Best Radiation-Free Activity Trackers

The fitness trackers are one of the most popular devices for exercising and the overall fitness experience. But you might ask yourself if you should be worried about the radiation the trackers are producing or the EMF radiation?

The trackers provide a lot of information to the users, so if you are entirely new to purchasing activity trackers, you might want to start with radiation-free activity trackers. The trackers provide information such as your heart rate, calories burned, movement, and much more.

However, there are many people in doubt whether they should get one or not. Some are concerned about the dangerous EMF radiation and some about the overall function of the watch. But, we have done some research and found out the best radiation-free activity trackers on the market, so let’s go on and see why the EMF radiation is unhealthy and review all radiation-free activity trackers on the market in detail.

Why is EMF Radiation found in many activity trackers dangerous for your health

EMF Radiation

For starters, let’s see what EMF radiation represents and how it can affect your overall health system. EMF radiation is naturally produced by the sun, and the earth has a natural way of providing a shield so harmful EMF radiation doesn’t affect humankind.

According to many scientists, the power lines, Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth connections, and many more are producing EMF radiation that is non-ionizing. But they are sending radiation the same as the sun, but unnaturally.

There is high-frequency radiation and low-frequency radiation which make the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation. Examples of low-frequency radiation can be visible light or radiofrequency, and examples of high-frequency radiation can be X-rays or UV light, and Gamma rays.

Why is EMF Radiation found in many activity trackers dangerous for your health?

According to many studies, as much as you are exposed to EMF radiation, that is how much you are putting your overall health in danger. So, according to many scientists, the EMR radiation found in many activity trackers, such as watches or pedometers, can be dangerous for your health.

The radiation is more dangerous for infants and children. The radiation is more dangerous for infants and children because their brain is still underdeveloped, and their overall body structure is not entirely developed. When it comes to adults, even though the body of a fully grown man or woman is more vital than that of a child, it still can produce adverse side effects.

Some of the negative side effects from exposure to EMF radiation are nausea, headaches, stomach aches, and many more. These side effects can be experienced by infants, children, and also adults. And radiation is hazardous for pregnant women, so it is recommended not to get in touch with something that can produce EMF radiation.

Radiation Free Activity Trackers

Best Radiation-Free Activity Trackers Review

The following fitness watches are some of the best on the market. They are radiation-free trackers that can provide you with the most accurate readings. Also, all of these fitness trackers are not using Bluetooth technology, which is essential for you to know.

All of these trackers are used by hundreds of professional athletes. But also, they are available for you to purchase right away. Whether you are an athlete or want to measure your heart rate or some activities, these watches will provide you with the correct information. Also, you should know that there are different types of radiation-free activity trackers, one that has Bluetooth inserted in them and one that has not.

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker 

Garmin Vivosmart HR Activity Tracker is one of the most used trackers by many athletes and people worldwide. The trackers are designed to work without their Bluetooth being turned on, and also it is completely waterproof, and it has Vivosmart HR unique long-term charging.

Another great thing worth mentioning is that the watch weighs only 30 grams and is lightweight. Also, it has some great features. It is capable of tracking your overall health day and night.

The watch can work without its Bluetooth being turned on when it comes to daytime measure, as we mentioned earlier. This provides you with more security and less radiation to be emitted through your body. Moreover, it can track your daily steps, burnt calories, and movements. However, when it comes to night measuring, this device is capable of measuring your sleep cycle.

How to disable Bluetooth?

One of the best features, as we said, is the opportunity for the device to work without Bluetooth during the day. So, even though the Bluetooth is off, the device is measuring all of the activity. Once the day is over, and you want to store your information on your phone, all you have to do is turn on your Bluetooth for a minute and wait for the information to be transferred to your smartphone app.

All you have to do to disable the Bluetooth on the watch is to hold your finger on the Vivosmart touch screen until the menu pops up and then select the Turn Off icon. Once you do this step, the Bluetooth will be disabled.

Garmin Vivosmart tracker is one of the best options that this device has. The ability to turn off the Bluetooth any time helps you decrease the amount of EMF radiation that most trackers emit. Moreover, this tracker saves your overall health from many health risks that come from radiation.

Customer experience

According to the customers, this is one great product for measuring the heart rate, steps, daily activity, and night sleep. Overall it provides all of the necessary data that they were looking for when purchasing radiation-free activity trackers.

