Should You Turn Off WiFi at Night

We live in a world where WiFi is part of our everyday routine. We work thanks to WiFi, we communicate thanks to WiFi. But do we really know what danger hides this modern technology asset which we can’t imagine our life without? In this article, we will show you why should you turn off WiFi at night and the advantages of this step.

How Does Wi-Fi Work?

What enables Wi-Fi to work properly is the device called the wireless router. This router sends out radio waves to compatible devices that have Wi-Fi access. These devices are usually mobile and portable, but your desktop computer, TV, and other devices, too. 

The electronic devices will use the transmitted radio waves and continue working under the same principles, while the router is supported and connected on the internet. Radio waves are known as radiofrequency. And radiofrequency as stated in the name is radioactive. Therefore, Wi-Fi devices and routers emit EMF.

How Does Wi-Fi Work

How Does Wi-Fi Emit Radiation?

As we mentioned before, Wi-Fi works by emitting radio waves to communicate to other electronic devices. Radio waves are part of the electromagnetic field, that’s why this radiation is named EMF. 

The wireless internet emits these EMF waves through the wireless router, but from the electronic devices that are connected to the router, too. In addition, you can connect almost 15 devices on one wireless router, of course, depending on the kind of router and its working range.

Types of EMF radiation

  • ELF-low frequency radiation
  • RF-radio frequency radiation
  • Heat radiation

Electronic Devices When Connected to Wi-Fi Emit EMF Radiation

  • Mobile phone
  • Laptop
  • Tablet
  • Security camera
  • TV
  • Desktop computer
  • Doorbell
  • Smoke detector
  • Thermostat
  • Light bulbs
  • Amazon’s Alexa, Google’s Nest, Apple’s Hub
  • Refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Swimming pool equipment

If you don’t disconnect them, all of these devices can be active in transmitting radio waves. Although they might not be connected to your home Wi-Fi, they might try to connect on a nearby Wi-Fi device.

Electronic Devices When Connected to Wi-Fi Emit EMF Radiation

Health Conditions Linked to Excessive Radiofrequency Exposure

Not in every country, but in Sweden in particular, they diagnosed a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). The condition has entered the medical classification, too. Therefore, in Scandinavia, you could be hypersensitive to radio waves and be treated for such a condition. 


EHS is a condition defined by the contribution of non-specific symptoms to electromagnetic fields (EMF) of anthropogenic origin. 


  • Asthenia
  • Sleep disorders
  • Headaches
  • Memory loss
  • Low concentration
  • Dizziness
  • Skin conditions
  • Bone and muscle pain
  • Mood swings


Scientists and doctors after longitudinal studies have found out that the cause of such symptoms is no other than a response of the EMF emitted by numerous devices including mobile phones, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi headphones, wireless routers, DECT telephones, fluorescent and halogen light bulbs, household appliances, power lines, and transformers. 


Studies have shown different results and percentages in different countries. For instance, the radiation and people affected by this condition are bigger in Germany than in Sweden. The relatively high prevalence of EMF sensitivity reaches 1.6% in Finland, 2.7% in Sweden, 3.5% in Austria, 4.6% in Taiwan, 5% in Switzerland, and a devastating 10.3% in Germany.


Those who suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity should avoid prolonged exposure to EMF and try to disconnect as many devices as possible. Also, they should turn off Wi-Fi at night. But moreover, there are some copper shields known as Tesla’s necklaces, and at last, they can try some alternative medicines. The sad truth is, these people can’t protect themselves as they want, since Wi-Fi surrounds modern humankind. 

Something that may help you is anti-radiation necklaces. These necklaces are designed using minerals that create a paramagnetic shield, protecting the carrier from harmful EMF doses. You must be careful, though, since many fake brands are trying to earn money on the other’s plight. The shame here is, you can’t differentiate usual jewelry from anti-radiation jewelry. Nowadays, they tailor them to be modern and chic, and you can’t spot the difference at all.

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Why Are Electromagnetic Fields Dangerous for Human Health?

Ionized radiation is extremely dangerous. It affects the organs and skin, the whole body since this energy is too powerful for humans to take it. The ionizing radiation has so much power within it, enough to detach the electrons from the atomic particles, and then it is very easy to ionize these nuclear cores. And if you accidentally expose a part of your body to such a level of energy, it will immediately burn within a few seconds.

This is why radiologists place an apron cover especially to shield your sensitive parts, such as genitalia, since there is a possibility of x-rays destroying reproducing material. The apron blocks the ionization to enter the body, causing severe damage.

Apart from this highly dangerous radiation, EMF is non-ionizing radiation. The radiation from radio waves does not have the same power as ionized radiation to detach particles, making it poorer when considering the radiation strength. But being less dangerous doesn’t make it safe at all.

Remember that non-ionized radiation such as an EMF can be dangerous when consumed in low doses and in the long term. That is why Wi-Fi is sometimes considered the slow and invisible killer of humans. For instance, EMF can cause dizziness, fatigue, ringing in the ears, mood swings, and headaches.

Should You Turn Off the WiFi at Night?

During the day, your wireless router emits EMF, trying to establish a connection with domestic and nearby electronic devices. Therefore, your home is filled with increased electromagnetic radiation. And if you don’t turn off your Wi-Fi, this process will keep on going during nighttime.

