How to Block Cell Tower Radiation

Thanks to the new development in technology, communication has become much more accessible. Many gadgets make instant communication possible, but the cell tower is one of the best players. Cell towers are sites for electronic communication equipment like transmitters, receivers, and power sources. 

They are mounted in high areas to accomplish the most coverage possible while facilitating signal reception that makes wireless communication available. But, on the other side, cell towers can adversely affect all of us who live near them. So, keep reading to learn how to block cell tower radiation and protect yourself and your loved ones. 

How to Block Cell Tower Radiation

Step-By-Step: How to Block Cell Tower Radiation

Step 1. Distance of cell phone towers

If you decide to install a cell phone tower on your house, you should always think twice about the consequences. To protect yourself from their powerful radiations, you should distance the cell phone towers from your home

If you put it half a mile away from your house, it will be better and potentially less harmful to your health. Some studies show that cell phone towers within 400 meters may cause adverse effects based on the tower’s radiation output. 

Step 2. Always cover your walls

Nowadays, most of the walls are made of drywall, which can not do anything to shield EMR. The WiFi signals pass through this type of wall construction, so adding layers on the wall with conductive fabrics may help reduce the radiation. 

You can apply them like wallpaper and insert them between the drywall. You should remember to overlap the fabric at the seams to ensure no leaks. 

Step 3. Shield your windows

Windows are one of the weakest spots in the house and the easiest for shielding. Shielded window films are an excellent option because they are straightforward to install just by sticking them into your window. 

Step 4. Shield your doors

The doors are a weak point in the house, so if you want to increase protection against harmful frequencies, it will be better to install shielded doors. If your door is made of steel, that as a conductive jacket is great because it prevents air gaps between the frame and the door. 

Moreover, you can add a foyer so that another steel door would open to the rest of your home, but this is costly and a little harder to enact, so the choice is yours. 

Step 5. Try to always find the correct paint

Cell tower radiation can penetrate your room through an outside wall. To solve this problem, you should use high-frequency EMF shielding paint

This paint is free of toxic solvents because they are only water-based, stick to most building materials like plaster and cement, and can be used on almost all house parts. 

Remember that if you choose to shield your room entirely, do not bring an electric device or any WiFi-emitting gadgets. 

Step 6. Always protect your bedroom 

Using a Faraday canopy is one of the easiest and best solutions for protecting your bedroom from cell radiation. A Faraday canopy is like a mosquito net but is made up of better materials that might offer 99% shielding protection from radiation. Its materials are mostly weaved with stainless or waved steel. 

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Types of Cell Tower

Cell towers have four different types. The first one is known as a lattice tower and a self-supporting tower offering great flexibility. Mostly it has three or four sides with similar shaped bases. 

The second type of cell tower is a monopole tower, a concentrating tube tower, or single steel, mostly under 50 meters. It requires only one foundation, and its antennas are attached to the exterior. 

The third type is a guyed tower, which is cost-effective but requires a more significant amount of land. It is usually built 100 meters or even more and connected by guy wires to anchor and support it, which are attached to the ground in all directions. The best examples of guyed towers are televisions and radios. 

The last type is the stealth tower, which is mainly required by councils and is more expensive than the other three options but beautifies the community they are in. Stealth towers require additional materials that help them hide in plain sight and do not provide the same capacity for tenants. 

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The equipment of cell towers

The equipment includes transceivers and other supporting technology installed in shelters, cabinets, or different ways that WiFi carriers choose to protect them. Some also create outdoor cabinets on prefabricated equipment shelters or concrete pads. 

Utilities and access to cell towers

Carriers also install utilities at the cell tower sites, each of which has the power to run to the site and phone service. Furthermore, each cell tower requires access by the carriers for initial installation and ongoing maintenance. 

Potential risks associated with cell tower radiation or 5G

  • Headaches
  • Sleep disturbances and insomnia
  • Fatigue 
  • Brain fog
  • Decreased mental performance
  • Pain
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Premature aging
  • Weakened immunity
  • Hives or rashes
  • Stress
  • Irritability
  • Tinnitus

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Nowadays, new technology continues to advance, and more and more cell towers crop up around the world. However, as we await 5G technology, there are still more than 307,000 cell towers worldwide that ensure we get cell phone service anytime and everywhere. 

Most of them are between 50 to 200 feet tall and are designed to blend into the surrounding environment to resemble signs, water towers, trees, bell towers, flagpoles, and more. The RF waves that cell towers use to communicate with mobile devices are from non-ionizing radiation, which does not cause DNA damage and may potentially lead to cancer or some other harmful diseases to our health. 

So we all have to protect and stay as much as possible away from them. We suggest always keeping a distance from the EMF and following the steps in our article on how to block cell tower radiation to protect ourselves and have a better and healthier life.

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