Best Low EMF Air Purifier

Nowadays, we all know how important it is to have clean air in our household. We are also familiar with the air purifiers that can clear the air. 

However, many people are unaware of how dangerous some air purifiers can be since they can emit EMF radiation. According to many studies and research, most low-quality air purifiers can emit EMF radiation that is dangerous for everyone, especially small children, infants, and pregnant women. So if you are not familiar with EMF radiation and are looking for a high-quality Air purifier, then this article is for you. 

We have done the research and found the most helpful and also affordable low EMF air purifiers. We have compared hundreds of them, including their features, customer experience, and much more. So, all you need to do is go over this article quickly and find out the best solution for clean air. 

Low EMF Air Purifiers

Best Low EMF Air Purifiers Review

According to our research, the following brands are manufacturing air purifiers that are among the top 5 best low EMF air purifiers you can find on the market. Also, they have an affordable price and provide outstanding performance. 

These brands are manufacturing different types of air purifiers, but they are number one when it comes to air purifiers that produce low EMF radiation. These types of air purifiers are rare on the market, but they have many benefits compared with other air purifiers. So, let’s go and see their features in detail. 


Boneco is first on our list since it is a famous brand and manufactures different types of products. Starting with air purifiers, air humidifiers, fans, air showers, hybrids that include humidifiers, purifiers, and many accessories. They are famous for their Air purifier P400 which emits low EMF radiation, and you can use it in your home or office.  

The air purifier P400 is made with HEPA silent technology and also an activated carbon filter. These are special filters that will provide a complete shield and will protect you from dangerous air pollution. They have the capacity to protect you from allergens, dust, pet dander, odors, pollen, and mites. 

Remember, you need to change the filters more often since they capture all of the air pollution. You will immediately feel the fresh air and the comfort in your home by using this air purifier. One of the best things is that the filter is easy to change, and also, the cleaners have a digital display and essential oils tray included. 

Shipping and Return Policy 

You can order the product on Amazon, and you can choose standard shipping, Prime, Free same-day-delivery shipping, and also you can get some benefits while ordering the product using these two options. You have the option to track your purchased item on your phone, which is very convenient. 

However, when it comes to their customer policy or especially their return policy, they provide guaranteed delivery dates. But, if you don’t receive your product on the same day or the delivery date, they will refund any shipping fees associated with your order. Overall this is an excellent and convenient policy.

Customer experience

According to the customers, this is a great air purifier for smaller rooms. They recommend getting two purifiers if you want to get a bigger room purified. Moreover, the purifier helped many users deal with their seasonal allergies and made their breathing easier. 

They have felt the purified air since their first usage. The users will continue using this product, and also, they will recommend the product to everyone who wants to get their room full of fresh purified air.

  • It has a digital display with simple functions
  • Easy and fast to navigate and use
  • It has a touch screen technology
  • It has a built-in whisper-quiet operation system when it is on the lowest output setting
  • It has a reminder for filter change
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has individual filter solutions, depending on the room and the needs
  • It works with low power consumption
  • You can change the filter depending on how polluted  the air is in your place of living
  • It is designed for smaller rooms


Blueair produces one of the best low EMF air purifiers and also produces a range of similar products. Blueair Blue Pure 211+ is one of their most famous air purifiers that is used by hundreds of satisfied customers. It has HEPA silent technology and also a washable pre-filter. 

The product comes in three different sizes so that it can provide ultimate purification of the air in other sized rooms. There are Blue Pure 211+ Auto for 550 sq. ft., Blue Pure 311 Auto covers 412 sq. ft., and Blue Pure 411 Auto covers 190 sq. ft. They all come in white color and unique small designs that can perfectly match each room’s decor. 

Furthermore, the product is tested by AHAM verified program that specializes in clean air delivery. The air purifier provides clean air and purification of dust, mites, smoke, pet dander, and pollen. It is excellent for everyone experiencing allergies and for everyone who likes to feel the benefits of the clear and fresh air in their homes. 

Shipping and Return Policy 

You can find all three designs of this air purifier available on Amazon. You can choose the free shipping, Fast same-day delivery, and Amazon Prime shipping. Also, remember that you have some benefits if you order them with prime shipping, such as discounts and fast delivery. You can track your package and also find a missing package. 

Also, Amazon provides international shipping, but you should be aware that it might cost a little bit more than the standard shipping for USA customers. You can choose standard, expedited, or priority shipping. 

In case the products are damaged, you have the option to return them in 10 days and get a new product shipped right away. Also, the return policy can depend on the brand, so it will be good for you to read their return policy in detail before purchasing the product.

