Best Low EMF Electric Blanket

For years now, the use of electric blankets has been on the rise. Many people use electric blankets during cold winter nights to keep themselves warm without knowing what dangers they put themselves into. There is a lot of concern about EMF radiation and how home appliances put us at high risk of EMF radiation. So now you might wonder, do electric blankets emit EMF, and how safe are they? 

Using this type of blanket exposes your body to an extreme frequency of electromagnetic field known as EMF radiation. Electric blankets are known for emitting high levels of EMF radiation. The amount of radiation that penetrates your body increases the possibility of developing chronic illness, making blankets an unsafe option for using every day.

Magnetic field radiation has negative effects on the body, so it’s recommended to distance from the source of EMF. While electric blankets are held close to the body, using them every night won’t be good for your health. The more the feelings of exposure, the higher risk you are going to experience. 

Now we are going to review the best low EMF electric blankets on the market.

Best Low EMF Electric Blanket

Best Low EMF Electric Blankets Review

Beautyrest Plush Electric Throw Blanket

Beautyrest claims that they have produced this low EMF electric blanket to have the lowest EMF radiation right in the product description. It’s incredibly soft and comfortable, as any other quality electric blanket should be. 

But, it shouldn’t come as a surprise for you to see how poorly designed some of these blankets actually are. It’s apparent that the brands thought more of the heating aspect of the design than actually making a comfortable product.

This Beautyrest Plush Electric Blanket is made of super-soft microfleece fabric that honestly feels quite pleasant on the skin. One of the things you should probably like is the power box that allows emitting a low EMF radiation, which also helps you keep safe even if the blanket gets wet. It has plenty of power to provide as much warmth as you need. 


New Technology

Made from the newest technology, Beautyrest Plush Electric Blanket utilizes state-of-the-art secure comfort heated technology. This option helps you adjust the temperature and set one based on the overall temperature, spot temperature, or ambient temperature in your room, ensuring a consistent flow of warmth. 

This oversized ultra-soft blanket comes in a variety of patterns and also is very easy to care for. When it comes time to wash it, you can simply unplug it and toss it into the washing machine. 


The heating element is designed with an evenly spaced pattern for the lowest electromagnetic radiation possible, enabling even warmth distribution and a 100% guarantee for maximum safety.

Therapeutic Relief

It comes with three installed levels so you can choose the perfect temperature for yourself. 

Safety and Guarantee

Every product designed from Beautyrest comes with UL certification, programmed on auto on and off every 2 hours for additional safety. Moreover, it has five years of service. You can contact their customer service for assistance if you have any questions or concerns about the product. 

How to use it?

The product is not designed to be laid on, and the best way to use it is to put it over your body. You can place the blanket on a hard surface, table, or floor and then push the button on the plug and softly wiggle the plug left and right and around. While pulling the plug out, hold the throw down as it should slide out. 

  • Auto shut off every 2 hours
  • Easy care and machine washable
  • 70 x 60 x 15 inches
  • 100% polyester
  • Attractive patterns to choose from
  • Doesn’t include batteries

Electric Heated Blanket

This electric heated blanket is fairly simple in both features and its price, and it’s a pretty popular product on Amazon among these types of products. To its credit, it’s probably one of the softest electric blankets that has something you are certainly going to enjoy.

The brand uses its own patented technology to auto-adjust for consistent heat control and distribution. It’s simple to use and makes choosing the heat setting extremely straightforward, especially if you are prepping your bed ahead of time. 

It fits a king-size bed and is made from 100% polyester, which makes it perfect to put in a washing machine and its dryer safe. As far as radiation goes, it falls about in the middle of the pack since it’s better than more expensive and higher-tech blankets on the market, but it’s likely to emit more than some of the other options on the list.


Easy Operation

This low EMF electric blanket comes with ten heating levels starting from 86 to 113 F so you can have complete temperature control. It’s suitable for both cool summer and freezing winter nights. It has a 0.5-12 hours automatic switching to use it without worries.

King Size

Made by 100% polyester with dual controllers, its measure is 90 x 100, making it suitable for the whole family to wrap up and stay extremely snug with integrated heating elements throughout the delivery of a consistent warmth. 

Convenient Maintaining

An electric blanket can be hand washed, or you can put it in the washing machine in the water below 40C/104 F. Even with frequent washing; it does fade or deform; it’s non-piling and brings fresh warming experience every time. Keep in mind to detach the controller before washing.

Safety and Guarantee

You can enjoy happy hours with your family while snuggling and watching your favorite TV shows on the couch since it’s extra soft and brings comfort for a great afternoon nap in bed. It’s super soft and ETL approved, giving a worry-free shopping experience and customer care service with years of experience, available 24 hours for any problem.

How to use it?

