How to Stop a Smart Meter From Transmitting

More and more utility companies are trying to force customers to install smart meters in their homes. Smart meters, unfortunately, emit EMF radiation when they are on. Having a smart meter in your home completely defeats the purpose of implementing EMF protection measures.

However, you cannot even opt out of having a smart meter installed in some states. While many are still fighting to have a choice in the type of meters put in their homes, others are left wondering how to stop a smart meter from transmitting.

How to Stop a Smart Meter From Transmitting

How to Stop a Smart Meter From Transmitting

There are several ways that you can stop a smart meter from transmitting: 

  • Check the opt-out laws for your state
  • Use a smart meter frequency jammer
  • Buy EMF shielding products
  • Electromagnetic filtering
  • Disconnecting from the smart meter

Smart Meter and RF Radiation

With more and more utility companies trying to install smart meters in their consumers’ homes, the danger of RF radiation is at an all-time high. Some smart meters emit higher amounts of EMF than others, depending on the signal’s power. 

There are smart meters whose signal emits such high levels of RF radiation that your and your neighbors’ entire houses are bathed in it. On the other hand, some smart meters emit radiation that only impacts the rooms it is closest to. 

However, no matter how powerful the smart meter is, you are still in danger due to the EMFs you absorb daily. This is why it is important to stop smart meters from transmitting.

Check the opt-out laws in your state 

The first thing to do, whether you already have or don’t have a smart meter in your home, is to check the opt-out laws in your state. Some states allow having a smart meter installed up to the citizens’ choice

If your state has such a law, you can refuse to have a smart meter installed in your home by the utility company. It is better to check the laws because some utility companies may trick you into thinking you do not have a choice. 

If you already have a smart meter in your home but live in an opt-out state, you can request that the utility company remove and replace it with an analog meter

Use a smart meter frequency jammer 

Another solution, if you have a smart meter in your house that you cannot get rid of because of state laws, is to purchase a smart meter frequency jammer.

Based on their technology, smart jammers, also known as misleading jammers or digital radio frequency memory (DRFM) jammers, are frequently utilized by the defense sector in cyber attacks and defense suites to fool adversarial radars and safeguard all assets. 

However, besides being useful against cyber attacks, frequency jammers can also disrupt smart meters from transmitting. By blocking the transmission from the smart meter, a frequency jammer helps protect you against the RF radiation the meter emits. 

Smart Meter and RF Radiation

Buy EMF shielding products 

The most effective EMF shielding product against smart meter transmission is a blocking cover that you can slide over the meter. According to consumers, a smart meter guard can effectively block 80% to 98% of radiation emissions. 

A smart meter cover is a type of Faraday cage. The covers are usually made of stainless steel mesh and intercept their transmissions when put over the smart meter. However, you do not have to worry about the utility company knocking on your door as the cover lets enough signals through to send the needed feedback back to them. 

Electromagnetic filtering 

Another way to protect yourself inside the house from the RF radiation from smart meters is through electromagnetic (EMF) filtering. You can buy different types of EMF filters. For example, you can get a canopy for your bed that will keep you safe while sleeping through the night or buy EMF-blocking paint. 

There are also plug-in EMF filters that you can plug into any electrical socket in your house. A plug-in filter will block the smart meter transmissions by creating a barrier in the area where you plug it in that shields you against RF radiation. 

Disconnecting from the smart meter 

You can purchase a system that can be set up to periodically disengage your smart meter during the day. A setup like this will prevent your smart meter from emitting radio waves throughout the day. Your home might be powered by solar energy that has been saved in a battery backup during these times. 

This would represent a step away from complete reliance on the utility provider for your water, heating, and power. By switching to solar power during the day, you might significantly reduce the amount of EMFs your family is exposed to due to the smart meter.

The Dangers of Smart Meter Radiation 

Depending on how the particular power provider has it configured, a smart meter emits bursts of radio frequency (RF) radiation up to 60,000 micro-watts per square meter (60 times the U.S. safety limit) every 30 to 45 seconds. This is a much higher amount of RF radiation than even your smartphone emits.

Additionally, they change the AC current, leading each electrical circuit connected to the smart meter to experience highly harmful “electric fog” (also known as dirty electricity). Smart meters are hazardous because they subject the people who live in or work in a building to extremely harmful levels of RF radiation and dirty electricity. 

There are so many independent, peer-reviewed scientific studies tying these “non-ionizing” radiation types to issues like insomnia, tinnitus, cancer, diabetes, DNA damage (particularly in fetuses and young children), and male infertility.


In conclusion, the above-mentioned methods are the best ones to help you learn how to stop a smart meter from transmitting. Smart meters are becoming more common in households across America, increasing the risk of EMF radiation. 

While most people do not seem to understand nor care about the danger smart meters pose, the radiation emitted can lead to long-term health issues. This is why protecting yourself as much as possible from these EMFs is incredibly important. 

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