How to Turn Off the WiFi in Your Home

We live in times when the technological benefits have blinded us of the health hazards that it may entail. The WiFi technology, for instance, has wooed the world and has become an integral part of our lives. However, once you realize how WiFi is a dominant source of EMF radiation in the form of radiofrequency and is detrimental to health, you may want to know how to turn off WiFi to minimize exposure to this radiation.

The reason why Wi-Fi has become a cause of concern is that its usage has extended beyond PCs or Smartphones. We now even have TVs and refrigerators that can connect to Wi-Fi, and add to this radiation.

Early Symptoms of High WiFi Exposure

According to some research observations the earlier symptoms usually begin as headache, ringing in the ear, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, irritability, or cognitive disturbances. Unless the objects that are responsible for such radiations like wireless smart meter, routers, etc. are removed from proximity, prolonged exposure can lead to more intense ailments related to the body or mind.

Children tend to be worse affected by Wi-Fi radiation than adults. Unlike Ultraviolet or X-Ray radiation, the symptoms due to radiofrequency take more time to be felt. This makes people think that ‘If I am not feeling the effects then it’s not that big of a deal’. But it can be too late by the time one realizes the impacts of radiation on their health.

Early Symptoms of High WiFi Exposure - How to Turn Off the WiFi in Your Home

Effects of EMF Radiation on Human Body

Constant exposure to EMF radiation makes you susceptible to damage at the cellular level, but the effects are cumulative. Which means you won’t notice the harm until it’s too late.

Many researchers have also suggested that the reproductive disorders can be linked back to radiofrequency exposure. Hormone production may also suffer due to prolonged exposure to EMF radiation. Drop in sperm counts is a noted consequence of the EMF radiation. Excess use of WiFi devices can be considered hazardous for child birth.

Besides infertility risks, some studies also point out the possibilities of cancers due to constant exposure to EMF radiation.

Effects of EMF Radiation on the Human Body

Constant exposure to EMF radiation makes you susceptible to damage at the cellular level, but the effects are cumulative. Which means you won’t notice the harms until it’s too late.

Many researchers have also suggested that reproductive disorders can be linked back to radiofrequency exposure. Hormone production may also suffer due to exposure to EMF radiation. A drop in sperm count is a noted consequence of this radiation. Environments with an excess of WiFi devices can be considered unsuitable for childbirth.

Besides infertility risks, some studies also point out the possibilities of cancers due to constant exposure to EMF radiations.

What is EMF Radiation

EMF radiation refers to two properties of any particle that is electrically charged and is also in motion. There is an electric field associated with a static charge and a magnetic field associated with a moving charge. The combination of both fields is referred to as EMF radiation.

In simple terms, any technology running electrically has an EMF radiation linked to it. However, not all these radiations are the same. Some are higher in frequency therefore more energetic radiations, like UV. Others may have a lower frequency.

How to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure at Home

Every cell in the human body communicates using tiny electric signals. Interference due to long term exposure to radio waves produced by Wi-Fi shouldn’t come as a surprise. Even the WHO has placed radiofrequency as a class 2b carcinogen, which means, there are some evidences that it can cause cancer.

It raises the question, what can we do about it? We surely can’t cut ourselves off the internet completely. But there are few precautions we can take to minimize exposure to the radiofrequency in our daily lives. Turning off internet at night seems like an ideal solution to this. Most people haven’t thought of it and so may not know how to turn it off. We are listing all of the ways to turn off the Wi-Fi on all devices commonly used at homes.

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How to Turn Off WiFi on Smartphones 

Smartphones come first to mind when thinking of reducing your exposure to these EMF radiations. One of the reasons they are most dangerous to us is they are in close proximity to us for the greatest amount of time. Those addicted to social networking are even worse affected as they are exposed to this radiation even through the late hours of the night.

Turning Wi-Fi off on iPhone

To stop sending Wi-Fi signals from your Apple devices, don’t just turn it off from the control center but you must navigate to the Wi-Fi panel in the settings menu. Now flip the toggle button to switch off the Wi-Fi.

Turning Wi-Fi off on Android

It’s pretty much the same set of steps to turn off Wi-Fi on android devices. Go to the settings menu and find the Wi-Fi panel usually inside the connections menu. Flip the toggle button to turn it off.

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How to Turn Off WiFi on Smartphones - How to Turn Off the WiFi in Your Home

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi on Laptops

On laptops, you can easily find the wireless settings on the bottom-right hand corner. There should be a wireless icon visible in the corner that you can click to open the Wi-Fi menu. On the menu, you will find another Wi-Fi icon that you can click to disable Wi-Fi.

Next to the Wi-Fi icon, you will notice another icon that says ‘Airplane Mode’. Does airplane mode turn off WiFi when activated? It does. But it also turns off your device’s access to the cellular network which is something you wouldn’t want.

How to Turn Off Wi-Fi on Kindle

Activating airplane mode on your Kindle device will halt all radiofrequency signals from the device. With e-book readers we don’t have to worry about turning off the cellular network, so airplane mode turns out a suitable option for turning off wireless signals.

Turning Off Wi-Fi on Smart TV

If you are set on preventing the radio frequencies from affecting your health, you shouldn’t leave Wi-Fi activated on your TVs either. But there are no uniform steps for all brands of Smart TVs. There is a slight difference between each Television brand.


