How to Use Black Tourmaline for EMF Protection

EMF has never been more present and dangerous than it is today. We are practically surrounded by EMF radiation all the time, and there is almost no chance of avoiding it. 

No matter how much someone tells you it is harmless, EMF has damaging effects on the body, especially in the long run. I have found ways to reduce that damage by using protective crystals like black tourmaline.

That is the topic I want to discuss with you in this article and inform you how to use black tourmaline for EMF protection. Stick with me and learn how you can benefit from this crystal.

How to Use Black Tourmaline for EMF Protection

Black tourmaline is an excellent crystal for EMF protection, as it absorbs magnetic fields because of its dominant iron structure. You can use black tourmaline for protection against harmful EMF by wearing it on yourself or placing it at specific points around your home.

This crystal is also called a grounding crystal because it consumes negative energies and creates balance and stability. It tunes in with the body’s root chakra, which is responsible for security and stability.

Where to Place Black Tourmaline for EMF Protection

As I’ve already mentioned, black tourmaline has beneficial grounding effects on the body. It might absorb negative energies and give a positive, stable, and secure mindset. 

To make black tourmaline provide these benefits, you must place it at specific points around your home. This will maximize its effects and possibly give you constant protection, especially against EMF.

Place it in your bedroom

The bedroom is an excellent place to put several black tourmaline crystals. Placing them around your bed, preferably on the bedside table, will maximize their effects.

Placing this crystal in your bedroom might benefit you in several ways. First, it might absorb negative energies and help you fall asleep faster. 

It might make you feel calm and at peace and prevent any nightmares you might have during the night. All of these side effects are partial results of EMF.

You should also place black tourmaline in your child’s bedroom as it might help them avoid nightmares and absorb negative energy, transforming it into a positive one.

Place it in other rooms near electronic devices

Since black tourmaline is considered one of the best and most potent crystals for absorbing EMF radiation, it is a great idea to place it around electronic devices around your home.

The best place is to put it near computers, laptops, routers, TVs, and other strong EMF-emitting devices to reduce their effects on the central nervous system and the body overall.

By doing this, the electronic implications of these devices might reduce, and your body’s sensitivity to them will normalize.

Place it at the entrance of your home

Because black tourmaline transforms negative energies into positive ones, it is a great idea to place it at the front door of your home.

Why? Because the front door is where you welcome visitors and friends into your home. If any of them have a negative aura, black tourmaline might help absorb and reduce it. 

Adding additional EMF protection from your surroundings is great by placing black tourmaline outside your home, near the front entrance.

Where to Place Black Tourmaline for EMF Protection

Should You Wear Black Tourmaline?

You may wonder if wearing black tourmaline on your person is a good idea. Let me tell you that wearing black tourmaline as jewelry or in your pocket is absolutely beneficial. There are several reasons why wearing this EMF protection crystal is beneficial:

  • Its protective properties might absorb negative EMF energies and keep you grounded
  • It may absorb other people’s negative energy on you and might make you feel more positive
  • It might also help you heal quicker and remove harmful toxins from your body
  • It might increase your sense of creativity and help cure emotional distress

Can you wear black tourmaline every day?

Yes, it is safe to wear black tourmaline every day. It has no known toxic effects and might provide many benefits and protection. 

Many people consider it a gemstone, and jewelers craft rings, necklaces, and pendants out of it. Wearing it every day will provide constant protection from electronic devices. 

Black tourmaline might shield you from harmful cell phone radiation to some degree, but there are other ways to minimize this close-range radiation even further.

Origin and Characteristics of Black Tourmaline

Now that you know how to use black tourmaline for emf protection, let’s look at this crystal’s origins and some of its characteristics.

What is black tourmaline, and where is it found?

Black tourmaline is also known as Shorl and is part of the tourmaline family of gems. Tourmaline crystals can occur in many colors, and black is only one of them.

It is a silicate crystal style with many ridges and striations composed of elements such as aluminum, iron, sodium, magnesium, and boron. 

Its name is derived from the Sri Lankan term “Thoramalli”, given to a group of gemstones found in Sri Lanka. 

Today, most of the tourmaline is mined in Africa and Brazil. Still, you can also find it in other places worldwide, such as Afghanistan and nearby regions, Africa, Zambia, Namibia, etc.

Is black tourmaline magnetic?

Because of the high concentration of iron, black tourmaline is considered one of the most magnetic natural crystals. 

Iron is also the reason why black tourmaline has that color and why it’s able to absorb a lot of EMF radiation. 

Origin and Characteristics of Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline can be charged to increase its protection

Did you know that you can also charge black tourmaline to increase its protective power?

Charging a crystal, like black tourmaline, is like charging a battery. Since it has a high presence of iron in its composition, black tourmaline absorbs energy and then releases it, causing us to feel better in the process. 

The best way to charge a black tourmaline crystal is to leave it in the sun for half an hour. The sun will break down and reduce the negative energy absorbed in the crystal, cleansing it. Moonlight also charges and cleanses this crystal, but less effectively than sunshine.


Knowing how to use black tourmaline for EMF protection is essential, and I hope this article has proven helpful to you in that regard. 

There is nothing more important than health, and nothing is more dangerous than hidden, long-term enemies like EMF who want to do permanent damage to our bodies. That is why it’s best to prevent it now rather than to heal it later. 

If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below, and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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