Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer Review

Keeping track of every object in your home that can create an electromagnetic field around you can be difficult. This can be a severe issue if you’re near each item and are susceptible to EMF exposure. A strong hairdryer is one example of an item that might raise your EMF levels.

Hairdryers are a must-have item in everyone’s closet. They significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to dry your hair. In addition, a lot of hair dryers are utilized for styling these days. Hairstyles are an essential aspect of your style, whether you’re heading to work or a party. 

How do you know which product will be the most beneficial to you? To address your concerns, we have found Chi Pro Low EMF hair dryers on the internet. In our Chi Pro Low EMF hair dryer review, we’ll also be able to assist you by supplying all of the vital information.

Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer Review

Brand Overview

Although many people buy the Chi Pro for its low EMF radiation emissions, they are purchasing a superb professional hair dryer with which they will be delighted. It employs ceramic technology to provide faster drying periods and less frayed hair. It includes a 1500 watt motor that produces rapid airflow without overheating your hair. 

Let’s look at the specific characteristics that made the Chi Pro such a great hairdryer. The temperature of the blower can range from 135 to 169 degrees, so it’s pretty hot. However, because they have a lower EMF value than most other units, you have complete discretion over how you utilize this device. 

The cool shot button is simple to use, and the way everything works, in this case, will astound you. The chord provides excellent mobility, and the value you may derive from it is nothing short of exceptional.

Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer Review


Low EMF Radiation Emissions

Let’s begin with what may be the Chi Pro’s most essential feature: its demonstrably low EMF radiation output. High levels of exposure to EMF radiation from devices like tablets, cell phones, laptops, smart meters, and cell towers are dangerous. 

An essential element affecting your amount of exposure to any radiation is proximity. That’s why we employ the inverse square law of physics, which states that when we double our range from a source of radiation, our exposure to it is cut in half. The fact that essential devices release such a small amount of radiation and are often located a long distance away explains why we don’t give a damn about the small amount of radiation they emit. 

Because we have had it so close to our brain for such a long time, the EMF radiation from your hair dryer should be a significant issue.

Professional Quality

The Chi Pro combines ceramic technology, negative ions, and far-infrared to provide unmatched heating that helps dry your hair while preserving moisture. Ceramic helps to keep your hair shiny, and harmful ions aid in maintaining moisture in your hair. 

The Chi Pro is an excellent pick because you don’t typically find all of these technologies in a single hairdryer. If you read the Amazon reviews, you’ll see that many customers were taken aback when they realized it was a professional hair dryer with features you’d only find in a salon when they received it. 

It has an incredibly long, high-quality wire, for example, and a full-color LCD touchscreen display and controls. The touchscreen gives you complete control over the 1800 watts of heat and airflow by allowing you to choose the several low and high power levels. 

You can also use the “cool shot” button while your hair is still damp to prevent it from drying out too quickly. The Chi Pro is also exceptionally light, weighing only 1.5 pounds, which will aid people with a lot of hair in drying without becoming fatigued.


The Chi Pro comes with a concentrator and a diffuser, which are both excellent additions. The concentrator assists you in directing the intense airflow to parts of your hair that are typically more difficult to reach. The diffuser is a tool commonly seen in professional salons and is used to style curly and wavy hair exactly how you want it. 

Chi Pro Hair Dryer Review


This hair drier is arguably one of the most fantastic deals on the market for what you receive, with its professional quality features and minimal EMF emissions. We can’t see you regretting buying this hair dryer, but if you do, their site has an excellent return policy that you can take advantage of.


Because warranties are a good evaluator of quality, we include them as one of the evaluating criteria. We can have confidence in a product if the manufacturer believes enough to offer a strong guarantee. 

The Chi Pro hair dryer has a two-year warranty, but most hair dryers only have a one-year warranty. This is a good indication that it will last a long time if you take care of the hairdryer.

Drying Time

Aside from the fact that ceramic dryers are typically among the slowest to dry your hair, this model uses an ion generator to speed up the drying process and infrared light to avoid damaging your hair. It isn’t just marketing speak: the Chi Pro appears to dry hair faster than comparable ceramic hair dryers.

Heat Output

It generates consistent, mild, and even heat. This hairdryer appears to have been designed for a particular type of hair, and the heat that it provides is ideal for that purpose.

Handling The Dryer

Because of its weight, handling this hair dryer can be a little awkward, but the curved, ergonomic handle makes up for it. It has a balancing impact on the hair dryer’s weight, so it doesn’t exhaust your hand as much as other hefty hair dryers.

Unfortunately, the buttons are right in the path of your fingertips; therefore, we hope that the manufacturer will fix this in future models. Aside from that, the producer is located in the United States. This makes it easier to receive assistance if needed and is a sign of a high-quality product. This fantastic hair dryer comes with our recommendation.

  • Your hair will be lustrous and smooth after using this product
  • Fast and flexible
  • If applied appropriately, it will not harm your hair
  • When it comes to curly hair, this product works wonders
  • Small in size, but mighty in effect
  • It’s inconvenient to keep pressing the cool-setting button

Types of Hair Dryers


As the name implies, ionic hair dryers contain negative ions. Because opposites attract, these molecules attract and degrade positively charged water ions, thus drying the air. Additionally, they do not affect the style of your hair, so there is no risk of your curls losing their integrity.

