Does Induction Cooker Cause Cancer?

In the same way as other electrical appliances in your home, induction cookers use electricity to make energy. However, unlike other appliances, induction cookers have a much more powerful magnetic field and emit electromagnetic frequency radiation when used. 

For this reason, many people are concerned about their health, as high levels of EMF radiation are known to be dangerous to health. One of the main questions many have is – does induction cooker cause cancer? Let’s get into the details.

Does Induction Cooker Cause Cancer

Does Induction Cooker Cause Cancer?

The induction cooker creates low-frequency electromagnetic radiation waves, which are in the non-ionizing part of the electromagnetic spectrum that doesn’t damage DNA cells directly compared to high-frequency radiation. 

However, people overexposed to EMF radiation have a high risk of developing certain types of cancer and other health problems. 

Effects of EMF radiation

Studies over the past decade have shown the connection between EMF radiation exposure to less serious negative health effects and, in some cases, a high risk of severe diseases such as cancer. 

There are also speculations from some scientists that EMF radiation may cause a reduction in melatonin, a hormone that regulates the body’s sleep-wake cycle

You may experience symptoms from exposure to intense EMF radiation from kitchen appliances or other devices, including dizziness, nausea, headaches, poor memory, mild anxiety, poor sleep quality, and others. 

Some people experience mood changes, tiredness, neck pain, and skin irritation. The higher the exposure to EMF radiation, the higher the risk of developing certain health issues. 

Induction Cooker Health Concerns 

Before discussing the health risks of an induction cooker, let’s look at how this appliance works to better understand the potential risks. 

The induction burners on the cooker are copper coils that turn magnetic after an electric current passes through them. Once you place the ferrous pan onto the burner, the pan then becomes a part of the electromagnetic circuit.

The magnetic steel catches the heat provided by the cooker, and heat loss happens quickly. The pan gets hot from the induction process and contributes to efficient and fast cooking

As the cookware is magnetized, an electromagnetic currency passes from it to your body while touching it. For this reason, an induction cooker can be risky for one’s health.

How Do Induction Stoves Work

The dangers of EMF waves

Exposure to EMF radiation can be hazardous in certain situations and affect the central nervous system, the nerves, and the organs in the body. 

There has been a lot of research surrounding the dangers of EMF, and some studies have shown a potential link between the strength of an EMF field and the risk of childhood cancer, such as leukemia. 

Children are more vulnerable to radiation as they have smaller and wetter brains and are younger, so they will experience the damage for much longer. 

When you hold the handle of the pan placed on the induction cooker, you may start noticing discomfort in your hands and tingling. These symptoms are more noticeable for people who are sensitive to EMF radiation

Exposure to intense non-ionizing EMF emission may cause nerve and tissue damage in the hands and nerve tissue. EMF radiation can also impact the cardiovascular, reproductive, and immune systems, leading to many health problems. 

Over time, EMF radiation increases the risk of inflammatory diseases, which is why it is important to reduce exposure. Given these points, pregnant women, children, and individuals with peacemakers and health conditions should refrain from using an induction cooker.

Induction Cooker EMF Radiation Risks

Even though induction cookers make the cooking process fast and convenient, the levels of EMF they produce can be risky for your health. Prolonged radiation exposure can affect both physical and mental health. 

With each amount of radiation you are exposed to, the risk of developing adverse health effects increases. It is known that EMF has the strongest power at the source and weakens the further you are from it. 

However, staying away from the cooker during the cooking process is impossible. Hence, your body is exposed to high levels of EMF radiation. 

When touching the cookware you are using, the EMF radiation will go through your body, and you will become at risk of potential health problems. 

The International Commission regulates the level of radiation that electronic appliances can generate on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection. 

Research groups have also shown that some induction rings have exceeded the maximum exposure limits set by the organization at very close distances. 

The Swiss Foundation for Research on Information Technologies also tested individuals standing less than a foot away from an induction cooker. It concluded that the majority of induction rings exceed the maximum exposure levels. 

How to Protect From EMF Emissions Produced By Induction Cookers

Now that the common question – does induction cooker cause cancer, has been discussed, let’s look at what is to be done for protection. 

The simplest way to protect yourself from the dangers of EMF radiation the induction cooker emits is to avoid using it

However, if you have already purchased this cooking appliance and it works best for your needs, here is what you can do instead. 

  • Create a distance between you and the stove during the cooking process
  • Use a larger pan that covers the cooking surface to reduce the EMF radiation that passes through your body
  • Purchase cookware that is recommended for induction cooktop
  • Get a handle cover or use a towel when touching the cookware’s handle
  • Use EMF shielding products for high protection from radiation
  • Turn off other sources of EMF radiation when you are cooking
  • Implement cooking methods on the induction cooker, which reduces the risk of EMF exposure during the cooking process


Does induction cooker cause cancer? This is a question that many people have now; with advanced technology, induction cookers have become a standard way of cooking for many modern households. 

Induction cookers are simple to use, efficient, and convenient. However, these electronic appliances risk the user’s health as they emit high EMF radiation. Such radiation can cause many health problems, and its consequences can even be life-threatening.

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