EMF Sensitivity: How Dangerous Is It?

We are surrounded by smart devices, and they have made our lives easier than ever. We can talk to people living miles away from us, and we can even pay our bills sitting at home. Everyday tasks have become easier, but smart devices emit EMF that is harmful to us.

In earlier times, many people weren’t aware of the fact that excessive usage of smart devices can lead to health problems. Things are different now, and problems like EMF sensitivity are getting more attention. But what is EMF sensitivity? In this article, we will discuss what it is, what its symptoms are, and how you can treat it.

EMF Sensitivity

EMF sensitivity or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is a claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, and negative symptoms are attributed to it. Exposure to EMF is associated with several health problems, and people who are more sensitive to EMF are more likely to face these problems.

There can be several causes of EMF sensitivity. EMF affects the nervous system function, which isn’t a good thing. It can also induce changes in calcium signaling cascades, and it can even cause damage to cells. Some people are more sensitive to EMF, and they face issues due to short-term exposure too. Now, we are going to discuss the symptoms of EMF exposure, and these symptoms are more common in hypersensitive patients.

EMF Sensitivity: How Dangerous Is It?

EMF Exposure Symptoms


When we talk about neurological symptoms, headache is the most common one. Things can start with mild headaches, and they can become worse over a period of time. Some people face problems like memory loss, which is an even more serious issue. Concentration issues are also common among these people, and they find it hard to focus while working or doing a task.

Depression and anxiety are also common when we talk about EMF exposure symptoms. These issues can affect your lifestyle, which is something you wouldn’t want to happen. Muscle and joint pains are also common issues associated with EMF exposure. Just like other problems, things start with mild pains in muscles and joints, but they can become serious if taken lightly.

Another common symptom is fatigue, and it can get in your way of leading a perfect lifestyle. When you feel tired all the time, even if you aren’t doing anything tiring, you won’t be able to perform everyday tasks properly.

People facing such issues often feel tired even after getting proper sleep at night, which isn’t good at all. Lastly, you can face difficulties sleeping, which is the last thing you would want. If you don’t get proper sleep at night, you won’t feel fresh in the morning, and your entire day would get affected. You can improve your quality of sleep by keeping a distance from sources of EMF.

EMF Exposure Symptoms


Exposure to EMF can lead to heart-related problems as well. People face issues like increased heart rate, which isn’t pleasant at all. You wouldn’t want to experience frequent fluctuations in the heart rate, as it can affect your health.

High blood pressure is another issue linked with the EMF exposure, and things become even more serious for people who are already suffering from this issue. Shortness of breath is another symptom here, and the experience is really unpleasant.


Pain or discomfort in the eyes is a symptom of EMF exposure. People working in offices can face such issues, as they are surrounded by smart devices. There are WiFi routers in offices, and almost everyone in the workspace carries a smartphone, which makes things worse. The same could be experienced working from home if your WiFi router is installed in the same room where you work.

You can experience pressure in the eyes, which will get in your way while working. You will face difficulties focusing on the computer screen in such a case, and your work will get affected.


If you are exposed to EMF, you can face issues like ringing in the ears. It will go away on its own in most cases, but you will have to distance yourself from the source. People have reported such issues; however, these symptoms aren’t common as others.

Hearing loss is another issue linked with EMF exposure, and it’s something you wouldn’t want to experience. You are unlikely to lose your ability to hear permanently, but your hearing ability can get affected, which isn’t good.

EMF Exposure Symptoms - Microwave Cellphone Effects

Other Symptoms

Other than the above-mentioned symptoms, there are some common ones that you should know about. You can face digestive problems, and the seriousness of the problem can vary from person to person. Dehydration, nosebleeds, and an impaired sense of smell are also some symptoms here.

People have also reported skin problems and muscle spasms. Mood disorders are also common, and you may get angry over small things. A person facing such issues can get triggered easily, and people around him would also get affected.

Well, these are some common symptoms of EMF exposure, and you can face multiple symptoms at once. Health problems linked with EMF exposure include multiple types of cancer, DNA damage, and infertility. All these health problems are serious, so you should take them lightly. Now that you know about the symptoms and health problems linked to it, let’s discuss how you can deal with electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Treatment

Treating electromagnetic sensitivity is a lot like treating allergies, and you can make things better by being aware of the source. You can deal with this issue on your own, which is a good thing, but you will have to make some changes in your lifestyle. Here are the things you can do to deal with electromagnetic allergy.

