Is a Microwave a Faraday Cage

Is a Microwave a Faraday Cage?

A microwave is an electric oven that many of us use to warm up food. It exposes the food to electromagnetic radiation in the microwave RF (Radiofrequency) range. The microwave uses non-ionizing radiation at a

Are Halogen Bulbs Safe

Are Halogen Bulbs Safe?

When most of us think about EMF radiation and the various negative effects it could have on the human body, we primarily think of things like cell phones and microwaves. But what about light bulbs?

Bluetooth vs. Wired Headphones Radiation

Bluetooth vs. Wired Headphones Radiation

To avoid tangled wires, wireless devices are the most recent technological advancements. Wireless Bluetooth headphones are just as good as wired counterparts. However, they operate at 2.4GHz, the same frequency as most modern wireless devices.

EMF and Radiation Found in Induction Cooktops 

Induction Cooking Health Hazards

Induction technology is commonly used nowadays by many people, and it is represented as a safe and fast way of cooking your food. But have you ever thought about induction cooking health hazards and how

Can Heating Pads Cause Internal Damage

Are Heating Pads Safe?

Burns, electric shock, and complicated pre-existing injuries. Experiencing good performance by an electric heating pad is extremely unlikely and considered quite dangerous. Because most heating pads are inexpensive, you shouldn’t trust them enough to use