How Does the Harmoni Pendant Work

An EMF shielding pendant can offer protection against EMF radiation in places that do not have proper shielding. This is important because while insulating your house against EMFs in your home, you cannot do the same to the rest of the world.

The Harmoni Pendant is an increasingly popular EMF protection product. Most people want to be protected outside their homes, so they have started looking into additional protection. But how does the Harmoni Pendant work exactly? Let’s find out!

How Does the Harmoni Pendant Work

How Does the Harmoni Pendant Work?

The Harmoni Pendant works by neutralizing the harmful radio frequencies emitted by the devices and cell towers around us. 

According to bioenergetics, everything has its vibration or frequency; more about that is in the next section. Thus, the Harmoni Pendant picks up the frequencies and blocks them.

The Harmoni Pendant Against EMF Radiation

The Harmoni EMF Pendant is among the best for neutralizing radio frequencies. This pendant balances EMF fields and might aid in reestablishing harmony and balance in the body. The pendants come in both large and small sizes and are quite gorgeous.

So, how does the Harmoni Pendant work? When you wear a Harmoni Pendant, your body transitions from that stress to a parasympathetic mode. EMF radiation is subsequently deflected away from the body, where it would typically adhere and interfere with voltage-gated calcium channels.

Bioenergetics is the key to Harmoni Pendants’ secret. The study of vibrational energy is known as bioenergetics. 

Every organ in your body vibrates. Your phone, WiFi, electricity, and other devices, and electricity all have their vibrations. Understanding that everything vibrates at its frequency is essential for your health.

Biophotons, which are light atoms made in your mitochondria by absorbing sunlight, can be used to gauge your body’s frequency. 

Biophotons might aid in the movement of energy throughout your body and provide a field of light that protects you and promotes your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Activating the Harmoni Pendant 

Once you get a Harmoni Pendant, you must activate it to shield you from EMF exposure. All you have to do is the following:

  1. Take your Harmoni Pendant out of the package.
  2. Hold a 12-inch ruler against your sternum with the point facing outward.
  3. With the pattern side of the pendant facing out, hold the pendant on the ruler’s edge furthest from your body.
  4. Hold on to this for a minute.
  5. After a minute, the pendant has been turned on. You should repeat the activation method every week.

Turning on your pendant can help the field around you balance and clear any possible energy obstacles.

Repeating this procedure is crucial because various sources of stress, such as food, mold, electromagnetic fields (EMFs), and emotional stress, can affect your equilibrium throughout the week. 

Robert Marking, the company’s founder, claims that after testing the pendant on thousands of individuals, including professional athletes, the ideal activation point is about 12 inches away from the sternum. You can make charging your pendant a quick weekly ritual or routine.

Research Into the Harmoni Pendant 

The Harmoni Pendant is unlike any other EMF protection product you can buy because it is backed by research.

The research study examining the effectiveness of the Harmoni Pendant in lowering stress and the effects of EMF exposure was composed of eight doctors and 101 volunteers at nine healthcare facilities in the United States. 

The participants’ ages ranged from 18 to 73, with somewhat more female participants, and they had never used the Harmoni Pendant. 

Moreover, HeartScientific HRV Technology was used to assess stress levels at three different time points: baseline, following heavy EMF exposure via a portable fan, and after activating the Harmoni Pendant and the EMF source.

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The research results 

The study showed that only wearing the Harmoni Pendant for 5–10 minutes has:

  • Increased the group’s heart rate variability index, a stress indicator, by an average of 700%.
  • 48% reduction in some of the effects of stress by EMF radiation.
  • 530% more energy reserves and mitochondrial power. 
  • 138% improvement in all-around health indicators
  • 160% average improvement in the body’s biorhythms, circadian rhythms, and other biological cycles.
  • Improved the body’s biophoton field by 140% on average.
  • Improved the psycho-emotional state of the participants on average by 100%.
  • The study also found that the Harmoni Pendant lowered biological age by two years, according to the readings from the HearScientific HRV device. 
  • Additionally, numerous findings support the Harmoni Pendant’s ability to lessen stress and the harmful effects of EMFs.

Should You Get the Harmoni Pendant?

Maintaining a balanced energy field is essential for maintaining good health with many EMFs around you. Everyone’s stress causes are growing, from the world’s uncertainties to the unpredictable EMF frequencies.

The research shows that the Harmoni necklace may help shield you against EMFs, including 5G, 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth, and “dirty electricity”. The Harmoni Pendant will help with the stress induced by stressors that cannot be seen, like EMFs.

Therefore, your body is protected from harm by having the electromagnetic frequencies and other stressors that would ordinarily disrupt it deflected around it. 

By wearing the Harmoni Pendant, you might shield yourself from the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by your devices and by anything else around you.

The benefits

You can expect the following benefits by wearing the Harmoni Pendant:

  • Possibly effective shielding from EMFs
  • Potential support for a good stress reaction
  • You might have improved sleep 
  • Possibly increased vigor and performance, enhanced concentration and memory
  • Your mood might be better
  • Possibly aging well and not fast due to the exposure


So, how does the Harmoni Pendant work? To conclude, the answer is by neutralizing and successfully blocking radio frequencies. Radio frequencies are emitted by various devices around you, which makes EMF radiation a serious issue. 

You must learn to protect yourself and your family against EMF radiation. The Harmoni Pendant might be an excellent shielding product, as a research study also backs it. 

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