The setting allows you to choose from 10 heating levels depending on the overall room temperature and your body temperature. The blanket shuts itself after 2 hours, and it’s perfect to put it over you or lay down on top of it, as the wires are pretty thin and don’t feel uncomfortable on the body.

  • Suitable for cleaning it both in a washing and drying machine
  • 100% polyester
  • Safety and guarantee included
  • Ten heating levels
  • Soft and pleasant, nonfading, non-peeling quality
  • Controlling temperature can be a little confusing

Perfect Fit SoftHeat

Serta Reversible Sherpa/Fleece heated low EMF electric blanket is one of Amazon’s top choices; it is made of polyester material and has white sherpa lining. It has an easy-to-use controller that allows you to set the right heat levels based on the ambient temperatures. 

The brand designed one of the most comfortable blankets you’ll ever have the luxury of snuggling up in. The electric blankets start with super soft micro plush fabric that is refreshingly smooth next to your skin for the ultimate luxurious comfort. 

The benefit this blanket gives is more of an even heat and overall penetration of warmth with no annoying hot and cold spots. The queen-size blanket is divided into two separate zones and comes with two easy-to-read and easy-to-turn non-slip options to adjust the temperature on each side of the bed, giving you total comfort and control.


Easy to use

Created with thin wires to make sure there is a heat distribution through the blanket. It has five levels of heating options that allow you to stay warm while you sleep. The low voltage technology used makes the blanket safe to use. 


The blanket uses a conversion process that changes the AC to non-hazardous DC, which makes the blanket emit the lowest EMF radiation, making it less dangerous for your health than other ones.

Quality material

This 100% polyester luxurious ultra-soft microfleece has built-in micro-thin wires for more even heat distribution without bulkiness. Its patented safe and warm non-hazardous low voltage technology makes it secure in the presence of moisture and safe for pets. 

Safety and Guarantee

The thin microwires inside the blanket make it impossible to notice them, ensuring you experience great warm and calming effects. It’s created with a patented low voltage technology, including a non-hazardous certification. 

How to use it?

You can wash in a machine with warm water and tumble dry on a low setting dimension. The single control shuts down every 10 hours for convenience. The giant backlit display has an auto-dimming feature for nighttime adjustments to easily adjust the night temperatures without switching on the lights. 

  • Microfleece fabric makes the blanket luxurious to touch
  • Very large, specially designed for a queen-size bed
  • Low voltage
  • Easily washable in a machine
  • Warranty limited

Westinghouse Electric Blankets

One of the best ways to get warm and cozy during the cold weather blues is by wrapping yourself in a heated blanket with a cup of tea and a good book. If you are looking for a heated blanket, you can not go wrong with one of Amazon’s best-selling options – The Westinghouse Heated Electric Blanket, which is loved by hundreds of shoppers.

This soft, heated blanket has a 100% flannel base with fuzzy sherpa lining that is cozy even without the heat. It has six settings to help you get through the coldest nights and automatically shuts itself to prevent overheating. It distributes heat evenly to keep you toasty from head to toe without making you sweaty. 


Soft and Comfortable 

It comes in a dimension of 50×60 inches, making it a perfect size for snuggling on the couch or topping your duvet for extra warmth. It comes in four colors, including grey, ivory, red, and blue. It’s lightweight and warm. 

Convenient and safe

It has six built-in settings for complete comfort and a four hours turn-off timer, which can be managed by cycling through six heating levels to deliver the most comfortable amount of heat at any moment. After four hours of continuous use, the controller will switch off automatically. 

Easy care

You can unplug the controller and toss it into the washing machine. It’s recommended to wash it in a gentle or delicate setting using lukewarm water. Make sure to line dry or tumble dry it on low heat. It’s not recommended to be dry cleaned, ironed, and to use bleach on it. Be extremely cautious not to power up your heated blanket while damp until it’s completely dry.

Safety and Guarantee

Westinghouse has been recognized and acknowledged for producing high-quality, reliable products for over 100 years. The brand has a steadfast commitment to being at the forefront of technological and engineering advances, enabling them to create products that make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. With a five-year limited warranty, you can contact their customer care service to aid you if there is any inconvenience using their product.

How to use it?

Westinghouse’s low EMF electric blanket comes programmed with a preheat procedure for quick heat distribution when you turn it on and revert automatically to the last comfort level setting used after 15 upon the restart, allowing you to return to your last comfort setting conveniently.

  • Automatic memory function starts the heat at the lowest setting
  • Digital display and easy-to-use system
  • Soft and comfortable fabric 
  • Good wire flexibility
  • The highest setting gets very hot

Bedsure Heated Blanket Low Voltage

The textile expert that designs comfortable home linens has launched their new sherpa fleece low voltage heated blanket via Amazon and their online store. This heated blanket features patented heating elements and a safer low voltage technology. It has a multifunctional heat setting and all-time best-selling soft sherpa fleece to gently wrap you and give a consistent warmth and coziness.

