How Does WiFi Work on a Dash Cam

Many people have difficulties dealing with technology and misunderstand the meaning of some devices’ features. One of the most common concerns is the dash cam and WiFi. Therefore, how does WiFi work on a dash cam?

The WiFi feature in dash cams is not an internet network. The dash cam WiFi feature is an entirely different concept and enables different device connections.

Everyone with a dash cam with a WiFi feature should read this guide. I hope this article will help you understand how to use the WiFi connection of your dash cam. Let’s begin!

How Does WiFi Work on a Dash Cam?

How Does WiFi Work on a Dash Cam

The WiFi feature on the dash cam lets you pair a device, like your smartphone or tablet, with the dash cam. This connection is similar to Bluetooth and enables the two paired devices to share information.

In most cases, the WiFi connection comes with an app, which you should download on your smartphone or tablet to view and download the dash cam footage or change the cam settings.

Still wondering how Does WiFi Work on a Dash Cam? With the WiFi feature, you no longer need to remove the SD card from the camera to view or download footage. 

However, to download and view footage from a dash cam that lacks a WiFi feature, you should remove the SD card and place it in your smartphone. Therefore, the WiFi feature in dash cams has nothing to do with enabling an internet connection.

WiFi Features in Dash Cam

Immediate footage review

The main benefit of having a WiFi dash cam is that you would not need to remove the SD card or the dash cam to transfer the data to another device. So, when the dash cams have a WiFi feature, you can remove and store the memory using a wireless connection.

There is no need to remove the memory card and make storage manually. With the WiFi feature, everything can be done much faster and remotely.

The immediate access lets you instantly download footage to prove an accident’s cause. You can even prove you are innocent right on the spot of the accident.

Change the settings

Sometimes, changing the dash cam settings from the device itself might be difficult. With the WiFi feature, you can set the device using your paired smartphone.

To change the settings of a dash cam with no WiFi feature, you should remove it, find a cable, connect it to a device, and change its settings.

Conversely, the WiFi feature lets you immediately change the dash cam settings without removing the dash cam or using any cable connection. Just enable the WiFi connection, pair the devices, and manage the settings through the application.

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Possible Drawbacks of WiFi Dash Cams

The distance

You can connect your device only within 10 feet of range without any barrier. Suppose that you are 10 feet from your car, and the door is closed. You might face some difficulties finding the dash cam device on the WiFi devices list.

The WiFi feature would not let you open, view, or download footage if you are too far from your vehicle. 

Also, if there is a barrier like a closed door, metal piece, wall, or any other obstacle between you and the dash cam, the signal between the paired devices might be too weak.


The more features, the higher the price. If you are not so good at technology, paying for a WiFi dash cam might not be worth it. 

It might be hard for you to operate the dash cam device through your smartphone app, making everything more complicated. Consider this before paying a higher price for a feature that might not be useful.


So, how does WiFi work on a dash cam? Well, after carefully reading my article, I hope you have learned. Now that you know it, you can decide whether to buy a regular or WiFi dash cam device.

I hope you will make a good choice!

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