How to Block Smart Meter Radiation

Living in a highly developed technological era may be dangerous. We can not see it, but we can feel it over time. The 5G technology is developing at the speed of light, and we have to protect ourselves from harmful radiation. The manufacturers today are stepping with the technology, and they created a market to place the products for radiation protection. They found a way to block smart meter radiation.

Smart Meters are quite trendy nowadays. They are usually installed to the outside of the building’s walls, and the main role of this device is to measure the usage of electricity and gas. They send the data directly to the energy supplier, which means you do not have to read your electricity meters anymore, and estimate your bills.

The market offers an EMF protection device for home and office to support people’s health as they are exposed to electromagnetic radiation in today’s environments. From 2020 smart meters will be installed in many countries. Many people developed sensitivity to radiation, so that is the main reason why manufacturers started to design smart meter covers and guards.

Keep reading the article because in this article we will guide you how to block smart meter radiation.

The Danger of Electromagnetic Radiation

Many types of research show that radiation emitted by wireless devices affects male reproductive hormones. The testicular tissues are more susceptible to oxidative stress and thermal effects from RF-EMR exposure. The EMR emitted by cell phones and Wi-Fi devices can cause testosterone reduction. Should I Leave My Wi-Fi Router on All the Time?

Cell phone radiation affects mammalian embryos and fetuses. The RF-EMR pulses are absorbed in the body cells, directly affecting them. There are many animal studies related to the consequences of cell phone radiation on embryo development. RF-EMR from cell phones may decrease the rates of fertilization and embryo development and the risk of developmental anomalies.

The radiofrequency radiation by cell phones and low-frequency radiation may affect Thyroid hormones and Thyroid gland histopathology. The thyroid gland is the most exposed organ to cell phone radiation due to its location in the front of the neck. An experiment that exposed rats to non-ionizing radiation showed histopathological changes in the follicles of the thyroid gland.

Scientists from Korea discovered that cell phone radiation might cause brain cancer. The radiation encourages the possibility of causing Glioma. Glioma is a type of tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord. The development of Glioma caused by cell phone radiation is considered possible, but it is still not proven.

To reduce the RF-EMR radiated by cell phones, people should keep them away from their pockets and use mobile covers to limit the direct exposure of cell phones to the body.

How to Block Smart Meter Radiation

Protect Yourself From Smart Meter Radiation

Smart meters may be dangerous for health, and it is important to educate yourself on how to protect yourself from them. They emit radiofrequency (RF) radiation and Dirty Electricity radiation from the electrical construction through the walls of a building. The best option to block smart meter radiation is by covering it with a metallic mesh screen made of highly conductive metal and blocks radiation 90% to 95%.

The first and best solution is to remove the smart meter and replace it with a traditional analog meter. The analog meter is not emitting any RF radiation, neither causing the wire in your home to emit Dirty Electricity. Analog meters also last much longer than any other smart meters.

The second solution does not include a smart meter removal. It is a Smart Meter Guard that is designed to fit over the smart meter, and it is easy to install. It takes just an easy step that includes putting it over the smart meter, and that’s it. If the Smart Meter Guard is installed correctly, it has the power to block 90% to 95% of the RF radiation.

In the future, we will review a few different products and devices that can also be helpful for RF and EMF radiation protection.

Advanced GQ Electronics Multi-Field EMF Detector

Before we search for a smart meter cover and protection, we have to investigate the level of radiation in our environment. Many companies manufacture EMF detector devices that show the level of radiation both indoor and outdoor. Those devices can identify the source of radiation, such as the basic home technology devices.

GQ Electronics designed an advanced multi-function digital EMF meter. It is a portable device and can be used for general-purpose tests and detection. The meter is designed to identify and recognize the common source from EMF measured, such as cell phones, Wi-Fi, power lines, microwaves, etc. Related: How to Measure EMF From Power Lines

The device comes with a built-in visual and audio alarm. It can be used for EMF and EF monitoring and detection, both indoor and outdoor. The device has a USB port where you can easily connect it to a computer and download the radiation data to analyze those data later. The meter has multiple sensors installed for a maximum scale measurement.

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How to block smart meter radiation with Architectural shielding

How to block smart meter radiation with Architectural shielding

After you get information from an EMF detector device about the radiation in the environment, you may start searching for the best smart meter cover and guards. The issues caused by emitted electromagnetic fields result in a need to protect buildings and electronic equipment. 

Architectural shielding is designed to protect buildings from EMF. Most of them are made by using suitable materials bonded directly to the building. The commonly used materials contain copper, aluminum foil, and steel sheet. The aluminum RF foil is designed to block the analog digital signals from external devices such as microwaves, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi signals, etc. Read: What is a Safe Distance From a Cell Tower?

Waveguide vents are a common component of any shielded room or building as they allow air circulation through the wall but still attenuate radiated interference.

Portable EMF protection products

The EMF Harmony company has developed the widest range of EMF protection products. Their EMF protection devices are designed to support people’s health in the presence of electromagnetic radiation like 5G, Wi-Fi, and all other forms of EMF. This company offers products for smartphone protection, laptop and tablet protection, Wi-Fi router protection, Home, Office, and Workplace protector, Car harmonizer protection, etc.

