Perfect Box Wire-In effectively filters and cleans electricity coming from your utility or intelligent meter and your electrical system. Protecting your privacy is another benefit of this filtering of harmonics since smart meters use various harmonics across electrical wires to query information from smart appliances and then communicate that information to the power company. The Power Perfect Box Wire-In also filters out these harmonics, protecting your privacy in the process. Read more: How to Block Smart Meter Radiation

Why is there radio coming through my GreenWave meter?

Interference or total harmonic distortion is any unwanted signal mixed with the desired signal and can come from external systems and within a circuit. Power lines, radio transmitters, and other nearby conductors are examples of external sources. Motors that turn on and off and draw large currents are also examples of external sources. It’s a tangible sign that D.E. has infiltrated your system.

The resulting noise is called electromagnetic interference (EMI) when a conductor or cable is near another conductor or cable, and the resulting noise is called electromagnetic interference (EMI). In addition to external noise, radio frequency interference (RFI) is caused by wireless systems radiating signals. Interference and its detrimental effects on electronic devices are consistently reduced by Static filtering.

What is 'dirty electricity or 'harmonic distortion'

How is this unit different from GreenWave and Stetzer?

Both GreenWave and Stetzer only have plugin units. It is plugged into the breaker panel to protect the entire house. They also filter out high-priced audio and video equipment from harmful harmonics and electromagnetic interference (EMI). As a result, audio and video quality will be noticeably improved. All your appliances and equipment will run more efficiently with Power Perfect Boxes, which correct phase quality and lower total current and heat in appliances and equipment.

Using clean, regulated power in the home is more efficient because it doesn’t have to deal with the spikes and surges inherent in your power supply. Ensuring the right amount of power is delivered to all of your home’s electrical devices ensures that they run more efficiently and last longer, all of which contribute to lower utility bills.

Is there such a thing as EMF hypersensitivity?

Do some people suffer from electrohypersensitivity (EHS), a physical reaction to the presence of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), and their related electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the environment? (M.R.). However, it’s now well-known that those with EHS can experience physiological or neurological symptoms due to exposure to electromagnetic fields and radiofrequency radiation.

Why is my reading so high? Other Static members are reporting much lower numbers.

Depending on what is plugged into the electrical system, the readings will be vastly different. The inverter will likely have a significant effect on the reading if they already have a solar system. Before and after readings may be affected by CFL lighting, switching power supplies for electronic devices, and older appliances. These factors may make it impossible to get readings below 100 in some cases.

Can the installation of the Power Perfect Box do any harm to my power or appliances?

As long as the Power Perfect Box products are installed correctly, they will not harm your electricity. These products are U.L. listed, which means they are safe to use around your home’s electrical infrastructure.


In recent years, the use of more energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs has increased the threat of dirty electricity. Things like solar power, which some argue is good for the environment, can still cause a lot of dirty electricity in the home. Dirty electricity is a fact of life for most people.

Modern conveniences can be used thanks to dirty electricity filters safely. Filtration in your home can significantly reduce the amount of dirty electricity, and thus ELF EMF radiation, that is present.

A dirty electricity filter can be used to reduce the amount of dirty electricity in your home. Using these filters can help reduce the amount of dirty electricity in your home, making it safer for you and your family. Even though they’re pricey, you should think of them as an investment in the well-being of your entire family.

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