It is easy to use and navigate, even though it has so many options. Moreover, the customers are amazed by the high quality of the product even though it has an approachable and reasonable price.

  • Garmin Vivosmart tracker is one lightweight tracker (30 grams) 
  • It has an affordable price
  • It is easy to use and navigate 
  • It works perfectly without Bluetooth 
  • It has a bulky design, which can bother some people who like less bulky watches

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is famous for its slick design, so if you are not a fan of bulky watches design, you can get this tracker instead. The Samsung Tracker is one of the trackers mainly focused on tracking your overall movement during the day and the night. It is less famous in the USA, but it’s getting more famous day by day.

The design is perfect and also lightweight. It comes in two colors, black and red. Moreover, it has an excellent display design and full bright colors or so-called outdoor mode. This is one great feature because you can see the colors and all of the information on the little monitor in bright daylight and at night.

Furthermore, it provides all necessary information about your health, such as your heart rate, calorie tracking, step tracking, and much more. The watch is also water-resistant up to 50 feet. And also, the most important thing is that this device can emit only slight radiation, even when the Bluetooth is off.

How to disable Bluetooth?

So, one of the best things about this device is that you can use it without a Wi-Fi connection and without Bluetooth. Using the device without these two options gives you a smaller chance of getting the radiation into your body. So, even when they both are off, the watch is still tracking your activity throughout the day and through the night.

If you decide to save all of the information to your smartphone, you have to turn on the Bluetooth on your Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro and the Bluetooth on your smartphone. The data collected will be transferred directly to your phone data storage.

All you have to do to disable the Bluetooth on this device is to tap on the Settings option on your Home Screen. Then just tap on Bluetooth and uncheck the box next to Bluetooth to disable it. And if you want to re-enable the Bluetooth, you should follow the same steps and check the box next to Bluetooth.

Customer experience

The Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro is a great product, according to the users who only provided all five-star ratings for this product. They are amazed by the quality and also the long-lasting battery. They are happy because the device doesn’t need to be connected with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and it provides complete safety and great accuracy.

Furthermore, the meter is easy to navigate, and the results can be easily transferred to their mobile devices just by turning on the Bluetooth for just one minute. Overall a great product that is worth the price.

  • It provides fast information and completely accurate measurements
  • You can use the device without Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth Connection
  • It is affordable
  • It has a slick and unique design and comes in black and red color
  • It might produce a little radiation even when the Bluetooth connection is turned off

OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer – No Phone Required 

This is one great device for everyone who wants to stay away from smart technology, especially smartphones but at the same time want to get their daily activity measured. The OZO FItnezz Pedometer is one great device that doesn’t require Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection.

You can just put the OZO pedometer in your pocket, and you are ready to go. Also, it is a great alternative if you don’t want to use watches or trackers. The device is small and compact and has a great little screen that provides you with all the measurements throughout the day.

Moreover, you can adjust your OZO Fitness Pedometora according to your measurements, like your weight. Once you adjust, it will provide you with information such as step measurement, calories burnt, time, and duration. It has a perfect small design that fits everywhere and provides you with a bright little screen.

Another thing that is great about this little device is that you don’t have any radiation touching your body. The device is working on batteries, and they are not transmitting any bad radiation. In this way, your overall health is completely safe.

Customer experience

Some of the customers are also athletes, and their comments provide detailed explanations on why this product is excellent. For starters, the device doesn’t connect with a phone or Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi. It is a simple gadget that anyone can use.

And, even though the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections are not available, you can still update all of the measurements in a book, or you can take a picture of the results, as we mentioned earlier. Also, for the price, this is a great product that can help you stay on track with your daily activities and can not harm your health.

  • Small and durable digital device 
  • Provides accurate measurement of your steps, burn calories, duration, and time
  • Easy to use and also has e widescreen so you can see the measurements more clearly 
  • You can put the device in your pocket or your purse
  • It doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connection
  • Since it doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection or Wi-Fi connection, you are not able to connect the device with your phone and get your results updated there. But you can always manually update your measurements in a measurement book, or you can take pictures from the device at the end of the day

Willful Non-Bluetooth Fitness Tracker

There are many types of Willful trackers that you can find on the market. This is one of the most famous brands for their non-radiance technology, even though their trackers use Bluetooth. But in this particular model, there is no Bluetooth option.

