How to Block Cell Phone Signal With Magnets

If you have read about the constant signals that cell phones emit, and you want to protect yourself from them, you have come to the right place. In this article, you will be able to read everything you need to know regarding how to block cell phone signal with magnets and what is the safest way to do that.

So, if this is the kind of information you have been looking for, ensure to keep reading this article until the end. 

How to Block Cell Phone Signal With Magnets

How to Block Cell Phone Signal With Magnets

Although more research needs to be done regarding this topic, from what we can see so far, cell signals have anything but a positive impact on one’s overall health. Additionally, as magnets are known for their ability to intercept cell phone signals, the solution to this problem became more than obvious. 

Because of this revelation, people started finding and creating new and innovative ways how to block cell phone signals with magnets, which proved highly efficient. From that moment on, the method of using wood blocks to block cell phone signals has been the most popular and widely used one yet.

That said, in this article, you can read more in-depth information about how to block cell signal with magnets and, more specifically, how to do that with magnets in a wood block. So, let’s begin.

A Brief History of the Magnetic Wood

Before we continue on how to block cell phone signal with magnets, you must have a general knowledge of what magnetic wood is and how it works.

Namely, the magnetic wood is a product of Hideo Oka and a team of electronics engineers from Iwate University in Morioka, northern Japan. By deciding to use wood as the primary material, they wanted to create the feeling of a more natural solution that would be highly adaptable to fit perfectly in every home design.

Additionally, they decided on wood because it is the cheapest material, so anyone can afford this technological innovation and protect themselves from harmful cell phone signals.

What is magnetic wood made of?

Besides containing wood as the primary material, magnetic wood is made of few materials. 

The design of this innovation is similar to a sandwich. There are two wood planks on the top and the bottom. These fiberboards contain fine particles of magnetic materials, also known as ferrite particles. The magnetic material is nickel-zinc ferrate and has been proven to block any cell phone signals in its area successfully.

The middle layer of the magnetic wood is a magnetic layer that actively helps in absorbing the signals from any cell phone that might be near it.

How does magnetic wood work?

After seeing the basics of magnetic wood, it is time to see how this “device” works. 

This simple creation can successfully absorb the cell signals anywhere near it thanks to the magnetic properties of the ferrate particles in the magnetic wood. Before using the magnetic wood, you need to ensure that the magnetic wood “sandwich” is about four millimeters, or 0.15 inches thick, for the utmost effect and absorption.

Additionally, by increasing the thickness of the outer wooden fiberboards of the sandwich, you can simultaneously increase the frequency of radio waves the magnetic wood can absorb.

How to use magnetic wood to block cell phone signals

Now that you know what magnetic wood is and how it works, I would like to share with you how to block cell phone signal with magnets. Namely, you could have read that the best way to do this is by using magnetic wood. There are many ways you can incorporate this innovation into protecting yourself from the harmful signals that all cell phones emit. In continuation, we will look at how to block those cell phone signals only by using magnetic wood.

Use the wood-based shields as doors

The first and foremost way you can learn how to block cell phone signal with magnet is by using magnetic wood-based shields as doors. Although this might sound scary, considering that you will not be able to make or receive any phone calls, you can do this in a room where you want to isolate yourself from all the technology.

You can use these wood-based shields as a replacement for your door, which might have a much bigger impact on blocking cell signals throughout a larger area, or you can use it on your door that faces that room.

Before placing the magnetic wood panels, you need to consult with a professional regarding how much area you would like the wood-based shields to cover and which wood thickness you should choose.

Use the wood-based shields as walls

Although this is not an ideal solution for homes because there might be some serious disadvantages, such as interfering with other people’s phone calls, etc., placing wood-based shields as a wall can be a great choice for theaters and cinemas.

Other places where wood-based shields can be used as walls are music studios or movie studios where cell phones are strictly forbidden.

Install panels on your walls

If you want to block cell phone signals with magnets in your home, one of the many ways to do that is by installing magnetic wood panels on your walls. You can do this by using screws and installing magnetic wood panels into the studs of the wall.

Before doing so, consult a professional with an experience in this field so that they can advise you on what type of magnetic wood panels to choose, the thickness of the panels, and the position of the panels. This is important because you do not want to block cell phone signals in your entire home but only in a few strategically chosen places.

Put up magnetic wood panels on your walls

If you do not want to add screws on the wall, you can decide on some lighter magnetic wood panels, which you can put up with the help of adhesive. This is the best way to preserve your walls and, at the same time, be able to move the magnetic wood panels easily from one room wall to another.

How to use magnetic wood to block cell phone signals

How to test if your panels are blocking the cell signals

After setting up the magnetic wood panels, you will need to test whether they block the signals from cell phones. To do this, go into the room where these panels are placed and try to make or receive a call. If you cannot do both of these actions, it means that the magnetic panels are indeed working, and they block cell phone signals with magnets.

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