Are Faraday Cages Illegal

Are Faraday Cages Illegal?

Are Faraday cages illegal for use, like the jamming devices? The concern always exists, which is okay. Jamming devices and Faraday cages have something in common, but they are different. It is known that both

What does Orgonite do

What Does Orgonite Do?

As we live in a world full of technological advancements, negative energy becomes harder to avoid. Protecting oneself from all the harmful EMFs digital devices emit is incredibly important. One useful thing people use to

What Crystals Block EMF

What Crystals Block EMF?

You’ve probably found this article because you’re scared of EMF radiation. Your concerns are justified, as EMF may have serious implications on human health after prolonged exposure, especially its thermal effects. So what can you

What Absorbs EMF

What Absorbs EMF?

Today we live in a world where EMF radiation levels are constantly high. This is mainly due to the development of new technology. The devices made with new technology always emit EMFs. EMF radiation can