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We all know that the era that we live in makes us dependent on internet connections. The progression in technology and life itself doesn’t allow us to quit our devices and disconnect ourselves from everything and everyone. Besides, the society that we exist in is hugely addicted to being online. Yet, online has its downsides too. Sadly, we are still not conscious enough to use our devices and the virtues of technology in the right way. Everything can be dangerous when abused, and the correct thing to do is find the balance. Unfortunately, our culture doesn’t support us in finding balance, and it seems like the way we are moving, we will all soon be attached to the cloud. 

Nonetheless, we are also aware of the internet’s positive attributes. Many of our daily jobs depend highly on a stable connection, and we can always use the technology for exemplary purposes. Thanks to the internet, we can access everything anytime, expand our knowledge and study our favorite topics. The list is endless, and there are many tangible things associated with being connected. 

The scary thing is that we somehow forget about EMF radiation and our health whenever we are online. Still, we can change that in a glimpse of a second and limit the exposure, at least in the safety of our homes. How? By buying a low EMF router and decreasing the radiation, sooner is better than later.

Thankfully, you have found this article to assist you and tell you the benefits of an eco-friendly router. If you care about your wellness and want to continue to live a productive and healthful life, it’s time to make the correct adjustment. 

Buying Guide for Low EMF Router 

Best Low EMF Router Review 

JRS® Eco 100

Currently, the JRS eco-router made by ASUS is the best eco-router on the market. This product is a quality-made router with custom-made programmed firmware developed and installed aftermarket by JRS. 

What’s unique about this eco-router is that it facilitates a full Eco Standby Mode with 0% electromagnetic emission when wireless devices aren’t connected. However, even when the Wi-Fi is on, this one-of-a-kind router has up to 90% reduced pulse frequency. Thanks to the JRS software installed, the function is highly altered. Primarily, the software manages to minimize the pulsing frequency of the device, and secondly, it limits the pulse strength and the device’s transmit power. 

In detail, the JRS eco-router is built in a way that allows you to set the transmission power according to your needs rather than blasting at total capacity at all times. Because of the particular settings of the JRS eco-router, you can test the connection strength and adjust the transmission power according to your home or office size and arrangement. 

JRS Eco 100 D2 Review

What settings does the JRS firmware offer?

Because of the special JRS firmware, this best low EMF router has a Wi-Fi scheduler. Whenever you turn off your devices, the router stops its radiation, and whenever you require it, you can switch the setting back on. For example, if you wish to turn off the router when you sleep, you can schedule a sleeping time and stop the power transmission. 

Moreover, the eco-router comes with a Wi-Fi on and off button and detachable antennas. The dual-band enables additional channels at 5GHz, which gives higher speed and capacity. Even further, the router has two USB ports, one 2.0 and one 3.0, which enable file sharing and a USB print server. 

The eco-router supports Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports, and because of this characteristic, you don’t lose speed, stability, or range. The rate of the eco-router is measured at AC 1900 with 400MB per second. 

How to install and use the JRS Eco Router?

The JRS eco-router comes with an easy installation. Through a standard cable, you can connect it to your internet modem. You’ll need to turn off the Wi-Fi button of your internet modem if the modem comes with such a function. 

When you first purchase the eco-router, you have to take a few simple steps to set it according to your needs. The most important of these steps is the deactivation time. This is a single setting because it saves you from buying a mechanical timer outlet. When you fix the eco-router, you need to enter the Menu on the software and establish the exact time you want the Wi-Fi off. This way, even if you forget about your Wi-Fi, the router will do the work for you. Every time, the Wi-Fi will be turned off at the exact time and save you from a lot of unnecessary EMF radiation. 

Another thing you have to do is arrange the router’s transmission power. When you first install up the router, the transmission power will be at 30mW. Thanks to the particular setting, the router can lower down this power to 1mW. When you test the router, you will know your requirements and fix the transmission power according to them. 

Is the JRS Eco Router the right purchase for me?

Most probably, yes. The eco-router is not a scam, and it really works its way to reduce the EMF radiation at your place. This is the best option from all the routers available on the market if you want a Wi-Fi signal at your home. It allows a fast and stable connection while minimizing EMF radiation. 

The JRS Eco Router comes at a price of $266.94. The shipping is set at 3 days, which means you will receive your device pretty fast, and what’s more, there is a return policy that lasts up to 30 days from the purchase. We must also mention that the eco router comes in black color only.

  • 90% reduced Wi-Fi radiation when the router is on standby 
  • 95% reduced Wi-Fi transmission power 
  • 100% reduced Wi-Fi radiation when the Wi-Fi is deactivated 
  • A Wi-Fi on and off button
  • A special timer for scheduling the turn off of the Wi-Fi 
  • 2 different USB ports 
  • 2 years warranty of the product
  • May slow the internet connection if you are used to faster speeds

Customer Reviews 

The clients that purchased the eco-router are fascinated with the product, and the total rank of the product is 4.87 stars. Many customers report that they got what they expected and that the router limits EMF radiation in the way the company states. Numerous clients measured the radiation in their homes after obtaining the router, and the results were impressive. One of the top features that customers admire is that this device gives them total control over their Wi-Fi, and they can easily use the on/off function. 