Bedsure makes sure that you and your family experience comfort at its finest from the moment you wake up to the second you are all asleep. That’s why they always come up with products to help you sleep well since good quality sleep is crucial for a productive and efficiently functioning day. 


Premium fabric

Even though it’s still a heated blanket, Bedsure still wants to make it as soft and comfortable as it could possibly be, choosing sherpa fleece as the surface to provide comfort, softness, and of course, extra warmth. Collaborating with Nanotex applies fresh protection to minimize odors and stains caused by unwanted bacteria. 

Safety and Guarantee

Understanding that safety is the biggest concern of customers, Bedsure designed heads blanked using low voltage heating technology to prevent serious harm, which usually comes from high voltage ones. This low voltage heated blanket is wet proof and moisture safe, for everyone, even for kids. It tolerates liquids and won’t react, meaning even spills won’t cause any harm to you. 

Patented heating elements

Bendsure uses patented Uniwarm technology, providing instant warm-up to 89F in just 2 minutes while other heating blankets usually take 10 minutes. The heating elements are only distributed throughout the blanket. Also, Bedsure uses significantly thinner heating elements that you can hardly feel even when laying on top of it for maximum comfort.

How to use it?

The controller comes with advanced heat settings and time settings; specific temperature setting comes from 95 F to 131 F, allowing you to find a sweet spot of warmth to relax and find peaceful rest. It automatically shuts down after 10 hours, so you can enjoy a peaceful long night’s sleep knowing that your blanket won’t turn off automatically. Plus, there is LED lighting in the controller to help you quickly adjust the temperature during the night.

  • Automatic shut down after 10 hours
  • High-quality fabric to prevent the spreading of unwanted bacteria
  • Created with Nanotex technology 
  • Specific temperature setting
  • The controller on the blanket can be hard to find

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Blanket

Do you want to be cozy under a heated blanket that never gets cold? Then going for an electric one might be just the answer. But how do you know which one to choose from the different materials, sizes, and features available on the market? And on that, consider the safety and care requirements. Just follow our buying guide, and you can find what’s best for you.

Heating blankets incorporate heating elements that produce heat like a heater. For this reason, it needs to be plugged into a power outlet for using it both indoors or enjoying an evening outdoors.

Your choice of the electric blanket will be based on the size, whether you are using it alone or with another person, and weight, which must be kept to a minimum to ensure your complete comfort. These heating blankets come in different materials such as wool, which normally is pretty hard to clean, classic polyester, or fleece which is pretty soft.

Finding the perfect size and weight

You should base your choice on how you intend to use your low EMF electric blanket. If it’s just for occasional use, like snuggling on your sofa, then a smaller blanket will be perfectly suitable.

On the other hand, if you want to make it an integral part of your bedding, its dimension should be slightly larger than those of your mattress, both in width and length, meaning 80 or 90 cm wide for a single person model and 130, 140 or 180 for a two-person electric blanket.

Since the heating element increases the weight of an electric blanket, which is also something to consider, especially if you wish to use it while sleeping, on average, this weighs from 2kg or less and up to 3 kg.

Blanket materials

In addition to the heat that comes from the heated element, the wool material offers better thermal insulation than synthetic materials, which is also better at wicking the moisture produced by sleepers during the night. However, keep in mind its maintenance requirements and higher price tag.

Those electric blankets made from polyester fibers are only lightweight and soft to touch, and they also offer insulation. Many of these models are washable.

The most popular electric blankets are those made from polyester, which can increase their volume if you brush them for a more fluff up.

Power rating and additional features

Since the power rating for electric blankets are measured in watts, the bigger the blanket is, the more power it will require to heat. Low energy blankets will usually range from 60 to 160 watts. Most blankets also come with a thermostat that allows you to adjust the temperature setting, and in turn, the temperature of the cover; this usually varies from 3 to 10.

Maintenance and safety

The most recommended option is that it has an overheating protection system. Also, it is important to check if the blanket meets the current safety requirements, including all BS standards defining the main performance characteristic for electric blankets.

For easier maintenance, when opting for an electric blanket made from machine-washable fabric with detachable controls, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be washed too often. For your own safety, don’t use the blanket when it is still wet and always read the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Low EMF Electric Blanket

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMF exactly?

Since the beginning of the universe, the sun has been sent out in waves that create EMFs or radiation. At the same time, the sun sends EMF by the energy that is radiation. This is the visible light. At the beginning of the 20th century, the electric power lines and indoor lightning were spread worldwide, and scientists realized that the power lines that supply the energy to the world population were sending off EMFs just like the sun does naturally. Related: How to Block EMF from Power Lines

Over the years, as the median world became much more advanced, scientists learned that many emerging electrical appliances also created EMFs, like imaging devices for X-rays and CT scans. Today 90 percent of the world population has access to electricity and uses electrical appliances. This means a lot of electricity and EMFs are created around the world.

