What Does a Smart Meter Look Like?

You’ve likely been offered a smart meter by your energy supplier, which is why you have probably researched the device and ended up here. In the past few years, several utility companies have started installing wireless smart meters and replacing regular analog ones. This is because they can provide more detailed information about energy usage … Read more

Are LED Lights Bad for Your Eyes?

It is raining LED lights. LED lights are everywhere around us. They have become the most popular option for lighting our homes, offices, streets, stores, even cars. The whole technology is made with LED lights, even our smartphones, laptops, and TVs.  We will go from all the benefits of LED lights to all possible harmful … Read more

Is a Microwave a Faraday Cage?

A microwave is an electric oven that many of us use to warm up food. It exposes the food to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave RF (Radiofrequency) range. The microwave uses non-ionizing radiation at a frequency near the range of our cell phones. We all know that electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous to our health. … Read more

Should I Leave My Wi-Fi Router on All the Time?

Living in a digital era, we are constantly overwhelmed by the need to be connected and available online throughout the day. This constant anticipation of being online is not only distancing us from real-life qualities but also taking an enormous toll on our mental and physical health. And one of the most dangerous hazards to … Read more

Are Halogen Bulbs Safe?

When most of us think about EMF radiation and the various negative effects it could have on the human body, we primarily think of things like cell phones and microwaves. But what about light bulbs? Light bulbs can emit high levels of EMF(Electric and Magnetic Fields) radiation, and prolonged exposure could prove to be a … Read more

Bluetooth vs. Wired Headphones Radiation

To avoid tangled wires, wireless devices are the most recent technological advancements. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are just as good as wired counterparts. However, they operate at 2.4GHz, the same frequency as most modern wireless devices. As a result, the danger of EMF emissions persists. Even the majority of commonplace wired headphones aren’t all that secure. … Read more

Induction Cooking Health Hazards

Induction technology is commonly used nowadays by many people, and it is represented as a safe and fast way of cooking your food. But have you ever thought about induction cooking health hazards and how it affects your overall health? Many studies conducted in the past few years show how the EMF and radiation and … Read more

Are Heating Pads Safe?

Burns, electric shock, and complicated pre-existing injuries. Experiencing good performance by an electric heating pad is extremely unlikely and considered quite dangerous. Because most heating pads are inexpensive, you shouldn’t trust them enough to use them often or even sleep with one. The first thing that should be kept in mind is the burns. Reported … Read more

EMF Sensitivity: How Dangerous Is It?

We are surrounded by smart devices, and they have made our lives easier than ever. We can talk to people living miles away from us, and we can even pay our bills sitting at home. Everyday tasks have become easier, but smart devices emit EMF that is harmful to us. In earlier times, many people … Read more

Are Fitbits Safe? Is There Any Harm?

Fitbits are wearables that let you maintain your fitness routine by tracking sleep hours, exercise, swim, and other activities to help achieve your fitness goals. It sounds like something that will help you lead a healthy life right? It’s not! It uses Bluetooth to connect with your smartphones, which is a form of EMF radiation. … Read more

EMF Dangers: Health Risks & How To Protect Yourself

How dangerous is electromagnetic radiation for your health? A question that everyone should be asking, but only a few are concerned about. The studies have hinted at the potential EMF dangers to our health and the people living in high radiation areas are already complaining about the health issues. Cases of people suffering from insomnia, … Read more

Are Bluetooth Headphones Safe?

Bluetooth technology has been around for a long time now, and it has become a big part of our lives. In earlier times, it was used to transfer files from one device to another, and the process used to take a few minutes depending upon the size of the file. In today’s world, Bluetooth does … Read more

What is a Safe Distance From a Cell Tower

The number of cell phone users is increasing with time. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and due to the increasing demand, the number of cell phone towers is also increasing. These towers are being placed in communities to meet the requirements, which isn’t a good thing. Cell tower radiation is harmful to us … Read more

Smart Meter Dangers | A Potential Health Threat

There are no doubts about the fact that smart devices have taken over the world, and we use them in our day to day life. The biggest example of smart devices is the smartphone that you are using right now. Well, you are surrounded by such devices, and smart meters are one of them. They … Read more