How to Avoid Radiation From Cell Phones

Even though multiple research studies have been done on EMF and radiation, there is still no scientific evidence that radiation can be harmful to people. However, too much of anything can become a problem, and since we are addicted to our phones, some health concerns fall right into place. So how to avoid radiation from cell phones?

The results from the studies and the scientific evidence show that the exposure to radio frequency in America is below the safety limits, and people might not experience any health issues. However, there is also not a single benefit to people’s health from RF exposure. 

Nevertheless, people have some concerns. Our phones offer a lot of entertainment and help us sometimes escape the harsh reality. Therefore, I decided to write an entire article dedicated to EMF protection. Keep reading to learn how to avoid radiation from cell phones. 

How to Avoid Radiation From Cell Phones

How to Avoid Radiation From Cell Phones 

To avoid radiofrequency exposure, you must decrease the time you spend on your phone. Multitasking on the phone and the computer can become an unwanted headache. By reducing the time spent on your phone, you can focus on something more productive and upgrade your skill set

To avoid radiation, you can also use speaker mode or headphones. This will offer you a distance between you and the device. You can try and prevent calls when the signal is weak because, in such a scenario, the device is boosting the radio frequency for extra transmitting power. Lastly, if you have a chance to text and not call, always do that.

Despite the lack of scientific evidence, some people still think mobile phones can cause health issues. The electromagnetic field is bad, and overexposure to cell phone radiation can be damaging; thus, there is no mistake about it. In the continuation of my article, you will find a list of things you can do to substantially reduce radiation exposure from cell phones. 

Generally speaking, all wireless products emit the most radiofrequency when used for talking. The closer the device, the more EMF you will absorb. 

Ways to Reduce Radiation From Cell Phones 

Even people with strong beliefs have been known to cave and search the internet for how to avoid radiation from cell phones without ever experiencing any health problems. After all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

When it comes to electromagnetic fields, many speculations put radiation and brain cancer, DNA damage, oxidative damage, immune dysfunction, altered brain development, sleep changes, and memory damage in the same sentence. While there is no actual scientific evidence to support that, there are plenty of ways that you can put your mind at ease and reduce your daily dose of radiation. 


The first step you should take to avoid any EMF exposure is to put some distance between you and your cell phone. You can minimize the RF while keeping the phone away from your head and body. According to FCC guidelines, you should keep your mobile phone at least 10 mm away from your body to prevent overexposure.

You can talk on speakerphone every chance you have, or you can use headphones that will allow some room between the microphone of the device and you.

Something else that should be mentioned here is that even though phones release the most energy while on a phone call, there are also some electromagnetic fields when the smartphone is in sleep mode. This means that whenever you set the alarm for the next morning or are browsing social media before falling asleep, try to place the phone as far away from your head as possible. 

When you carry the cell phone in your pocket, your body and brain absorb more than 50% of the radio frequency.

Fertility protection 

Because most of us carry our phones in our pockets, there are a lot of, let’s say, fertility concerns closely related to radiation. Some healthcare professionals have stated that EMF may damage the ovaries and weaken sperm.

When people are scatterbrained, they place their phones in their lap, forgetting that the abdomen is also a sensitive spot that should not be exposed to higher radiation. The reproductive organs are a fragile treasure that must be carefully protected. 

When the signal is weak, do not push it 

If you have a weak signal on your phone, the device is struggling and will boost the radio frequency. Therefore, you should avoid making calls when you have no or little signal. In a space with poor reception, by poor, I mean one or two bars of signal strength, the phone enters “starvation mode” and increases the radiation power to reach the closest cell tower by 1000 times.

A weak signal and an elevator or a metal vehicle are the worst possible combination. In such a scenario, the phone emits maximum radiation amount

Use Airplane mode 

You can always use Airplane mode if you want to be completely off the grid and not be bothered. This feature deactivates all the transmitting antennas and protects your body from radiation. If you own a newer model, you may need to turn off the hotspot and Bluetooth antennas manually. You can do so by going into the settings menu. 

If you never like to be unreachable but still minimize your radiation exposure, you can turn off the antennas you are not currently using. For instance, turn off Bluetooth if you have no headphones connected. Remember that the antennas transmit radio frequency every time the phone is unlocked. Therefore, you should turn off the ones you are not using. 

Minimize children’s exposure 

We live in a modern world where every little kid watches cartoons on a tech advanced gadget. However, because of radiation exposure, children should only carry cell phones for emergencies. 

Because kids have smaller skulls and their brains are still developing, the radiation from cell phones can penetrate their brains more deeply and easily, which is more likely to cause harm.


Now that you know how to avoid radiation from cell phones, you can also minimize exposure to EMF from other devices. For instance, never rest your laptop on your lap. Tablets and other Wi-Fi transmitting gadgets also emit high radiofrequency.

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