What types of EMF exposure are there?

The electromagnetic spectrum is filled with radiation. This radiation ranges from very high to very low energy at the other end. Examples of high-energy include x-rays, gamma rays, and some higher-energy UV rays.

This energy or so-called ionizing radiation can affect cells on the automatic level by removing the electron from the atom and ionizing it. Ionizing radiation can also damage the body’s DNA and cells, contributing to genetic mutation and cancer. 

On the other end of the spectrum, there is extremely low-frequency LEF radiation. This is a type of non-ionizing radiation. This moves around the body and makes the atoms move. Between EMF radiation and high-energy radiation on the spectrum, there are many other types of non-ionizing radiation like radiofrequency, visible light, and infrared. 

Once the electric and magnetic fields join as one field, the result is called an electromagnetic field (EMF). Still, the electric and magnetic fields in EMF radiation can act independently. Hence, we use the terms “magnetic field” and “electric field” to refer to them as two different fields in EMF radiation.

So there are two types of EMF that you can be exposed to:

High-frequency EMF

This is the ionizing type of radiation that scientific literature considers to be a large exposure able to damage DNA or cells. Medical devices like X-ray image machines and CT scans produce low levels of this type of radiation. But other sources include gamma radiation from radioactive elements and UV radiation from tanning beds or the sun.

Low-frequency EMF

This type of radiation is non-ionizing; it’s mild and thought to be harmless to people. Most household appliances like hairdryers, microwave ovens, cell phones as power lines, and MRI produce this type of radiation. This category of EMFs includes extremely low-frequency EMFs. Related: Best Cell Phone EMF Protection

What kind of impacts do electric blankets have on humans?

Our body cannot repair itself due to the constant exposure to high levels of radiation, which results in various health complications. Electric blankets are known to emit 10 to 40% more EMF radiation than the electrical wiring in the home. 

There are studies linking radiation from electric blankets to leukemia developed in childhood. It can also increase the growth of cancerous cells because it interferes with the autoimmune system.

There is also an increased risk of miscarriages to pregnant women. The exposure of EMF radiation between 50 to 60 Hz is known to increase breast cancer, also affecting the reproductive system as a result that leads to increased infertility in men. Related study: Exposure to electromagnetic fields from use of electric blankets

Prolonged use of an electric blanket can suppress the production of melatonin hormones that trigger stress and also reduce the quality of sleep and sleeping cycles. It can also affect your brain, increasing the possible risks of depression.

However, not all people react differently to EMF radiation, and the effects can vary from one person to another. In most cases, those sensitive to radiation report having sleeping problems and reduced energy levels. Therefore, using electric blankets regularly can cause you more harm than good.

Why are heating blankets not safe?

Not only do they emit EMF radiation, but they also have harmful effects on humans. There are a lot of cases where house fires were associated with using an electric blanket. In some cases, the fires caused serious burns and, to some extent, even death, especially in the ‘90s. 

When you keep the electric blanket on for too long, the wires inside the blanket may start to overheat and result in fires. Another reason for overwhelming wires is improper storage of the electric blanket. If you leave the blanket for too long in the socket without using it, it will result in overheating. 

Folding the blanket can also make the wires bend and eventually break, affecting the even distribution of current throughout the blanket. This results in fires or overheating. 

Can you minimize radiation caused by electric blankets?

Alternatively, you can if you start using other types of electric heating methods to warm up at night, instead of an electric blanket. But still, electric blankets aren’t the only source of EMF radiation. 

Other home appliances, including your cellphone and Wi-Fi devices, also emit EMF radiation. You should also come up with other ways to protect yourself against exposure to these other appliances. What is the other alternative to electric heating blankets: 

  • Use non-electric blankets made from wool or cotton fleece, or use sheets made of these materials to increase heat. 
  • Start wearing warm pajamas when going to sleep; wear winter socks or winter heat. 
  • Use flannel sheets or thicker sheets that give more warmth from the inside.
  • Use a warm comforter that has an extra blanket, or use a duvet made of wool material to increase the warmth.
  • Use a room heater and turn it on at night.
  • Use hot water bottles made of plastic material, put hot water in the bottle, and place it at the end of your bed under the covers while sleeping.
  • Turn the electric blanket on before and then turn it off after you get in.


There are several hazards of using an electric blanket. Non-electric blankets can help reduce these risks. You may also utilize other practical solutions to avoid EMF exposure from your electric blanket. If you must use an electric blanket, then go for those with low EMF radiation and use them sparingly.

The longer the electric blanket is in contact with your body, the higher the degree of magnetic radiation your body will be exposed to. So avoid using it every night or try using it just to warm up your bed and then turn it off. This will reduce the amount of exposure. So keep a close eye on it since you don’t want the wires to fry.

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