Customer Experience

The users are overall completely satisfied by the performance of this air purifier. They state that it complements their home with its unique design and the new filters are made with thicker fabric and are easier to put on. Also, many users are happy with the Navy color of the new filter. They say it looks more attractive and overall complements the product. 

According to the customers, the air purifier is impressive by how quiet it is when working daily. And, even though sometimes it can be a little bit loud when it is working at a slower speed, you can always manually adjust it.

  • You get an air purifier, combination particle+carbon filter, fabric pre-filter in Arctic Trail, and user manual in the box
  • Third-party tested and verified
  • It has an intuitive Auto mode 
  • It has HEPA silent technology and also uses less energy, and produces less noise
  • It is recommended for larger rooms and also for smaller rooms 
  • It has a unique design 
  • It makes a relatively loud noise when it’s working at a slower speed 
  • It might be on the pricier side when it comes to purchasing new filters


Medify is one famous brand that produces high-quality air purifiers that work using a motor and a fan that draws the air in the room into the unit and forces the air through the filter. This product helps remove contaminants such as dust, pollen, mites, pet dander asbestos, anthrax, carbon dust, mold, smoke, viruses, and bacteria. They also use HEPA soundless filtration and advanced H13 filtration. 

The brand is using third-party EPA testing to ensure the quality of the air purifier. Their Medify MA-40 Air Purifier is one of their best air purifiers that is a low EMF air purifier. It is easy to use, and it covers large spaces up to 1,600 sq. ft. in one hour and also 840 sq. ft. in only half an hour. 

According to the research, this air purifier removes 99.9% of the harmful particles found in the air. Moreover, it is Energy Star, CARB, and ETL certified. And the best part of using this air purifier is the filter, which you can replace every six months and lasts more than 3.000 hours. 

Shipping and Return Policy 

You can easily purchase the Medify air purifier on Amazon and get your product with fast shipping or standard shipping. All this depends on you, but keep in mind that you have more benefits by using Amazon’s fast shipping. 

Also, when it comes to the customer return policy, the product can be replaced within ten days of delivery. Also, if you receive a damaged product or Amazon misplaces the order, you will receive a new product or the one you already purchased. Or, if you are not satisfied with that option, then you can get a full refund.

Customer Experience

According to the customers, this air purifier is excellent for covering and air purifying great surfaces. The users are amazed by the unique design and also high quality. 

Moreover, they are happy because the filter can last up to 3,000 hours or about six months. So, they don’t have to change the filter each week or every day. Changing the filter once in 6 months makes the air purifier one of the best on the market and most convenient to use. 

  • It has an H13 true HEPA filter and three layers filtration system
  • It can catch small particles, but also it can catch large particles such as hair or dust
  • It is quality tested by CARB, ETL, and Energy Star 
  • Its filter can last up to 3,000 hours, around six months 
  • It has a sleek touch screen operation panel that is easy to navigate 
  • It includes regulation of the fan speed, sleep mode, and child lock
  • It has a unique design that can fit any home decor 
  • No cons known for this product


InvisiClean manufactures all of their products in the USA, and they are third-party tested and proven by ETL to be one of the best high-quality products. Their InvisiClean Sensa Air Purifier is known for its 100% Certified Ozone Free certification by California Air Resources Board. 

InvisiClean Sensa Air Purifier represents a multi-stage air cleaner and medical-grade cleaner. It has an H13 True HEPA filter that cleans 99.985% of all airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns and particles small as 0.1 microns. The HEPA filter is a fantastic feature that this air cleaner has, and it also has a carbon pre-filter that removes the odor from cooking, pets, and smoking. 

Furthermore, InvisiClean has some additional helpful features. It has six fan speeds, whispers quiet mode, and also turbo mode. There is a filter change indicator and child/pet lock to prevent accidental changes. And the best part is that the air filter has an upgraded timer to shut off automatically and sleep mode to run in complete darkness. 

Shipping and Customer Return Policy 

You can get the InvisiClean air purifier on the Amazon website. You can get your standard shipping and also premium or same-day shipping. 

When it comes to the return policy, it goes the same as all of the above-mentioned air purifiers. If you receive a different purifier, you can get a replacement instantly or in the next ten days. Or, if you are not satisfied with the product, you can always contact the manufacturer and discuss your next step.

Customer Experience

The customers are delighted with the overall quality and function of this air purifier. They recommend this product to be used in larger rooms, but it is also suitable for smaller spaces. It all depends on how you like to use it. 

