Induction Cooking Health Hazards

Induction technology is commonly used nowadays by many people, and it is represented as a safe and fast way of cooking your food. But have you ever thought about induction cooking health hazards and how it affects your overall health?

Many studies conducted in the past few years show how the EMF and radiation and 5G Network can cause harmful side effects on your overall health. Also, it might cause cancer in young children, and also, after prolonged usage of any electrical devices that you might have in your home, it might cause many unwanted symptoms. 

So, we have researched to help you decide whether you should get an induction cooker or not. All you have to do is go quickly over this article and find all of the information on induction cooking health hazards. 

Induction Cooking 

Before discussing the negative effects that induction cooking technology can cause, first, we need to get more information on what induction technology is and how it works. Does it benefit you, or is it just a scam and something that can harm you? 

So, induction is a process of using electricity to create energy, and it is just like any appliance you use in your home. But there is a slight difference when it comes to the overall process of creating the energy. The induction uses a powerful magnetic field to make the necessary energy and cook your meal. 

Moreover, the cooker is made out of copper coils, and when the electrical current is passed through them, they become magnetic. So, if you place a steel pan on your cooker or ferrous pan, it creates an extension of the electromagnetic force. The current frequency can be as high as 24 kHz, according to different studies. 

Furthermore, as we can see, the pan becomes magnetized, and a part of the magnetized current is passed on into your body when you touch your pan or when you consume the food. Also, you can feel the EMF, electromagnetic radiation in your body. This is only one reason that proves how dangerous and harmful the induction cooker can be compared to standard household appliances. But we did further investigation, so sit tight and continue reading. 

What is Induction Cooking 

Induction Cooking health hazards

Well, this is an interesting question. We are all concerned about the radiation emitted from our smartphones, Wi-Fi, or any other electrical device. But we never thought that the actual induction cooktop emits a lot of EMF radiation known to be dangerous. 

Many studies have been done on the long-term impacts of EMF radiation and the issues related to the induction cooker, which is actually proven to be dangerous. So, instead of focusing on smartphones, you should focus on the negative side effects that you can get from the induction cooktop. 

The danger of the radiation is also related to the actual exposure to the cooker and even the length. So remember, if you have a pacemaker, you should be at least 2 or 3 meters standing away from the induction cooker since it emits a large dose of EMF radiation. 

EMF radiation and types of EMF radiation

In case you are not familiar with EMF radiation, we are going to make the explanation as simple as possible in order for you to get a general idea of what it is and how it works, and how it is used. 

So, since the beginning of the universe, the sun has been sending EMFs or radiation. And in the 20th century, electric power and also indoor lightning spread worldwide. According to the scientist, the power lines that are supplying all energy to the world’s population are also sending EMFs, the same as the sun does. 

There is an electromagnetic spectrum of radiation that exists in high-energy and also low-energy often called high-frequency and low-frequency radiation. 

Some examples of high-frequency radiation include:

  • X-rays
  • Gamma rays
  • Higher-energy UV rays. 

Some examples of low-frequency radiation include:

  • Radio Frequency
  • Visible Light 
  • Infrared

EMF and Radiation Found in Induction Cooktops 

What Level of EMF Is Dangerous For Your Health

There is no conclusive answer to this question, but many studies have been done over the years that indicate the dangers and health risks one can experience. According to the newest studies, it all depends on what kind of radiation you are exposed to and at what rate. 

If you are exposed to the EMF for a longer period and at a higher rate, you might experience higher risks of developing certain types of cancer and poor immune response because of hemodynamic imbalance. Also, you can experience neurological and mental issues, hormonal changes, especially melatonin change, decreased infertility, and even complete sterility, and also, you can experience oxidative stress that makes DNA damage. 

EMF and Radiation Found in Induction Cooktops 

EMF or Electromagnetic Field radiation is a significant concern nowadays. If you are asking yourself why it is that, then there is a simple explanation. The EMF is used in the induction cookers, and as you know, radiation and specifically EMF radiation, is harmful to your body and also for everyone around you. 

But, remember the sun creates natural EMF radiation, unlike the human version or new technology included in the induction cooking stoves. So, you should be aware that induction cooking can cause health hazards. 

Also, you might ask yourself where exactly this radiation can come from? As we mentioned, it is naturally occurring from the sun, but it is also produced in the earth’s deep core and some artificial sources that combine together and form electricity. But you should know that EMF can be found in your home, especially in your Wi-Fi routers, Electric wires, Cellphones, Kitchen appliances, as your induction cooker, computer, TV, and also the cell towers in your area. 

