How to Recharge Crystal Shield

As much as it seems absurd to some people, we must face the reality that EMF radiation is everywhere around us with the increased usage of smart devices. Sooner or later, it will become seriously threatening to our health if it isn’t already.

Luckily for us humans, nature has its method to save us as much as we are damaging it. One of the most effective ways to protect ourselves from threatening EMF radiation is wearing a crystal shield. And to use it effectively, it’s essential to know how to recharge crystal shield.

Yes, crystals have been used for protection against bad energies for centuries. However, did you know that crystals can lose their power and need to be charged? Don’t worry; I will be sharing how to recharge crystal shield so you can use it for a long time. Let’s begin!

How to Recharge Crystal Shield

How to Recharge Crystal Shield 

My favorite method for recharging a crystal shield is creating a specialized charging plate, mixing lapis lazuli, turquoise howlite, blue goldstone, ammonite fossil, and shells. However, let’s not forget the power of the spiritual elements being the most potent recharging force for the crystals. 

You can bathe them under the new moon in saltwater, let the sunlight and smoke remove the toxic vibes, or dip them into sea salt to remove the negative energy.

Recharging EMF Protection Crystal Energy

Orgonite and Shungite are known for their immense protection against radiation and several health benefits as they are created with a combination of elements like copper crystals, resin materials, and quarts, making a perfect balance of the energy emitted by anything artificial. 

Therefore, let’s take a look at the possible ways how to recharge crystal shields and protect yourself from EMF radiation.

One with the Earth 

The Earth is the crystal’s mother, the one that can gently cleanse and nurture them. Orgonite crystals, the most efficient EMF protector, are known to be one with nature. 

Bury the crystals in the Earth or sand and leave them overnight or for a couple of hours; it will absorb the negative energy and fuel them with new positive ones. 

Moonlight bath 

Every new Moon brings a new start, and it’s an ideal period to recharge your crystals with fresh energy as the light illuminates anything hidden.

Prepare the moonlight bath with a crystal pot and add rainwater or salt water. Running or tap water can also be good if you don’t have other types. Leave the crystals from dusk till dawn, and then they are ready to be used again.

Singing bowl 

Singing bowls are known as divine forms of acoustic healing and power recharging. Singing bowls have been proven to increase spiritual well-being. When it comes to crystals, a sound bowl can amplify the energy and absorb new power and positive vibrations. 

I advise you not to place your crystals inside the bowl as the vibration against the metal might damage them. 

Instead, place them on a flat surface or a cushion and start rubbing the bowl with a stick in a clockwise direction to create the singing. The singing bowl emits a high vibrational sound to renew the shield strength of your crystals.

Recharging EMF Protection Crystal Energy

Sunlight and smoke 

Fire is the most potent natural element and must be respected and used with caution, especially when recharging crystal energy. 

In the same way, the sage has the power to clear any negative energies from the room; it can purify the negativity from the crystal shield to protect you from the negative influence of EMF radiation. The smoke is sacred and carries immense healing properties. 

This method is a quick and easy way to recharge your crystals. However, make sure you are performing it near a window or outdoors.

I recommend using a sage stick containing herbs like lavender, roses, and chamomile. Light the sage and once it starts releasing a smoke, take the crystal in one hand, holding the sage in your other as the smoke purifies the negative energy. 

Sea salt dip 

Sea salt is a natural cure for everything, as it’s also for humans and precious stones. It can absorb anything destructive and threatening and transform it into healing energy

Fill a bowl or a glass with sea salt or Himalayan salt and fully dip your crystal inside. Leave the crystal for a couple of days, or at least one day, to draw out the bad and threatening energy. Also, remember that after you use the salt once, you should never reuse it again. 

Oceanus charging plate 

The first thing you want to do is grab a tart mold and fill it with gemstones. I recommend lapis lazuli, turquoise howlite, and blue goldstone, and for the center, use ammonite fossils. Mix them with some shells and large pearls. This is a powerful energy recharger for any crystal, especially for the orgonite pyramid

Preparing the plate 

You should start with creating the first layer since the charging plate is done in layers. Add a little Oz or Epoxy Resin and mix it with a few hardening drops, then stir both liquids together. 

Applying the first layer 

Take the ammonite fossil and drop it down right in the center of the mold. Let the layer harden for about 45 minutes. First, place the shells and then arrange the rest of the gemstones, ensuring they are dipped into the liquid. 

Applying the second layer 

Add the next layer of Oz or Epoxy Resin mixed with 23 hardening drops and let it thicken for the next 45 minutes. 

Once the layer has hardened enough, place the brass shavings and add the next layer of hardening solution. Even out the surface using the wooden stick and make sure any piece isn’t sticking out. 

Let the molding dry out completely 

Let the crystal charging plate harden completely. Finally, remove the mold from the plate and sand the edges using sandpaper so that they are entirely smooth, and make sure to be very gentle.


This is the very end, and I hope now you know how to recharge crystal shield. It is easy, just choose some of the ways and do it. 

Good luck!

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