Best EMF Protection Jewelry

Not everyone is susceptible to exposure to EMF radiation, or at least is not sensitive enough to feel the symptoms and constant effects. Some people struggle with a condition called electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS). These people can feel the whole spectrum effects of non-ionized waves. But no matter if you feel this radiation or not, the damage of long-term exposure is visible. One of the most effective protection for this radiation is EMF protection jewelry.

This article will present the top 5 pieces of jewelry used to protect the body from all types of negative energy, including hazardous EMF radiation.

EMF Protection Jewelry

EMF Protection Jewelry Reviews

Shungite Jewelry Set

Transforming the hand-made village business into an international brand recognized among anti-radiation enthusiasts, Heka Naturals brings the best from the world of jewelry design and organism self-protection. And knowing how powerful Russian traditional medicine is, we can just imagine what miracles a tiny mineral can do.

Shungite right now is considered one of the most EMF protective substances. This unique material is usually found in the Karelia region in Russia.  It is famous for the numerous benefits of the health department. For instance, Shungite contains a hollow carbon molecule known as fullerenes. And soon after, scientists discovered that this specific molecule had microscopic carbon cages that eventually absorb the harmful emission of EMF particles, and that way, it offers a shield for the whole body.


The necklace is made from a raw piece of pure Shungite imported from the main deposit in Karelia. The overall carbon content is more than 98%, which is essential when choosing a Shungite product. Because the material is raw and unpolished Shungite, it has the maximum ability to protect the body. Apart from this, it is inexpensive and has a great design.

The Shungite set contains four pieces of jewelry that will provide ultimate protection, starting from the head and below: a pair of earring studs, a pair of sphere earrings, a small circle pendant, and a double circle pendant. The rope for the necklaces is made from 100% cotton, and the earring parts that enter the ear are tailored from silver-plated brass. The jewelry pieces contain somewhere between 35%-80% carbon, which makes them Type I and Type II.

Despite all this, the fullerenes found in Shungite are thought to regenerate damaged tissue and improve the work of neurotransmitters, a state which can result in stress relief.

Customer satisfaction

Some of the customers thank the company that made these necklaces and earrings available and reasonably priced so that anyone can enjoy their advantages. Some use these pendants to treat insomnia as mood boosters, and most of them buy them because of their purposes and properties.

  • Made from the best EMF resistant material worldwide
  • It kills radiation up to 98%
  • The set has earrings and pendants; that way, you can always wear some form of protection on you
  • It is budget-friendly
  • You get four separate pieces for the cost of one
  • The silver-plated brass can be cause for allergy if you have any history with it

Orgone Chakra Scalar Necklace

The orgonite gemstone is another element that humans find effective in fighting against dangerous non-ionized radiation. It is thought this gemstone is based on two principles: inorganic and organic. The organic compound is a resin mix (based on petrochemicals), while the inorganic is made from metal shavings. Therefore, the Orgone Chakra Scalar Necklace is the right product if a person feels tangled between what choice is better, the one coming from nature or the one made similarly to EMF particles from a human hand.


Firstly, the necklace is good-looking. Each customer will love at first sight after seeing the beauty of this jewelry piece made from orgone. It is designed upon the formula found by Dr. Wilhelm Reich. Apart from the basic element every orgone product has, this necklace is made from Aluminum, Obsidian, S Shape SSB coil, and Metal Metatron’s cube symbol.

These compounds can quickly transform the negative energy or the energy emitted from electromagnetic fields into a positive bioelectric form.

Because of the beauty and the mysticity of the necklace, you will quickly blend in with every group of people, and most of all, you will get big compliments about your piece of jewelry. Maybe, after all, that’s the personal impact.

But how can chakra opening help fight EMF?

Because it helps transmute the overall negative energy that attacks the human aura, it is getting rid of the harmful EMF radiation, knowing that radiation is a form of negative energy. And after chakras are prepared, they will learn what to accept and what energy to reject.

Customer experience

A large number of customers have only a positive experience with this necklace. They report sleep improvement, where no pain in the joints recurred after wearing the chakra pendant. Others felt boosted in their social and love life. But most important besides the mood balance and better sleep is that they felt fresh on a whole daily level.

  • 2 in 1: Beneficial and attractive piece of jewelry
  • It suits both as a chakra opener and as an EMF blocker
  • Rids of all negative energy surrounding a person, in the attempt to penetrate inside
  • Apart from orgone, the necklace is made from other natural materials
  • You only get one piece for the price

Seven Chakra Stone Necklace

The Buddhists thought that after chakras have opened, a human can experience life at an optimal level. This old learning is spread today, too. And when your aura is adjusted, nothing can harm you. This necklace can renew your energy by raising the vibration of your organism and the environmental vibration.