The radiation accumulates inside your body since it has to go somewhere, and at night no electronic devices or few are working. So, if you don’t disconnect Wi-Fi, there is still radiation present in the room.

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Should You Turn Off WiFi at Night

Health Benefits of Turning off the Wi-Fi During Night

Give your body a break

Every day on a daily level, you are constantly exposed to this non-ionizing radiation. There are places where you can’t avoid it, such as your business and workplace. But when you’re at home, you can indeed take control of the amount of radiation. The best way to achieve that is by turning off the Wi-Fi at night. And if you stay at home during the day, connect only the most important devices, such as your mobile. 

If you have a chance, spend as much time as possible in parks, mountains, somewhere where the radiation still hasn’t polluted the air. The whole body suffers because of the non-ionized particles that are not visible to the eye but are damaging our body.

Better sleep and better mood during the day

We have mentioned before that EMF affects the whole body, especially it impacts sleep. Many people who have electromagnetic hypersensitivity have problems with sleep deprivation, fatigue, and frequent mood swings. If you don’t want your body to absorb this negative radiation during the night, then the best way to do so is if you unplug the Wi-Fi. Just try it for a few nights and see what will happen.

Also, good sleep means 100% daily effectiveness. Therefore, in direct proportion, if you didn’t sleep well, the chances for the daily to be qualitative are very low. On the other hand, if disconnecting Wi-Fi helps you sleep better, it means that you will be more fresh, happy, and satisfied from your long and productive sleep and achieve everything you had in mind for that particular day.

Avoid body burns

Although this is a pretty rare case, there is a possibility of getting 2nd or 3rd-degree burns on the body. But how? We explicitly said before that wireless routers emit only non-ionized radiation that affects the body but can’t detach the electron, meaning it is not that powerful to burn something. But I am sure you have heard of cases where children and adults got burned because of their mobile devices, which we sometimes put in our nearest reach (under a pillow, for example). 

Therefore, if your mobile device is incorrect and has some hidden flaws or even visible ones, like a bloated battery, if you don’t disconnect Wi-Fi during the night, it is probable that the device will overheat and then explode. 

Again, we repeat this is a pretty rare case, but it’s not impossible. So, it’s convenient to have it in mind as another option for why you should turn off Wi-Fi at night.

Reducing overall stress levels

How could Wi-Fi be linked with stress? Well, imagine if you exceed your Wi-Fi limit and you need to pay a lot of money. You may have downloaded a few movies or your favorite series seasons; maybe you load up too many devices on one router. 

However, if your internet bill, and therefore, most likely the electricity bill, increases, means you will pay extra fees. If you succeed in reducing the internet amount you spend on a daily level, you can control the overspending. And when you don’t have to pay more than what you have drawn to your mind, the stress will pass, and you will increase your overall health.

Lower daily EMF amount accumulated inside the body

We explained how EMF works. But mostly, it depends on what type of EMF radiation your body absorbs during the day. You have 3G networks that are less radioactive than 4G. The latest edition, 5G, is much more porous than the other two. 

There were reports that birds day because the EMF is too strong, harming their tiny bodies. Moreover, there are different types of routers, those who produce optical internet connection with a speed of 940 Mbps, meaning they are almost as fast as the speed light.

That’s why it is important since you have the chance to decide what router and internet type to choose for your home.

How to EMF Proof Your Home

Here are some tricks on how to protect your health from the overuse of non-ionization radiation.

Buy cactus

This plant is the only one that can survive in the desert. The cactus is made mainly from water which means it can absorb hazardous rays inside.

Use electric filters

Electric filters can reduce the “dirty energy” produced by typical home appliances. The number if filters doesn’t depend on the size of the apartment or house but by the number of appliances attached on the router. Usually, one household needs approximately 20 electric filters. Each filter costs no more than $35.

Paint your walls with shielding paint

Shielding paints reduce the microwave and RF radiation with 99% accuracy. They will cost you no more than $60, but you may need an electrician since it requires a MU grounding kit. The paint is only for internal use.

How to EMF Proof Your Home

Cover your beds with protective canopies

Protecting canopies can reduce the EMF and RF radiation up to 95%. The sheet should be laid under the carpet or your bed. The item needs to be installed in a low-AC electric field environment to optimize the results.

Using protective baby blankets

Children have a higher risk from radiation than adults. That’s why there are baby blankets made from anti-radiation substances and materials that minimize the everyday EMF radiation.

Line the windows with the shielding film

Most of the EMF radiation penetrates through windows. These shielding films reduce 99% of the 5GHz radiation. They’re simply for application; just cut the size you need and stick it to the window, similar to duck tape.

Shield your appliances

A microwave is a common appliance for modern households. The only problem is that these ovens emit excessive radiation. Now, there is a special microwave shield to minimize this exposure to radiation coming from the favorite spot of every housewife- the kitchen.


It is essential to realize that routers can emit threatening radiation rays that could endanger your health. That’s why you should turn off Wi-Fi at night. Be sure to stay safe and supply everything possible to EMF-proof your home. Take long walks in nature, and in your free time forget about mobile and the internet. 

Test this theory of turning off Wi-Fi during your sleeping time, and you will see how you will wake fresh and happy. Sometimes the remedy is in our hands, but unfortunately, we don’t know how to use it.

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