What is a Safe Distance From a Cell Tower

The number of cell phone users is increasing with time. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and due to the increasing demand, the number of cell phone towers is also increasing. These towers are being placed in communities to meet the requirements, which isn’t a good thing.

Cell tower radiation is harmful to us in several ways, so we should maintain a distance from them. But what is a safe distance from a cell tower? Also, what can be done if your house is near it? Before we talk about these things, let’s have a look at the dangers linked with EMF radiation.

Cell Tower Dangers: Symptoms

Several studies have shown a relationship between cell tower radiation and a variety of health issues. Here is a list of the most common symptoms.

  • Headache
  • Loss of appetite
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness

There are several other issues that people face due to exposure to cell tower radiation. These radiations are harmful to animals as well. Studies suggest that there is a decrease in milk yield when cows are moved to a place near a cell tower.

The health problems due to such radiation are very big in the case of humans too. Low sperm count, memory loss, various types of cancer, and birth defects are some common examples of these health issues.

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What Is a Safe Distance from a Cell Tower?

You should stay away from them as they are linked with several health problems. They receive and transmit cell phone signals using RF waves, which is the problem here. So, what is a safe distance from a cell tower?

Well, a distance of 400 meters from a cell tower is considered safe. If you live within this radius, you should protect yourself from the EMF radiation.

How to Block Cell Tower Radiation

  1. High-frequency EMF shielding paint

High-frequency EMF shielding paint will protect your home against EMF radiation, which will also reduce the risk of health problems associated with it. They are very effective when it comes to blocking RF radiation, so you can rely on them.

  1. Shield your windows 

You will also need to shield your windows if your home is located near a cell tower. Fortunately, it isn’t a time-consuming process, and you can do the job yourself without any professional help. EMF shielding window films are commonly available, and they are very effective as well.

  1. Shield your bedroom

We usually spend a lot of time in our bedrooms as we sleep there at night. You should consider shielding your bedroom to avoid the above-mentioned health problems. The best and the simplest way of dealing with this issue is to use an anti-radiation bed canopy. It will be a long-term investment, and it will look elegant in your bedroom, which is an added benefit.

Well, these are some things that you can do to block EMF radiation. You must invest in such products if you live near a cell tower. Yes, you will need to spend money, but it will ensure a healthy experience, which matters the most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cell towers dangerous?

Almost all independent studies suggest that living near cell phone towers isn’t safe at all. They are harmful to us in several ways, and they aren’t safe for animals either. If you have read this article carefully, you will be clear about the health risks linked with them.

Are smartphones safe for health?

Limited and proper use of smartphones is completely safe. But you should not keep using them all the time as they emit harmful radiation. If you want to have a safe experience with your smartphone, use it only when required.

Do cell towers cause cancer?

The use of mobile phones is associated with many health problems, and cancer is one of them. Living near a cell tower will only increase the chances of such dangerous health problems. If this is the case with you, it would be better to shield your apartment using the products we discussed above. It will minimize the risk of facing such harmful health issues, which is a good thing.

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What Is a Safe Distance From a Cell Tower - EMF Guard


We hope you got clarity on all your doubts about cell tower dangers. We can’t stop using smartphones, but we can take the required steps to minimize the health risks associated with them. To begin with, you should stay away from cell phone towers as they are linked with many serious health issues.

Investing in EMF shielding products will also prove beneficial as these types of products are very effective. Some of these products are expensive; however, they will serve you for a long time. We are surrounded by smart devices that emit harmful radiation, and it’s very important to take the right steps to avoid health issues caused by them.

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