These products are not EMF blockers. The system neutralizes the EMF radiation and protects anyone in the area. Provides protection against EMF radiation from 5G technology, cell phone technology, Wi-Fi routers, Smart Meters, and Wireless devices. It also works from EMFs that come from outside the protected area, such as your neighbor’s Wi-Fi or nearby power lines.

What is a Smart Meter?

Smart meters are electronic devices that record information about electric energy and voltage levels. They enable two-sided communication between the meter and the central system. Those communications may be wireless or with fixed wired connections like a power line carrier (PLC). 

What is a Smart Meter

Smart meters offer many benefits to customers, but they also transmit EMF and RF radiation that can be harmful to overall health. Some of the benefits include an end to estimated bills and a tool to help people manage their purchases. They give accurate and regular updates to you and your energy provider company about how much energy you use. 

Smart meters do not store your personal data about your identity or bank details. It is designed to store data about energy usage. The RF (radio frequency) radiation that a Smart Meter gives is a type of non-ionizing radiation. Most scientific researches said that exposure to electromagnetic radiation might be the main cause of cancer development.

How to Block Smart Meter Radiation? Three Ways:

There are no formal health studies that define the exact affection of smart meters. But anyway, we are already exposed to electromagnetic fields from our smartphones, wireless devices, and microwaves. Nobody is 100% sure how they affect our bodies, but if these things concern you, we will talk about three ways to stop smart meter radiation in the future.

Electromagnetic filtering

EMI filters are designed to remove unwanted components in the electric current flowing in conductors. There are two different components that work together to reduce EMI, capacitors and inductors. Capacitors redirect high frequency that causes interference away and feeds it into inductors arranged in a series. 

EMI shields are “shielding” entire designs of circuits. EMI suppression filters are designed to target specific sources of noise. There are many different types of EMI filters. The right one depends on the mechanical configuration of the system and the frequency of noise in the system. 

The filter manufacturers provide details about the cutoff frequency of the filters they sell, so you can easily find the right one. The EMI filters include IEC inlet filters, DC filters, invert EMI filters, and feed-through filters. 

Electromagnetic filtering - How to Block Smart Meter Radiation

Time-of-day Smart Meter Disconnection

You can purchase a system that is programmed to disconnect the smart meter in a period of the day. That kind of system can stop the smart meter from RF radiation frequencies at different parts of the day. In the meantime, your home can be powered by solar energy stored in the battery backup. Switching to solar power throughout the day can limit the exposure that electromagnetic field creates.

The solar battery can keep you and your family safe during unexpected and unpredictable weather events. When you decide to turn off the power in your home or a power outage situation depends, the battery will run many critical loads in the house. Solar backup batteries are a smart, clean, and safe solution that offers security for the family.

Going off Grid from your Smart Meter

The third solution is to go off-grid from your smart meter that transmits potentially harmful RF. Instead of Smart Meter, you can provide energy with solar panels directly from the sun. They are designed to charge a battery bank that provides electricity through the night when the sun goes down. 

This is the most extreme option, but many people are happy about taking this step. You will also build independence over the power companies by sourcing your home with solar energy. The solar systems are manufactured with enough generating power to run electric heating systems, water pumps, lighting, phone chargers, refrigerator, washing machine, and other small appliances.

How Close Is Too Close?

Overexposure can be really dangerous. Besides the protection equipment, distance should be on the top of the priority list. Smart meters give even stronger radio frequency (RF) than cell phones do. The difference between smart meters and cell phones is that smart meters do not get turned off. 

Usually, the smart meters are installed outside of the home, which means people have walls to separate themselves from smart meters. But having the meters outside is not limiting the exposure. The further the meter can be, the safer it is.

Walls and other obstructions will make a small difference, but the recommended distance between you and your smart meter is around 40 feet.

If you are concerned about your and your family’s health, you can measure the radiation in your area. You can do it by ordering a radiation detector device or simply calling a company that does it instead of purchasing an RF meter.

You better buy yourself a Smart Meter Cover or Smart Meter Guard that blocks up to 98% of the emitted radiation for complete peace of mind. Both of them are quite similar products. The difference is just the price.


Besides the many benefits these devices offer, they also transmit harmful radiofrequency radiation and electromagnetic frequency radiation. We all know that electromagnetic radiation may cause many dangerous conditions to ourselves, and we have to protect ourselves. The most valuable product on the marketplace is the Smart Meter Cover/Guard. It has the ability to protect up to 98% from electromagnetic radiation and radio frequencies.

You can also purchase portable products to block Smart Meter Radiation or simply remove the Smart Meter and replace it with the traditional analog meter. To educate yourself about the level of electromagnetic radiation, many devices on the market can help you collect information about the radiation in the environment. 

Our health is our priority. Make sure that you live in a healthy environment and avoid future possibilities of causing diseases like cancer, tumors, reproductive system damages, and many more.

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