How to Protect Yourself From 5G

Well, 5G is here and you can access the internet at speeds never experienced before. It’s obviously a revolutionary step that would increase business productivity and save our time downloading files from the internet. However, there is a cost to it that we pay with our health! It’s time to start looking at how to protect yourself from 5G ill-effects on health.

What Makes 5G a Threat

Most of our exposure to radiation in daily life is due to radio frequencies. This is because wireless technologies like cell phones and WiFi routers operate on radio waves to transmit information. Radio waves are a form of non-ionizing radiation so no instant effects are felt, but prolonged exposure to such radiation can cause various health complications and even cancer. Related: Best Way for Man to Carry a Cell Phone

How to Protect Yourself From 5G

Does 5G Increase Health Risks?

Compared to the previous 4G network, 5G uses a much higher frequency of radio waves. This frequency band is called millimeter waves and is responsible for providing higher bandwidth and low-latency to the users. Unfortunately, for health, it means higher skin penetration and greater risks of electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Read more: How to Block Radio Waves in Your House

Studies have already hinted at potential health risks like infertility issues, anxiety, depression, and even tumors. With the 5G network, these risks will rise due to the high-frequency of its waves. Another reason for the higher-risks is more cellular towers in a region due to the lower wavelength of millimeter waves.

Can You Protect Yourself From 5G Dangers?

The full extent of the 5G health hazards is not yet realized. This leaves us vulnerable to unknown health issues that could severely affect our lives. Relax! You don’t have to abandon the use of 5G technology. That’s not even an option given our dependence on such technology.

But protecting your house from 5G is possible with certain scientific shields. These shields typically work on proven principles like that of a Faraday Cage. If keeping distance from the devices that emit radiation is not an option, you will need to use EMF shields that block radiation.

Best Ways to Reduce Radiation Exposure

You don’t necessarily need to use shields to block EMF waves. Moderation and distancing could help protect yourself from EMF health risks. It helps to keep your WiFi router and smart meters in a room where you don’t have to spend much time. Switching ON the airplane mode on your cell phone when not in use also helps lower your exposure. Related: Smart Meter Dangers | A Potential Health Threat

But we understand if this is inconvenient or impossible for you to do. You don’t want to miss those important calls. This is exactly why we look for 5G protection products that are practical to use and also very effective in shielding us from radiation.

Can You Protect Yourself From 5G Dangers

5G Will Be Everywhere!

Even if it has not rolled out in your area, it’s unrealistic to hope that you won’t have any towers in your locality. 5G operates on radio waves that have a shorter wavelength compared to the previously used radio frequency band. This means it would need multiple towers, in close proximity, to provide coverage to everyone in the region.

AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are working rigorously to roll-out 5G in all the major cities as well as the rural areas. Europe and Asian nations are also catching up to this trend. Apparently, getting yourself protected should soon become a priority if health is a concern.

What Are EMF Protection Shields

These are products designed with EMF protection fabrics, with the purpose of securing us from radiation risks. There are a limited number of items that pose the greatest EMF risk to our health. Most individuals spend the most time around a WiFi router, cell phones, laptops, and other smart devices like TVs, refrigerators, etc.

You can find EMF protection cases or wearable shields that would protect you from EMF exposure. If you have been wondering how to protect yourself from 5G, you can start looking into these shields. Some of these are designed to blend in with the surrounding and do not look out of place in your house or even if you wear them!

Best 5G Protection Shields

Large 5G Router Guard

This is meant to reduce 5G radiation in your house by blocking EMF from your WiFi router. It is based on the principle of a Faraday Cage and effectively blocks about 90% of radiation without reducing network coverage. You get access to the internet but are not exposed to radio waves that it emits, can it get any better?

This is especially suitable for kids or adults that have to spend excessive time online. It’s big enough to fit most routers and is pretty useful if you need access to the internet for multiple hours every day. You will no longer need to turn off your router to reduce exposure to EMF.

It’s suitable when you don’t want to remind yourself to turn off EMF emitting devices again and again. A router guard would shield you from EMF all through the day once you place the router inside it. This would not block 100% of the radiation, but this is to ensure that internet connectivity is not affected.

DefenderShield Laptop Case

Our laptops are another major source of radiation as they use both WiFi and Bluetooth technologies for connectivity. Music or game lovers spend hours and hours on a laptop with WiFi and Bluetooth headphones connected.

This is a lightweight and slim laptop case that adds multiple layers of shielding to block radiation from your laptop. It’s designed so that you can carry it along with you to use a laptop on the go without exposing yourself to EMF. It also helps with another concern that laptop users may have.  This product reduces heat exposure to your body.

We think, overall, this is a suitable product for protection at homes or while travelling, especially if your work requires excessive use of a laptop.

EMF Harmonizer Mobility Wrist Band

Since your exposure to EMF is not limited to homes, you need protection from 5G networks even while travelling or working outdoors. This is a sleek looking band designed for those who need EMF protection without having to be attentive all the time. You can wear this comfortable, water-proof band and forget about the EMF risks.