Moreover, they are happy because the purifier can run 24/7, costing them only 50 cents per month. So it saves a lot of energy, and it is convenient for use. The customers will continue using this product and recommend it to everyone who needs quality air.

  • It is a real-time air quality indicator 
  • It has a built-in Medical Grade H13 Multi-Stage Cleaner
  • It has Smart Air Quality Sensor and auto mode
  • It has six fan speeds and a quiet mode
  • It is supported by California Air Resources Board 
  • It runs 24/7 for less than 50 cents a month
  • You can find the replacement filters online on Amazon
  • You might need to change the filter frequently


Winix 5500 which comes in charcoal black color and a specific, unique design, is one of the top-notch air purifiers on the market. This air purifier works with a HEPA filter like all of the above-mentioned purifiers. It deeply purifies the air from all harmful allergens, microbes, pollen, and much more. 

The Winx 5500 has a washable AOC carbon filter. This is an excellent feature since it is made from activated carbon granules, and they will remove all of the household odors. Also, the PlasmaWave acts as a permanent filter, and it can break down the smell of different chemicals and harmful ozone. 

This product has a smart sensor and also an auto mode. The auto mode can adjust the fan in order for you to get cleaner air as needed, and the sleep mode will make silent air cleansing. It can be used in medium and also small rooms. If you have a large room, you might need to get two purifiers for you to feel the full effect. 

Shipping and Return Policy 

You can find Winx 5500 on the Amazon website. It is available for USA citizens and international shipping. So you can get the product from wherever you are. You need to keep in mind that if you are ordering the product outside the USA, you might have some additional fees for shipping. 

And you have a 10-day return policy, which is the same for all of the Amazon products. But of course, if you have any trouble, you can always contact their customer care team or send an email so they can help you out. 

Customer Experience

According to the customers, this air purifier is one of the best that they have ever used. They are amazed by the great design and specific charcoal-black color. 

Moreover, they are amazed by how easy it is to use the purifier and how easily washable the carbon filter and the fine mesh Pre Filter are. Some of the customers who have larger rooms say that they have bought two purifiers and they work perfectly well and they will continue using them in the future.

  • It has a washable fine mesh Pre-Filter, which is the first line for defense against larger microbes
  • It has a washable AOC Carbon Filter that reduces different types of odor
  • It has a HEPA filter that can capture all allergens, dust, microbes, and many more
  • It has a unique design and black charcoal color
  • It is suitable for small rooms and also medium rooms
  • It is not suitable for a large room

Buying Guide for Low EMF Air Purifier

Low EMF Air Purifier Buying Guide

There are a few things that you should watch out for when purchasing an air purifier. The market has many different air purifiers that offer great purified air, but they might not be tested and approved. 

Also, one of the most important things that you should watch out for is the EMF radiation emitted from the air purifiers. So, let us go on and see what you should consider before getting a high-quality Air Purifier. 

Size of the Air Purifier and the Size of Your Room

The first thing you need to do is consider the room’s square footage that you need to purify. There are many different sized air purifiers on the market that can purify small and also large rooms. It would be best to research the rate of air changes per hour to ensure that the technology can clean the air and filter out as much as microbes. 

There are different sized purifiers, as we mentioned. You can find them in Small-sizes that can cover small rooms up to 299 sq. ft.; Medium-sized that can purify spaces between 300 and 700 sq. ft, and also Large-sized air purifiers that can clean the air in a room as big as 1,900 sq. ft. 

Features of the Air Purifier 

You might ask yourself what features should one air purifier need to have to be considered high-quality? As we mentioned earlier, the market offers all types and air purifiers, and they are all different and provide different features and use different technologies. 

But one of the best features you want your air purifier to have is a HEPA filter that can filter out 99.99% of the microbes. Also, a charcoal filter can filter all foul odors from cooking, pets, and smoking. You can find all high-quality air purifiers online. 

You don’t want your air purifier to have a Wi-Fi connection option. Because it might emit EMF, it can harm your overall health and the health of everyone around you. 

After choosing the type and size of air purifier you need, consider whether or not you’d like any special features. Some of the air purifiers have a sleep mode that will work in silence so you can enjoy and also use it in your bedroom and sleep in peace.

Benefits of Owning Low EMF Air Purifier 

Place Where You Should Put Your Air Purifier 

The Air purifiers are designed to purify the air in one room. So you might also want to purchase more air purifiers if you need to purify more rooms. Or, if you wish, you can place the air purifier in one room and then change it to another room, but it might not provide you with the same effect. 

