How to Turn Off Bluetooth on Apple Watch

It’s not anything unusual that we are completely dependent on smart technology nowadays, but the truth that no one seems to talk about is how this dependency is causing serious harm, and we are turning a blind eye to it.

Spending significant time researching the EMF radiation from smart devices, I have found something very intriguing – Apple Watches are the highest source of EMF radiation among all smart devices on the market, and it all comes from Bluetooth.

For this reason, knowing how to turn off Bluetooth on Apple Watch when it’s not necessary is important for your health. 

Follow my instructions below, together with the detailed elaboration on all the threats Apple Watches poses to its users. 

How to Turn Off Bluetooth on Apple Watch

How to Turn Off Bluetooth on Apple Watch

  1. Press the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch and open Settings.
  2. From the menu, find and open Bluetooth. 
  3. Swipe on the Bluetooth button, so it turns gray. 
  4. Now, your Apple Watch will unpair from your iPhone.
  5. The Bluetooth will now be turned off. 

Alternative option – turn on Airplane mode 

For all beginners, let’s make this clear, turning on Airplane mode means turning off all the radio emissions from your device. It doesn’t matter if your Apple Watch’s battery is small; it still causes a significant amount of radiation after using it for some time.

  1. Take your Apple Watch and swipe on the screen to open the menu.
  2. Find the Airplane option and tap on it to turn it on. 
  3. Alternatively, press the Digital Crown and open Settings.
  4. Find the Airplane option, and if the button is gray, swipe on the side. 
  5. When the light green turns on, it means that your Apple Watch is now in Airplane mode.

However, keep in mind that turning on Airplane mode can prevent you from using the features connected with finding your Apple Watch in case it gets lost since it will turn off all the network connection settings

EMF Radiation and Apple Watches

EMF Radiation and Apple Watches – How Dangerous Is It? 

Since Apple Watches are so small, nobody is talking about the possible harm they may cause. They often ignore the fact that it is a source of the high amount of radiation coming from the Bluetooth feature. Thus, now that you know how to turn off Bluetooth on Apple Watch, I need to explain why this feature is of utmost importance. 

Even though I don’t intend to make you panic, you’ll need to be a bit concerned. Here I will be explaining all the unsafe aspects and what you should be aware of when it comes to EMF radiation. 

How does Bluetooth cause high EMF radiation?

Many people seem to not understand how Apple Watch emits EMF radiation and what Bluetooth has to do with it. Well, the Apple Watch device, being connected to other devices through Bluetooth, WiFi, and 4G, emits radio signals the same as the TV, microwave, and laptop do. 

Considering that you are wearing it on your wrist, these radio signals also come in contact with your body. One of the best ways to prevent these signals from interacting with you is to put your smartwatch into Airplane mode whenever you aren’t using it, meaning there will be no access to any kind of network. 

Comparatively more dangerous than your smartphone’s radiation  

The truth about EMF exposure is that nobody is safe; all types of electronics and smart devices surround us, and what’s worse, we depend on them. You cannot go anywhere without your smartphone, but for the past few years, a new, even bigger danger has emerged on the market – smartwatches. Since they are made to be worn on the wrist, the exposure is gravely larger.

While smartphones emit more EMF radiation than smartwatches, you aren’t glued to your smartphone all the time, unlike the fitness gadget you wear on your wrist tracking your performance; thus, causing your body to absorb significantly more radiation waves which can be detrimental to your health

The more devices connected to the Watch, the higher the radiation exposure

One of the most intriguing discoveries about EMF exposure and Apple Watches is that it can pose a serious health threat depending on the number of devices it’s connected to. So if you have your Apple Watch connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth while you are simultaneously using a wireless connection, the radiation exposure is extremely high. 

Your Apple Watch is slowly killing you

Nowadays, everyone loves smartwatches, and they have become a staple accessory mostly for health and fitness purposes. But not everyone knows that these smart devices are silent killers as they interact with your cells all the time, and not in a good way. And how is this possible? 

It’s possible because wearing the Apple Watch tightly on your skin will allow EMF signals to go through your body. Smartphones and laptops have this ability, too; however, since you aren’t interacting with them all the time, unlike the smartwatch, they aren’t such a big threat. 

Possible Health Effects of Apple Watch EMF Radiation

Apple Watches might sound great in terms of tracking your heart rate and stress levels, as well as keeping you informed about any irregularities. However, it’s inevitable not to consider the risks that come from constantly being in contact with it. 

Over a period, it’s not unusual to experience several physical symptoms like skin burns, rashes, and itches that might lead to even more severe health problems. 

This might be the reason leading to some dangerous conditions like increased stress, oxidative damage, fatigue, reproductive issues, muscle tension, heart diseases, sleep disorder, Alzheimer’s, etc. If worn about 20 hours per month, it might even lead to cancer in worst-case scenarios. 

The possibility of this electromagnetic radiation being a threat to even cause mutations is still not dismissed. Additionally, the International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies that the radio frequency caused by Apple Watches is one of the highest compared to the other smart devices. 

Apple Watches have the highest EMF radiation, posing a serious threat 

The latest versions of Apple Watches come with significantly stronger features, ensuring a much more improved connection with your smartphone. However, the real concern here is that this also represents a much greater risk in terms of radiation emission.

Compared to the previous Apple Watch version, it looks like the Apple Watch 5 Series are as powerful EMF emitters as smartphones.

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