Induction cooktops and induction cooking health hazards

According to many studies conducted in the past years, or since the cooktops appeared, there are many negative comments about the induction cooktops overall technology. So let’s go and see what types of cons are there when it comes to their usage in your home. 


First of all, they are not cheap to buy. The induction cooktops are pretty expensive, and they can cost you more than you have expected. Also, they use new technology that, as we said, could be harmful. 

Extra expenses

Then you need to buy special cooking equipment if you want to cook with your induction cooker. The special cookware is unique magnetic cookware that is not the usual cookware that we use. 


The cooktop can make a lot of noise. So if you are not a fan of loud noises and want to cook smoothly and without noise, this is not for you. Also, the cooker that you use depends on what kind of noise the cooker will make. So if you use your traditional cookware or steel pan, you will heal a lot of noise. 

Power dependency

If the power goes out, there is no way for you to cook and use the cooktop. But if you are one of those who enjoys cooking on gas cooktops, you should stick to it. It is much easier cooking on a gas cooktop than an induction cooktop. 

Induction Cooktop Radiation

The induction cooktop emits high electromagnetic frequency radiation when it is used. If you don’t manage the cooking process properly, then using the induction cooktop and the radiation that comes from it can be dangerous for your overall health. It is especially dangerous for people who have pacemaker implants. 

The induction cooktops emit a large amount of EMF radiation, which is non-ionizing EMF radiation. One of the greatest concerns when it comes to using the cooker is the fact that you have to touch the pan, and then your body becomes a part of the circuit. Then the EMF radiation is passed on to your body, and it is more than your body can accept. 

Also, if you come into direct contact with the induction cooktop while it is on, the electromagnetic circuit produces ambient EMF radiation. The cooktop has the Ambien EMF radiation when the cooktop is on and also when it is off. The radiance created when the cooktop is off is actually in a small amount, but it can be hazardous. 

Effects of Induction Cooking on the Nutritional Value of Food

Cooking Fruits

If you want to bake or boil or even fry some of the fruits on your induction stove, you should be aware of its harmful effects. The cooker reduces the nutrients of the food. According to some research done, the amount of nutrients when using an induction stove is reducing significantly or 75% precisely, according to the USDA nutrient list.

Cooking Vegetables

The vegetables, as we know, are full of minerals and vitamins. But if you decide to cook them on an induction cooker, then all of the minerals will reduce, and also, you will lose all of the vitamins. Also, the food can lose 10% of potassium, magnesium, and copper. 

Cooking Meat

As we all know, meat is one of the ingredients that contains a lot of protein. According to many studies done by the EJCP or European Journal of Cancer Prevention, it is proven that the induction cooking of the meat can reduce the proteins of the meat. Also, thiamine can leach from the meat and form thermal damage, which can lead to many diseases, one of which is cancer. 

Symptoms of EMF Exposure

Since your induction cooker is one of the most health-hazardous kitchenware you have in your home, you should think about the side effects that can produce in your body. According to many types of research and many studies done over the years for induction cooking, we can conclude that it is hazardous to use them because they can create different health issues. 

The most common symptoms that occur when you are exposed to EMF radiation are depression, headaches, insomnia, mild anxiety, nausea, appetite loss, dizziness, poor memory, and problems with concentrating.

There are many symptoms that we experience on a daily basis, and you think that they are not included with using your induction cooker. But it would be best if you considered it twice before using it. It is a good idea for you to stop using it for a little bit and then compare the symptoms that you might have and if they are worse or got any better.

After all, it will be best to consult with your doctor to compare the symptoms before and after using the induction cooker. Also, you can discuss your previous health conditions and also the current health conditions and also run some tests if it is necessary.  

Symptoms of EMF Exposure

Effects of Induction cooking for people who have pacemakers

First of all, we need to make it clear that a pacemaker is a small electrical device that regulates the electrical activity of the heart. Pacemakers are commonly used by people who have heart problems and are nothing new to society. But you should know that if you have a pacemaker, then the electromagnetic field can interfere with it and cause some unwanted side effects. 

So, as we mentioned earlier, the induction cooker generates electromagnetic fields, and it can be very dangerous when it comes in touch with a pacemaker. Also, all types of appliances that you have at home that we mentioned earlier, such as Wi-Fi or electric cables, cell phones can harm your health if they come in close contact with your pacemaker. 

It would be best if you didn’t panic. After all, there is always a solution. You can stay away at least 2 meters from the induction cooker or any other device. And also, you can consult your doctor and check the written information that was given to you when your pacemaker was placed. 