The pendant is handcrafted, made from a mixture of metals, chakra stones, and raisins, making this look attractive but empowered with healing properties. The necklace is designed from amethyst, blue aventurine, green aventurine, lapis lazuli, red carnelian, red jasper, and Citrine. The core used for the pendant is adjustable, and its impact will show optimal protection if you wear it over the throat or the heart. 

What motivated designers to tailor such an item was to offer people something that will protect the self-trinity: keeping them safe and sound – spiritually, mentally, and physically. Moreover, this necklace can provide better flow and communication between the body, the mind, and the spirit. Despite this, it can shield the overall health from dangerous e-energy and other negative entities.

Customer experience

One of the customers talks about her skepticism about the impact of gemstones. But anyway, she did give it a try, and immediately after she started wearing the necklace, the ringing in the ears stopped. Another one discusses the necklace’s power in fighting off anxiety, which has been especially emphasized after wearing it. It also helps with heart arrhythmia, known as another side effect of long EMF exposure.

  • The necklace is handcrafted
  • The core is adjustable, but it is best to wear it over the throat or hearth
  • The pendant is a successful mixture of seven elements, symbolizing the seven chakras
  • It improves general health and protects the body from dangerous radiation
  • You may need to switch the necklace core after a while

Black Sun Orgonite Donut Pendant

Made from the knowledge and thorough research of Dr. Reich and the quality of Orgone Andy, this piece of jewelry is a must-have for those who want to look fabulous and use the health benefits of this mixture.


The donut necklace is a perfect and balanced blend between brass metals, copper, and steel. These metals are added along with the unique “Black Sun Blend.” To create the black sun blend, the manufacturer uses Black Iron Oxide in ratio 50:50 with the Ionized gold that wears the Black Sand. The overall combination is made from quartz in addition to heavy metals. And if you feel curious to know what those luminant spots on the pendant’s surface are, you will be surprised if we tell you that they are debris of crushed crystal gemstones. 

Both pendant and leather core do not contain anything that can be seen as a possible allergen. However, the users prone to allergies must read the label of elements contained before wearing them. So far, no sign of recorded allergies has been inducted. 

It can help people with all sorts of conditions, especially those made from the impact of the harmful electronic emission, such as the EMF waves, that are slow and silent killers of sound cells. For instance, young patients diagnosed with fibro have felt the difference after a week of wearing. The joint pain and other following difficulties just faded away.

Customer experience

Customers praise phenomenal craftsmanship. They love the specifications of the necklace, where no cheap materials are used, but the ones from high-quality like resins, minerals, and metal fillers. Moreover, its healing abilities can improve the overall health, mood and protect the body, spirit, and mind from disastrous EMF radiation.

  • A unique blend between metals and gemstones
  • The pendant is pretty mystical and fashionable, but your health can benefit from wearing it too
  • No allergen substances found
  • During the manufacturing process, a piezoelectric effect is made
  • They are quickly out of stock

Ayana Raw Shungite Neutralizer

The handmade pendant is made with ethically sourced gemstones dug up from the natural environment, where they can be found raw. This crystal can shield its carrier from negative energy, such as EMF radiation.


Thanks to this necklace neutralizer, you can shine beautiful inside and out. Apart from keeping you safe and sound from EMF radiation waves, it can help you feel self-assured and grounded. This Gemini birthstone can nurture the root chakra. If you nourish the soul, your body will shine too. Therefore, the Ayana crystal can guide you to transform the cruel and raw form of human energy into health, happiness, peace, and balance. 

Ayana Crystals come with a certification of authenticity, ensuring clients they are of the finest quality. The shungite stones come from a town in Russia. This necklace neutralizer is known for the trio of features: it stimulates the work of throat chakra, improves self-esteem, courage, and is known as a powerful stress aid. 

The stone stays shiny without being polished throughout all time of wearing. The rope is made from flat copper wire, electroplated with nickel or silver.

Customer experience

Mostly, customers are satisfied with the delivered packages. Many felt better and improved their sleep; others felt relief in their inflamed joints after waking up. All other symptoms connected to the EMF radiation were gone after a few days of wearing the necklace.

  • The stones come with a certificate of authentication
  • The necklaces are protected with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • You have the opportunity to exchange it if you feel unsatisfied
  • The pendant is made from raw shungite, known for its EMF protection properties
  • Neutralizes bad energy, EMF radiation waves and helps relieve the stress
  • The wire can fleck off; it is better to not shower with it

EMF Protection Jewelry

The Buying Guide on EMF Protection Jewelry

We often find ourselves stuck to the smartphone or laptop, working until we drain all our energy. The 21st century’s modern technology made humans equal to the title of masters and slaves. Many of you who live in homes burst at the seams with phones, Wi-Fi modems and routers, television, microwaves, and many other home supplies. These emit negative non-ionized matter that surrounds your everyday life, making it more stressful than usual, with its invisible energy. These electronic devices have the power to drain a person, both mentally and physically. That’s why the need for an EMF blocker is more significant than ever. The earth crystals known from ancient times are used the most as EMF protection that can keep the wild natural spirit grounded. Below we present you the ultimate guide on buying the perfect EMF protection jewelry. 