However, many manufacturers recommend that you place the Air purifier in one room, especially your bedroom. You can place it next to your bed or 6 feet from the head of your bed. If the air purifier is placed closer to you, you should point the directional registers towards your bed, and you might feel a slight draft. But if you place it further away, then you might not feel the purified air at all. So, make sure you keep it at a safe distance so you can feel the benefits. 

Benefits of Owning Low EMF Air Purifier 

Air purifiers can help you in many ways. They can clear the air that you breathe, but most importantly, they can help your overall health and the health of everyone in the room. They are made to purify the air from microbes and bacteria, so you don’t get any infection or any other health issues. Related Study: Assessment of air purifier on efficient removal of airborne bacteria

The air purifiers that we have reviewed in this article can help you with the following: 


If you have asthma symptoms or suffer from asthma, all of the above mentioned air purifiers can help you get clean air into your lungs. As we have mentioned earlier in this article, the HEPA filter is specially designed to help people with asthma problems since they remove all small particles from the air.


If you have different allergies, such as pollen allergy, you might want to get a HEPA filter air purifier. The HEPA filter removes all of the indoor allergens and will provide you with great relief. 


If you are a smoker or have a smoker in your family, and you want to avoid the smoke,  you should get one of the air purifiers with HEPA and a Charcoal Filter. The Charcoal filter works like magic. It collects all of the odor and smell from the smoke, cooking, and also pets. 

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Low EMF Air Purifier

Things You Should Know Before Purchasing Low EMF Air Purifier

If you have never used an air purifier before or just want to get a new one, you need to know some things before purchasing one. Different purifiers use different technologies to purify the air. 


These are filters that work like foam, and they are non-woven polyester-made filters. They can eliminate large particles like hair and pet hair. So, the pre-filter is the first stage of the filtration method that each high-quality air purifier uses. 

True HEPA Filters

The True HEPA or High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filter can clean all types of allergens. Starting with pollen, animal dander, mold, dust, and many more. Also, according to many studies, this filter can remove 99.99% of all small particles per 0.3 microns in specific. You should know the larger the filter, the more particles can be removed and also, the construction and the material are of great importance. 

Activated Carbon

Activated Carbon filters are usually part of high-quality air purifiers, and they need to be used in combination with other filters. These filters are specially designed to absorb the gases and different smells and neutralize the chemicals and fumes. These filters need to be replaced after use. 

Air Purifier Based On The Room Size 

There are different types and sizes of air purifiers. Bigger spaces need larger air purifiers in order for the purifiers to work properly and for the users to feel the purified air. There is an option to purchase two or more purifiers for larger and bigger rooms. 

The smaller the size of the room, the smaller purifier is needed. For a living room, you might want to get a purifier that has more settings and is silent. The same goes for small rooms such as kids’ bedrooms. The high-quality air purifiers have a sleep mode and silent mode to relax and sleep in peace. 

Shipping and Return Policy 

All websites have different terms and conditions. Shipping and return policies. So it is of great importance for you to check them and read them in detail. Make sure you fully understand them and then purchase the product.

Why Should I Use a Low EMF Air Purifier

What Is EMF Radiation? 

EMF radiation is a type of radiation produced by many electronic appliances that we have in our homes. Starting from your microwave, induction cooking stove, electric blankets, and radiation is found in many air purifiers. EMF radiation has been found in these appliances, according to many studies. Related: Best Low EMF Electric Blanket

EMF radiation is also naturally produced by the sun. But the earth’s atmosphere provides a shield, and the radiation is not that hazardous for our health. But, when it comes to unnatural EMR radiation created by us, the people, it represents a health risk. 

Moreover, EMF radiation can be found in high frequencies in X-rays, Gamma rays, and UV rays. And low frequencies of EMF radiation can be found in Visible light, Radio frequencies, and Infrared light. Nowadays, many companies produce one of the best low EMF air purifiers that are completely safe to use. 

EMF Radiation Health Hazards 

You might ask yourself how EMF radiation, which is non-ionizing, can be dangerous for your health? Well, many studies show that EMF radiation can cause many diseases and actually is harmful to your overall health. If you are feeling some symptoms such as headache, brain fog, or something that is usual or, let’s say, typical symptoms, it might be coming directly from the EMF radiation source. 

The radiation is especially hazardous for young children, infants, and, most importantly for pregnant women. The children’s brain and the infant’s brain are not entirely grown, and it is in a developing phase. The worst thing to do is to expose young people and pregnant women to harmful EMF radiation. 

