Cell Towers and EMF Exposure 

How Far Apart Are Cell Towers?

A cell tower is the base station where antennas and electronic communications equipment are placed. Due to the number of cell towers today, people are overexposed to EMFs, and you are at greater risk when

Reducing the EMF Radiation in Your Bedroom 

How to Reduce EMF in Bedroom

EMF or electromagnetic fields are the invisible areas of energy that are also known as radiation. EMF radiation is emitted by every electrical and wireless device around us, such as smartphones, cell towers, WiFi routers,

What Are Safe EMF Levels

What Are Safe EMF Levels?

EMFs are impossible to avoid with so many cell towers and devices around us. When the devices around us emit these harmful EMFs, our body absorbs them, which is dangerous.  Prolonged exposure to EMF radiation

How Does the Harmoni Pendant Work

How Does the Harmoni Pendant Work

An EMF shielding pendant can offer protection against EMF radiation in places that do not have proper shielding. This is important because while insulating your house against EMFs in your home, you cannot do the