This tracker has a slick design, and it is comfortable to wear. Moreover, it is waterproof so you can wear it even when you are swimming. But you need to be careful and not use it in hot water, so you can avoid any damage. Also, it has a speedy time charge, and all you need is a USB cable.

This tracker can provide you with accurate information on the time, and date, steps, distance walked, average speed, duration of the activity, and sleep monitor. It would be best to keep in mind that at night, all of the data measured during the day is automatically reset to 0, and you can keep track of the measurements in a book, or you can simply take a picture with your phone.

Customer experience

The customers are incredibly grateful for the night measuring of the device. Most of the customers only used a USB cable and got their device charged in less than an hour, and also the long-lasting battery is impressive, according to them.

Also, the affordable price adds to the quality and the name of the brand. Older people are especially amazed by how easy it is to navigate this activity tracker. Also, it is perfect for small children since it is durable and easy to wear and doesn’t cause any health problems, according to many satisfied mothers who purchased this product.

  • It is an easy to use fitness tracker for all ages
  • It is waterproof, so you can use the tracker when you are swimming
  • It has an affordable price
  • It has no Bluetooth or Wireless option, which means no radiation is produced
  • It can be charged very fast by using a USB cable
  • The bracelet material accumulates dust
  • It doesn’t count heart rate

iGANK Fitness Tracker

iGank is one famous brand when it comes to manufacturing one of the best radiation-free trackers. The iGank Fitness Tracker Watch is specially designed with a high-quality polymer lithium battery, Advanced 3 D motion sensor and Alarm Stopwatch.

The watch has one large display that provides you with all of the measurements. Also, it is made of scratch-proof material, which makes it great for children. Moreover, it has a silicone rubber strap that is adjustable for everyone and all ages.

Moreover, it doesn’t have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connections, but it provides a 30-day memory log. But, according to many studies, this watch provides accurate measurements. Whether an adult or a child, this is one perfect and affordable tracker watch for every age.

Customer experience

The customers are saying that this tracker is the best for everyone, children, teens, and adults. They are happy with how the device provides a 30-day memory log, and that is affordable.

Moreover, the parents of small children are mostly happy with this product since this is one easy-to-use product. Also, they are so glad because the product doesn’t have a Wi-Fi connection or Bluetooth connection, so their children are entirely safe from the EMR radiation.

  • It can be used by anyone and all ages
  • It provides accurate measurements
  • It doesn’t have a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection
  • It is affordable for everyone
  • It is easy to navigate, and it has a smooth design and scratch-proof monitor
  • 30-day memory log
  • Average clip
  • Calorie count might not always be accurate

OZO Fitness SC 3D

OZO Fitness SC 3D – Digital Pedometer with Removable Clip with no Phone required is one of the best fitness trackers on the market. This device has only two buttons to regulate, and it is so easy to work with it. It is a pedometer, so it is small, and you can place it anywhere from your pocket and backpack, or you can clip it on your clothes.

The pedometer doesn’t connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and it emits no radiation and it is a radiation free activity tracker. Also, all of the data is directly stored in the device since it has a memory log. So, you can easily see your measurements based on the date. The device has a long-lasting battery life that is also replaceable, making it unnecessary to re-charge.

Furthermore, the device can measure your distance, steps, calories, activity time, the total number of steps, distance, and calories. It would be best if you kept in mind that it has a removable clip and lanyard cord which provide more comfort when wearing this pedometer. Also, it is entirely silent and discrete, and the long-life lithium batteries that can last you all day, every day.

Customer experience

The customers are especially satisfied with this pedometer because it provides accurate results and has a removable chip. They are happy because they can clip it on their clothes or bags, or anywhere they wish. Also, the clip is removable so they can easily store their activity measuring device in their pocket.

  • It has a compact structure, and it is durable and discrete
  • It has a removable clip so you can wear it as you wish
  • It has a long battery life
  • It doesn’t connect to Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which makes it free from radiation
  • It keeps your data safe for 30 days
  • No cons known

OZO Fitness CS1 Simple Step Tracker

OZO Fitness CS1 Simple Step Tracker – Best Step Tracker with No Phone Required is also one great gadget for measuring your daily movements and activities. It is one of the best online sold trackers that can provide you with measuring only steps. This is specifically made for those who like to run and children since it doesn’t require specific knowledge or navigation to the simple tracker.

So any person of any age can use this tracker to count their steps. The tracker is made out of a long-lasting battery and a huge screen monitor where you can see the numbers. It is small, so you can place it in your pocket, backpack, or wherever you wish. 

