What EMF Waves Do Solar Panels Use?

If you are thinking about installing solar panels in your home, there is something that you should know first. Solar panels reduce the energy bill, are an excellent green choice, and protect the environment; nobody denies that, but there is so much more to the story. 

Despite harvesting energy from the sun and being an earth-friendly product, solar panels do, in fact, emit radiation. If you are interested in installing a “green” energy source but have some radiation concerns, you are in the right place. 

In this article, I will touch on the subject of what EMF waves do solar panels use and whether the wavelength levels are dangerous. 

Keep in mind that I will discuss the downsides of solar panels and EMF radiation, but my intent is certainly not to bash the alternate energy sources. I believe that everyone should find a way to invest in a more earth-friendly technology when it comes to energy consumption, but it is also important to know how solar panels may affect our health. 

Solar Panels and EMF Radiation 

What EMF Waves Do Solar Panels Use? 

Solar panels have become extremely popular recently, and people have started implementing them in their homes and cars. They can also be found on airplanes. 

Every electrical device emits EMF radiation. Let’s address the question of what EMF waves do solar panels use and whether they have any negative effects on the human body.

Even though solar panels release EMF radiation, the portion is small and might not be harmful. However, the electromagnetic radiation does not come from the solar panels themselves but from the other components of the system, like the inverter unit and the smart meters. The solar photovoltaic system emits something called “dirty electricity”, which radiates EMF. 

Another “dangerous” part of the solar system is the smart meter which is a monitor that displays how much solar energy is produced in your home. The substantial portion of wavelengths depends on the device model, its power, and how often you use it. Generally, most people use a filter color between red and yellow, with equal wavelengths between 600 nanometers and 700 nanometers. 

Solar Panels and EMF Radiation 

Knowing what EMF waves solar panels use is just not enough to solve your problem. For that reason, in the continuation of this article, you can find multiple strategies that can help you battle radiation problems. 

We live in a modern age, and with many alternatives and entertainment, electrical devices are bound to have a negative side. All electrical devices discharge electromagnetic field radiation to some degree, whether in light, heat, or other wavelengths. Some devices emit more radiation than others, meaning not every electric gadget is harmful. For instance, standing next to a microwave while heating a burrito will definitely be more dangerous than a solar panel on the roof. 

As I mentioned, solar panels do not emit EMF radiation, and the “danger” comes from the dirty electricity and the installed smart meters. That said, solar panels emit mostly harmless EMF radiation in the form of heat. 

The working process of the solar panels converts light into electricity, and the process does not emit a harmful portion of EMF radiation. The issues come from other components in the system. 

How to Limit EMF Exposure From Solar Panels

Dirty electricity from solar panels 

When it comes to dirty electricity from solar panels, I will not overwhelm you with the details and will explain the essence of the process of the release of radiation.

As you might be aware, modern electronic technology is constantly advancing, and the main focus is placed on efficiency and reducing the electric bill. The operation produces dirty electricity, despite reducing your energy costs. 

Dirty electricity results from energy conversions, which are generated in the house’s power lines while spreading to different places through electric wires. When it comes to solar panels, the “bad guy” that produces dirty electricity is the inverter unit. The inverter unit converts low voltage electricity to 120V 60Hz AC electricity. The EMF waves are released when dirty electricity enters the power line of your house. Dirty electricity has been associated with various health issues.

Some manufacturers of solar panels try to reduce the generation of dirty electricity but so far, no one has been able to diminish it completely.

Radiofrequency (RF) radiation 

Radiofrequency radiation is released from every wireless device, whether it is your router, mobile phone, PlayStation, or any other. Everything can be wirelessly connected nowadays and send data between two or more devices. However, the devices emit non-ionizing radiation

In solar panels, the smart meter is the “felon” and the main source of EMF radiation. The main purpose of smart meters is to keep track of the generated electricity, the efficiency of the panels, power usage, and multiple other system parameters. They can transmit data through Wi-Fi. 

Smart meters bring a lot of convenience for both sides, the consumers and the power company. The consumer can know how much power is being used while the utility company is also aware of the number without hiring an extra workforce to go door to door. 

What EMF Waves Do Solar Panels Use

The bad news is that this communication device pours out a lot of radiofrequency radiation while working and transmitting data. Because these devices help you track your energy expenditure, they are usually installed inside the house, so you will likely be exposed to radiation

You can avoid the situation by purchasing a solar panel system without a tracking meter

How to Limit EMF Exposure From Solar Panels

After carefully reading this information, you are aware of what EMF waves solar panels use and which parts of the system emit the radiation. Luckily, there are some things that you can do to drastically reduce the exposure or completely block the EMF radiation from solar panels. 

Purchase an EMF radiation meter 

The market overflows with EMF radiation meters; some models are more effective than others. However, none of them are cheap, so consider the device as a lifetime investment. I suggest finding a product with a high rating. Just to remind you, the number could never be zero; there will always be EMF radiation in the ambient. 

Faraday shield around the smart meter and the inverter 

Because the smart meter and the inverters are the largest EMF radiation emitters, you need to locate them and put a Faraday shield around them. You can find a lot of cages online specifically designed to lock electromagnetic fields. 

Paint for EMF blocking 

A paint that blocks EMF is another great solution for minimizing radiation exposure. The colors use materials such as carbon and offer the same results as metal. 


Despite the fact that EMF radiation is emitted from solar panels, the issue comes from other tech bits from the system and not the actual panel. What EMF waves do solar panels use depends on the model of the system and how frequently it is turned on. I also mentioned some alternatives you can use to limit EMF exposure and battle the issues.

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