What Does Orgonite Do?

As we live in a world full of technological advancements, negative energy becomes harder to avoid. Protecting oneself from all the harmful EMFs digital devices emit is incredibly important. One useful thing people use to protect themselves from these emissions is orgonite. 

But what does orgonite do? You are in the right place to discover it. So, I have written this article to help you understand its function. Thus, let’s get started and discover!

What does Orgonite do
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What Does Orgonite Do?

Orgonite is a device made of a mix of resin, metal shavings, and black tourmaline or Shungite used to cleanse the negative energy and absorb the harmful EMFs emitted by cell phones and other technological devices. Orgonite is also believed to possibly reduce stress and increase energy, which helps with meditation.

The Properties of Orgonite

Orgone was first proposed as a term for the hypothetical universal life force in the 1930s by the scientist Wilhelm Reich. The general public’s health deteriorated in the 60 years after Dr. Reich began his career. Our bodies and environment are now overrun with EMF radiation.

Electromagnetic radiation is one important source of EMF accumulation. Electromagnetic forces (or EMFs) are presently hammering us. There is Wi-Fi everywhere. Therefore, even if we do not use it, everyone else around us who does affects us. 

Electromagnetic fields, or EMFs, come from any electrical or wireless equipment and are invisible lines of force. Orgonite is reputed to be possibly beneficial for meditation, health improvement, stress relief, a good night’s sleep, and removing EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies).

Depending on how you intend to use it, you should decide which sort of orgonite to employ. For instance, amethyst might be an excellent choice if you need assistance with your stress levels or sleep problems. 

Last but not least, for optimal results when using orgonite for EMF protection, you should use black tourmaline or shungite orgonite. 

As it is hard to escape EMFs even if you do not use any digital devices, incorporating orgonite devices in your home may help absorb them and reduce the risk of their effect on you and your family. 

Orgone and Orgonite 

Orgone and orgonite are not interchangeable terms, as orgone refers to the energy Dr. Reich discovered and dedicated his entire life to researching it. Dr. Reich considered this hypothetical universal life force to be at the center of human well-being. He hypothesized that a deficit in bodily orgone level could lead to many diseases, among which the most dangerous is cancer development

On the other hand, orgonite is used for devices made to absorb harmful EMFs and protect against their radiation. It has many other benefits besides protecting against EMFs. It might help with sleep issues, purify living spaces, reduce stress, detoxify water, help plants grow, etc. 

Therefore, orgonite might help balance your overall health while protecting you from radiation. Now you know what does orgonite do and why you should think about it.

Orgonite Device 

Orgone accumulator 

Dr. Wilhelm Reich built orgone energy accumulators. The inside of these devices is made of alternating layers of organic and non-organic materials that increase the orgone concentration when sitting inside. However, these devices are not the most convenient to have in your house.

Orgonite pyramids 

Orgone pyramids are excellent for home use as the orgonite can be placed through your house without taking up too much space. They are made with resin, metal shavings, and healing crystals to boost the power of the orgone energy. 

Orgonite pyramids are also excellent for meditating with them. You can put them on your hands when you meditate in the morning so that the orgonite pyramids absorb the negative energy. 

Orgonite pendants 

If you want to always be protected from harmful EMFs, you can wear orgonite pendants. Having orgonite directly on your skin might repel any negative energy and radiation from EMFs. 

Benefits of Orgonite 
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Benefits of Orgonite 

Recycling negative EMF energy

One of the biggest benefits of orgonite is its ability to recycle negative EMF energy that enters it and transform it into good energy because we are surrounded by various devices that emit radiation and electromagnetic fields.

Regular exposure to EMFs can lead to serious consequences to your health and lead to depression, anxiety, headaches, memory issues, cancer, sleep issues, etc. However, orgonite absorbs this negative energy and possibly offers protection by transforming it into positive energy.

Might contribute to a stronger immune system

As orgonite possibly protects you against EMFs and radiation, it cannot disrupt your immune system. That means you might be able to have a stronger immune system as there will not be any negative outside influences on it. So, orgonite basically might balance your entire health. 

Possible effective sleep aid 

Because the orgonite will absorb all the negative energy and the EMFs that disturb your sleep, you will feel a sense of calm wash over you. Moreover, the stress might be seriously reduced in your life. 

With more positive energy in your life, you will find it easier to fall asleep at night. There will not be any anxieties or worries plaguing your mind, with negative thoughts disrupting your dreams.

Might help plants to grow 

As I mentioned, orgonite might also be incredibly useful for your home plants because EMFs can and will negatively impact them. This negative impact will stunt their growth and lead to the plants wilting. 

With an orgonite in your home, the EMFs’ impact on your plants will be minimized, and they will be able to thrive in a positive environment. The orgonite might also purify your living space and detoxify your water.


Unfortunately, more than ever, it is incredibly challenging to avoid the negative impact of harmful EMF radiation. 

The world revolves around technology, and everyone, even the youngest members of society, owns a smart device such as a phone or a tablet. 

Even if you are not using any devices, you will still be unable to avoid the EMFs as those around you likely use them. This is why orgonite is incredibly useful in fending off this negative energy. 

So, to wrap it up, what does Orgonite do? The answer is it absorbs the negative EMFs and possibly protects you against radiation.

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