Also, it has an option where you can zero out your steps. So once you are ready to measure your steps for the next day, you can easily use this option and start counting your steps. So, as we mentioned, it is easy to use, and there is no programming required, so it is suitable for children and older adults and anyone who doesn’t like technology that much.

Customer Experience

The users provided all 5-star ratings for this tiny gadget that helped many people get their measurements right. Even though it can only measure steps, the users are completely fine with that since they get accurate measurements.

They are happy that the product has an approachable price and no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. They are aware that they are completely safe when it comes to radiation and coming in contact with it.

  • It is straightforward to use
  • It is made for children and elderly people
  • It has no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection
  • The tracker keeps your data for 30 days
  • It only measures steps

What You Should Consider When Buying Radiation-Free Activity Trackers


The best features that you can find in one activity tracker are a heart rate monitor, which can help you track your heart rate, exercise recognition feature, GPS, step meter, movement recognition. There are a lot of different types of activity trackers on the market.

And according to our research, the most important thing is that the athletes and all people are looking for the device to have a step meter. But, you can purchase a tracker according to your preferences since, as we said, there are hundreds of options on the market, but keep in mind that they should be radiation-free.

Bluetooth free trackers

Most fitness trackers need Bluetooth to operate. But it would help if you kept in mind that those might be bad for your health since they emit EMF radiation. So, you might want to stay away from them and instead purchase an activity tracker that doesn’t connect with Bluetooth.

So, the answer to the question is no, not all fitness trackers on the market require Bluetooth to operate. However, many of them might have Bluetooth inserted for you to sync all your data with your smartphone. But you don’t have to activate the Bluetooth when you are running or doing a specific activity because the tracker will get all of your movements and store them inside their storage place.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I need to use a smartphone with my fitness tracker?

The answer to this question is no. You can use a fitness activity tracker without using your phone and without using Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. You might be wondering how is that possible? The technology has developed many fitness trackers that work independently and use only batteries that you can recharge or just buy new ones.

The devices contain a tracker inside them, and they provide you with the most accurate data. Some of the devices that are not using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are OZO Fitness SC 3D, OZO Fitness CS1 ASimple Step Tracker, and iGank Fitness tracker. They are all fantastic trackers and entirely safe for use.

They work by using batteries, as we mentioned. You don’t need to use a smartphone to check your data because these devices keep your data stored for 30 days. They are safe for children and also adults as proven by several studies and  customer’s reviews.

What is a Heart Rate Monitor in activity trackers?

One of the best features that one activity tracker can possess is a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitor can provide you with complete monitoring of your heart rate while you exercise or sleep, or do any activity. It can be beneficial for you since you can compare the results for each day and see if you maybe have some heart problems.

What is a Heart Rate Monitor in activity trackers

How does a wearable fitness tracker measure my steps?

The wearable trackers sense your movements on a three-axis accelerometer. When you wear the tracker, the data is recorded at all times, and also it is powered up and enables the tracker to trace you when you are walking, running, and even when you are standing still.

The trackers have storage, and they store all of the data. Usually, they store the data for 30 days. It all depends on what kind of tracker measurement device you have. You can always use your smartphone tracker also, but it might not be as accurate as the professional fitness trackers.

Also, if you connect your tracker with your laptop or smartphone, all of your moves are recorded and are run through a personalized algorithm. The algorithm makes it possible for the software to detect your movements.

How do you charge radiation-free activity trackers?

The normal battery life of a good quality tracker is around one year, and for some, it usually lasts 15 days or 7 days. Also, it can last much longer depending on how long you use your activity tracker.

You can quickly charge your battery by using a USB cable and your laptop or pc. Also, you can use an outlet. Some of the newest technology trackers use magnets when you are charging your phone. All you have to do is connect them and plug the USB cable into your PC or outlet.

The time of charge can vary. Some activity trackers need a longer time for them to charge, while some take around one hour or two. It all depends on the quality of the activity tracker and, as we said, how long you are going to use it.


According to all of the devices mentioned in this article, we can conclude that there is a safe way for everyone to get their radiation-free activity tracker. All you need to remember is that the trackers that do not contain Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connections are completely safe for your health, and they do not emit hazardous EMF radiation.

So, we hope that we have helped you decide which radiation-free activity tracker to purchase. We have provided you with all the essential information you need to know before buying one of the activity trackers.

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