Orgonite EMF Protection

Orgonite is a metaphysical form of stone obtained by mixing resin, metal, and quartz. The long-term practice has shown that orgonite in the proper ratio can effectively fight against harmful EMF radiation that reflects on human health. Let’s be honest; we can’t escape the burst of technology since we live in modern societies and the new millennium is famous for technology expansion. But what you can do to protect yourself from radiation exposure is find the appropriate orgonite EMF protection. You can wear it as jewelry for everyday protection, or we can place it in our home or office for protection. 

After a while, you will start noticing positive changes in your behavior, such as mood and sleep improvement, pain and anxiety relief. If you choose one of the following five orgonite shields, you can rest assured that you made the right decision.

Orgonite EMF Protection

Best Orgonite EMF Protection Review

Energy Generator Orgone Pyramid for E-energy Protection

Orgonite pyramids are known to have excellent properties for establishing life balance and filtering all sorts of human energy fields. This energy accumulator resemblance transforms the low energy into high-level energy, teaching the person how to live a better life and embrace the very moment.

The product

This orgonite pyramid is made on the principles of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s accumulator. It is made from metal shavings and resin in the proper ratio that can ensure EMF protection. The product can help you neutralize harmful radiation and transform it into positive energy. For instance, the interaction between the organic and inorganic components, in this case, the resin and metal, create orgone, which is famous for its absorbing and healing properties.

But apart from the primary ingredient, this EMF protective pyramid is made from: red quartz (bringing stability and strength), orange quartz (stimulating motivation and joy), yellow onyx quartz (responsible for confidence and courage), green onyx quartz (optimism and self-acceptance), blue onyx quartz (communication and truth), indigo onyx quartz (for intuition and creativity), and violet onyx quartz (producing wisdom and inner peace). Apart from the seven gemstone wonders inserted in the pyramid, it is made with an SBB coil that directs positive energy.

Customer experience

Customers love the healing power that comes with this orgone pyramid. Each stone has a different meaning and is connected to the self areas. Satisfied buyers have noticed positive changes regarding their sleep, appetite, and overall life quality. The price is reasonable and affordable, and other customer policies are also significant if you are interested in purchasing.

  • Made with seven different colored onyx quartzes
  • Infused with CBB coil and orgone
  • Helps you redirect the positive energy
  • Transforms negative and non-ionized energy into sound energy
  • The stones and crystals have been smudged, clearing white smudge
  • Can be purchased only online

Orgonite Crystal With Black Tourmaline

Orgone is recognized as an amplification tool that has an effective way to transmute negative energy into positive. These levels of obtaining positive energy are known as Prana, Chi, and Zero point energy. The Orgone material follows and raises the vibration of both the user and the surrounding environment. 

The product 

The crystal is made from authentic materials, using black tourmaline, resin, the copper flower of life, crystal point, and other vibrative stones. All of these materials are certified for their purpose and their authenticity. The Orgonite Crystal with Black Tourmaline boosts the immune system since these gemstones encourage blood circulation. It promotes detoxification from free radical particles inside the body. It is helpful to connect with nature and find the balance between your chakras. First and foremost, it protects the carrier from harmful EMF energy transmission.

Customer experience

Many satisfied customers talk about the beautifully executed pendant, which comes with an informative pamphlet, about the positive and negative sides of black tourmaline and for whom it is recommended. This energy generator made out of a precious stone can boost the energy on another level. Those who have it, recommend not taking it off since the material is weather resistant, and you can shower with it. They experienced some physical properties, such as pain relief, but mentally succeeded in finding better focus points and becoming more creative than usual.

  • Made from copper dust, black tourmaline, and flower of life
  • It secures protection, chakra balance and ejects the harmful radiation
  • You can use it to boost your immune system and for fast detoxification
  • All materials used in the stone are certified for authenticity
  • When heated, black tourmaline can conduct electricity

Orgonite Pyramid With Reiki Healing EMF Protection

The ancient word for orgone means something of vital energy, similar to the force of live energy, or as psychology defines it as libido. But what lies in the structure of orgone are particular crystals, resins, and metal shavings. When these particles are hardened, it is believed, from ancient times, that the combination can attract energy.

The product

The Orgonite Pyramid is designed from four primary materials: flower of life, black tourmaline, copper shavings, and vibrating crystal quartz that improves energy flow. If you want to charge your pyramid, you can do that from direct sunlight. 

Firstly, the manufacturer says that what triggered them to produce such an item was protecting people from a cancerous form of radiation coming from every day and home supplies, like microwave ovens, cell phones, routers, smart meters, and network cables. Then, the pyramid has also shown positive results in eliminating panic attacks since black tourmaline is thought to bring calmness to the body. It can be used as a means to detoxify quickly and shield the person from hostile forces.

