How to Reduce EMF in Bedroom

EMF or electromagnetic fields are the invisible areas of energy that are also known as radiation. EMF radiation is emitted by every electrical and wireless device around us, such as smartphones, cell towers, WiFi routers, etc. 

The radiation emitted by these devices and electrical structures can potentially have severe side effects on a person’s health due to exposure. This is because the long-term effects of EMF radiation exposure can lead to the development of various types of cancer. 

So it is incredibly important to know how to reduce EMF in bedroom so you can protect yourself in the best way possible. Keep reading to get all the information you need.

Reducing the EMF Radiation in Your Bedroom 

How to Reduce EMF in Bedroom 

Some ways that you can reduce EMF radiation in your bedroom are:

  • Turn off the WiFi router
  • No cell phones in the bedroom
  • Remove all electronic devices
  • Keep your bed away from power sources
  • No metal springs mattress
  • Use EMF shielding canopy
  • No synthetic materials

Reducing the EMF Radiation in Your Bedroom 

You are frequently exposed to non-ionizing radiation each day. Electrical wires, radio waves, microwaves, and electronics are a few of the sources of it. EMFs are energy waves that surround plugged-in and turned-on electrical equipment. 

They are not visible or palpable. EMFs surround electrical cables and control panels that help supply energy to your home and the gadgets and devices you put into electrical sockets.

However, despite not being tangible, EMFs carry great risk for those overexposed to them. Prolonged exposure to EMFs can lead to cancer development in the future, or it can cause sleep disorders like insomnia, migraines, and a slew of other health issues.

Turn off the WiFi router 

It has been proven that WiFi can have negative effects on our health. Ensure that your WiFi router is turned off before going to bed. The safest action is to unplug the router until you need it again because most routers switch the WiFi back on automatically when they have power, significantly increasing the radiation pollution in your home.

You do not need to be exposed to EMF radiation while you are sleeping, especially when you do not even need it at night. So turn off your WiFi router and get a night of restful sleep with no disturbances to your dream. 

No cell phones in the bedroom 

Please avoid using your phone right before bed as it emits EMFs, but also, the blue light will make it harder to fall asleep. 

So, by not using it before bedtime, your phone would stop emitting EMFs, but it would also stop emitting blue light, which has been linked to issues with melatonin levels and falling asleep quickly.

The best way to protect yourself against EMFs from your cell phone is by leaving the device in a different room. You will not be tempted to keep scrolling through your social media because your phone will be away from you. 

Remove all electronic devices

You should seriously consider making your bedroom a device-free zone in your house. There is no need to expose your body to further EMF radiation during the night hours. So, remove every wireless device from your bedroom, including phones, chargers, tablets, laptops, etc., and everything that emits EMFs. 

Sleeping during the night means you do not need to keep wireless devices close by. Instead, you can power them on in the morning and see if you have any messages, and check your social media profiles. 

Keep your bed away from power sources

Move your bed if it is against a wall and there is a power meter or circuit breaker on the opposite side. This is also true if a refrigerator or other significant electrical appliance is located right behind the wall where you sleep.

Consider where your bed is in relation to strong electrical fields inside your bedroom and on the other side of any interior or exterior walls. If there are power outlets next to your bed, you should move the bed to the other side of the room to avoid being close to them when sleeping. 

No metal springs mattress 

If you sleep on a mattress with metal springs, you lie on an EMF-attracting antenna. This is because metal is conductive and it attracts and magnifies the electromagnetic waves emitted by the devices around you. 

This means that the EMFs are directly going into your body while sleeping on the meta springs mattress. Buying a memory foam mattress or another mattress without metal coils or construction is the best answer for avoiding EMFs. Plus, a memory foam mattress is better for your back and will provide you with better sleep quality. So, it is a win-win solution!

Use EMF shielding canopy 

Another excellent way to stay protected during the night hours or even during the day while you are lying in your bed is to put an EMF shielding canopy on it. Not only will the canopy protect you against EMF radiation, but also your bed will look great.

A bed canopy that protects against EMFs is composed of electromagnetic frequency-blocking material. One of the best methods to safeguard yourself from the dangers of EMFs is using EMF bed canopies.

How to Reduce EMF in Bedroom

No synthetic materials 

Synthetic materials are great at attracting static electricity, increasing your chances of exposure to it. Synthetic material causes the body to accumulate static electricity, which causes an electric shock when a metal object is touched.

You should avoid using blankets and sheets made from synthetic fabric and instead use fabrics made from natural materials. Some excellent materials for your bedding include silk, cotton, linen, and wool. These natural materials are better for your overall physical health, not only as protection against EMFs.


In conclusion, if you want to know how to reduce EMF in bedroom, follow the tips I have provided above. They are excellent and will let you have a good night’s sleep without disturbing your sleep rhythm. 

Best of all, you will make your bedroom a safe haven against the harmful EMF radiation your devices emit.

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