Best EMF Detector Apps for Detecting Radiation

Nowadays, advanced technology has emerged in every aspect of living. These innovations are essential for our life and significant for saving some time for ourselves. We can’t simply imagine our existence without using mobile phones, PCs, laptops, and the latest household appliances. 

But, have you ever found yourself in doubt about safety from these assistants? Are you aware of how harmful they can be to your health? Have you ever considered the health and wellness of your loved ones in your home? If the answer is No, it is time to seek a way to protect against the electromagnetic waves that the electrical appliances discharge.

Out there, you can find countless EMF protectors, such as clothing, EMF meters, etc. The thing is – the price is high, and you’re not able to spend a whole fortune. For that reason, we’re about to present you with the best options for EMF protection. EMF detector apps for a mobile phone are the most convenient way to detect electromagnetic fields around you. 

Having these apps for EMF detection is a blessing for every person. Instead of wasting your money on high-priced clothing, you can detect EMFs for the most affordable prices ever. Suppose you’re using Android or iPhone, and you want to know which apps are the best for your device. For that purpose, we have created a list of the best EMF apps for both operating systems. 

Take a profound look at our article, select your favorite EMF app, detect electromagnetic fields around you in the fastest way, and stay protected all the time!

EMF Detector Apps

New mobile assistants are now available for detecting electromagnetic radiation. There is no need to spend astronomical prices on clothing, EMF meters, pendants, etc. A convenient way is now available to detect and protect yourself and your loved ones from these harmful waves. You can choose the best app for your type of mobile and enjoy the convenience. Stay tuned and learn more about this convenient way of detecting these invisible enemies. 

EMF Detection Applications for Android

EMF Detection Applications for Android

EMF Detector – ElectroSmart

If you’re looking for a cost-free application against 5G radiation and other similar radioactive waves, the best option for you is to download the ElectroSmart Android app against radiation. This is the perfect cost-free EMF detector used by millions of people across the globe. 


ElectroSmart is a perfect way to measure the electromagnetic fields produced by communication technologies. With this app, you can find radiation exposure sources you might be unaware of, such as game consoles and TVs. You can simply objectify the exposure level anytime and anywhere. ElectroSmart will also help you reduce radioactive exposure in places most important for you, such as children’s rooms, bedrooms, etc. 

  • Friendly and simple app
  • It measures the electric fields produced by Bluetooth, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G antennas
  • This app identifies the sources producing the electromagnetic fields by name
  • This app provides advice for minimizing EFM radiation exposure
  • Watchdog – you can be notified when in case of enhanced EMF exposure

This Google Play app has more than one million downloads and more than 80% positive feedback from users across the space. This is a perfect indicator of the quality and effectiveness of this application, so we highly recommend you to download it, leave it to run in the background of your phone, and stay protected all the time.

Ultimate EMF Detector Real 

Another free EMF app on Android for EMF detection. It is good to know that this app uses the magnetic sensor of your device and can display readings with a line of LED and needle meter. It has a recorder feature with a timer, and the data can be saved as a text file for later use on your PC. It also has a sound notification for EMF changes. This app can be used for detecting EMF radiation and for metals, magnets, devices, and other invisible entities. 

  • Free app
  • Recorder feature
  • Accurate information
  • XYZ, graphs, and max-min
  • Straightforward to use
  • Auxiliary Field H in ampere/one meter

This app offers the greatest accuracy. It can show and calculate the auxiliary field H. Please avoid getting your mobile device near electrical devices when using this app since you can damage it. 


Dozens of people have used the ultimate EMF detector for the last year. The five-starred reviews are common for this app, and you be entirely sure about its efficacy. According to the online reviews, this app works great and gives accurate information. 

Entity Sensor Pro-EMF Detector

The last one on the Android app list for best EMF protection is the Entity Sensor PRO-EMF detector. Compared with the other two apps, it comes with a price of $4.95 but offers the most accurate EMF exposure information and EMF protection. 

With this detector, you can read the local magnetic fields and record the results. It is essential to know that this app includes the Android Wear Watch app so that you can read EMF settings directly on your smartwatch. 

  • This app records and displays EVP and EMF data on your surroundings
  • It records the audio for EVP analysis
  • Records and saves the electromagnetic readings to a data file for use on a phone or PC
  • It measures and records strong EMFs around your home and office
  • It has a vibration detection option 
  • It allows Google Drive integration 
  • It has a media enhancement option
  • It has a recording trigger option

Even though it comes with a price, millions of people use this EMF radiation detector application. Compared to those mentioned above, this app has more positive reviews, and it is a quality app for protecting yourself from invisible danger.

EMF Detection Applications for iPhone

EMF Detection Applications for iPhone

All iOS users can enjoy the benefits of using EMF detecting applications too. We’re about to present you with the top applications for iPhone users that provide the best detection against these electromagnetic enemies. 