These dryers will leave your hair silky and smooth. However, this dryer has a few drawbacks. While the quick-drying feature is convenient, it might occasionally over-dry your hair, leaving it limp and lifeless. Additionally, they do not add volume or bounce to the hair and are more expensive than the other forms. They are best suited to those with fine or short hair.


Ceramic is famous among hair styling products because it evenly distributes heat. There are two benefits to this in terms of a hairdryer. One advantage is that it enables hair to dry more quickly. Additionally, some ceramic dryers use temperature control and detection technologies that automatically alter the temperature to match the ambient temperature.

Another significant benefit is that even moderate heat causes very little damage to the hair. It seals in moisture, giving your hair a more smooth and silky appearance. And, maybe most importantly, it works on all hair types. Therefore, if you are unsure of your hair type, opt for a ceramic hairdryer to be safe.


These hair dryers are a hybrid of ionic and tourmaline, a precious material employed in parts and powdered form in the dryer’s heating element. This has the considerable advantage of increasing the amount of negatively charged ions. Due to the additional blast of ions, these dryers function as a highly effective styling tool. 

These are pretty safe to use and also evenly spread heat. These are particularly beneficial for individuals with curly hair. The additional ions help to eliminate frizz and give your hair a smooth finish. They perform well with thick hair as well but are less suited to thin hair types.


This is most likely the most effective hair dryer available. It aids in rapid drying. Titanium metal has the advantage of reaching substantially higher temperatures, resulting in a faster dry. Additionally, they are far less in weight than ceramic and ionic dryers.

The equipment’s heating is consistent throughout, and it’s comfortable to use as a styling tool. Titanium dryers are ideal for folks with thick hair that takes a long time to dry. However, titanium dryers are not advised for damaged or fine hair. If your hair is fragile, the extra heat can cause damage to the hair cells.

Chi Pro Low EMF Hair Dryer Review

Factors to Consider While Buying a Low EMF Hair Dryer

Whether you’re searching for the best hair dryer for styling, the best hair dryer for travel, or the best hair dryer for professional use, there are a few key elements to consider when shopping for a hairdryer. Several of these variables are listed below. Check them out before you buy!

Type of Hair

Each individual has a unique hair type, whether frizzy, curly, thick, or thin. Each hair type demands a different regimen of care. Therefore, your hair texture must be the first consideration when purchasing a hairdryer. What works for one person may not work for another. 

While an ionic hair dryer works well on thick, unruly hair, it may cause harm to fine, delicate hair. Ceramic hair dryers are the ideal option if you have extremely fine or thin hair. Additionally, it is critical to choose the optimal temperature for your hair. 

Warm temperatures work well on fine hair, but a hot blast is required to dry it thoroughly. If you are not sure of the type of hair you have, invest in a ceramic hair dryer with numerous temperature settings, as this type of drier is compatible with most hair types.

Heat Settings

Another crucial consideration when shopping for a hairdryer is the heat setting. A heat setting that is too high or too low can cause harm to your hair. Temperatures must be kept low for thin and fine hair, as any other type might overheat, causing damage or even singeing your hair. Additionally, it must distribute the heat evenly.

Many hair dryers now include this technology, so it’s always a good idea to look for it. To ensure safety, it is preferable to get a dryer with an overheat protection feature, as this will avoid harm to both the equipment and your hair. Multiple heat settings are the greatest and provide the best value for money.


The weight of a hairdryer is an essential factor to consider before purchasing one. Choose a lighter weight if your hair is thick or wavy and takes a long time to dry. Holding a giant hair dryer that does not fit snugly in your hands might result in significant hand and shoulder pain, making it difficult to operate. 

Similarly, styling takes time, which is why lightweight hair dryers are ideal! Additionally, heavyweight hair dryers may feature larger motors that are pretty powerful and may cause damage to your hair.


A hair dryer’s efficiency is determined by its power or watts. The higher the wattage, the more efficient the lamp is. However, higher wattage dryers have greater temperatures, which may cause your hair to overheat if it is fine or thin. 

A wattage of between 1000 and 1800 watts is acceptable for everyday household use, whereas a slightly greater wattage of 1500 to 3000 watts is required for professional style. Individuals with long, frizzy, or curly hair require more wattage than individuals with fine, thin hair. 

Cool Shot

Nowadays, a hairdryer is utilized for drying and styling hair, as previously said. An excellent shot is critical for styling. It delivers a cool blast of hair to assist in setting the look. Furthermore, the great shot assists in cooling down your hair following drying or styling, thereby avoiding damage. This is always a valuable feature to include in your product.

Additional Accessories

Hairdryers frequently come with a slew of additional accessories. A nozzle assists in focusing the hair on the desired spot; a diffuser evenly distributes hot air. Additionally, there are many add-ons, such as comb picks. 

It is advantageous if you include any of these with your goods. If not, see if your product is compatible with such accessories and, if necessary, acquire them later. These products are essential for creating a stylish look.

