How Do Gemstones Work Scientifically?

Today we are constantly exposed to harmful EMF radiation from the various electronic devices we use daily. The danger has multiplied with the rise of wireless technology in the past decade. So, people are looking into the different methods and things that can offer them protection. 

One method that people are drawn to is the use of gemstones and crystals to protect them from the constant blasting of EMFs. But, you may wonder how do gemstones work scientifically, which is what we’ll discuss in this article. 

How Do Gemstones Work Scientifically

How Do Gemstones Work Scientifically?

According to science, gemstones work by harnessing or repelling the negative energy, or in this case, the EMF radiation emitted by electronic devices, and absorbing it. By repelling or absorbing the EMFs and RF radiation, gemstones may prevent them from negatively affecting us and causing potential illnesses

Gemstones and Their Potential to Heal and Protect

A gemstone is any mineral with a striking pattern or color. It ought to be resilient enough to withstand the elements and interference from people without suffering any harm. In addition, finding a priceless gemstone in a group of mineral rocks is uncommon.

Stones have a chemical makeup and crystal formations that are distinct because of their mineral content. Throughout human history, several cultures held gemstones to have cosmic powers.

Therefore, contemporary researchers have worked to understand how cosmic radiation emitted by celestial bodies affects gemstones. 

Since science is somewhat in denial about the healing properties of gemstones, the rules of science might not fully support gem therapy as a form of healing. 

However, other laws demonstrate its validity, such as the law of gravitation, which you may witness and believe in without experimenting. Many people who use gemstones and crystals to harness EMFs have reported feeling significantly better than when they were not using them. 

Protecting oneself against EMFs with gemstones

You can wear gemstones and crystals on you as jewelry or put them around your home close to the devices that emit EMFs so they can absorb them. And even if there are not enough studies and research into the healing power of gemstones, it is better to be safe than sorry. 

And let’s not forget that science used to say that EMFs were not harmful before being proven wrong. Today we have proof that prolonged exposure to EMFs may affect the human system negatively and lead to the development of various types of cancer

Moreover, the EMF radiation you absorb daily can adversely affect the cognitive function of adults and hinder the brain development of children.

What do gemologists say about gemstones? 

The main areas of interest in the study of gemology include hardness, crystal form, specific gravity, and optical qualities. Gemologists use Moh’s scale to gauge hardness. While optical qualities distinguish the best ways to cut and polish the stone, specific gravity refers to the density or heaviness of the stone.

Numerous EMF-sensitive (electrosensitive) people claim to feel better around particular crystals and gemstones. They have extraordinary sensitivity to the electromagnetic mess that surrounds us nowadays. Robert Simmons, a crystal expert, has a hypothesis he presented in his book “The Book of Stones”. 

Considering how galena and Pyrite are utilized in crystal radio receivers as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies, he hypothesizes that some crystals also can change or amplify other types of power in ways that are not measurable by scientific instruments.

The Best Gemstones for EMF Protection 

Some gemstones and crystals are known for their healing properties. However, the best gemstones for EMF protection are the following. 

Black Tourmaline 

Black tourmaline - protector from negative energies

Black tourmaline is considered among the best stones for protection in the world. The stone allows you to shield yourself in a force field of EMF protection. Black Tourmaline is considered especially powerful because it repels radio waves, meaning it does not require cleansing. 

You can buy a black tourmaline bracelet or a pendant and ensure no radio waves or EMF radiation may reach you. 


Shungite is another mighty stone composed of 98% carbon giving it a dense composition.

Shungite - the purifier stone

Moreover, the carbon in the stone is organized in fullerenes. These carbon molecules were first discovered in 1985, and due to their high tensile strength, they affect electronics. 

The Shungite gemstone can absorb the EMF radiation from the various devices that emit it and dispel it entirely. 


Pyrite is a stone rich in iron, allowing it to have excellent radiation absorption properties. You can wear jewelry made with Pyrite stones as it may eliminate the danger of EMFs and other negative energy and radio waves. 

Pyrite - also known as “Fool’s Gold”

And Pyrite does not only provide potential EMF protection but the stone is well known for the energy boost it provides to those in its proximity. So, you can put Pyrite stone around your house and office to eliminate the negative energy surrounding the spaces you spend time in.


Hematite, or as it is also known, Blood Stone, is another dark gemstone with incredible centering power that protects against the effects of EMF radiation. Like Pyrite, the Hematite stone is also rich in iron, making it an excellent choice for those that work surrounded by technology emitting EMFs.

Hematite - the “blood stone”

Other excellent healing properties the Blood Stone may have are its ability to help flush out the toxins from your body, its benefits for fertility, strengthening the immune system, and protecting the health of the bone marrow


If you wondered how do gemstones work scientifically, we can conclude that due to their composition, they may either absorb or repel the EMF radiation emitted by the electronic devices surrounding you. 

And in this age of technology, with every person owning many electronic devices, it is more important than ever to protect oneself against the EMFs they emit. If you do not protect yourself against the RF radiation surrounding you, you might be at risk of the long-term effects it can have on your health.

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