Electromagnetic Detector EMF

If you want to discover the EMFs around you in seconds, this iPhone radiation detector app is the best option to choose. We recommend you live in a healthy environment and avoid electromagnetic pollution zones. You can use this detector to detect the wireless zones, check the radiation in the most significant places in your home, and stay safe and protected all the time. 

This app is cost-free and entirely straightforward to use. You should always respect your device’s user manual if you intend to use your iPhone as a scientific piece of device. 

  • This app allows you to detect magnetic force fields on three axes
  • The magnetic fields are calculated in microteslas
  • You can record your readings
  • You can always send measures through email
  • Tracking for a high magnetic field 

Your home appliances can now radiate toward you. For that reason, we recommend using this effective detector application. Convert your mobile device into a radiation scanner and stay protected during your daily activities.


All across the internet, you can find five-starred reviews over this EMF protective application. Millions of people across the space have used this detector and are delighted with the low price and efficacy.

Electromagnetic EMF Detector

When discussing the best EMF detector applications for iPhone, we must mention the Electromagnetic EMF detector, available only in the App Store. Discover if your bedroom or living room is safe and notice every time a radiation field is around you. Consider choosing an Electromagnetic EMF detector for the iPhone and protect your health from harmful invisible radiation. 

This app detects ferromagnetic metals using the iOS’s in-compass feature. With this effective protector, you can track magnetic fields near you from many kinds of home appliances, creating radio-frequency EMFs. Compared to other EMF apps, we can say that this one comes with an affordable price of only $1.99. 

  • Excellent feedback
  • It tracks high magnetic fields
  • It provides a “Table Guide’’ for prolonged exposure
  • It has a warning beep signal when detecting radioactive waves
  • The magnetic force is calculated in microteslas
  • With this app, you can send measures by email

This radiation detector application has helped people who have been concerned with the high levels of radioactive fields in their homes. According to their testimonials, we can say that this app has helped them track down the source of radiation of various said frequencies and eliminate the problem. We can confidently claim that this EMF detecting app is highly recommended to everyone for living a healthier and safe life. 

Metal Detector – EMF Meter

If you want to buy the best EMF detector applications for iPhone, you should always consider a Metal detector – EMF meter. Using this iOS application, you can convert your iPhone into an EMF meter. This app utilizes the internal compass hardware to see the raw data of the electromagnetic fields around you on a digital display. 

This practical application provides the “Readings Log’’ feature to record your findings. With Metal Detector, you can also send your readings by email while using this EMF application. This detector is used by many Scientists, Teachers, Engineers, Students, Ghost Hunters, and many other people who want to detect electromagnetic waves and other unknown motions in the house. 

  • The electromagnetic field is calculated in microteslas 
  • IKT detects the strength of magnetic fields in three axis
  • It provides users with a recording option for the readings
  • On this app, you can pause the magnetic readings with the “Clock’’ button
  • It has an alarm for reading
  • By using the unlocked settings, you will have complete control of data and sensor loggings
  • Excellent for finding metallic objects under the ground or behind walls

Metal Detector is an excellent application for detecting harmful radioactive enemies. According to online feedback, we can say that people are entirely satisfied with the efficacy and punctuality of this app. All across the internet, you can find more than 90% positive feedback and five-star reviews, indicating the efficacy of this EMF application. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do EMF Detector Applications Really Work?

Yes, they do. There’s no doubt about using these effective apps for EMF detection. Millions of people have positive feedback for these insightfully-designed applications. That can be a perfect indicator of the efficacy of these EMF detecting apps. Here, the thing is – you don’t lose anything because, generally, these apps come cost-free. It is recommended to give them a try and stay protected all the time. 

What is the Use of an EMF Detector?

EMF detector appears to be an apparatus used to detect power lines and electrical wiring problems in different appliances. These detectors are made to provide you with accurate information about the presence of harmful electromagnetic fields near you. 

What Emits the Most Electromagnetic Radiation?

We can claim that the primary sources of EMF radiation are wireless communication devices and equipment. Despite these advanced digital assistants, many home appliances can cause the invisible EMF danger. You should also be aware that using a Microwave in your home can be very destructive for your overall health too. These kitchen assistants can be a powerful source of these electromagnetic waves, so we recommend you not to use them often and start living a healthy life. Related: EMF Dangers: Health Risks & How To Protect Yourself

Final Thoughts

As you know, we can not completely avoid advanced technology in these modern times of living. Still, we can reduce its danger in many available ways and always put our health first. Radioactive waves are all around us, and our job is to seek the best option for avoiding them as much as possible. 

In this modern era, we are all addicted to phones, laptops, tablets, the latest household equipment and technology, and so on. We can entirely enjoy the benefits of this technology, but we always have to consider the possible danger and harmful effects on our general health. Related: Best Way for Man to Carry a Cell Phone

From that point on, these EMF detector applications are the perfect EMF protection options for our home and wherever we go. Consider these top EMF apps, detect the invisible radioactive fields, and protect yourself and your family from EMFs. Enjoy your choice!

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