Best Low EMF Hair Dryer on the Market

Effects of EMF on General Health

Recent research indicates that people attribute a variety of undesirable symptoms to this hazardous radiation. While robust scientific data does not prove a direct link between these symptoms and EMF exposure, as environmental factors play a role, there have been sufficient examples to demonstrate the harm. 

Headaches and decreased libido are only the beginning — here are some of the most typical side effects that people have reported.

Behavioral Changes

Imagine being irritable all of the time — it doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? EMF health concerns include behavioral changes that can have a detrimental impact on your daily life, such as disrupting your sleep cycle or increasing your stress levels. Low-frequency EMF can cause insomnia, depression, and anxiety if exposed to it for an extended period. 

These weird sensations are something that some people deal with daily, and they can hurt your emotional well-being. You might also find that your head is foggy more often, that you have dizziness, and that you have hormone imbalances – which is a whole other set of problems.

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue is a common side effect of EMF exposure since your sleep patterns and stress levels are disrupted. Feeling fatigued daily is a significant impediment for you. To counteract this, spend time near moving water or put a Himalayan salt lamp in your room to expose yourself to negative ions.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity And Irritation

Because the symptoms of electro-sensitivity and fibromyalgia are so similar, EMF can create fibromyalgia-like signs. Electrosensitive people are generally unaware of their condition, yet they suffer from heightened symptoms when exposed to electricity-generated radiation. 

Digestive issues, headaches, joint and muscular pain, and a weakened immune system are all frequent symptoms that can exacerbate each other to the point of being unbearable.

Cancer Caused By Radiation

While no single mechanism that creates an ELF-EMF has been directly connected to producing cancer, it has been shown to change other sections of a person’s body, increasing susceptibility to the disease.

EMF radiation can cause cancer in various ways, including lowering melatonin levels in the body, which reduces a person’s capacity to avoid certain tumors from forming. Fortunately, a lot of effort is being put into researching the link between this and cancer, so you should shortly minimize the long-term harmful effects. Related study: Electromagnetic fields and cancer risks

Dementia Caused by EMF Radiation

EMF radiation may have a role in dementia development. These fields not only harm DNA, which causes cancer, but they also damage specific neurons in the brain, which has been related to a person’s learning capacities and memory loss. These are significant signs that few people are aware of.

Is investing in Chi Pro low EMF hair dryer a good idea

Frequently Asked Questions

What is EMF?

The term “EMF” comes from physics. It stands for Electro-magnetic Field, a force created by the interaction of electrical and magnetic fields. When a static charge forms an electrical field, and a moving charge (current) creates a magnetic field in an electrical device, the two fields combine to create a unique force. 

This force is known as EMF, and it can result in the emission of faint high-frequency and low-frequency radiation lines. EMF is produced by any electrical device, whether it is wired or wireless. 

Almost all wireless devices create high-frequency EMF, which is also referred to as Radiofrequency. Even though corded instruments emit lower frequency EMF radiation, they are still capable of harming the cells of our brain and body.

Is hair dryer EMF radiation dangerous?

As you can see from our Chi Pro Low EMF hair dryer review, they produce low levels of radiation that are not dangerous to your health. Furthermore, the product has been thoroughly evaluated by a third party. As a result, using the Chi Pro Low EMF hair dryer is risk-free.

Is using a hairdryer every day safe?

It is not recommended to use a hairdryer daily because it might cause hair damage. If you use a hair dryer regularly, it’s a good idea to use a serum for dry hair.

Why buy hair dryers with low EMF radiation?

  • When it comes to protecting oneself, it’s always a good idea to test the boundaries.
  • They have a stunning appearance and are equipped with incredible features that you will not want to overlook. It’s always crucial to take your time and do things correctly.
  • That is why you must research the industry to determine which type of low EMF hair dryer is the best, like the one we have included in this article.
  • Overall, you should always purchase the most incredible low EMF hair dryers because they deliver excellent results.
  • That said, don’t rush; all of the low-EMF hair dryers are beneficial, but the goal is to determine which models provide the highest return on investment.

Is investing in low-EMF hair dryers a good idea?

For most people, we consider that anything you can do to limit your total exposure to EMF radiation is well worth your time and effort. As a result of our Chi Pro Low EMF hair dryer review, you should know that they release very low levels of EMF, which are not dangerous to humans.

It’s probably a good idea to acquire a low-EMF hair dryer if you’re particularly susceptible to EMF radiation or suspect you might be. It’s also a brilliant idea if you want to do everything you can to decrease your exposure.


Lastly, while a hairdryer may seem to be a simple item to buy, there are a few minor considerations to keep in mind. We hope that our Chi Pro Low EMF hair dryer review has given you some insight into the features it offers, as well as a basic grasp of EMF.

The EMF footprint of a typical blow dryer is quite significant. We also hope that our Chi Pro Low EMF hair dryer review has assisted you in determining the most acceptable low EMF hair dryer model for your needs. Please check out our other articles if you’re interested in similar issues that can help you lessen the effects of EMF radiation on you.

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