How to Turn Off Xfinity WiFi at Night

How to Turn Off Xfinity WiFi at Night

Using WiFi routers in the home is a significant source of electromagnetic radiation. It’s also common for people to leave their routers plugged in throughout the day, increasing their cumulative exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). 

Computer Glasses for Eye Protection Frpm LED Light

How to Protect Eyes From LED Light

We are all familiar with LED lights since they are becoming more popular nowadays and are used by thousands of people. LED light is also emitted from our computers, smartphones, and any other light source.

Shungite for EMF Protection

Shungite for EMF Protection

Everyone uses smart devices these days, and they have made everyday tasks easier than ever. We can transfer money sitting at home, and we can even talk to people living in different countries. There are

Can You Protect Yourself From 5G Dangers

How to Protect Yourself From 5G

Well, 5G is here and you can access the internet at speeds never experienced before. It’s obviously a revolutionary step that would increase business productivity and save our time downloading files from the internet. However,


EMF Units

With the growing awareness about the harm of the EMF radiation to human health, people are getting themselves EMF meters to ensure that they are not exposed to an unhealthy amount of radiation. However, the