How to Measure 5G Radiation

Electromagnetic fields are the quiet killer of healthy human cells. We can’t avoid them, can’t we? They are everywhere: in the bakery, in the coffee shop where we start our mornings, in our workplace, even in the elevators. Humans are addicted to the internet. And as technology evolved, new assets and changes regarding networks were logical. Therefore, the 5G came to light.  But although we can’t avoid this non-ionizing radiation, we can control the amount we absorb daily, right? Especially the one in our own homes.

The appropriate question is: how to measure 5G radiation to know what corners in the house to avoid or which table to sit at when going out in your favorite restaurant? After a poison comes to the antidote, that’s exactly what happened after the 5G premiere. Companies made shielding protection collections and EMF meters that can help you normally live, as you lived before.

What Is 5G Radiation?

People want to speed up their internet, so that data can come as fast as the speed of light to our devices. Therefore, in 2019, the 5G internet network was invented. There were many controversies following this network, such as reports of diseases and conditions in humans and animals, especially affected were the birds.

To simplify, 5G means a fifth-generation mobile network, and it is a wireless technology delivering data within 20 Gbps. This network-enabled has more reliability, low latency, bigger network capacity, and extended availability. But with this enumeration came those that users didn’t count for bigger health problems.

How to Measure 5G Radiation

How to Measure 5G Radiation?

EMF meters are used to measure potentially dangerous radiation amounts such as those coming from RF rays. When 5G entered the front door, many conspiracy theories were mentioned too. Some of them were true, but people, especially those who have problems adjusting to radiation exposure transmitted from devices connected to wireless routers, were troubled in finding a way to protect their health.

You must know there are two frequencies of 5G:

FR1 range

The deployments from FR1 are under 6GHz. This range can be compared as similar or exactly like those measured from Wi-Fi and 4G networks.

FR2 range

The deployments emitted from FR2 are somewhere between 24 GHz and 52 GHz. These signals can cause a lot of disturbances in sensitive people. For instance, Verizon implements wideband in this exact frequency only in a few zones and particular cities. It is still pretty hard to measure the strength of these signals with the technology invented so far.

The Best EMF Meters

Trifield -EMF Meter Model TF2

This meter can accurately measure three types of radiation coming from different sources: electric fields, magnetic fields, and radiofrequency. And apart from that, the model TF2 enables the user to measure currents inside the human body deriving from these sources.

GQ EMF-390/RF Meter

Like the previous EMF meter, GQ EMF 390/RF can measure three different types of radiation sources. The only thing that separates this meter as better than others is that it could show the measurements from radiofrequency, electric, and magnetic fields all at once. Your data can be stored on flash memory, too.

Tenmars Multi-field EMF Meter Pocket ELF RF

This meter explores radiation coming from electric and magnetic fields and measures the radiofrequency strength, which is essential for evaluating the potency of 5G networks. You can know whether the radiation is moderate and the parameters are okay, thanks to three indicator lights. Tenmars multi-field meter can be adjusted in a few languages.

How Does 5G Affect My Health?

Although 5G can improve your speed and save some time while you research the internet, it can cause severe damage to your body, mind, and spirit. Some scientists came up with discoveries, such as a link between EMF exposure and some types of rare cancers. They claim that these symptoms can vary from person to person, depending on how electromagnetic hypersensitive a body can be. The higher the radiation is, the more influential the rays are, and they can easily penetrate the human body.

Tissue heating

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and a study conducted in 2017, mobile devices that use frequencies from 1.8 to 2.2 GHz can cause tissue overheating. You have noticed how phones that are specially made to resist these frequencies heat, right? Well, the same applies to the body, unfortunately.

For instance, when your skin absorbs electromagnetic energy, your brain and body temperature rises slightly, a few decimal degrees up. However, this tissue heating is short-term. The Federal Communication Commission states that the public is exposed only to a minimal 5G radiation.

Remember: Older people have a more considerable risk of tissue heating than younger people. And if the EMF is higher, it will absorb more.

Cognitive function

Some researchers discovered that using mobile devices for 90 minutes uninterruptedly can cause attention difficulties. 5G and dangerous EMF are more likely to attack the body from the immediate vicinity than further. There is medical evidence that the brain decreases its functions thanks to technology. People no longer calculate and count by heart; but instead, they use mobile calculators. You don’t remember your close ones’ phone numbers because they are saved in your contact list.

Remember: 5G kills healthy cells. Prolonged exposure on 5G is equal to hitting the ball with your head.

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What Is 5G Radiation


EMF is carcinogenic. But 5G is pure evil for the internal tissues. There is a potential link between 5G and brain cancer. Don’t forget that birds were dying before they learned how to live with 5G radiation. This proves that the body can adapt to stressful factors, but then it gives them a bigger chance to kill tissues slowly and painlessly until a massive breakdown occurs.

Various rare and unknown cancer types emerged after the appearance of 5G. And scientists are trying to prove that this isn’t just a coincidence. For instance, wasn’t that the reason why Marie Curie and her assistant Marie Blanche Wittman died? 

Remember: No radiation is sound radiation.


Maybe 5G brings internet data faster than before. Perhaps you can download a movie within a few seconds. But what is it worth it if you put your health in danger if these invisible rays cause you exhaustion, constant headache, and other symptoms that make you feel miserable? You can now learn how to measure 5G radiation wherever you go. And therefore, you can choose the clearest place in the office, where levels of EMF are very low, or inside your house, find the right spot to place your bed, and at last, have a good and calm sleep.

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