Customer experience

Customers love the mash up that gives them a beautiful product for arranging the home, which is pretty beneficial. They state how the material is solid and durable, and many of them even received gifts as a bonus. There are many enthusiasts who felt the vibrating energy instantly after unboxing the order.

  • Constructed from four primary materials: crystal quartz, copper shavings, the flower of life, and black tourmaline
  • It prevents the body from negative forms of radiation and energy
  • It can be used to detoxicate and eliminate panic attacks
  • Few customers complain about scratches on the bottom side of the pyramid

Beverly Oaks Kit

Black Tourmaline is a famous stone for metaphysics and is used alternatively for treating some conditions since it has aligning properties. If you wear this stone in any form, whether as a pendant or you have it at your home as a pyramid, you can start to sense why it is so famous and popular. 

The product

The multipurpose set designed by Beverly Oaks LLC is a collection suitable for beginners and veterans. The crystals that come in many shapes can be used for meditation, metal gridding, decoration, detoxification, and much more. The crystal used for this kit absorbs and repels negative energy, often transforming the negative into positive. 

The team after this brand says that the black tourmaline set can be especially effective in building self-esteem. Orgonite is added so that it can combat adverse effects like fatigue, decreased concentration, and irritability. And lastly, Selenite is the upright stone if you look for cleansing and recharging your batteries. 

This trio of magnificent elements can do miracles. It is recommended for pain release, sleep improvement, overcoming the obstacles from the mental area, and boosting quality of life energy. 

Customer experience

Those who believe in the extraordinary power of crystals and their individual purposes will be glad to have another empowerment in their collection. This kit is budget-friendly and does a really good job in protecting the health from dangerous emissions. The value of the collection is astonishing. You can get rid of the negative energy once in for all, are just a few of the comments that are alike since Beverly Oaks Kit has done some excellent job. No matter if you place it inside your home or in the office, you will see improvement just a week after buying it.

  • Made from three crystals: orgonite, tourmaline, and selenite
  • You get multiple pieces for the price of one
  • This kit is suitable for treating yourself to a present but is also great as a gift for crystal admirers
  • It promises to repeal EMF and other negative energy, improve sleep, eliminate mental obstacles, and boost life quality
  • The smaller pieces of the kit are of low quality

Orgonite Multi Tourmaline Pyramid

Orgonite Pyramids look like little pieces of art, don’t they? And most of all, you can place them everywhere since they are tiny and attractive, like home ornaments. They are made from natural stones, in a process including no chemicals. They are hypoallergenic and can cure some conditions that can be so persuasive. 

The product

The multi tourmaline pyramid is designed similarly to the Dr. Wilhelm Reich accumulators, attracting etheric energy. Orgone and tourmaline are known to have various features, but we will only present those we found of great importance to human health. 

The pyramid absorbs raw and unbalanced negative energy, transforming it into positive energy that can shape your life for the better. And not just that, the pyramid is eco-friendly helping both, the carrier and the environment to grow safely. Many of you may be interested the most in its ability to protect the body from electromagnetic pollution coming from numerous devices. We can’t live without mobiles, computers, Wi-Fi routers, and other supplies like ovens, smart meters, telephone cables, network cables. 

The shavings from rose quartz are known to have healing properties for situations coming from “broken heart” and other cardiac issues. Above all, the final verdict to buy this product is the miracles it has done to the emotional balance and finding inner peace, transforming the adverse and dense energy into something worth fighting for: the better you.

Customer experience

Customers have experienced positive changes after four days of having the pyramid present in their homes. The sleep was immediately improved, the anxiety and panic attacks were stabilized, and other health concerns have just faded. They love how this pyramid helps transform the energy and makes it noticeable for the user. 

  • Manufactured upon the design of Dr. Wilhelm Reich’s accumulator
  • Infused with rose quartz, black tourmaline, and metal shavings 
  • It can be an effective fighter against electromagnetic pollution
  • It helps carriers with their cardiac health, find inner peace, and transform the negative energy 
  • It can be purchased only online

Orgonite EMF Protection

Buying Guide for Orgonite EMF Protection

What is Orgonite?

The word orgone is derived from ancient languages, describing vital energy everywhere in the nature surrounding us. Orgonite is a substance made from metal shavings, resin, and quartz. This compound can balance bio-energy and protect the human body from negative and non-ionized energy. Basically, orgonite is a blend of inorganic and organic elements.

Nowadays, orgonite is one of the most popular substances known to effectively block harmful EMF radiation. But scientists are trying to develop a more harmonized version where orgonite can help transform and balance between two differently polarized energies.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Orgonite EMF Protection

Certification of Authenticity 

We all know that it is difficult to distinguish an authentic product from a fake one these days since we live in a world with bursts of technology. But if a brand is promising authenticity, it will surely verify that the product is patented and of true quality. You will find many brands using the same description and efficiency promises as another one during your search. But the COA can be the only proof you need to differentiate a fake from a genuine product.