People even sleep with this EMF harmonizer band so they stay protected all night. It works by emitting harmonizing vibrational frequency in the environment to neutralize the harmful effect of EMF radiation. This is also effective against EMF radiation due to dirty electricity in the home wiring.

Karelia Creations 5G EMF Protection

This is a beautiful black shungite bracelet made to protect kids or adults with small wrists from 5G radiation. If you are worried your child spends hours at the college amidst EMF emitting devices like WiFi, this product is designed to secure them against the health effects of electromagnetic waves.

Besides this, this shungite bracelet is also seen as physical and spiritual protection to keep your mood calm and shield you from negative influences. This Karelia Shungite comes from Russia and is further saturated in colloidal silver so it carries an amplified field of EMF protection. Silver helps Shungite in creating a much stronger field of neutrality.

It’s worn on the wrists to counter the EMF radiation in the surroundings. You must not wear it in water or spray it with perfume. It contains fullerenes that are antioxidants and help neutralize the free radicals. One of the reasons why people love to use it is it also protects you against pathogens, bacteria, and viruses.

EMF Scarf

EMF protection fabric that can be worn has turned out to be incredibly useful in shielding oneself through the day. It’s made of knitted nylon threads plated with silver to ensure both protection and comfort. You can place it on your chest and shoulder to shield yourself against WiFi, Bluetooth, microwave, and even the 5G cellular networks.

According to some tests, this fabric can attenuate EMF up to 99.99%. Since, it’s not possible to always stay alert against EMF radiation, wearing this scarf could help you stay protected from all the known and unknown sources of radiation around you.

The best way to wear this scarf is to wrap it around from the neck upwards. This EMF protection clothing is manufactured in Canada and is suitable for EMF protection while travelling or staying in a high-radiation area.

Elecare Effective Anti Radiation Cap

Well, it’s not possible to wear a Faraday Cage helmet at all times around your head, so the best way to protect your brain from the effects of EMF exposure is to wear a cap. With the 5G rollout and increase in high-frequency radio emissions, these caps could be really useful in blocking radiation. Related: How to Build a Faraday Cage to Sleep In

These caps are designed to be comfortable and safe for your skin. Elecare Anti Radiation caps are made of 50% silver and 50% polyester fiber. Good air permeability keeps your skin cool and comfortable so you can wear it for as long as you are in a high EMF area. It’s great if you work in an area with lots of wireless technology around.

DefenderShield EMF protection for Pregnancy and Maternity

Considering all the reproductive complications associated with exposure to EMF, this product is designed with organic bamboo/cotton fabric on the outside with stretchy EMF fabric inside. It is made to be safe to wear throughout the pregnancy period and would shield you from ambient EMF emissions.

It creates a barrier between the body and the mobile or other WiFi devices in the room. This would not stop the cell phone device from working but shield you from the radio waves.

Pregnant women no longer have to be anxious regarding EMF exposure during the pregnancy months. These baby-belly bands are not just effective in blocking radiation due to all the EMF emitting devices all around, but it is safe to wear and won’t cause toxicity.

It’s a critical period to ensure one’s health and safety. Having these bands would definitely make a woman feel safer and give her peace of mind besides shielding the mother and the baby from radiation. The researches have hinted at possible links between childbirth complications and EMF radiation. We recommend this product to anyone going through the pregnancy period.

DefenderShield EMF blanket

A blanket with EMF shielding capability is extremely convenient as it can be adjusted to suit your needs and is also easily carried. This 5G protection clothing is most used by mothers to shield their unborn babies and infants from the effects of EMF radiation.

Some studies have found links between EMF exposure and childbirth complications. This EMF blanket is made of 100% organic bamboo cloth exterior and is, therefore, completely non-toxic. It’s almost as comfortable as regular blankets and you won’t notice that it’s functioning as an EMF shield.

A blanket shield is used to block radiation from mobile devices or laptops as you work, listen, or play on these devices. You can just cover yourself with this DefenderShield blanket or place it on a baby to shield from ambient EMF emissions.


As the 5G network extends around the world from cities to rural areas, it becomes a health risk we cannot afford to ignore. Most of the gadgets we use operate on radio frequencies and further increase our exposure to the 5G radiation. Given the growing risks of radiation exposure, it makes sense to start using EMF shields that have been tested to block radiation.

From EMF scarf and caps to blankets and router guards, these can help lower the exposure due to ambient EMF. This is a practical solution for those who cannot shut off their cell phones or routers due to work demands or other reasons.

People with electromagnetic hypersensitivity suffer from EMF symptoms and are unable to deal with EMF emissions from their neighborhood in an apartment. If you are worried how to protect yourself from 5G with growing use of wireless tech, EMF protection clothing like a blanket, pregnancy covers, caps, bed canopy, curtains, etc. could effectively reduce your exposure.

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