Does Airplane Mode Reduce EMF?

Airplane mode is a feature we have to enable during a flight. Most people turn Airplane mode on without knowing its purpose. Your smartphone device is not a single EMF source. 

All in all, our smartphones emit multiple types of radiation, which is not good. So, there are many ways to reduce radiation. But does Airplane mode reduce EMF?

For that matter, continue reading my article and find out everything about it and much more useful information!

Does Airplane Mode Reduce EMF

Does Airplane Mode Reduce EMF?

Turning on Airplane mode disables radiofrequency communications and disconnects your phone. Precisely, it cuts off all network communicating options, directly reducing the EMF radiation. When Airplane mode is on, you cannot transmit or receive data on your phone from any source.

The EMFs spread by smartphones might interrupt the pilot’s communication and lead to confusion, which is why we put smartphones in Airplane mode during a flight.

But this feature has other benefits in everyday life, like when we are on the ground. The first and greatest one is reducing radiation exposure. Unfortunately, we are addicted to our smartphones, which is not good for our overall health.

Because we can not completely give up our phones, we can use Airplane mode to protect ourselves and our families from dangerous EMF radiation exposure.

So, we would not use our smartphones when Airplane mode is turned on because the phone will not catch our attention while completing our daily tasks.

Benefits of Using Airplane Mode

Benefits of Using Airplane Mode

It is good for your health

As I mentioned, the EMF radiation of your smartphone decreases when it is in Airplane mode. Spending less time exposed to radiation might return your energy, awaken your creativity, and be the reason for finding a new hobby.

When you spend less time scrolling on social media, you will find more activities that fulfill your spirit and make you happier and healthier.

It is good for your children

Parents are the image of perfection for all children. If you use your smartphone in front of your children, they would like to use it, too. Children want to do everything adults do, so using the smartphone all the time should not be on the list.

If you put your smartphone on Airplane mode, you will not receive calls or messages, reducing your time using the smartphone.

At the same time, you will reduce the EMF radiation from your smartphone when around your children so that they can be healthier and unexposed to various EMFs.

It saves your battery

Receiving no data is also healthy for your battery. Airplane mode works the same as the power-saving feature on your smartphone.

The Airplane mode saves your phone battery because it blocks all connections, including radio, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile data, and any other connection. So, you will not receive or be able to send messages, make calls, or use social media or other online apps.

It saves your data

Disabled transmission channels might prevent any fraud or data theft. When the wireless connections are off, you can be sure no one will turn on data and make hefty roaming costs. This might be an excellent option when traveling internationally.

It speeds up charging

When Airplane mode is enabled, your phone will cut off all connections and won’t download or check for updates. This mode makes all apps inactive and blocks any phone activity that might disrupt the charging or drain the battery.

Drawbacks of Using Airplane Mode

As possible drawbacks, we can mention the inability to receive urgent phone calls. The chances of receiving an emergency call when your Airplane mode is on are small but still possible. Also, you won’t be able to connect to the Internet and check emails and messages.

These are not considerable drawbacks of having Airplane mode on, but we needed to mention them. However, you can always disable Airplane mode and continue using your phone as usual.

When to Turn On Airplane Mode

Through the day

No rule says when it is best to turn on Airplane mode. You should enable this mode while on lunch with your family, playing with your children, napping, etc.

Turning Airplane mode on during the day will also save your battery and prolong its life. The phone will not have any connection, and nothing will drain your battery unnecessarily.

Through the night

The night is the best time to cut off your smartphone’s radiation, especially if you keep your phone near your bed.

You will have an excellent and peaceful sleep, knowing no call or message will wake you in the middle of the night.

During a trip

Enjoy your weekend or vacation peacefully without being bothered by messages or calls from unimportant senders. Also, you will refresh and focus on your trip without being exposed to EMFs. Plus, you will save your data and avoid paying hefty roaming bills.

When around kids

Avoid using the phone when playing with your kids. Radiation can be harmful to a child’s development and overall health.

Enabling Airplane mode when around children might also be a perfect part of the day to get off the smartphone’s EMF exposure.

When kids are using your smartphone

If your kids are using your smartphone for playing offline games, it is best to turn on Airplane mode. When Airplane mode is on, you will ensure your kids won’t call someone by accident or send photos and messages to your contacts.

Remember, when Airplane mode is on, you will not receive calls or be able to connect to wifi or mobile data.


So, does Airplane mode reduce EMF? Well, the answer is absolutely yes! Our smartphones can be pretty unhealthy for our health. Their strong EMF radiation might be the cause of everyday headaches and laziness.

Turn on Airplane mode and enjoy the beauty of the day EMF exposure-free!

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