Other ingredients used 

You may find pyramids that are made with seven types of quartz or enriched with the powers of reiki. The more crystals are used, written on the label, the more beneficial it will be for you as a carrier.

The price

Of course, that price is what we are all concerned about. Don’t run for the cheapest solution since cheap is sometimes compensation for other areas the product lacks, like authenticity or efficiency. You don’t want to end up buying useless stones.

Customer testimonials 

Maybe what is an even bigger indicator of a product’s authenticity is the customer experience with it. So it’s essential to read these comments, from first to last, and then decide upon those testimonials if the EMF guard is worth buying. Many satisfied or unsatisfied customers have even measured the efficiency of the product or have made other experiments to prove that the shield is truly made out of an orgonite.

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Buying Guide for Orgonite EMF Protection

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Orgonite protect me from EMF?

Orgonite is a synthetically derived compound made by fusing resin and metal shavings. It can be commonly found in pyramid shapes but also as a pendant. It is thought that every product made from orgonite has powerful metaphysical properties. 

The merits of finding the Orgonite as a stone that can heal health are rewritten by Wilhelm Reich, who found the theory believable. History remembers Reich as an early pioneer in the field of bio-energetics. The ideas he proposed are highly evaluated as legitimate. But orgonite wasn’t his proper invention since the stone isn’t something he has developed but theoreticized. One of the strongest orgonite properties is that it harmonizes and transforms energy.

However, the bio-energic properties can’t be directly measured. The only way to prove its efficacy is to conduct an EMF measurement with special equipment. As with every other healing and conductive gemstone, customers claim that orgonite is among the most effective ways to stop EMF radiation.

The newly started market for EMF protection is flooded with orgonite products that can be used as shields from negatively charged ionization, such as pendants, pyramids, beads, and discs. The science has still not supported the claims with any evidence that orgonite works well as an EMF shield. It’s not easy to provide solid and factual evidence about the true beneficial side of Orgonite against electromagnetic radiation because of the lack of documentation of that type of research. 

And let’s be honest, when you buy a pendant or a pyramid, you can’t be 100% sure what is inside the orgonite. That’s why you must obtain a thorough analysis before buying something that will only take your money. 

What can block EMF radiation? 

Many minerals and other compounds can effectively block harmful EMF ionization. But the real trouble comes when the need to use them properly emerges, like the case with shungite stone. Its properties are to transform and harmonize the negative energy, not to block it. It is much more productive to transform negative into positive than to give all the efforts to neutralize it or block the negative energy. With transformation, it could be much more beneficial for humans.

Some of the most commonly used materials that can entirely block EMF radiation include steel, copper, brass, and nickel. However, these materials need to work synchronically to block easy EMF radiation. Therefore, the center of the compound must be encased in an EMF source.

For instance, if you want to encase an EMF producing source, like a Wi-Fi router or mobile device in a copper material, you will eventually block the EMF radiation, but the device will no longer function. So even for materials like orgonite and shungite that can block electromagnetic radiation, if you use a small amount of it as an EMF shield encased in a product, such as a pendant or a phone sticker, it would be ineffective to significantly reduce the harmful EMF emissions. Search for a product that promises to neutralize the energy, not block it. Related: Best EMF Pendant

Are EMF shields that effective?

There are a wide variety of EMF shield products on the market today. That being said, it’s better to not make assumptions about whether or not the shield can protect yourself from the EMF waves. You must know, it’s almost impossible to block huge EMF radiation coming from multiple sources with small coverage like pendants or stickers.  Blocking razor radiation with materials like shungite or steel can be possible but is proven partially effective if you long for full coverage. 

But orgonite has so far been known as the best natural protection on the market. And if you need to balance your energies, chakras, and are searching for good protection from radiation exposure, don’t hesitate. Better to be protected somehow than to not be protected at all.

How can I wear an EMF orgonite protection?

The shields that promise EMF protection can be found in many forms, but the most common are pyramids and jewelry, like wristbands, necklaces, bracelets, and smartwatch chips. With such a huge offer, you can find in no time an attractive and wearable EMF safety device for any occasion. The gemstones used for tailoring these devices have been known to the public from ancient times and were especially popularized after Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 20th Century. Related: Best EMF Protection Necklace

Each of the brands presented above has spent many years developing and offering EMF safety devices that work along with any type of radiation harmful to the human body.  All you need to do is decide what you want to buy an orgonite EMF protection for. Do you want to wear it all the time, or have it inside your home on the spot where the most prominent technology abundance is present?


It is not easy to select the proper orgonite protection that can keep you safe from EMF radiation. The offer is extensive, and the choice is overwhelming. On the online market are still present brands that sell false orgonite shields. That’s why you should pay attention to a few factors, such as whether the product has a certificate of authenticity. Do the customers approve of it as a good experience in the struggle against EMF radiation and its physical symptoms? Asking the proper questions can lead to optimal purchases.

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