Furthermore, the customers describe easy and user-friendly installation and a simple setting of the time function of the router. Thanks to this unique feature, they can schedule the time they choose and not be worried about EMF radiation. They also praise the standby function, which activates by itself whenever the devices in the area are off. 

Crucially important, customers report better sleep and fewer headaches and cloudy and anxious thoughts. They are pleased to find a product that protects their families, children, and pets. They can now comfortably rest, knowing that the EMF radiation in their home is limited. Because of this and much more, they unhesitatingly recommend the product to everyone. Customers say that this is a delightful product that is worth purchasing, especially to EMF-sensitive people, as well as anyone else.

Buying guide for low EMF router 

Low EMF Router Buying Guide for 

Buy a product that is effective, easy to install, and user-friendly 

The primary purpose of a Low EMF router is to minimize the hazardous EMF radiation that routers emit in our homes. That is why ASUS built the JRS Eco router in the first place. Keeping in mind that products of this kind are still unavailable on the market when purchasing a device that will protect you from EMF radiation is crucial to look for an effective one. What do we mean by that?

Well, the router itself has to maintain the connection in your home when you need it while at the same time limiting the harmful EMF radiation. Also, it’s best if the router has other options and features like turning off the Wi-Fi and stopping the total transmission of power and radiation. Coupled with a speedy internet connection, you got yourself a winning package. Moreover, when purchasing an eco-router, you want a device that is easy to install with basic technical knowledge, and it’s also user-friendly, so you can quickly learn and use its settings and functions. Related: Should You Turn Off WiFi at Night?

When you buy such a device, if you are still worried about EMF radiation, you can always purchase a router guard and reduce the radiation further. 

Don’t try to save money 

We expect that if these products emerge on the market, they may come at a higher price. However, be sure that the price is worth it, especially for your health. You don’t want to experience the adverse side effects of EMF radiation, such as the high risk of cancer, neurological and psychological disorders, eye and skin problems, cardiovascular problems, cognitive issues, and many more. The list seems to be never-ending, and we must admit, pretty scary. So, it’s always a good idea to invest in your health, and investing in an eco-router is just the right thing to do. 

Measure the EMF radiation in your place once you install the router 

If you want to see it with your own eyes, it’s best to measure the radiation with an EMF meter. If you are satisfied with the results, you can continue using the eco-friendly router and recommend it to your friends and family. If not, you can always return the product and wait for a better option. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the eco-friendly router is by far the best option when it comes to routers because every router on the market will emit much more radiation. 

The Advantages of a Low EMF Router 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does a router emit EMF?

The short answer is yes. Every router emits EMF radiation, and the human body absorbs this radiation. When the router works and transmits data, it also releases EMF radiation. That’s why it’s best to place the router as far away from you and your family, preferably in another room that you don’t use so often. 

How can I reduce Wi-Fi radiation in my home?

When wanting to reduce the EMF radiation from Wi-Fi in your house, besides buying an eco router, you can also take other measures. The first and most common is to disable the Wi-Fi on all devices, including your computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets- everything that emits a Wi-Fi signal. Another thing you can do is to change your Wi-Fi connection to a wired internet connection. Related: Should I Leave My Wi-Fi Router on All the Time?

One of the most vital things linked to reducing EMF radiation is to place your devices at a distance. First, you should set the router and the internet modem at a fair distance from you or your family. Try not to bring the devices you use to sleeping rooms and the kitchen and not wear them on you in your clothes. The bigger the distance, the better. And prioritizing a healthy sleep means space free of Wi-Fi and devices. 

Should I turn off the Wi-Fi at night?

Turning off the Wi-Fi at night is always a great idea. By doing so, you will limit the EMF radiation emitted in your home daily. Also, please turn off the Wi-Fi on other devices because they emit EMF radiation radio waves as long as they search for a signal.

Is too much exposure to Wi-Fi bad for your health?

Unfortunately, yes, it is. Studies show that long-term exposure to Wi-Fi radiation can cause oxidative stress, sperm, testicular damage, EEG changes, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes, and calcium overload. So, it’s best to always find a way to compensate and lead a healthy life, unwired and away from the devices when not using them for positive purposes. 

How do I protect my router from radiation?

As we mentioned several times, the first thing you can do is maintain a safe distance. A safe span is 15-20 feet or 4-6 meters. Another action you can take is to use a router guard, which will also limit the EMF radiation from your router, but it won’t eliminate it. The most beneficial thing to do is buy yourself an eco-router and adjust its settings so whenever you are exposed is at a minimum and not precarious for your health. 


After reading this article, we are sure that you will make your mind and purchase an eco-route. We are pretty confident that the JRS eco-router is the fittest low EMF router and that this device will meet your Wi-Fi needs while protecting you from the dangers of EMF radiation. If you are not planning to quit your Wi-Fi soon, the eco-router is a top pick for you!

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