How to Reduce EMF Exposure

If you want to learn how to reduce EMF exposure daily, whether in your house, your office, or in your pocket, check this article, and you will discover!

In our high-tech, always-connected, powered-up society, we believe this is an essential problem that is not receiving attention. Today’s topic is electromagnetic frequency (EMF) exposure.

The world is based on and operates mainly as a result of the globalized, connected digital environment and the extraordinary quick access to data and anyone at our fingertips. This has altered our environment and provided incredible opportunities, interactions, and experiences worldwide, linking us to many people, places, and events.

Many people are fully reliant on their phones, unwilling to go outside or even stay in bed without them! Some people even develop anxiety, irritability, and emotional issues when forced to be apart from their smartphones for an extended period. 

That’s why we must learn how to reduce EMF exposure around us. So, without any further ado, let’s look at the things that can help you reduce your EMF exposure. 

How to Reduce EMF Exposure

What Are EMFs?

EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, are energy or power lines that emerge from matter. Electric and magnetic fields in our body are linked to our neurological and muscle systems. There is also a natural magnetic field on Earth and electric fields in the environment.

However, when we discuss EMF exposure and health concerns, we generally mean the electric-magnetic fields produced by our electrical equipment. This type of EMF exposure is caused by our phones, cars, power lines, computers, mobile towers, the Internet, and even kitchen appliances.

EMFs were relatively unknown till the last decade since they were not as widespread. But now it’s a whole new story. We can obtain a Wi-Fi signal almost anywhere, and most of us carry some specific EMF gadgets with us, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. However, people are becoming aware of this possible health concern.

Low and medium frequency EMFs

Note that very low-frequency and radiofrequency EMFs are included in this EMF group (RF-EMFs). An electric gadget generates this sort of radiation.

Household appliances such as refrigerators and vacuum cleaners are examples of TVs and desktop computers (when turned on).

Extremely low frequency and radiofrequency EMFs, according to WHO, are unlikely to have any negative health impacts. You should feel secure while using your mobile phone and other electronics. Power lines are also safe if they are kept reasonably far from you. So, here are some things that you should consider: 

  • Avoid sitting or standing near appliances. Keeping your distance from devices is one of the greatest strategies to reduce EMF exposure in your house. You must approach near to switch on the TV, open the fridge or microwave, or load the washing machine. Just make these close contacts brief, and avoid sitting next to devices – or allowing your children to do so.
  • Put down your phone. Keep the phone away from yourself, especially while not in use. It is advisable to place it in a different room when you sleep.
  • Use your phone’s speaker feature or earphones. This will limit your head’s RF exposure. Earpieces create and transmit electromagnetic fields, although not quite as much as your smartphone. You may drastically limit exposure to your head by using earphones.
  • Keep your phone out of your pockets. Try to keep your smartphone in a backpack or purse when you’re out and about.
  • Unplug electrical gadgets and power regularly. Take a day, or possibly many days, away from devices. Your body will appreciate it.

High-frequency EMFs

Note that this is the sort of radiation that might harm your body. High-frequency EMFs can cause DNA and cell damage. Low amounts of this radiation are emitted by medical devices such as X-ray imaging machines and UV rays emitted by tanning beds or the sun. Therefore, you try the following methods to prevent high-level exposure and related risks:

  • X-rays should be avoided. Only get X-rays taken if they are medically essential.
  • Limit your exposure to the sun. You need sunlight for your health, but not too much of it. Also, avoid the sun when the rays are at their highest during the day.
  • Limit your use of tanning beds. If you need a rapid summer tan, just restrict your time in the sun.

What Effects Do EMFs Have on Our Health?

Electronic equipment generates frequencies that interact with cellular structures like electrons and atoms. These frequencies have the potential to disturb our chemistry. Magnetic radiation was classified as a class 3 carcinogen by the World Health Organization/International Agency.

According to a study, EMF radiation may decrease the pineal gland’s melatonin generation. We’ve all heard about the benefits of melatonin for sleep and its capacity to possibly decrease cancer cells.

If you are susceptible to EMFs, you may experience weariness, poor sleep, and a lower than usual ability to manage stress. Prolonged EFM exposure or intolerance can also cause brain fog. Chronic tiredness, mitochondrial dysfunction, poor neurological function, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD have all been related.

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EMF and adrenal function

Generally, your adrenal glands help your body perform many tasks while feeling stressed. In addition, it is precisely under a stressful condition that your adrenals facilitate certain actions, allowing you to adopt a more protective posture.

In moments of stress, your adrenals activate the body’s fight-or-flight reaction. As this happens, your adrenal cortex produces glucocorticoids and chemicals that assist you in dealing with the issue. In the meantime, your adrenal medulla cells secrete catecholamine class chemicals such as norepinephrine and epinephrine to help your body mount a fast reaction.

Consequently, EMF exposure results in severe oxidative damage. When this happens, specific changes happen in the adrenal glands. EMF exposure increased the volume of the subjects’ adrenal glands. The thickness of the adrenal cortex increased significantly as well. 

