What Does Airplane Mode Do?

Many people don’t know what does airplane mode do, and that’s why we are here to tell you and show you how to use it. Airplane Mode is a setting on smartphones, cell phones, and most other mobile devices (sometimes known as flight mode).

It is intended to disable all Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, and data connections on your mobile device, which may otherwise interfere with many sensors and equipment on commercial airlines. 

You’ll understand why Airplane Mode exists if you’ve ever placed your smartphone near a speaker and heard a loud vibrating or similar unusual interference sound. Another name for it it’s flight mode. This setting blocks all transmissions from the wireless. 

When you enable airplane mode on your phone, it disables its cellular, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth services. GPS features are sometimes disabled as well. We have instructions for both Android and iPhone users on how to activate Airplane Mode. It’s very easy, and once you choose that mode, you’ll have an icon of the airplane on top of your screen. 

What Does Airplane Mode Do?

What Is Airplane Mode?

It doesn’t matter what type of phone you have, and the airplane mode still has the same purposes, whether it’s for your Android, iPhone, or even Ipad. After you tap on the airplane mood, you won’t be able to communicate or send SMS texts with your friends. 

This mode interferes with your cellular, not allowing your phone to communicate with the cell tower. So anything that is on the cellular data you won’t be able to use. Also, by choosing airplane mood, your Bluetooth will be disabled. 

When it comes to the Wi-Fi, your phone won’t connect to any nearby networks, and in case you’ve been connected to one, you’ll be disconnected. When it comes to the GPS, some airplane modes will disable this option while some won’t.

It depends on the type of airline you’re using because some of them allow it, and many of them won’t allow your GPS to be turned on. 

Wi-Fi and Airplane Mode 

The interesting thing about airplane mode and Wi-Fi is that you can still connect your phone to it but only if your plane has Wi-Fi. Of course, it may be more expensive than you think if you ever decide to connect to your plane’s internet. In case you do want to connect with their Wi-Fi, you need to go to settings, enable Wi-Fi in the airplane mode, and connect to their network. 

What Are the Other Uses of Airplane Mode? 

Even if you don’t travel a lot and you think that you don’t need to know what airplane mode does, you need to listen to a few factors, so you’ll understand what other benefits this option has. 

Sometimes for unknown reasons, it’s hard for you to have any connection on your phone. In that situation, it’s good to make a quick on and off on the airplane mode. This may restore the settings and make the problem you’ve been having disappear. Nothing better than a quick tap on the flight mode for your phone to be back in its reality. 

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When kids are playing with your phone 

More and more kids are into games online, and they’re constantly asking you whether you have games on your phone or not. Well, sometimes, if you need to relax a bit, you just give out your phone to your toddlers, and you’ll have some free time for yourself. 

Since they are kids and are not used to how the whole phone situation works, it’s good for you to switch the airplane mood, so no accidental photos or messages will be sent out to your friends or even your boss. There are many games on the app or play store that you can install and won’t need any internet connection. 

Battery saving 

Aside from traveling, you sometimes, let’s say, hiking, and because there won’t be any connections available, you can turn on airplane mode, so your phone will save its battery. If you are asking how it saves the battery, it’s because when there aren’t any connections and services available, your phone will still continue to search for them until the battery is dead.

Before you go to bed 

How many of our nights were cut off just because some YouTube notification popped up that broke your sleep. For me, it has happened many times that I even lost count. Instead of going through the whole process of turning off your phone and then waiting the other day for it to turn on, you can simply tap on the airplane mode icon, and it’s done. 

You can get your quality sleep without being disturbed by anyone. And another interesting thing is that even with your airplane mode on, your alarms will still work. So while you’re getting a good restful night, you’ll also be able to get up in the morning. 

International roaming 

You may find yourself in a bad situation if you’re traveling and you forgot to pay for international roaming. That bill will be something else when the postman knocks on your door. So when you want to see new countries and cities and don’t want to use the internet, you can choose the airplane mode.

 Since we told you that you could turn on your Wi-Fi even in the flight mode, you can still use your phone and post your stories on Instagram without worrying about paying a huge amount of money for roaming. 

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You see, by learning what airplane mode does, you’ll learn about other things that you may find helpful along the way. It’s not about airplane regulations that need to be done, but this mode has a better use. 

You can now freely give out your phone to the kids or save your battery, especially if it runs out very fast. We hope that you found this article enjoyable and that you’ve learned something you didn’t know about the flight mode. 

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