Limit Exposure

The first thing that you need to do here is to limit exposure to EMF. You should be aware of the sources of EMF, and you should try to distance yourself from them. You should move your WiFi router out of your bedroom if it’s installed there. The router shouldn’t be installed near your work-space either, as you need to keep a distance from it. You should turn it off when you don’t need it, and it should be turned off at night too. Read: Should You Turn Off WiFi at Night?

At night, you shouldn’t keep your smartphone on your nightstand, as it will be too close to your body in this case. You should either turn on the Airplane mode at night, or you should keep the phone away from your body. Short-term exposure isn’t as serious as long-term exposure, but this doesn’t mean you should take things lightly. You should reduce your overall exposure to radiation, which means you will have to limit the use of smart devices.

Using your smartphone all the time to text your friends isn’t safe, as the phone will be close to your body while typing. Calling is a better option, and you can use wired earphones to minimize the risk. Using Bluetooth headphones isn’t safe, and you should avoid using them while calling or listening to music. If you don’t have earphones, you should keep switching sides while calling, or you should use the Speaker Mode to keep the phone away from your head.

You should keep other smart devices away from your bedroom. Smart meters should be installed away from the bedroom, as you would be able to stay away from them most of the time. By making these small changes, you can limit EMF exposure, which will prove beneficial for you.

Signs of Electromagnetic Sensivity

Use Protective Products

You can limit the use of smart devices, but you can’t stop using them, which means you will need to take some protective measures. Using protective products can be a great way of dealing with EMF sensitivity. You can use a shielding product for your smartphone, and it will serve as a barrier between your body and radiation. The same can be done with a WiFi router too, and you can use a router guard to make things better.

If there is a WiFi router near your work desk in the office, you can get it moved away, or you can request a router guard to limit exposure. You will have to make your home completely safe, as you will spend most of your time at home. Using EMF shielding paint can make things better, and you should also consider using shielding films on the windows.

It’s important to keep the bedroom safe, as you will sleep at night in that room. Using an anti-radiation bed canopy can do the job for you, and you will stay protected all night. You will need to spend money while buying these products, but all these products are worth the investment. They will serve you for a long time, and your home will be safer than ever. Moreover, these products will keep you safe from radiation coming from sources outside your home, which is a good thing as you can’t turn off those sources.

Eat Healthy Foods

Due to EMF exposure, you can face digestive problems that you didn’t have before. This means you will need to consume healthy food items to stay healthy. Eating organic food can help you deal with newly developed food sensitivities. People often skip this part, which isn’t good. Eating healthy is an important part of the overall treatment.

Exercise Regularly

Just like digestive problems, EMF exposure can develop cardiovascular problems, and you can face issues like fatigue and muscle pains. If you exercise regularly, it will be easier for you to deal with these problems, and your body can combat EMF sensitivity. If you like listening to music while running or working out, you should use wired earphones. Using speakers can be a good idea while working out at home, but if you are using Bluetooth speakers, you should keep a distance from them.

So, these are some things that you can do at your end to deal with EMF sensitivity. If you aren’t able to deal with it on your own, you should see a doctor. However, you are most likely to feel better after following the methods we discussed above. It’s a fact that we can’t stop using smart devices, and we can’t even turn off other sources of EMF, but we can distance ourselves from them to stay safe.

Electromagnetic Sensitivity Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity real?

It’s a claimed sensitivity to electromagnetic fields, and a lot of people have reported such issues. EHS is a real syndrome, and different EMF sources can trigger it. In earlier times, researchers didn’t consider it a real syndrome; however, several independent studies suggest that it’s real, and it should be taken seriously.

Is electromagnetic hypersensitivity a serious problem?

Well, there are several health problems linked with EMF exposure, and we should limit our exposure to lead a healthy lifestyle. Some people are more sensitive to EMF, and they should take things even more seriously, as they can face problems due to short-term exposure.

How do you know if you are sensitive to EMF?

If you notice any of the symptoms we have discussed in this article when you are exposed to EMF, you may be sensitive to it. EMF radiation is harmful to everyone, but some people are more sensitive to it, and they can notice the symptoms easily. The good thing here is that you can deal with it by taking the preventive measures we discussed above.


We hope you found this article helpful and got clarity about EMF sensitivity. We discussed a few methods in this article to help you deal with this problem on your own. Taking preventive measures is important because things can become serious with time. You shouldn’t ignore even mild symptoms, as they are likely to get serious if you ignore them.

You don’t have to stop using smart devices, but you should limit their use and invest in protective products to make your home safe. Hypersensitive patients can get triggered by EMF sources easily, so they should stay more careful. Small changes in our lifestyle can improve our health, and improvement would be noticeable.

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