Adrenal insufficiency is associated with any growth of the body’s adrenal glands. The body may experience a sudden loss of enzymes required to keep the adrenals balanced. So, the body may be unable to create sufficient cortisol, the hormone responsible for combating stress. 

As a result, the body’s NeuroEndoMetabolic (NEM) Stress Response is disrupted. High EMF exposure triggers your body’s stress response. Consequently, your cortisol levels may be increased. This causes hyperactivity as well as adrenal insufficiency.

Moreover, if nothing is done to repair the adrenals’ state, this electromagnetic hypersensitivity can induce persistent stress in the body. Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome (AFS) may develop if things drop dramatically.

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How Exposed Are You to EMF Radiation

When it comes to EMF exposure, acting quickly is important. The good news is that there is a lot you can do to reduce your exposure and protect your health. The point is to find out what the best options are for you.

We are all exposed to an increasing amount of EMF from many sources. However, each person’s exposure is different to their lifestyle and environment. 

Smart meters, for instance, may pose the most risk to specific people. Others may be most vulnerable due to the electrical wiring in their homes. Others may be affected by a neighboring cell tower.

Two elements determine the impact of EMF exposure on your body. The first is the strength of the EMF emission, and the second is the duration of your exposure. 

EMF at home or workplace

People spend the majority of their time at home or work. The majority of your EMF exposure happens at home and in the workplace.

Smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, TVs, and Bluetooth devices are typical in the average household. Furthermore, phones, computers, laptops, wireless printers, and Wi-Fi routers are common in most companies, where workers spend at least seven to eight hours every day. And all of this equipment produces a lot of EMF.

Consider how many hours a day you are exposed to EMF radiation. Wireless equipment and networks can be found anywhere, from your house to the workplace to your neighborhood shopping center. This level of exposure exceeds what our bodies have evolved to handle.

In summary, there is a lot of EMF in your house and workplace. Even if you haven’t seen any health impacts, it doesn’t mean no harm has been done. Some serious issues, such as cancer, might take decades to develop. Furthermore, health disorders can progress to more advanced stages before being detected and diagnosed.

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How Exposed Are You to EMF Radiation

How to Reduce EMF Exposure


The more electronics you own and use, the more radiation you expose yourself to. Many products and equipment can now connect to an app via Wi-Fi emitting radiation.

Reducing EMF sources eliminates EMF exposure, so don’t worry. Remove EMF emitters such as Wi-Fi routers, unused TVs, and portable devices. Even relocating them from the area, you spend the most time removing a lot of unwanted EMF radiation. 

However, EMF radioactivity is still present in the environment due to Wi-Fi networks, cell phone connections, and people using wireless gadgets close to you.

A normal microwave and your mobile phone work at a few gigahertz, exposing you to EMF radiation. This type of radiation is known as pulsed radiation since it is not a continuous stream.

When you use a microwave, radiation heat engages with charged particles in food and our brains via vibration, causing damage. Furthermore, there is significant biological harm, and pulsed radiation compounds the damage. As a result, removing this often used cooking utensil from your kitchen area is essential. It is simply not healthy in any manner.


The greater your distance from a radiation source, the less vulnerable you are to its potency. Keep a slight distance between yourself and the radiation source to stay safer. Even a slight increase in distance between you and your mobile phone, tablet, or other devices can make a huge difference. 

One foot apart reduces exposure by 80%, while four feet away reduces exposure by 98 percent. This is due to the inverse-square rule of radiation. Physics’ laws are unbreakable.


It requires time for radiation to affect. A slow energy flow can cause subtle cell alterations over time. Short-term exposure may not be at the same level as long-term exposure can affect your body.

The more radiation you are exposed to, the more it affects you. Take control of this by only using your phone when necessary.


It is possible to protect yourself from Electromagnetic Radiation from portable electronics by wearing a radiation shield that can transmit, absorb, and disperse the radiation between you and the emitter. The amount or kind of shielding required to defend against various forms of radiation is determined by the amount of radiation emitted by the source.


We understand that wires are irritating. Everything now operates without a plug-in: headphones, computer mice, phones, keyboards, speakers, etc.

However, when the wired connection is removed, radio frequencies are needed to connect gadgets, which deliver EMF radiation via the airspace around you rather than through the little cable on the floor.

Those using wired devices will help lower EMF exposure in your home. Rather than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, try using a wired mouse, keyboard, headphones, and speakers.

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You have various options for securing yourself. If you are concerned about your exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation, you should inform yourself. Take action to make yourself more at ease. 

You may protect yourself and improve your health without giving up the technology and comforts you are accustomed to by reducing EMF exposure in your household, being aware of what causes EMFs, and creating a proper sleep environment in your bedroom.

Finally, it would help to consider whether protecting yourself from EMF exposure is worthwhile. It is all up to you. When being around electronic devices is so common, you pick what makes you feel comfortable.

Extensive research is being undertaken to understand the long-term impacts of non-ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation exposure properly. In the meantime, we encourage you to discover more about how to reduce EMF exposure.

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