What Is Faraday Fabric?

The Faraday fabric is named after Michael Faraday, an awarded English scientist who studied electrochemistry and electromagnetism. With his genius knowledge, he came up with incredible discoveries like electrolysis, electromagnetic induction, and diamagnetism.

But what is Faraday fabric?

As you can guess from the name, it is a fabric made with electromagnetic blocking composition. This fabric has the ability to block radiation and protect your house, room, or a specific object.

What Is Faraday Fabric
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What Is Faraday Fabric?

Faraday fabric is a piece of fabric made out of interwoven conductive metallic thread. The fabric is flexible and generally constructed of polyester or cotton and other components, like copper, nickel, silver, etc. Its composition shields radio signals to up to 40 GHz. Also, it can block the harmful radiation of WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, cell phones, and other kinds of radiation.

The Faraday fabric is used in many places today. The protective abilities of this material are backed by scientific research and are even used to protect many machines and cellular devices in military use.

Aerospace engineering and government also use the Faraday fabric to protect information transmission.

Moreover, the Faraday fabric can prevent signals from leaking out and protect computers and devices with valuable and private information storage.

This fabric is available for everyone, and we can easily order it from Amazon. For home use, it is good to place this fabric around devices to protect against solar flares and radiation.

If you are interested in buying Faraday fabric, search for a laboratory-tested brand or purchase the original NASAFES fabric from its official website or Amazon.

Faraday Fabric Facts

Main features

  • Faraday fabric often has high shielding; it might block radiofrequency signals emitted by WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, RFID, cell signals including the 5G network, and radio signals to up to 40 GHz
  • The Faraday fabric also gives EMF, EMI, and EMR shielding
  • The Faraday fabric’s composition is generally polyester or cotton fiber, metallic nickel, metallic copper, and silver; it may contain other metallic materials and fibers, depending on the brand
  • The Faraday fabric surface is resistant, extremely durable, and incredibly lightweight
  • You can cut and sew the fabric or just wrap it around objects; also, you can hang it on a wall if you need to protect a whole room from EMF
  • The fabric is available in various sizes, intending to meet everyone’s needs
  • You can purchase Faraday fabric from Amazon or other official websites of specific brands
Faraday Fabric
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What devices can you cover with Faraday fabric?

Using the Faraday fabric, you can create a case for many devices intending to decrease their EMF radiation. Also, the Faraday fabric enclosure might protect your devices from hacking and data theft. Here is what you can wrap in Faraday fabric:

  • Cell phones
  • Computers and laptops
  • Routers and GPS devices
  • Hard drives
  • Digital cameras
  • Credit cards, keyfobs, and other building access cards
  • Smart meters and other smart appliances
  • Survival gear and other power tools
  • Electronic medical devices and equipment
  • Solar panels and generators
  • Satellites


Faraday fabric works the same as a Faraday cage. Because the Faraday cage is not what we need all the time, it’s best to replace it with a Faraday fabric case.

It is impossible to carry a metallic Faraday cage with us to protect our smartphone, credit card, or keyfob, which is why the Faraday fabric is best in these cases. Having a Faraday fabric case on these devices might prevent hacking and data theft while outside in the crowd.

As I mentioned above, the Faraday fabric can give incredible protection against different kinds of radiation.

  • In the military, the Faraday fabric blocks signals from cell phones, WiFi routers, Bluetooth connections, GPS, etc
  • Also, the Faraday fabric might give you excellent data and identity protection; the highly shielding RF material can give you protection against digital privacy and data theft
  • For home use, the Faraday fabric might protect your health from EMF radiation; it can successfully block the dangerous radiation that electronic devices spread and can lower EMF exposure at high levels
  • Another excellent protection the Faraday fabric offers is the EMP shield. EMP can disable your electrical and electronic devices, so you can use the fabric to protect your devices from lightning, power surges, solar flares, and intensive electromagnetic pulses
  • The Faraday fabric can also protect your credit card and keyfob chip; we all know that wireless credit card theft happens too often, so having a Faraday case might be the best protection for your credit cards


Faraday fabrics are mainly made of copper. Meaning they are conductive and flammable.

To ensure their safe use, you should place the Faraday fabric away from any electricity sources, cables, plugs, and power outlets.

MXene Coating

This liquid coating is deeply researched and proven to block electromagnetic waves. These claims are proven by the Drexel University researchers who researched the effects of MXene coating for years.

MXenes are nitrides and carbides of transition metals. They are 2D materials that give from 5 to 10 times higher conductivity.

The Drexel University scientists found that titanium carbonitride sheets are thinner than human hair and able to block electromagnetic interference up to 5 times better than regular copper foil.

In the study, the researchers’ latest finding was that a regular linen or cotton fabric dipped in an MXene solution might give up to 99.9% effectiveness in blocking EMI. The flakes of the material perfectly stick to the fabric’s fiber, producing a durable coating.

The Drexel University team also said that this coating could be used to protect wearable electronics without adding too much bulk or weight to them. Also, MXene coating can be used for manufacturing protective suits for people who explore and research high electromagnetic fields.


I hope this article and studies have helped you learn what is faraday fabric and what kind of protection it offers.

In my opinion, the Faraday fabric is the best invention that offers a high level of protection without being too massive or heavy to carry.

Protect yourself from the dangerous radiation because we are more and more exposed to and surrounded by it.

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