What Are Safe EMF Levels

What Are Safe EMF Levels?

EMFs are impossible to avoid with so many cell towers and devices around us. When the devices around us emit these harmful EMFs, our body absorbs them, which is dangerous.  Prolonged exposure to EMF radiation … Read more

How Does WiFi Work on a Dash Cam?

How Does WiFi Work on a Dash Cam

Many people have difficulties dealing with technology and misunderstand the meaning of some devices’ features. One of the most common concerns is the dash cam and WiFi. Therefore, how does WiFi work on a dash … Read more

Where Are Smart Meters Banned

Where Are Smart Meters Banned?

Smart meters are devices used in homes to measure the power usage by a household. In the past two decades, utility companies have been trying to replace analog meters with smart meters, significantly increasing our … Read more

How to Read an EMF Meter

How to Read an EMF Meter

An EMF detector is one of the most vital tools for an engineer or technician. These testing devices are frequently integrated into a multimeter, but they do not give a complete analysis, which is where … Read more

What Material Can Block EMF

What Material Can Block EMF?

EMF impacts the design of almost every piece of equipment in the marketplace, whether it’s a navigation system, a medical device, or a microprocessor. This post will cover ways to establish effective forms of EMI … Read more