Furthermore, it would be best if you thought about how long you are exposed to EMF radiation. Keep in mind that the longer you are exposed, you might have higher risk of getting health problems. So, to avoid headaches, hormonal changes, melatonin changes, and all types of common symptoms, you might want to stay away from the high EMF radiation. 

Why Indoor Air Pollution Is Dangerous for Your Health 

You should know that indoor air pollution is dangerous for your health. It is dangerous for your respiratory system, cardiac system, and neurological system. There are many chemicals emitted from the cleaning products and the chemicals that come from outside our houses that circulate in your home area. They are small particles that you can not see with your eyes, and you can only see them under a microscope. 

As you breathe in, the small particles enter your body and your respiratory system, and then they can penetrate into your bloodstream, causing different allergies and also having a negative impact on your cognitive functions and brain. 

So, purchasing and owning one of the low EMF air purifiers can help you protect your overall health. They are made to capture all of the bad bacteria and microbes that can cause allergies and different diseases. 

How does a Low EMF Air Purifier Motor Fan work

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Should I Use an Air Purifier?

We all know that air pollution surrounds us and is dangerous to our overall health. It can cause many different allergies, breathing problems, and different health issues. But you should be aware that for every situation, there is a solution. 

So the solution for insufficient and polluted air is purchasing a high-quality air purifier with low EMF radiation levels. After all, some of the high-frequency EMFs can also cause many health issues in pregnant women, infants, and children because their brains and organs are not completely developed. 

The air purifier will make the air in your home safe. Which means it will purify the air from all of the harmful bacteria and germs. Also, the high-quality air purifiers use HEPA filters that can capture 99.99% of the small particles in the air that you cannot see with your eyes. 

Can Air Purifiers Give off EMFs?

The answer to this question is yes. Some of the air purifiers can emit EMF radiation, which is terrible for your health. Some of the air purifiers can produce a high frequency of radiation that can be dangerous.

But there are many options on the market and many manufacturers that produce air purifiers that emit low EMF, which is not harmful to your health. All of the above mentioned air purifiers emit only a tiny amount of radiation that is completely safe and not harmful.

How does an Air Purifier Motor Fan work?

All air purifiers use an electric motor powered by altering current to turn a fan and move the clean air.  An electronic board regulates the power that is appalling to the fan speed, and it provides different fan speeds. They both generate EMF radiation, which is terrible for your health.

But, most air purifiers have standard altering current power connected with an electronic motor and a fan speed switch. The AC is low-frequency, modified by a pulse width modulation board that controls how voltage is appalling to the motor. So this type of motor is better since it emits low EMFs.

How Often Should I Run My Low EMF Air Purifier

How Often Should I Run My Air Purifier?

According to many Air Purifier manufacturers, you should run your air purifier 24/7. Well, if this is not practical for you, then you can always adjust it and use it as you wish.

The air purifier can keep your room clean up to 95%, according to many studies, but it can keep your room clean only when they are running. Also, if you have a home with an HVAC system, you might have slightly dirtier or more polluted air in your room. So you might want to keep your air purifier on all the time so you can have good quality air.

The HVAC systems also have filters to clean the air, but they are not as sufficient as the air purifiers. The air purifiers can provide you with the cleanest air, and you will feel the difference immediately after the first usage.

What should I Do When I First Place an Air Purifier In My Room?

The first thing you need to do is place the air purifier in your bedroom and turn the unit up to the highest speed for at least 30 minutes or 2 hours. You should decide this according to your room size. So if you have a small room, 30 minutes is enough. If you have a large room then 2 hours minimum is enough.

Once you do this step, then you should not turn off the air purifier immediately. You should let it run for at least 3 more hours. This step is crucial since if you turn it off, then the pre-cleaned levels will return right away, and you need to repeat the first step. This is all you need to do to keep the normal and safe air in your room.

Can Air Purifiers Dry the Air?

You might feel that the air is getting dryer, but that is because of the increased airflow or the air purifiers’ cooling effect. Also, they generally can remove moisture from the air, but they can not dry the air.

Overall, they can not make the air dry but can make the air feel dry. This can happen if the air purifier is running too fast or too big for your room. Also, remember that most air purifiers are used in winter, and the winter air is naturally drier. But there is always a solution. So if you think that your air is dry, you can always buy an air humidifier.


Air Purifiers are the perfect solution for getting fresh and completely purified air in your room. You can get them online, and they are easy and simple to use. All you have to do is make sure you get a low EMF radiation air purifier to avoid the harmful effects of EMF. We hope that we have provided you with helpful information on buying the perfect air purifier and how to use one.

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