How to Check Which Cell Tower You Are Using

Due to technological advancements and the constant use of multiple smart devices, all of us are exposed to EMF radiation nowadays. Cell towers are undoubtedly one of the strongest EMF radiation sources. The amount of radio signals they transmit depends on how the antenna is mounted, and you can check it by locating the cell tower you’re using. Once you discover that, we’ll discuss some of the best ways to protect yourself and minimize your exposure. 

This is why it’s crucial knowing how to check which cell tower you are using and protect yourself and your loved ones from hazardous EMF radiation. Continue reading as we explain all this in detail.

How to Check Which Cell Tower You Are Using

How to Check Which Cell Tower You Are Using

The most effective method how to check which cell tower you are using is through a phone app. Open Signal App and Network Cell Info Lite can help you find out exactly where your nearest cell tower is located. 

If the nearest cell tower is located within 50 meters of your home or workplace, according to Prof. Girish Kumar, it’s like being in a microwave oven for 24 hours. The impact of EMF radiation on cell towers is alarming and may cause cancer in extreme cases, especially in children with thinner skulls.

Apps that can help you find the nearest cell tower 

Open Signal app 

The free Open Signal app for iOS and Android can help you locate which carrier you are using and where your signal comes from. It’s simple to navigate and works great in areas with limited cell coverage. 

  1. Launch Open Signal App and accept the app’s request to access your location. 
  2. Click on the navigation arrow in the bottom right corner; the arrow will point toward the nearest cell tower with the best signal. 
  3. The arrow will follow the cell tower to tell you where to point the antenna.

The alternative way is to click on the little Google pin at the bottom of the screen. You must pick your operator from the list of operators; next, you’ll see all the closest towers on the map with a green color. 

Network Cell Info Lite 

Network Cell Info Lite is another app that is especially useful to help you locate the nearest cell tower so you can evaluate the EMF exposure; however, it’s available only for Android. 

  1. Launch Network Cell Info Lite and accept the location permissions requested by the app.
  2. From the menu, open the Map feature. Here you’ll see the icon and the location of the nearest cell tower to which your phone is connected.
Amount of Radiation From Cell Towers

How to Measure the Amount of Radiation a Cell Tower Emits

The radiated power at your location will be much less than at the sector antenna on the cell tower due to the inverse-square law and the tilt angle of the antenna.

You can calculate where the signal reaches the ground from the formula [antenna height of 30 meters] /sine [90-5 tilt degrees] if it’s tilted downward by 5 degrees and mounted at 30 meters.

If you know the total radio-chain power, you can calculate the free space loss of the radiated power over that distance. 

Your smartphone will indicate the dBm in arbitrary strength units (ASU), which can be converted logarithmically to microwatts. For instance, -6. dBm equals 1 nanowatt. The unsafe exposure is considered to exceed 1.6 watts/kilogram of tissue. You can check the EIRP limits for the radio module at

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Cell Towers Emitting EMF Exposure – How Dangerous Is It?

How do cell towers emit EMF radiation?

Towers are the structures; the antennas are the parts that transmit radio signals. Cell phones communicate with cell towers through RF waves, a form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. 

The amount of emitted RF waves largely depends on how the antennas are mounted. If they face you directly, the amount of RF waves you are exposed to is much higher. 

Most of the radiation propagates outwards horizontally from the antenna. However, a great deal is spewed in other directions, including downwards. The output power is high if you live next to the source. In this case, you are living next to a massive source of electromagnetic pollution. 

Cell towers are a dangerously high source of EMF radiation

It’s generally believed that cell towers are unsafe. From my estimation experience, based on the measurements mentioned earlier, approximately every living individual may be exposed to upwards of 2,000 microWatts/meter electromagnetic radiation. 

At very high levels, RF waves may heat body tissues. Since the biological effects begin at 6 microWatts/meter, this is an extremely high dosage. The 2012 BioInitiative Report advises not living in an area over 10 microWatts/meter. 

Possible Health Dangers of Cell Tower EMF Radiation

EUROPAEM EMF guideline for prevention and treatment of wireless radiation illnesses data analysis reports that people living near mobile phone base stations have submitted clear indications of adverse health effects like headaches, dizziness, fatigue, depression, difficulty concentrating, etc. 

Leading scientists confirm that the bio-effects of antenna poisoning include oxidative stress, voltage-gated ion channel dysfunction of cell membranes, and severe DNA damage. Humans and animals can feel this vibrational assault, chronic illness, and body weakness. The closer the body is to these high-frequency antennas, the stronger the exposure is, resulting in severe adverse effects. 

A group of people, including three cancer patients living in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, reported that after the Verizon cell tower became operational in 2020, they developed sudden life-changing sickness and were obligated to flee their homes for relief. 

Cell tower EMF radiation interaction with the human body 

There has been a lot of research showing the dangerous effects of cell towers near residential areas. The danger can be seen both in the short term as well as in the long term. While waves from the human body and the Earth are ‘random’, the nature of waves emanating from cell towers is ‘constant’. 

So, whenever any ‘constant’ wave comes in contact with the human body’s ‘random’ waves, the body perceives it as a threat and tries to fight it, just like when a virus or a harmful bacteria attacks the body. 

This constant “fight” mode creates additional stress in the body leading to lower immunity and making it susceptible to various potential health issues like excessive fatigue, poor sleep quality, headaches, brain tumors, and cancer in extreme cases. If you’re concerned about your health, please consult a doctor or specialist.

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