So, the electromagnetic radiation that comes from these different devices can lose its power once you step away from them and keep your distance. Remember, this is the crucial thing you need to do if you have a pacemaker inserted, and also, even if you don’t have a pacemaker, it is a good thing to stay away from all of the devices mentioned above. 

Children’s Health and EMF Radiation

Have you ever thought about how safe your child is when around devices that emit EMF radiation? If yes, then you already know how dangerous this is for your children. If not, then we will explain to you why electrical devices such as induction cookers are bad for your child’s overall health. 

Children are also as vulnerable to EMR radiation as are adults and infants. We will further see in the article more information on how radiation influences infants and babies in general. 

There are many differences that make children more vulnerable than adults, and those include the children’s brain, its structure, and its development.. Let us see in more detail why radiation can have a dangerous impact on children. 

Children's Health and Induction Cooking

Children’s Brains and the damage that the induction process can cause

Children’s brains are much smaller, and also they have thinner skulls than adults. This is obvious since the children are much smaller than adults. Also, you might wonder why these matter? Well, we can make a simple comparison in order to explain this.

You can imagine a specific dose of induction cooking radiation penetrating three inches into your head. Then imagine how small the child’s head is. Of course, it is much smaller than yours, and of course, the radiation can penetrate more deeply into their brain and also expose a more significant portion of their brain. 

Also, as we mentioned, children have thinner skulls when compared to adults. The bones act as a natural shield against all types of radiation. So the thinner the skull, the less natural protection, or the opposite, the thicker the skull is in adults, the greater the protection. Remember, children have different physical and also chemical, biological, and psychological development. And as a result of the significant difference, they respond differently to toxins than adults. 

Children Brains are Growing Fast and are Wetter

We have to mention that the children’s brains are smaller, but they also have more water content compared with the adult’s brain. This means that their brains can easily spread the radiation over their bodies and brains faster than adults can. This also proves that there is a great danger for your child to get the radiation into their brain and get more significant damage once exposed to electromagnetic fields. 

And, of course, the children’s brain is growing fast. This means that the cellular levels are dividing and multiplying fast! So any damage to the brain during its development process can harm the cell’s DNA from the radiation, and also, the radiation can be spread through the body. 

Baby’s brains and the damage that the induction process can cause

Babies are more vulnerable than adults and also children. You can imagine how they have a gentle skull, and their bones are not as grown as in children or adults. Also, their brain is smaller than the children’s brain or adults’. The EMR radiation that is emitted from the induction cookers and also from the different wireless devices and Bluetooth devices can harm their overall health. 

The first reason why babies are more vulnerable is obvious. As we mentioned, they are still small, but they are growing day by day. They have a higher rate of cellular mitosis, which is the process where cells divide and multiply. 

The radiation from different devices, such as cell phones or even baby monitors and Wi-Fi, can lead to a genetic mutation. This means that there can be damage to the DNA in the cells of the baby’s brain. 

Also, you should know that in children, the cell replacing method is much faster than in adults. So, adults have a much slower rate of cellular mitosis, and their cells are slowly replaced. The impact of the radiation can cause great damage in the DNA of anyone but much more significantly in babies and children. 

Baby’s Brains and the Damage That the Induction Process Can Cause

Health Risks of 5G and EMF Radiation

As there are many health risks of using an induction cooker or using any other electrical machine and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the same goes for the new 5G network. You might ask when 5G occurs and why someone should be afraid of it? Well, first, we should look and see what 5G represents and what its purpose is and then analyze how it can affect your health. 

What is 5G?

After the global wireless standard networks 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G, this is a new generation of networking and also enables everyone to have a new kind of network that is much faster. It is designed to virtually connect everyone and everything together, including different types of machines, objects, and devices. You should know that the 5G network also radiates EMF. As we mentioned earlier, EMF radiation can lead to many health issues.

5G wireless technology is meant to provide super-speed data, low latency, massive network capacity, increased availability, and provide a greater experience for all tech lovers. Also, it has a purpose to connect new industries. 

Health Risks of 5G and its EMF Radiation 

Nowadays, the 5G cell towers are appearing everywhere in the world, and that means that we will have more 5G connected devices each day, there will be communication available with more and also with new forms of energy and more 5G towers and small cell sites, and they will be closer to the ground. 

All of this, taken together, means that 5G will lead to increased exposure to EMF radiation to everyone in the world. The 5G will use frequencies that have never been used before, and they will be much higher than what your body can tolerate. 