On Sony Smart TV, you can find the wireless controls on the main menu, which can be accessed by pressing the home button on the TV remote. Navigate to settings and find the network on the submenu. Find ‘advanced settings’ submenu under the ‘network’ and search for built-in Wi-Fi. Once you turn it off you have a successfully disabled wireless internet connection.


Open the menu option from the TV remote. Click on the settings sub-menu near the bottom. You will find wireless settings on that list. Find the on/off toggle button. Turn it off to disconnect your smart TV from Wi-Fi.


Access the VIA Plus interface using the menu button on the remote. Open settings and find the system submenu. You will notice smart interactivity on the screen. Turning it off will disconnect your TV from Wi-Fi.

How to Turn Off WiFi on Router

How to Turn Off WiFi on Router

Router devices are also responsible for producing and spreading radiofrequencies through the house. Turning them off at night is an important step in reducing exposure to EMF radiation. This can be achieved in two ways. You can turn it off from your computer or you can physically power it off.

Turning off Wi-Fi from your computer

To open the interface that lets you communicate with your router through the computer, you will need to open the router’s web address that you can find in its user manual. Once you enter your credentials, you can access the controls that will let you open the settings menu and flip the toggle switch to disable Wi-Fi.

If you need 24 hours internet access, you can use Ethernet cables with your router so it doesn’t emit EMF radiation while providing internet to all your devices. Use of optical fiber cables can reduce our dependence on Wi-Fi for our internet needs. Turning off the internet may not be possible in some government offices or academic institutions, Ethernet or Fiber can be a healthy alternative.

Physically turning off the router

Most wireless router devices have a switch on the side that can be flicked ON or OFF. However, if this doesn’t work, you may need to unplug your router from the power source to stop it from producing Wi-Fi signals.

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Can Shungite protect you against EMF radiation

Can Shungite protect you against EMF radiation?

The name ‘Shungite’ is popping up everywhere in reference to protection against EMF. What makes it so special? And what exactly is this mysterious rock?

Shungite is a rare mineral found only in the Russian region of Karelia. It is known to relieve stress, detoxify body and mind and most importantly it protects from the harmful EMF radiation. Its unique composition makes it effective in countering the disruptive effects of radiation. It stabilizes your EMF field which the radiofrequency may disturb.

Molecular composition of Shungite

It is made of fullerene molecules that are made of 60 carbon atoms arranged in a specific 3D structure. The origin of Shungite stone is unknown yet, however, lots of researches have been done regarding its benefits to humans. This stone is known to kill viruses and bacteria, reduces oxidative stress to keep skin healthy, reduces inflammation, but it also has the ability to shield us from EMF emissions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do cell phones emit EMF radiation?

Yes, cell phones too release radiofrequencies that in the long term may cause issues. But that generally happens from excessive use of cell phones at a close distance from the body. If you work in a call center or if your work involves attending too many calls, it could be a cause of concern.

There are a few practical steps to shield oneself from this radiation:

  • Maintain distance from your cell phones. Avoid keeping it in your breast pocket
  • Use an EMF blocking cell phone case to lower the radiation emitted by your phone
  • Shungite is another solution to protect from such EMF radiation

Can I disable Wi-Fi on my router by changing the Transmit (Tx) settings?

Sometimes your Wi-Fi router may not have the option to turn it off. In such cases, to avoid having to unplug the power to turn it off, you can also change the power to 0 to disable Wi-Fi. If the option to change the Tx settings is not visible, upgrade the firmware to install new features.

You may consult manufacturer documentation of your router’s model to understand this better.

Can I disable Wi-Fi by removing the antennas from my router device?

If your Wi-Fi router uses detachable antennas, removing them will definitely turn off Wi-Fi. But make sure to follow proper procedure for removing the Wi-Fi adapters such as the USB stick. You may incur data losses in case of improper removal.

How to know if a Shungite is authentic?

You will need a battery, a bulb, and a few wires to check if the Shungite conducts electricity. An authentic Shungite would conduct electricity through it, and this way you can confirm if you have got your hands on a real Shungite or if it’s a fake.

Create a circuit and place the Shungite anywhere between the bulb and the battery. If the bulb lights up, you can rest assured that it is an authentic Shungite.

Does radiation from Wi-Fi cause damage to DNA similar to X-Rays or Gamma rays?

No, these are ionizing radiation and cause damage to humans in a very short time. Radiation due to Wi-Fi is a form of non-ionizing radiation and is responsible for causing damage over a long period of time instead, and at a very short distance from the source of radiation.

Due to this reason, earlier studies didn’t raise concerns regarding the harms of low-frequency radiations like radio waves. However, once people began reporting of headaches, insomnia, and other initial symptoms, awareness regarding its harm started to grow.


Many studies have already hinted at the potential harms of being exposed to radio-frequencies but future researches may bring to light many more adverse effects and health issues that these may produce in human beings.

Turning off Wi-Fi at night seems like the best solution so far. For most devices, it is pretty easy and less time consuming to disable Wi-Fi, but if you find it hard to remember turning off the Wi-Fi on your devices, you can use a timer app to automatically turn off the Wi-Fi at the set time. Such apps can easily be found on Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store.

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