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What is EMF?

EMF is a shortcut for electromagnetic fields. Sometimes this negative energy is referred to as EMR or electromagnetic radiation. All the electronic devices surrounding us send streams of invisible energy particles that can attach to a human body. While some may see it as a millennial approach, it has been present for some time, and its issues can be found discussed on many internet pages, including your current supplier web page. Take EMF for granted since it is a harmful but invisible enemy. 

Which EMF protection crystals are the best?

We all know that gemstones have properties to heal inner health and are pretty popular among users. But as we mentioned earlier, not every crystal has the same ability to block EMF with the same efficiency. Each crystal covers different elements of your wellbeing. This is why it is crucial to choose the appropriate EMF protection crystal. We made a list, and the following crystals are the perfect choice when shopping for EMF protection jewelry.


Shungite is an ancient, powerful gemstone that you must reckon with. This 2-million-year-old stone is so potent that it is said to stop anything hazardous to human health right in its tracks and fully absorbs the negative energy, no matter what form or source it comes from. The stone’s protective and healing properties come from a staggering 98% carbon.


This particular gemstone, famous for its bright and energetic properties, is linked to the existence of the solar plexus chakra. Citrine helps the body repair the caused EMF damage and can also be super valuable work when bringing down negativity. When Citrine is blended with iron hydrate, it is most potent in mild, sunny, and humid seasons.


This crystal made from dreamy dark minerals is considered one of the most efficient in protecting you from EMF radiation and other dangerous particles, such as smog. For instance, in ancient Rome, the warriors used hematite to stud their armor as additional protection. Hematite is known under another name among gemstone enthusiasts – The Blood Stone. The second name of hematite comes from its blood cleansing properties, which liberate the body and the bloodstream from heavy toxins. Because this crystal is rich in iron, it boosts its potential.

Black tourmaline

The midnight stone, as black tourmaline is known, is thought to be the most protective crystal in the world if you are eager to surround yourself with the power of this talisman. Black tourmaline has enormous personal energy, and it can clear away the EMF smog that wants to aggravate your personal space and body. Having highly intuitive and absorbing features, this stone will also block negative energy and turn it into positive vibes.


The metallic nature of Pyrite is on the map as an ultra protector when it comes to saving the environment from hostile surroundings. Along with its healing properties caused by dangerous EMF emissions, Pyrite is an excellent choice for boosting your energy, meaning that it is the appropriate stone to place in your home or office and wherever technology is abundant.

Rose quartz

Rose Quartz may be a soft and protective gemstone, but it is also a defensive force. While trying to clear the space, the Rose quartz can be good along with bad energy. It’s a beautiful and valuable crystal for keeping your blood circulation and blood levels optimized. In these terms, the body will quickly flush out all the toxins and leave your body mindfully and adequately recharged.

How do I use EMF protection crystals

How do I use EMF protection crystals?

In the end, no matter which EMF protection crystals you choose, the most crucial role is to know how to effectively use them as a shield against the adverse side effects of radiation waves. And one of the most productive and quickest ways to utilize the healing power of these crystals is by choosing the appropriate EMF protection jewelry. If you wear these crystals as recommended daily, you can protect your general health at the maximum. Wearing necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets,  and anything close to the skin will change your life for good. Related: Best EMF Pendant

You can also place the protective crystal near the place where you think the most EMF is emitted, usually to the spot with the highest number of technology assets. However, be careful of how you place those crystals that have powerful magnetic properties. If they are near to your laptop or external hard drives, they may affect the data records and result in losing them. For instance, quartzes should be used with caution when they are very close to electronic devices since, in particular situations, they are considered semi-conductors of energy and can even amp up the EMF radiation.

How to choose the best EMF protection jewelry?


There are seven chakras or seven energy centers inside our bodies. If the pendant is real, it will be able to connect with the chakras to balance all sources of energy emitted and secreted from the body. And if you want to heal your spirit from the inside, then remember that the level of positive energy must be slightly higher than negative energy. Some stones have the ability to absorb dark energy, so while wearing them, you can produce loads of accumulation of positive energy. Chakra stones or Orgone pendants are better since you can feel the benefits better, spiritually and physically.

EMF protection

Not every crystal has the ability to cut down the intensity of EMF radiation to which you are exposed, but the real Shungite can. Shungite is an organic stone obtained from ancient rocks. We have mentioned above that this stone is only found in one place in the world, in the village of Karelia, Russia. If you seek balancing and protecting items that can save you from EMF, Shungite can make miraculous work. Shungite stones are great electricity conductors. If you want to know if the piece of jewelry you’ve bought is made from real Shungite, you can do a little experiment with electricity charges, measuring them. Related: Shungite for EMF Protection

If you choose Shungite, there are two types – type 1 and type 2. Type one contains 98% organic carbon. However, you mustn’t forget that different gemstones have different impacts on the human body. And if you feel that some don’t fit you well, find another one. 


