How Far From a Breaker Box Is It Safe to Sleep?

Electrical breakers emit a tremendous quantity of EMF radiation. Due to the high EMF radiation they create, sleeping close to an electrical box may be highly harmful.

It may pose a severe threat to human health. Thus, if you know the potential danger a breaker box can represent to your health, you probably have safety issues. For instance, how far from a breaker box is it safe to sleep?

So, if this is something you are interested in and feel strongly dedicated to protecting your health from the harmful EMF radiation that a breaker box can emit, ensure to read this article until the end.

How Far From a Breaker Box Is It Safe to Sleep

How Far From a Breaker Box Is It Safe to Sleep?

As there is a lot of information regarding how far from a breaker box it is safe to sleep, it is no wonder that people are confused about this topic.

The internet is full of misinformation regarding the levels of EMF that a breaker box emits, the potential effects of the radiation from the breaker box on humans, etc.

Therefore, as I wanted to clarify this issue, you can read absolutely everything you must know in this article. So, how far from a breaker box is it safe to sleep?

Although breaker boxes usually emit lower levels of EMF radiation than other devices and appliances in your home, the radiation these boxes emit is relatively higher

With this information on hand, you should try placing your head at least 3.3 feet (1 meter) away from the breaker box so that you do not expose yourself to the direct EMF radiation of this box.

Additionally, as this topic is quite complex and there is much more important information you must know, you can read more about the break boxes and the radiation they emit in continuation.

EMF radiation from the breaker box

To better understand how far from a breaker box it is safe to sleep, you first must know the basics of the EMF radiation emitted by breaker boxes.

Namely, the EMF radiation from the breaker box is an electromagnetic spectrum under which the two types of electromagnetic field radiation fall. The first type is non-ionizing EMF radiation, and the second is ionizing EMF radiation.

The non-ionizing EMF radiation is the one that most of our electrical devices and wireless networks emit and does not have the energy to ionize the molecules and atoms.

On the other hand, ionizing EMF radiation has the energy to modify the molecules and atoms; therefore, ionizing radiation is more dangerous than non-ionizing radiation.

Finally, although this information differs from breaker box to breaker box, the most common type of EMF radiation that breaker boxes emit is non-ionizing radiation, which in larger doses, can seriously impact one’s health, as you will be able to read further in this article.

EMF radiation from the breaker box

How Much Radiation Do Breaker Boxes Produce?

The amount of EMF radiation a breaker box can produce solely depends on the number of electrical devices connected to it. 

As these break boxes are the meeting place of all wires that carry electricity throughout your home, they can produce about several hundred Milligauss of radiation, which most of the time is enough to cause discomfort and other health symptoms in people.

So, the more electrical wires, devices, and appliances you have in your home, the more radiation is emitted from the breaker box.

The danger of the EMF radiation from the breaker boxes

Once more, how far from a breaker box is it safe to sleep? Remember, it is about 3.3 feet or one meter, and it is only right to disclose how dangerous the EMF radiation is from the breaker boxes.

Namely, exposure to particular doses of non-ionizing radiation, which is the type of radiation that breaker boxes emit, can be harmful to human health

Although much more research is needed regarding this topic, we can see that non-ionizing radiation can impact one’s health.

More specifically, if you expose yourself to prolonged higher levels of non-ionizing radiation, you might start experiencing some unpleasant symptoms such as persistent headaches, blurry vision, mood swings, anxiety, dizziness, fatigue, increased risk of cancer, reproductive issues, testicular inflammation, etc.

That said, as most of the time, the radiation from these boxes is not that high, especially if the breaker box is far from you, the chances of having these symptoms are lower.

Potential Side Effects of Sleeping Close to a Breaker Box

We have seen what can happen if the breaker box is far away from you, but what can happen if the breaker box is too close to you while you are sleeping?

Again, many factors here can impact the overall effect that the radiation from the breaker box might have on you. Still, if that breaker box is too close to you and it emits larger doses of EMF radiation, you might find yourself in an uncomfortable position.

The most common symptoms and health side effects you can experience from sleeping too close to a breaker, being less than 3.3 feet (1 meter) away from it, are the following:

The Best Place to Install the Breaker Box

With all this information on hand, it is only clear that the breaker box should be as far away from you as possible, preferably in your hall above the door or in any place where there is no sitting or sleeping furniture nearby.

How to Reduce the EMF Radiation From the Breaker Box

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