The exposures are not tested yet. But you can imagine how much the 5G network will impact your body and health. Not just short-term side effects, but you might even experience long-term side effects. We still do not know what the highest level of radiation is safe for our bodies. But still, this is something that each of us should consider before using the 5G network. 

Also, as we said, 5G is a type of EMF radiation, and the World Health Organization Agency for Research on Cancer has provided information that the EMF radiation that will be emitted from the 5G towers will be classified as Class 2B carcinogen. This means that everyone will have more significant risks of getting any type of cancer. Moreover, another research has shown that EMF is genotoxic, which destroys the DNA cells, as we mentioned earlier. 

Not only cancer but there are scientific studies showing that this type of radiation can cause nausea, swelling, hair loss, low energy, bone marrow damage, appetite loss, confusion, different infections, and death. Health Risks of 5G and its EMF Radiation 

5G Network and Children’s Health

The children, and especially the infants, are the ones who are most vulnerable to the 5G network just because of its great EMF radiation. So if you are concerned about adults, you might take a break and think more of the children’s health and baby’s health. 

As we mentioned earlier, the children’s and the baby’s brains are smaller than the adult’s brains. So they have greater chances of absorbing more EMF radiation into their brain, and it can be spread through their body. Also, the skeletal structure of the children and the babies is different from an adult. Their skeletons and brains are in the process of development, and the radiation can only harm the process and damage the DNA cells in their brain. 

The baby’s tissues are more absorbent since they are not entirely developed, and they do not have the same function and structure as the adult’s brain. According to one Brazilian study from 2018, it is concluded that young children’s eyes and brains absorb higher levels of radiation than adults. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is induction cooking safe for use? 

The induction cooker or induction cooktop is widely used in the world, but the hazards of using the cooktop are less known to people since this product is represented as one of the best on the market. Also, it is a fancy product that can complement your kitchen, but is it safe to use? That is a great question.

So if you already bought an induction cooktop or you might be thinking of getting one, you should think twice before using it or purchasing it. Induction cooking is not safe at all because it emits EMF radiation that can be really dangerous for adults and especially dangerous for children and infants.

It is more dangerous for infants and children because their brains are not completely developed. They are in the process of development, so if they come in contact with the radiation, their brain cells can get damaged. Also, remember the infant skeleton is not as strong as in adults or even children. So, the radiation might go even deeper into their bodies and make a lot of changes. 

The EMF radiation goes from the cooktop into your pan, and once you touch the pan, part of the radiation is directly transferred into your body. This is non-ionizing radiation and actually emits a lot of the radiation. So, it is not safe to stand next to it or even touch it. 

Can induction cooking cause cancer? 

Well, the answer might vary and depends on many factors. The induction cooktops are emitting EMF, which is dangerous for everyone, especially children and infants. We all have different bodies, and we all have different health conditions, some of them could be mild, some of them are more serious. 

However, the overall exposure to the EMF radiation, which is actually emitted from the induction cooktop, and many more electrical devices that you have in your home might be dangerous for your overall health, and it might even cause cancer. 

Moreover, we need to take into consideration how the EMF radiation affects the food that is cooked on an induction cooktop. The vegetables, fruits, and meat are full of vitamins, minerals and the meat is full of proteins necessary for our bodies. But, unfortunately, the induction cooker reduces their overall minerals, flavors, vitamins, and also proteins by up to 75%. 

Are Induction Cooktops Safe for Use by Pregnant Women

Are induction cooktops safe for use by pregnant women? 

The answer is simply no. You might ask “why not, it is only a cooktop, and we all need to cook our food on something.” Well, first of all, the induction cooker emits dangerous EMF radiation levels that can harm you and your baby. 

This can be simply explained, so once you touch the pan that you are cooking, some of the radiation spreads through your body. Remember that your baby is also affected by everything that is going on around you and also everything that you eat and touch. The baby’s organs are still not developed, their brain is not developed, and you don’t want to cause them any negative effects. 

The higher magnetic fields and the radiation are usually emitted directly to your lower abdomen and your pelvic region. This is one more reason why pregnant ladies are more exposed to the magnetic field and radiation. And that is why many women might have problematic pregnancies. Also, remember that the food that you are cooking using your induction cooker is low in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. This is another reason why you should stop using it. 


We can conclude that the EMF radiation emitted from all the different devices around us can be dangerous for our health. In this article, we have seen all of the induction cooking health hazards, and overall, induction cooking should be avoided. And what is more important is to avoid any technology that we have mentioned in the article in order to prevent health hazards. 

We hope that we have included all of the vital information that will benefit your health. Also, you might have learned something new and something that you never thought about before.

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