Crystal pendants have healing properties. For maximum benefit, use one close to your heart or throat, near the root chakra. If you use chronic therapy, you can still wear them. No signs of side effects between EMF protection crystals and vital organs have been found. Depending on your organism and self-belief, you can either see good results or no results, but no harm can be done. Some struggle with insomnia, aches, or feel unhappy- a pendant can fight it off.


You can combine these pendants with any colored metal Chain that suits your skin best. Well, they come with chains that are of adjustable length. And usually, these necklaces are sold with a skin core, that way, no cause of an allergy can be made.


The higher the range, the better. These pendants have a limited field of affection, meaning they are set to protect the body only from particular wave frequency.


There isn’t a single individual who doesn’t want to purchase quality products for a reasonable price. Amazon allows you to compare different products from different sellers before finding the most favorable deal.


Another vital factor in distinguishing the brands. Different sellers sell different brands, and it is essential to understand each type to make the appropriate choice. If a brand is considered renowned, reputable, and stands as an association for high-quality manufacturing products, then it is logical that the prices will be higher too.


We have considered the functionality of each piece of EMF protective jewelry. The functionality typically depends on inner specifications labeled from the manufacturer about the materials used for production. The more sophisticated the specifications are, the higher the functionality is.

Customer reviews

Usually, customers leave feedback for the item they’ve bought. This way, they can help future customers decide whether or not a specific item (in this case, jewelry for EMF protection) is useful or not. The comments with reviews can be found on the same page where the products are located.

How to choose the best EMF protection jewelry

Benefits of buying products from Amazon

There are multiple reasons why there is a customer fever for buying products from Amazon. The main one is that you don’t buy your product from a retailer but from the manufacturer itself. But Amazon is a third-party, working in between buyers and sellers.

However, the best part about shopping on Amazon is that it has the perfect buying guide and descriptions following a particular product. And in continuation, we will present some of the benefits of purchasing on Amazon.

Best prices

It is not a scam when people say Amazon offers the best prices. This is because the selling platform works directly with a host of manufacturing companies. And therefore, many intermediaries are cut from the selling process, which results in reducing the cost of the products and reasonable prices.

Huge selection

Amazon works with a large network of sellers, giving the buyers a chance to select the most appropriate product for themselves. If you want to buy a certain item, you can compare the specifications and prices from the different sellers before making the final decision.


Amazon is an international company headquartered around the world, with offices and stores in almost every US and European state. They have the best delivery, and you can rest assured that you won’t be prone to a scam deal since Amazon mobilizes only the best retailers.


Another advantage of buying online products from Amazon is credibility. The company has gathered positive customer reviews for its years of work, operating on the online retail market.

How can EMF protection Jewelry help

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are EMF waves qualified as harmful?

EMF particles surround us, starting from signals and power towers, satellites, surveillance cameras; they are part of our modern society, and it seems we can’t escape them. Did you know that even when you are up in a mountain, there is radiation, may be less dangerous than the one emitted in the city? 

Therefore, humanity found two ways of EMF emission – high level and low level. High-level emission refers to the extreme waves transmitted through the sun or medical equipment like X-ray machines. On the contrary, the low level of EMF emission comes from electrical household objects.

Recent research has found that when an organism is exposed to low-level non-ionized radiation, such as the one emitted from household supplies, it can cause neurological and other problems in the long term. The excessive use of mobile phones is linked to the occurrence of glaucoma and brain tumors. Related: Best Cell Phone EMF Protection

If you are frequently exposed to EMF, it can cause low libido, fatigue, depression and anxiety, sleeping problems, headaches, mood swings and irritability, a change in memory capacities, a change in appetite, along with nausea, and skin tingling. The problem is you can have plenty of symptoms, only one sign or none. But EMF is the invisible, silent killer and affects almost everyone one way or another. 

How can EMF protection crystals help?

Crystals have been used as protectors of humanity from ancient times, whether against sorcerers, bad destiny or just as a health improver. Not every gemstone has the same healing properties and can equally keep you safe from EMF. Still, some, especially those with high iron content, can effectively block and protect human health from dangerous EMF exposure.

Along with the iron content, buy crystals with purification properties, meaning that they will connect to and align the chakras. 


While science still lingers between the research on how much EMFs can impact the body, there is recent evidence that electromagnetic field waves can adversely affect your overall health. The EMF protective crystals in whichever form of jewelry you purchase can make a huge difference even at low-level use. Crystals can transmute energies, heal traumas, and protect you from any type of harm.

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